The Spiritual Origins of All Hallow’s Eve

Skeletons and creepy spiders dangle in doorways. Jack-o’-lanterns grimace from front porches. Witches, scary monsters (from werewolves to politicians, grim reapers, ghosts, devils, and the walking dead proliferate on All Hallow’s Eve. Telling ghost stories, wearing costumes, and trick-or-treating are all ways to enter into the spirit that lurks in the darkness in a non-threatening way.

Despite its mass consumerism (between the candy, costumes, and decorations, Americans spend around 6 billion dollars a year on Halloween, second only to Christmas as a commercial holiday), All Hallow’s Eve actually has its roots in spiritual traditions. Hallows’ Eve or Hallowe’en literally means “holy evening”—the night preceding Hallows’ Day, or All Saints’ Day.

Trick-or-treating began in England when poor folks would beg door-to-door for food and would receive “soul cakes” after they promised to pray for the dead relatives of that family. It was called “going a-souling” and replaced the old practice of leaving out food for the spirits who roamed about on that night.

Many hundreds of years before the Christian era, the Celts, who lived in Ireland, the UK, and the northern part of France, had their New Year’s celebration, called Samhain (pronounced sow-win), on November 1st. It marked the end of summer and the start of winter (the Celts recognized only two seasons). Winter was a frightening time of food shortages and deadly cold weather, so the Celts honored the Sun god for their harvest and made sacrifices in large bonfires to appease Lord Samhain, whose name means “summer’s end,” as he came into his power and reigned over the long, cold, and dark months of winter. As they say in Games of Thrones, “winter’s coming.”

On the night before Samhain, October 31st, the Celts believed that those who had died during the last circle of the sun would rise up, searching for the passageway that would lead them to the netherworld. On this night, between summer and winter, between one year and the next, the veil over the passageway is at its thinnest. When the veil between the worlds is more transparent, the dead can return to earth and cause trouble. The souls of the dead become the ghosts, witches, elves, and goblins that are out to seek revenge on those who had harmed them when they were alive. On the night of October 31st, Lord Samhain roams the four corners of the earth to capture the souls who had “escaped” through the thin veil, so he can take them back to his dark world. 

And because the barrier between the dead and the living can be crossed during Samhain, offerings were left out in the fields or around villages for all the unseen beings, from ghosts to fairies. The Celts would costume themselves as animals and monsters so the fairies or other spirits wouldn’t kidnap them. 

The belief in ghosts—the spirits of the dead that were said to roam about and cause problems—is found as far back as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. And it’s still here. A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll revealed that 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts, although few in the scientific community are on board with non-material beings—their argument is: if they can’t see them or measure them in some way, what’s the chance they exist? 

The scientific community has investigated “ghost-busters” who use a meter to measure the electromagnetic field to detect ghosts. There are also experiments with infrasound (sounds that are below the range of hearing for humans), since a “low frequency standing wave” can create a sensory phenomena that seems like a ghost. Scientists also explain away ghosts as being the result of carbon monoxide poisoning, sleep paralysis, toxic mold, schizophrenia, dementia, or just plain old imagination.

Nevertheless, those of us who understand the validity of different planes of consciousness know that those who have died are still available for communication. If you’ve seen or interacted in some way with a non-material being, you haven’t gone off the Halloween deep end. You’re just more open to other planes of awareness than the average guy, and understand that science is limited, as it is grounded in only what can be validated through the physical plane.

But you still have to be careful about a non-material being you may meet on the inner planes or be aware of one that is occupying the space around you. Everyone is on their own level of consciousness during their lifetime, but dying doesn’t necessarily lift them any higher. They may understand more than they did while living on earth, but they can also still have a desire for revenge for the pain they experienced while alive. So please remember to surround yourself in some form of protective light before beginning an inner journey.

After all, it could be a dark and stormy night . . .and winter’s coming!

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Sleep Deprivation: The Cure for This Hidden Epidemic

Feeling sleep-deprived … or chronically tired?

You aren’t the only one. It is a hidden epidemic greatly impacting countless people across society. And if you are one of the many who suffer from this issue, you should make an effort to resolve it (because it’s hugely important to your mental, physical, and spiritual health).

Here are some easy steps to diagnose the cause and deliver the cure.

Depending on your age and lifestyle, the causes of sleep disruption, insomnia, and other sleep disturbances can differ enormously.

Complicating matters, the amount of sleep you need to feel alert and refreshed changes across time because your circadian rhythm changes as you age.

Bedrooms should be strictly designated as intimacy spaces, relaxation stations, altars and meditation spaces, and sleep. Entering the room at least a half hour before bedtime allows time to wind down and relax. Engage in something soothing during these precious 30 minutes: knitting, drawing, reading. And lay off the caffeine entirely after 12p.m. (noon). It can take up to ten hours for caffeine to leave the bloodstream. If you need a quick jolt mid-afternoon, open your freezer door, and get a quick hit of cold air in your face. Seriously! It works!

If you have insomnia and none of the above (or anything I suggest at the end of this piece) helps, talk to your primary care doctor, as there may be a physical cause that can be addressed.

As an adult, you should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep at night. How much of that seven to nine hours you’ll need is dictated by your lifestyle. A good way to determine your ideal sleep number is to wake up naturally three days in a row without setting any kind of alarm while in a completely dark room or while wearing a sleep mask. Choosing a three-day weekend to do this is ideal. Go to bed at the same time all three nights and awaken naturally every morning. Take an average of the three days to find your ideal number of sleeping hours. Then pay attention to how you feel the following week while you adhere to the total average number of sleep hours that you determined were right for you. If you’re feeling more refreshed and robust, you’ve found your magic number for the stage of life you’re in right now.

According to sleep experts, what usually keeps adults in this age range from sleeping well is that they have one sleep schedule during work days which they disregard during their days off. Doing so disrupts their internal clock.

When you’re fully rested, an alarm becomes unnecessary. You automatically wake up when you’ve had the right amount of sleep. If you find yourself waking up two hours later on your days off than you do on work days, you are chronically sleep-deprived and should make changes to rectify your sleep deficit. Do this by adjusting your bedtime so you’re going to bed and getting up at about the same time every day. On your days off, reward yourself by spending the earliest waking hours doing something you massively enjoy, whether that’s taking a walk, meeting a friend for breakfast, or something else relaxing and fun.

If you’re an adult experiencing chronic insomnia and none of the suggestions in this piece help, it’s time to let your energy medicine practitioner know, so she can help you out.

Additional detriments to getting a good night’s sleep for people this age may be alcohol, caffeine or work, a health or relationship challenge, or other stresses.

Although alcohol may help you fall asleep fast, the sleep you’ll get may well become fragmented and you will probably find yourself traipsing to the bathroom multiple times during the night, adding to your sleep deficit. And the older you get, the more pronounced are the effects of consuming alcohol. So, not a good solution (for much of anything)!

If worries are the culprit, carve out time to address your stress. Set a timer for a few minutes and write about what’s worrying you. That is usually all it takes to signal to your brain that you’re working proactively on the issue, so it won’t feel compelled to do so when you get quiet at night and want to fall asleep.

And my earlier suggestion about disengaging from all devices and manmade light sources a half hour before bed is helpful.

Another sleep disruptor is that your working life gets in the way. Some work night shifts; others have work schedules that can vary widely from week to week. And even with consistent work schedules, you can find yourself working right up until bedtime, or in the middle of the night if you go to bed early, exhausted, and then wake up refreshed at 2 a.m. and ready to roar!

Here are a few solutions to try:

For those working nights, wear sunglasses home from work to minimize the amount of bright sunshine you receive on the way home. Why? Because sunshine shuts down the release of melatonin, which you need to be able to get to sleep more easily and naturally.

If your shift changes all the time, shift your sleep time backward about three days before your new start time and then inch it forward or back by an hour or two every night. And schedule ten to thirty minutes between work and retiring for the night. Engage in a soothing activity during this time (without screens): relaxing instrumental music, light reading.

During early midlife — between the age of 35 and 40 — you will still need seven or more hours of shut-eye. And it becomes harder, at this stage of life, to bounce back from experiencing inadequate sleep, so you might find yourself becoming more irritated or apathetic after a bout of insomnia or tossing and turning. Lack of sleep will also prevent you from focusing as adeptly as you would after a well-rested night.

For early midlife adults, the causes mirror earlier (and subsequent) descriptions, and the cures are the same or very similar:

Too stressed to sleep. (Write down what’s bothering you during the day.)

Alcohol consumption. (Avoid it.)

After-NOON caffeine consumption. (If you must drink caffeine, do it before noon.)

Work-related stress. (night shifts, changing schedules, see above suggestions)

Insomnia. (May be genetic. Consult with your team of caregivers, from your primary care physician who can refer you to a psychologist or sleep specialist, to your energy medicine specialist, who can help you with buried trauma that may be making you sleepless.)

When midlife happens (ages 41 to 50) your sleep schedule can get disrupted by family obligations (half-grown and grown children, elderly parents’ needs, and more) so it’s crucial to prioritize the amount and quality of the sleep you do get in order to avoid becoming a casualty of catastrophic sleep deprivation. No one can get used to sleep deprivation. Our bodies need adequate sleep and rest to remain robust. There is no cure for lack of sleep except adequate sleep.

For many women, this is the period of time when menopause begins (and sometimes ends). Menopause can cause hot flashes that drench you in sweat several times a night, waking you up, and it can cause depression or anxiety, both drivers of sleep deprivation. Wearing cooler bedclothes (or none at all) and getting breathable bed sheets can help address the night time disturbances. Those who experience depression and anxiety can benefit from journaling, meditation, enjoyable daily exercise, and/or counseling (cognitive behavioral therapy).

And middle age is the period of life when sleep apnea develops in those who are predisposed to the condition, including those who drink alcohol, people who are obese, and folks with a family history of the condition. Sleep apnea means “sleep without breath.” If you know someone — or if you are someone — who snores, chokes, or gasps for air during the night, or someone who wakes up with headaches and feeling drained and depleted despite having clocked eight or more hours of sleep, you should find out more about sleep apnea because, unaddressed, it can be deadly. In some people, their head and neck muscles relax so much during sleep that their airways become blocked; in others, their brain doesn’t deliver the message that they need to keep breathing. Either way, it’s a dicey condition and should be investigated. There are devices to help sleep apnea patients get safe, restful sleep.

This is also the age group that begins to find itself getting up several times during most nights to use the bathroom. If you’re raising your hand now, try limiting how much water you drink an hour before you retire for the night and do a brief meditation, in bed, until you fall back asleep.

This age group experiences the same causes and cures as those mentioned previously:

Too stressed to sleep. (Write down what’s bothering you during the day.)

Alcohol consumption. (Avoid it.)

After-NOON caffeine consumption. (If you must drink caffeine, do it before noon.)

Work-related stress. (night shifts, changing schedules, see above suggestions)

Insomnia. (see above)

Next on our list are those who are from 51 to 60 years old, the period of life designated Late Midlife. These folks mirror the same conditions and challenges as Early Midlife individuals: sleep apnea, menopause, frequent bathroom visits during the night, alcohol, caffeine, work schedules, etc.

And then comes the retirement years, what many people refer to as the Golden Years, from age 61 to 75.

This intense period of adjustment can throw a massive monkey wrench into those who have always considered that what they do for a living is the main reason they’re alive and valuable to others.

Retirement takes away the structures that so many people have hung their existences on, value-wise. Many people who lose that life-long structure develop insomnia, unable to settle into a new routine that is more about being than doing. Take away their daily routines, and their nighttime routines disappear, too. They begin to flail as they struggle to develop a new way of existing in the world. It can be quite unnerving unless they have practiced it a bit beforehand.

For those who want to remain active (and I hope that’s you), part-time jobs fill the bill. For others, volunteering is an avenue that resonates.

Sleep experts recommend creating a new schedule and listing how you want to spend the day ahead, whether that’s a walk in the park or around the neighborhood first thing in the morning, followed by joining a bridge club, or golfing, playing pickleball or tennis, or whatever else will give you smiles, a sense of belonging, and a reason to want to remain physically and mentally robust. Physical activity helps you fall asleep more readily and to sleep more restfully. But do limit physical exercise (except for sex!) at least one hour before you expect to go to sleep every night.

The other sleep-stealers for this group and some of their remedies can be found in the previous age groups: alcohol, caffeine, stress, pre-sleep stimulation via mobile devices and entertainment centers, insomnia, sleep apnea, frequent bathroom visits at night.

For older adults — those 76+ — seven to eight hours of sleep per 24 hours works well. They usually will fall asleep early in the evening, sleep well, and then rise at about 4 or 5 or 6 a.m., feeling fully rested. Of course, those with the aforementioned sleeping challenges may not adhere to this pattern, but a great many do.

The older we get, the earlier we tend to wake up. But those in this age bracket with sleeping challenges should be very careful when taking drugs or supplements for sleep because a great many of them have deleterious side effects that can grievously impact, in addition to increasing the likelihood of a fall.

For most of the above life stages, what follows is my professional advice as an energy healer as it relates to tackling sleep challenges:

  • Spend some time early in the morning, outside, exposing your eyes to the dawn’s early light, so your circadian rhythm gets its marching orders for the day.
  • Limit your contact with EMFs.
  • Exercise before noon.
  • Keep fresh air in your bedroom.
  • Take magnesium at night.
  • Meditate no more than ten minutes after 6:00pm.
  • Focus on the peaceful and positive in the evening hours.

A night of good, restful sleep is essential for our wellbeing. It’s necessary to keep mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. It also provides an incredible opportunity to gain insights and wisdom from beyond this realm.

You see, beyond getting the rest your body needs to be in balance, sleep also offers you the opportunity to tap into the power of lucid dreaming.

And it is one of the skills taught in our bestselling Astral Wisdom course.

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Lucid Dreaming

The Power of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Today let’s talk about the power of lucid dreaming — it is such a powerful tool when it comes to activating our intuition. Some of you may be lucid dreaming already, even if you aren’t familiar with the term. But even if the idea is foreign to you right now, it’s possible to learn how to step into your dreams, change your story, and orchestrate your destiny, right here and right now.

Lucid Dreaming

First, what is it: lucid dreaming happens while you’re asleep but aware that you’re having a dream. You fully realize that your conscious mind is hovering over your dreamscape, and that you can think, act, and change the things that happen in your dream to get an improved outcome.

Learning how to lucid dream can take time, but once you know how to do it, you may well find that your creativity — even during the day when you’re wide awake — starts flowing more easily. You may also feel an arising sense of calm permeating your soul.

Anyone can benefit from opening this pathway to greater awareness and self-knowledge. What happens is that when you have a lucid dream, you become the director of your subconscious.

You are familiar, I bet, with daydreams. During a daydream, your mind flies off to some imagined place and you engage with it as if it as if it’s actually happening. Daydreaming is a lot like immersing yourself in an unfolding movie. It’s an act of imagination while you’re fully conscious but you become unaware of your present surroundings.

Lucid Dreaming

You can get lost in a daydream. Some people live their lives there, content to imagine wonderful things rather than taking real steps to make them happen. “Get your head out of the clouds and your feet back on the ground,” is something a lot of daydreamers heard as kids.

Daydreaming begins with a compelling thought, memory, or fantasy. From there, the daydreamer’s imagination takes flight. The longer the daydream, the deeper the dreamer becomes immersed in his or her private fantasy land.

People who daydream a lot generally find it easier to become lucid dreamers. That’s because daydreaming is a lot like practicing lucid dreaming while awake. In fact, visualization is one aspect of a robust lucid dreaming practice.

Lucid Dreaming

When you experience lucid dreaming, you can confront challenges, fears, and hang-ups to become happier in your own skin. Lucid dreaming has the power to release repressed memories and even cleanse bad karma. This is one of the reasons that the Vedic sages were so keen to develop their lucid dreaming abilities.

So, let’s start our journey through lucid dreaming with the Vedic sages, who have practiced the discipline for thousands of years. The Upanishads describe four states of consciousness. The first three are waking (jagrat), dreaming (svapna), and sleeping (suṣupti). Dreaming (svapna), resonates most closely with our Western notion of the subconscious. In Vedic philosophy, both dreaming and sleeping are considered more important, in a spiritual sense, than waking (jagrat).

While dreaming, a sleeping person frequently is required to acknowledge the vibrations emitted by past deeds and karma. Psychic unrest, events of the day, and other intense experiences may also give rise to dreams. Generally, good dreams correspond to dharma, the path of rightness, while bad dreams are adharma, that which is evil or wrong. In Vedic culture, extending from ancient times, the world itself, or what we all think of as reality, is an illusion—that is, nothing but a dream—made by the God Vishnu.

The fourth state is pure consciousness, called Turiya, which is reachable through meditation and good works. To reach pure consciousness is to truly understand the infinite and to cease from suffering and reincarnation. Turiya exists beyond dreams and beyond time.

Every culture has tried to understand the meaning of dreams so they could trigger their power to change mindsets, perceived limitations, and unhelpful life trajectories. Tibetan Buddhist monks, for example, practice Dream Yoga to strengthen their mind’s ability to detach from their bodies and move fearlessly through their dreams as active participants.

Lucid Dreaming

Ancient aboriginal cultures throughout the world have embraced the spiritual and divinatory power of dreams, too. Many of you may be familiar with dream catchers, the traditional Native American artifact that catches bad dreams and allows good dreams to pass through.

Lucid Dreaming

Here’s another example: the Māori in New Zealand, also known as Tangata Whenua, the People of the Land, believe that your spirit leaves your body during dreams, and your dreams can warn you of omens and deliver premonitions.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams give us insights into the past, present, and future. Aristotle talked about lucid dreaming in his Parva Naturalia, which was written in the 4th century BC. He wrote, “often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream.” In other words, we often know we’re dreaming, and that we’re caught between two worlds, neither fully awake nor fully asleep.

Several centuries later, Saint Augustine, the Christian theologian born in Algeria, believed that lucid dreams happen when the soul briefly leaves the body to get a glimpse of the afterlife.

Early psychotherapists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries took lucid dreaming seriously, considering them a key to unlocking the human personality and desires. Sigmund Freud believed dreams let us process fragments of memories, repressed anger, and sexual impulses that hang around in our subconscious. Things that might be too painful or destructive to express in daily life can be set free in a dream. By entering the dream as an active participant, he felt that patients could rewrite the early scripts of their lives and release embodied trauma. Though many of us in the energy medicine world today have moved away from Freud, his early dream analysis was an important step along the road to understanding the mind-body connection.

Lucid Dreaming

Before we leave Freud, I also want to mention his notion of free association. Freud believed that letting patients make their own connections between their dreams and real life was a far better method than forcing interpretations on them.

As I mentioned earlier, your dreams reflect your unique journey through life. This is important because, as you begin to lucid dream, you might need some gentle guidance to help you interpret your flashes of insight. There are many pathways to understanding lucid dreams. But with practice, you can learn to trust your inner wisdom and intuition.

Lucid Dreaming

Ultimately, you have the power to make choices and to influence how your story ends in the dream state and when you’re wide awake. This is another reason that the Vedic sages paid attention to dreams; they are an aspect of karma.

Unfortunately, as they so often do, scientists initially distrusted the idea of lucid dreaming because it was hard to test. Many scientists thought of dreams as more-or-less a neural garbage disposal unit that “cleared out” our brains while we slept. But by the 1970s, technological advances for sleep studies helped bring Western science around to the idea that our brains are doing important work while we dream.

Scientists now know that lucid dreams usually occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, a period of very deep sleep with lots of observable brain activity. Current evidence strongly suggests that lucid dreaming therapy will soon be incorporated into Western medicine.

Today, popular figures like actor Leonardo DiCaprio and novelist Stephen King talk about their practice of lucid dreaming, which suggests that all of us will want to give it a try. The Nightmare on Elm Street movie used the power of lucid dreaming to help terrified teen-agers overcome evil. And in the recent television hit, Evil, a scientific skeptic turns to lucid dreaming as one way to try and beat the devil. We might call this a “lucid dreaming uprising” in which our modern world is reaching for ancient wisdom to reconnect with our intuition and spiritual essence.

So, by now you’re probably wondering how to activate the power of lucid dreaming into your life, right?

Swami Satyananda Saraswati originated a twentieth century school of Yoga Nidra. In 1976, having founded the Bihar School of Yoga in the 1960s, he built a system of guided meditation that helps devotees enter the lucid dreaming state. His system draws on the ancient tantric practice of nyasa, which combines the power of touch along different parts of the body with specific Sanskrit mantras. 

Lucid Dreaming
Satyananda’s approach isn’t directly connected to traditional Vedic texts, but it does have historical precedents in the Vedic philosophy. It’s interesting to note that the United States Army and other big organizations have used the Yoga Nidra approach developed by Satyananda to treat soldiers who experience post-traumatic stress disorder.
Lucid Dreaming

There are some foods that can enhance your ability to lucid dream. Foods rich in vitamin B6 are linked with greater dream recall and intensity. One of the roles of vitamin B6 is to convert the essential amino acid tryptophan into serotonin and niacin. This conversion helps your body regulate appetite, sleep patterns, and mood. Foods that help enhance lucid dreaming include chicken, soybeans, turkey, tuna, venison, lamb, salmon, halibut, shrimp, and cod. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, good lucid dreaming foods include kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, tofu, cheese, and soy sauce.

It’s best to eat these foods and take vitamin B6 during your evening meal, just a few hours before you retire for the night.

Here are a few practical steps to enhance your ability to experience lucid dreams.

Make a dream pillow and infuse it with a meditative essential oil. It can be any comfortable pillow, and an essential oil like bergamot, clary sage, lavender, mugwort, orange, rose, roman chamomile, or sandalwood. You can also diffuse essential oil into the air using a diffuser instead of putting drops on your pillow. (Some people have adverse reactions to essential oils that touch the skin, so a diffuser may be best for them.)

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming

Sleep in a cooler than normal room. To keep from feeling hot or too warm and uncomfortable during sleep, throw open a window or run a fan to keep your body temperature feeling exactly right for you. Studies have shown that sleeping in a cool place improves the frequency and duration of REM (dream level) sleep.

Exercise/Yoga Exercise and yoga several hours before sleep has been shown to enhance REM sleep.

Turn off all electronic devices with lit screens one hour before bed.

Regular meditation is another way to prepare your mind for lucid dreaming, as does setting your intention to lucid dream. For example, you might write in a notebook beside your bed your intention to lucid dream just before going to sleep every night as a way to prepare your subconscious. A nightly routine can also help signal your brain that you’re shifting from the waking to the dreaming state.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is powerful, so it can also be unsettling because there is no way to cleanse past karma in just one or two lucid dreaming sessions. So, please recognize that this technique, just like meditation, requires time, practice, and devotion. If your past trauma is intense and/or painful, it’s especially prudent to find a teacher or spiritual guide who can gently guide you through the process. Those of you saddled with post-traumatic stress disorder will want to make sure you have support in place before you try out lucid dreaming.

Finally, I must mention that the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and author Lewis Carroll are among the many creatives and mathematicians who have drawn upon the power of lucid dreaming to unlock creativity and access the wisdom of their subconscious minds. In the final analysis, lucid dreaming, like meditation, opens our hearts to what is timeless and lets us see things as they really are, stripped of the half-truths and lies we often tell ourselves when we’re awake. In the words of Carl Jung, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Becoming a lucid dreamer activates your power both to see the darkness and to move beyond it into the light.

Lucid Dreaming is just one skill that you can master that can help you see beyond the physical bounds of time and space and obtain wisdom from realms beyond ours. And it is one of the skills taught in our bestselling Astral Wisdom course. Learn to design the life of your dreams by mastering the out-of-body experience by accessing this course here >>

Near Death Experience


Near Death Experience

Light, Love, Levitation, Longing and Enlightenment

Today, I want to share with you what I’ve learned (and experienced myself) about Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), which profoundly change our understanding of life and death. It’s a fascinating field, well worth our time, and it can teach us a great deal about living.

I’ve lived through two Near-Death Experiences myself due to my life-long fascination with high-risk sports. After an NDE, nothing is ever perceived by the mind quite the same again. The paradigm shift following an NDE is so dramatic that even atheists have become believers in a future existence after death filled with love and light; an existence where there is no space left to entertain any of the lower emotions and opinions that confound and irritate us on this side of eternity.

Near Death Experience

Although no two NDEs are identical, the vast majority consist of the sensation of being surrounded — or flooded internally — by a bright light, levitation from the surface you are on (with an ability to watch first responders doing everything they can to “bring you back” initially, or subsequently), and sights and sounds that are reassuring, calming, and filled with a palpable sense of lovingkindness.

On far rarer occasions, NDEs carry the unlucky guy or gal to a dystopian nightmare and back. Again, these occur only rarely, the ecstatic versions of NDEs are more common. It appears that NDEs can be influenced by your religious upbringing and your take on whether the Creator is benevolent and forgiving or, not so much. But even some’s strict authoritarian beliefs about the Creator have been extinguished entirely during ecstatic NDEs.

The subject is endlessly fascinating, especially for those of us who have experienced an NDE!


My first Near-Death Experience happened when I was a student in law school on my very first date with Eric, who was so exciting, I soon married him, and am still married to him to this day! He was a mountain climbing guide from Chamonix and in the French Special Forces, and he wanted to take me on my very first climb, even though it was February, which, I learned later, is an inauspicious time to go mountain climbing. He outfitted me in heavy climbing boots, a winter coat, and a 165-foot rope that he tied on my back. Being French, he drove like a madman up to winter snows high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and parked next to the Cosumnes River—an awesome sight as it frothed and foamed like a wild animal.

Eric started hiking very rapidly up the trail along the river and I valiantly did my best to follow. I didn’t want to tell him I didn’t have any wilderness experience and I wasn’t exactly physically fit back then, I was more of a bookworm; my obsession with mountain climbing, ski racing, and all things outdoors and dangerous came later, thanks to him. The one sport I had mastered, however, was swimming, and as I hurried alongside this mighty river, I could clearly see that it wasn’t swimmable. As we got further up the trail, the river completely disappeared under granite, sometimes for hundreds of feet, before it would reappear downstream. We passed a good-sized waterfall. At one point, Eric must have decided to cross the river as, up ahead, I could see him running across the granite. Trying to keep him in sight, I too ran across the granite but as I crossed the wet rocks, I slipped and slid into a small pothole. For a moment, my shoulders caught and I thought I was safe, but a second later, the massive current of the river pulled me under.

Near Death Experience

I was sure I was a goner as I was tossed about like a ragdoll in the underground river. I saw submerged trees and giant boulders all around me. I tried desperately to untie the climbing rope that was strapped to my back, knowing that it would catch on a limb or a rock, but it was hopeless in the freezing cold water and strong current, half the time I was upside down. I soon ran out of air and started to take in water when suddenly my extreme panic shifted to an incredible state of calm. Despite the icy water, I started to feel warm and peaceful. With quite a bit of detachment, I saw the highlights of my short life pass before me. I felt tremendous empathy for my parents and my brother, and regretted my previous unenlightened view of things. Then I heard a voice—it felt like it came from both within and without—saying, “Go back, you still have a lot to do.” I suddenly popped up into a pool just above the big waterfall. I managed to scream, and a couple of nearby climbers threw me a rope and pulled me to shore just before I went over the edge of the waterfall. Meanwhile, Eric was upstream and unable to see me, was wondering what had happened to his date and what in the world he would have to tell my mother!

In the weeks and months that followed, I noticed that life looked different somehow. I felt a lot more love for myself and for everyone I met, and I had a clearer sense of my true purpose. It wasn’t until some years later that I realized I’d had a Near-Death Experience.



Near Death Experience

With NDEs, we want to understand how something that is initially traumatic — a sensing of our own imminent demise — can resolve into the confirmation that there is no actual death, merely a transformation to something bigger and better than what we experience here far too often on earth: discord, disease, politics, pollution and – well, you fill in the blank!

Pre-COVID, more than 13 million Americans are believed to have had Near-Death Experiences. And the number of NDEs has escalated exponentially since the frequent use of cardiac defibrillators came on the scene during the pandemic. But other things besides heart attacks can trigger NDEs: rapid blood loss, electrocution, near drownings, traumatic injuries, and suicide attempts.

Most often during an NDE, individuals feel detached from their bodies and serenity, security, and warmth replace their fear of death. A life review may take place, and there is frequently a sensation of being inside a tunnel that is transporting you to a light or to beings of light. At the tail end of an NDE, the experiencer is told to return, or decides to return, to their life on Earth. The process is the same across the globe, except that the light beings one encounters are the ones associated with the individual’s specific culture and upbringing.

For those who experience a life review, incidents from their time on earth flash before them as if on a TV or video screen, complete with emotions, especially regrets for moments when their actions or the lack of appropriate actions caused someone else to suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Near Death Experience

Some NDE experiencers meet a Being of Light, an inner guide, or a deceased loved one who kindly sends them back toward a life they’re perfectly willing to leave, now that they’ve experienced what life is like on the other side of the veil. Then, suddenly, they’ll find themselves back in their body, awestruck by the enormity of their experience and lacking the words to explain the unparalleled adventure they’ve been on.

The fascinating thing about NDEs is the way in which they reveal that consciousness continues even after the heart stops beating and brain activity has flatlined. But far more intriguing is how an NDE changes your life.

Those who return from the dead possess a renewed appreciation for their existence and an intense drive to help others. Many of us suddenly recognize, for the first time, our purpose for being alive, and we embrace the responsibility of becoming a better person and a reliable conveyor of profound wisdom. In a nutshell, an NDE brings with the same experience that people experience when they have a spiritual initiation.

I specialize in helping people have spiritual initiations, which I used to do just in person, but in the past few years, out of necessity, I’ve been doing a lot of them on Zoom. It’s uncanny how much the after-effects of an NDE are the same as an initiation. Maybe I needed to have a couple of NDE’s in order to become a better initiator!

Near Death Experience

If you take a look at The Tibetan Book of the Dead, you’ll see that the central message that Near-Death Experiencers bring back from their encounter with death is the same as that of Buddha and the bardo teachings: that the essential and most important qualities in life are love, compassion, and wisdom. In this respect, both the NDE’ers and the Tibetan Book of the Dead seem to focus not on death, but on life — on how we live our lives.

According to current research, the rate for NDEs among those who have survived a close brush with death is around 20%. That’s a very high number for shared experiences. Many experiencers of NDEs say that during the event, they felt “one” with the universe, and that they intuitively understood the “why” and the “how” of everything in it. There was no separation between them and everything else. They had a spirit body, but it didn’t appear to have a defined shape since it seemed infused into everything else.

There was a palpable sense of peace, presence, compassion, and lovingkindness. Their lower emotions were completely gone. There was no ego to sabotage them into delusion of their separation from others.

There were dead relatives in some cases, some of whom had passed before they were born, or beings of light. All communication was telepathic; knowing what was in their minds was as easy as knowing what was in your own.

Many met beloved pets who had passed away before their NDE. And not infrequently, they met their pets before they encountered people. What does that tell us about our pets!

There appeared to be no space or time but, upon returning to their bodies after their NDEs, many felt they had been away for hours, days, months, and sometimes even years, so profound had been their leave-taking.

They all agree that “dying is easy.” No matter how traumatic the experience that delivered their NDE, the moment they “died”, they were released from the trauma or pain, and they floated blissfully free of the fear or anxiety they’d experienced just milliseconds before. It is for this reason that most NDE’ers say they no longer have any fear of death.

Near Death Experience

I am firmly convinced — after having personally experienced two NDEs — that they are as real (if not more real!) than the lives we’re living right now. They appear to expand the human mind in ways that spirit-led sages have, for years, called “enlightenment” or ultimate wisdom. But instead of taking decades (or a lifetime) to become enlightened, a NDE serves as a rocket ship to the splendor of embracing our existence as the treasure and opportunity it is to become all that our hearts, minds, and souls are capable of.



There are, thankfully, a variety of ways to gain the same appreciation for life, love, compassion, and wisdom other than going through a near-death experience — among them meditation and doing the sutras that I teach. By the way, I am currently teaching this over at Shift Network, this week and for the next few weeks). Come join me there to get on the fast track to spiritual development.

Even the simple act of witnessing the wonder and excitement of a child as they encounter their first vein-lined leaf, green tree frog, or caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and spend long moments hunkered down examining the phenomenon, like a wee scientist completely immersed in their moment of discovery, offers a window to the adult watching this all unfold.

Near Death Experience

In fact, striving to regain our child’s-eye view of a world that we have somehow learned to take for granted is a great starting point for enlightenment! The opportunities, from that vantage point, are literally everywhere you look.


My second NDE, again with Eric (hmmm…I should have seen a pattern there with Eric, mountains, and accidents), occurred as I was mountain climbing, in the French alps, and a rock the size of a Volkswagen came careening down from above.

As it headed right toward me, panic stricken, I leapt off the cliff, 3,000 feet up, hoping the climbing rope I was on wouldn’t get cut by the rock and that it would hold my fall. Those climbing ropes, by the way, are actually pretty theoretical, they often don’t work as intended.

I looked down and noticed that my pant leg looked oddly empty, and with a weird sense of detachment noted that my leg muscles had simply been destroyed when the rock hit. Then I must have fainted as I swung out over the abyss, suspended by the rope that should have been cut by the rock fall, but miraculously wasn’t.

But in that instant when the near disaster happened, everything seemed to slow down for me – the boulder seemed to fall very slowly, and I felt almost nothing (until later!) as it crushed my knee on its way past.

But there, swinging out into space, for just a moment, I felt completely at peace. I just knew that everything was unfolding as it should, in super slow motion so I could appreciate and remember all of it. Once we got to the top of the peak, which I managed by pulling myself up, arm over arm, we could see the ominous weather coming in from the other side, and within a few minutes, we had lightening striking all around us, lighting up the rack of metal climbing gear I had over my shoulder and the ice ax I had in my hand.

Just a tip: it’s always harder to descend a mountain than climb up it.

In this case, it took over 24 very exhilarating and exhaustive hours, as, arm over arm, I managed to get back down to the bottom. I had plenty of time as I languished in a French hospital the rest of the summer to revisit this most recent NDE in my mind, and glean from it the increase in spiritual wisdom I so craved.

During both of my NDEs, I just felt intuitively that the end of my life during this incarnation wasn’t going to reach its conclusion. I had some inner or external guidance gently reaffirming, “It isn’t your time yet. You haven’t completed your assignment here.”

I hope this information on near-death experiences reassures you that death is a fantastic doorway, not a final destination for any of us.

Although what lies beyond remains largely a mystery, the vast majority of NDEs suggest that whatever we’ve learned during this life that makes us fear death is based on misinformation or outright disinformation from authority figures.

Near Death Experience

Speculation is nearly always fear-based because we all have a primitive fear center called the amygdala in our brain that shrieks “Red Alert!” whenever we speculate about potential outcomes. Somehow, a NDE either bypasses or overrides the amygdala and shows us there is nothing to lose and much to gain as our present lives seem to be coming to a close.



Fortunately, you really don’t have to get close to death to experience the light. Each tradition has “enlightenment stories” from their masters. If you are searching for the perfect master to guide you through to enlightenment, you might consider the story of the great Sufi mystic, Hasan. When he was dying, somebody asked, “Hasan, who was your master?” He said, “I had thousands of masters.

One was a thief. Once I got lost in the desert, and when I reached a village, it was very late, everything was closed. But at last, I found one man who was trying to break into a house. I asked him where I could stay and he said, ‘At this time of night it will be difficult, but you can say with me — if you can stay with a thief.’ And the man was so beautiful, I stayed for a month! And each night he would say to me, ‘Now I am going to my work. You rest, you pray.’ When he came back, I would ask, ‘Did you find anything to steal?’ He would say, ‘Not tonight. But tomorrow I will try again, God willing.’ He was never in a state of hopelessness, he was always happy.

When I was meditating and meditating for years on end and nothing was happening, many times the moment came when I was so desperate, so hopeless, that I thought to stop all this nonsense. And suddenly, I would remember the thief who would say every night, ‘God willing, tomorrow it is going to happen.’

Near Death Experience

And my second master was a dog. I was going to the river to get a drink of water and a dog came. He was also thirsty. He looked into the river, he saw another dog there —his own image — and became afraid. He would bark and run away, but his thirst was so much that he would come back. Finally, despite his fear, he just jumped into the water and the image disappeared. And I knew that a message had come to me from God: we have to jump in, in spite of all fears.

And the third master was a small child. I entered a town and a child was carrying a lit candle. He was going to the mosque to put the candle there. Joking around, I asked the boy, ‘Have you lit the candle yourself?’ He said, ‘Yes sir.’ And I asked, ‘There was a moment when the candle was unlit, then there was a moment when the candle was lit. Can you show me the source from which the light came?’ And the boy laughed, blew out the candle, and said, ‘You have seen the light go. Can you tell me where it has gone? If you can tell me where it has gone, I will tell you where it came from, because it has gone to the same place. It has returned to the source.’ My ego was shattered, my whole knowledge was shattered. Since then, I dropped all my need to be knowledgeable.

It is true that I had no master. That does not mean that I was not a disciple — I accepted the whole of existence as my master.

I trusted the clouds, the trees. I trusted existence as such. I had no master because I had millions of masters. I learned from every possible source. To be a disciple is a must on the path. What does it mean to be a disciple? It means to be able to learn, to be available to learn, to be vulnerable to existence. With a master you start learning to learn. The master is a swimming pool where you can learn how to swim. Once you have learned, all the oceans are yours.

Right now, I am teaching a course at The Shift Network: you can join here and this course will reveal to you how you can uncover a whole new source of guidance that isn’t readily available to us here in this realm. You can learn from Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Figures, Ancestral Guides, and more. This allows you to tap into the wisdom a Near-Death Experience can offer without having an NDE! If you’re interested, click here to register.

August Full Moon

Will You Take Advantage of the August Portal to the Astral Plane?

Here you are at the peak of summer and likely staying close to home. No large family reunions or adventures in far-away places, but lots of “staycations.” Chaos may be swirling around in the outer world with pandemics and politics and protests, but there’s nothing blocking the energies that come from the higher astral realms . . . and you can access those energies throughout the night sky of August.

The August Full Moon

Monday, August 3rd, is the Aquarian full moon. As you may recall, the moon doesn’t have its own light; it reflects the light of the sun. When those two heavenly bodies are directly opposite each other, the whole surface of the moon is totally illuminated by the sun. The full moon’s energy lasts for around three days both before and after the official “full moon” moment.

For many centuries, humankind has lived by the lunar cycles (just ask any woman), knowing there is a synergy between the great cosmos above and our lives here on earth. Since the waxing moon gathers the light of the sun for the two weeks following the new moon and is completely filled with light during the full moon, you too can fill with light at this time and use it as your springboard to the higher realms.

Your intuitive pull to the light peaks when the moon is full; your mind opens, you can find it easier to adapt to the conditions you find yourself in at the moment, and you can find new opportunities for spiritual awakening.

Sit outside at night to absorb the beauty and the light of the August full moon. Even sleep outside if that’s possible where you live. Native Americans have called this “the Moon When All Things Ripen,” referring not only to your baseball-sized zucchinis, but also to the ripening of your inner strength and your ability to tap into astral wisdom. Think about using your time under the full moon to connect with the Ascended Masters of the higher realms, your spiritual guides, your angels. Open yourself to receive their gifts and blessings and feel how your Higher Self is ripening into fullness.

The Perseids Meteor Showers

Another spectacular display in the August night sky is the Perseids meteor shower, which will peak on the warm summer nights of August 11, 12, and 13, but know that the shower began its annual appearance in mid-August and will last for 10 days or so after the peak. Every year around this time our planet crosses the orbit of the Comet Swift-Tuttle; it’s the debris from this comet that becomes the “shooting stars” of the meteor shower. Much more poetically, the ancient Greeks said the Perseids shower began with the visit of Perseus’ father Zeus to his mortal mother Danae in a shower of gold.

But consider that it is meteoric “debris” that gives stargazers such a spectacular display. Comets are composed of ice, dust, and gasses. You can think of them as representing your frozen emotions and anything you have ignored or suppressed, the “dust” of your fears. To the ancient wisdom keepers, seeing a comet spoke of great change to come. So a meteor shower, which comes from the breakup of the comet, represents great beauty arising from the ashes, like a lotus emerging from the mud.

Connecting to the energy of the Perseids meteor shower is a way to experience the sparkling bursts of moments of awakening. Think of all the spiritual insights and astral wisdom you can gain by breaking up that which may be frozen inside you, by burning up the dust of your difficult thoughts and emotions in a shower of gold.

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can start seeing the Perseids at mid-to-late evening, with the “radiant point” coming around midnight, sparkling the sky as these meteors are only 60 miles or so above the surface of the Earth as they burn up. Give yourself at least an hour to observe the dark open sky as it may take 20 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the darkness. The meteors come in bursts and fly in all different directions across the sky.

As you enjoy the exquisite night sky dancing above you, reflect on how you will use this burst of cosmic energy. How will you tap into your potential within? What ways will you be inspired to use your creative energy as you release your fears? What astral wisdom will light up within you?

Catch a falling star and let it carry you far beyond your earth-bound self as you go through the portal of the August night sky into the highest realms of beauty, truth, love, and compassion.

Cosmic events like these enhance energy that you can tap into and use in your life. But Astral Realms are always available for wisdom, guidance, and healing. You just need to know how to get to those realms.

Right now, you can learn those life-changing skills during the launch of our innovative Astral Wisdom course. Learn more by clicking here.

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Tap Into the Wisdom of a Teacher From Beyond This Realm (Lucid Dreaming Part 2)

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you tune in to your spirit guides every day, to ask what insight and information they have for you?

In Part 1 of this series, I led you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream to change your waking life. There I called on all the beautiful beings who are available to give you answers and keep you safe anytime.

In Part 2 today, we’ll build off the foundation we created together, as I take you through a quick meditation to connect with your main guide.

Take a few moments and relax as I orient you to your primary guide who can provide you with valuable insights into your health, relationships, emotions, career, purpose — anything you need guidance with. Join me and I’ll connect the guidance you receive to the activity of lucid dreaming:

Who is your main guide from beyond this realm?

Your main guide might be an ancestor from way back in your lineage, or maybe from just one generation back. It could even be someone who’s not part of your direct family line, but who you feel is part of your family. Maybe you have a specific angel you like to work with — you could call in that angelic guidance.

Whoever your main guide is for you, they’re very available to you personally. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re always at your side waiting to offer support and guidance whenever you ask for their assistance.

They can help you reach higher levels of initiation, assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness… their aid is deep, vast, endless, and always focused on your highest good.

What’s the best way to connect with your main guide?

The key to identifying and connecting with this guide is to ask. Guides won’t reach out to help unless you request their help. They don’t volunteer or “butt in” because they will not interfere with your free will.

So you’ll want to actively, consciously ASK every morning and every night — it only takes a moment. Be patient as you practice connecting with your guide, and I guarantee that soon you’ll sense that teacher at your side.

Once you connect with your main guide and get a sense of them, ask what messages they have for you. Their messages may come in words, their messages might appear in pictures… they could come to you just as a knowing. It all depends on how YOU tend to receive channels of communication.

Your guide and lucid dreaming

After the meditation I guide you through in the video above, you might have a lucid dream tonight in which your main guide appears to you.

Remember that when you…

  1. Set the intention now to lucid dream tonight (that is, when you set the intention to be aware when you’re dreaming and to intentionally shape what happens in the dream), AND
  2. When you set the intention again just before you go to sleep tonight
    … you can meet your main guide — your teacher from another realm — again, and get even more guidance and connection.

And I want you to know… now that you know how to do this, you can access this kind of guidance whenever you need it.

To discover more about connecting with higher realms for guidance and healing, sign up for my free event on the power of Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Discover How to Lucid Dream to Change Your Waking Life

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you ever feel like your life is happening TO you?

What if you could shape your life so it works WITH you, and FOR you?

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for influencing not only what happens in your dreams, but also what happens in your waking life.

What exactly is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is clear dreaming — it’s the act of being consciously aware when you’re dreaming. It’s when you’re asleep, and yet you know that you’re dreaming — and you control what happens in the dream with awareness and intentionality.

Cultures all over the world throughout history have worked with lucid dreaming. The oldest reference is from around 800 BCE, in the Hindu Upanishads. Eighth-century Tibetan Buddhists also described lucid dream practices in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. And Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all explored the nature of reality during their nightly journeys. The term itself was coined in the 1900s by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden.

How to lucid dream

In this 12-minute video, I will lead you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream TONIGHT.

I share details about lucid dreaming, with a focus on technique and practice — to give you tools so you can easily work with the unlimited field of possibility that is your dreams.

Benefits of lucid dreaming

When you’re aware that you’re dreaming, you can consciously:

  • Change jobs
  • Find a partner
  • Communicate with loved ones — alive or passed on
  • Resolve conflict with someone you’re having trouble with
  • Learn what’s hidden in your subconscious mind
  • Fly, shape shift, or HEAL!
  • Meet your goals (don’t miss the video’s 5-minute mark, where I describe how I used lucid dreaming to influence my ski-racing results)
  • Or just have fun and explore new possibilities

Want to soar through the air, speak another language, swim in a coral reef, or try out some other new skill or adventure tonight?

How to set your intention

In the video I walk you through a calming meditation to set your intention for lucid dreaming this evening. Once you’ve had this intention-setting experience, you’ll know how to do it on your own, anytime.

Here are a few prompts to jot down so you can set your intention any night:

  1. Sit or lie down comfortably and take a deep breath. Send that breath down your legs, releasing any tension in your body through the soles of your feet. Send your next breath down your arms, releasing any pain through your fingertips. Breathe into your heart, releasing any fears or negative emotions as you exhale. Breathe into the top of your head, releasing any discomfort or unwanted thoughts with your exhale.
  2. Imagine a white or golden light above you. It’s brilliant, warm, and soothing. Let it completely surround you. Extend this light throughout the room you’re in, feeling enveloped in comfort and safety.
  3. Call in the presence of the Higher Beings to guide you. Your Higher Self, your Spiritual Guides, or an angel such as Archangel Michael — all the beautiful beings who are available to keep you safe anytime. You just need to call them and they’ll come.
  4. Now, set the intention that you will lucid dream tonight. Say aloud or simply think, “Tonight, I will know when I’m dreaming.” Later on, before you fall asleep, repeat again: “I intend that I will know when I’m dreaming.” It’s that easy.
  5. Set an intention for what you’re going to dream about. This can be whatever you want, whether you want to solve a problem, meet a goal, do something fun like take a trip somewhere…

Another key to lucid dreaming that I encourage for you is keeping a dream journal.

Sweet dreams! May you have fun working with the deep reservoir of possibility that resides in your soul tonight.

Spring Sale Astral Wisdom

Tap Into The Healing Power of the Astral Realm

Spring Sale Astral Wisdom

If you’re seeking answers to your “big life questions”…

Looking for insights on your relationships…

Or yearning for clarity on the exact next steps for a project or new business…

There’s an essential technique to add to your toolkit, which is to access wisdom from your “Astral body” — a dimension of your subtle energy body, and referred to also as your etheric body.

In esoteric teachings, you might have heard the phrases “Astral travel” or “Astral projection.” The term Astral body is also linked with intentional out-of-body experiences, or “OBEs.”

The word “Astral” means “of the stars,” and so it was the Astral body that traveled to the Astral plane, which was thought to consist of the celestial spheres. The medieval alchemists also used that term because of the ability of the Astral body to travel in the “starry” regions.

Today, we think of our Astral bodies as another dimension of our consciousness…

Your Astral body is the essence of your Soul, separate from your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, but linked to EVERY aspect of your being.

Your Astral body is capable of accessing realms of information throughout the universe…

Through your Astral body, you can take a remarkable journey beyond time and space, beyond your physical body, and beyond ego…

Into the Astral Realms… where you can tap into your own powerful abilities for healing and growth — bringing forth the perfect, light-filled and limitless being you truly are.

You can develop various practices to shift your awareness beyond your physical body to access these deeper levels of consciousness — including through Lucid Dream states and OBEs.

OBEs are particularly powerful in working with your fear of death and dying… and also in helping you to process the death of loved ones (including your beloved pets!) as well as healing other experiences of grief and loss.

While these transcendental experiences may sound “far out,” they are actually very common and very accessible… and it’s possible that you’ve already experienced one or more yourself…

Have you ever been lying in bed, sort of half-asleep and half-awake, and suddenly feel like you’re floating…

Maybe you’ve had the sensation of moving around your room… looking down from the ceiling and watching your physical body lying peacefully in bed…

Maybe you think about a friend, and then have a sense of “visiting them” or “seeing them” and what they’re doing… or maybe you’ve experienced traveling to spiritual centers across the world, or temples in foreign lands in meditation… or maybe you find yourself in a lush valley studded with gorgeous flowers under a brilliantly lit sky and you’re in front of the exalted presence of an angel or spiritual guide…

Sometimes when this happens, you might become frightened or questioning what’s happening… then you hear a loud sound in your head, or whoosh, and you jerk awake in bed, back in your physical body… leaving you wondering, what just happened?!!

These are classic OBEs…

And about 14 percent of the population has had an out-of-body experience, often more than once in their lifetime.

OBEs are commonly reported during a crisis… like an auto accident or during surgery. Many people have reported floating above their body near the ceiling of the hospital room, watching objectively as medical personnel work on them. They have heard the doctors pronounce them dead. These types of OBEs are called near-death experiences.

Many spiritual teachers and scientists alike, have documented, and reported their own OBEs and near death experiences (NDEs)…

An Astral journey can take you to places where you can experience the love and bliss of the higher states of consciousness… or to realms where your etheric/vital body gets worked on by higher beings to restore your state of health…

In this powerful 15-minute video, I’m going to lead you through a guided practice from my Astral Wisdom course…

This guided practice is powerful, yet simple, and will help bring you calm and ease, as well as support you in connecting with other realms for wisdom and healing…

I will be guiding your journey, so relax and enjoy yourself. We’ll be traveling together to Mt. Shasta, one of the earth’s seven sacred mountains and one of my favorite places.

To discover more practices for accessing the Astral Realm — you can check out my digital course, Astral Wisdom.

This special digital course is one of our most popular courses and is a featured selection in our 2020 Spring Sale collection — on sale NOW!

You can access Astral Wisdom, and the ENTIRE sale collection, here.

How To Ascend

How To Ascend To Higher Realms

When your soul decided to incarnate into a physical body, you agreed to the limitations of the physical realm. But what about all the beings who are not limited by a physical form? Where do spirit guides and angels live? Higher beings like these reside in the higher realms, where the universe can be seen for its true boundlessness, and the love of the Divine flows like a river. It may sound like an unattainable dream, but higher planes of existence are accessible to you—if you know how to ascend.


What Is Ascension?

There are many different ways to explain what ascension means. Its dictionary definition is to rise up or go to a higher level. Of course, the greatest ascension was Jesus’ rise to heaven after his resurrection. For humans, ascension is a realignment with the Divine, a reconnection to the realms of the soul. But since you may not yet be physically moving up through the air, ascension can also be referred to as raising your vibration, expanding your awareness, and communing with the angels. All three of these spiritual expansions are forms of ascension, and with a little practice and focused intent, you can strengthen your ability to expand your consciousness and visit the higher realms.


Why Visit the Higher Realms?

The higher realms are like the best paradise you can imagine. At the highest level you have Source, which is the source of love, of universal energy, and of life itself. Divine love washes over everything in these highest realms, and to experience divine love is to experience the purest, most heart-chakra-opening love in the universe. In these higher planes angels are also present, which is how they can bring divine love down to Earth and to you—they live in it. A little lower in the non-physical realms is the plane where other spirit guides reside—your ancestors who have passed on but have become spiritual touchstones, your animal guides, or any other spirits that offer support and advice when you call.

When you ascend to any of the higher realms, you will start to expand your consciousness and connect with Source. You will become one with your higher self and gain valuable insight about your soul’s true purpose. With all these spiritual teachers, guides, and carriers of divine light in these realms, you come away from the experience of ascension with a greater perspective on the universe and your place within it, a patience and compassion for others, a knowledge that your true self is perfect and worth embracing, and a deep understanding that you are loved beyond anything you can experience here on Earth.

Continuing to develop your spiritual foundation is the best thing you can do to increase your progress toward ascension. Here are a few ways you can shore up your foundation, help raise your personal vibration, and increase your chances of ascending to the higher realms with more frequency and accuracy.

1. Energy Healing

Past traumas and unprocessed emotions are two major roadblocks to raising your consciousness.  Emotional baggage gets stuck in your body and in your energy field and weighs down your soul. Imagine trying to fly into the heavens with a huge boulder on your back! You have to drop the weight and clear your chakras in order to ascend. Attending healing courses and energy medicine workshops are great ways to heal past wounds, clear and charge your chakras, and raise your vibration. Building a strong spiritual foundation is what energy healing does, and the stronger your spiritual foundation, the easier it is to rise into the celestial planes.

2. Meditation

Meditation raises your awareness and can even connect you to Source. A daily practice of meditation also contributes to a strong spiritual foundation and helps you process your emotions to keep your energy field and chakras clear and functioning optimally. Generally, ascension takes lots of personal energy work, but a skilled energy healer or spiritual teacher can lead you in guided meditations, like the ones I do in my online Angels of Energy Healing Ascension Course, which can be a fast-track to ascension. A guided meditation is a great start to ascension since it will allow you to experience the higher realms. Trust me, even a temporary visit with the angels in the heavens will be an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Ask Your Angels

Angels are not limited by physical bodies since they are made of divine love, which means that even when they are here on Earth helping, guiding, and protecting you, they are still always linked to the higher realms. You can ask your angels for help with ascending to their planes. Just reach out to your angels with your specific request to join them in the higher realms, and then be aware for the next few days. Your angels may take you to the higher realms in a dream. They may visit you while you meditate and raise your vibration enough to get a glimpse of the expanded universe. They may even gather your spirit up in their wings and fly you to heavens themselves, wrapped in their protective bubble of light.

Ascension, like any spiritual practice, is not a competition. Your soul has its own timetable for progress, so trust that your higher self and your angels are guiding you well, and that when you’re ready to ascend, the heavens will be waiting. To learn more about ascending to higher planes, and how to strengthen your connection to your angels, check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, ascend to higher realms, and experience the life-changing power of divine love. Come join me today!

Your Aura

Your Aura: What the Human Energy Field Can Reveal About You

Look in the mirror and what do you see?  Does your reflection end with the tidy package inside your skin, dressed for work or a walk or a trip to the store? Is that all there is? Or do you see that bright and beautiful being of light that is really you shining through? The truth is that there is a glowing field of energy that surrounds you, emanates from you, serves and protects you as you walk through this world—your aura!

The human energy field, the aura, is a manifestation of the universal energy field that is the cornerstone of all life. Thousands of years before the birth of Christ, it was called prana by East Indians and chi by the Chinese. The mystics of all cultures talk about the human energy field in some way. Your aura consists of electromagnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through and radiate from the physical body. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field, extending out from the body approximately 2-5 feet on all sides.

You can think of your aura as a living template for the body. Your body ultimately mirrors whatever is happening in the energy field. Any distortion or imbalance in your field will sooner or later negatively impact you physically. If you make a correction in the field, a corresponding change will manifest in the body. The energy levels of your field are not only as real as your physical self, but they are also, in some ways, even more important. That’s why energy healing—directed at restructuring, rebalancing, and recharging the energy field—can have so much positive impact.

Seven layers or bodies make up the human energy field. Unlike the layers of an onion, each one interpenetrates the next and then extends out beyond the skin. Each level up the “scale” is a higher vibration and extends out further than the one below it. Each one has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated, and reflect your feelings, emotions, thinking, and behavior. Together, the levels hold our physical form, provide life energy, and make communication possible between all the various parts.

The levels of the human energy field and what each one can tell you about your health and well-being:

Level 1: The Etheric Body

This closest level to your body, a few inches out from your skin, is the seat of pleasure and pain. The more you take care of your body, the stronger and brighter blue these lines will be.

Level 2: The Emotional Body

This cloudlike level reflects your feelings and emotions about yourself. Bright colors indicate positive feelings; dark colors are negative. If you let your feelings flow, the colors keep changing; if you stop the flow, this level looks really dirty and stagnant, creates blocks and impacts your health.

Level 3: The Mental Body

Strong and charged lines here indicate an active, clear mind; weak and undercharged, you won’t be very interested in learning and won’t have much clarity. If your 3rd level is strong but the first 2 are weak, you live mostly in your mind.

Level 4: The Astral Level

Seat of your relationship with the universe and everything in it. If this level is strong and healthy, you’ll have great relationships; if it’s weak, you may avoid intimacy.

Level 5: The Etheric Template

This level of divine will looks just like a blueprint of the 1st level—the form for your body. A level of precise order and symbols, not feelings. If you’re in accord with divine will, you’ll feel a sense of connectedness with the world around you; if you’re weak here, you won’t be comfortable with your place, your job, or your station in life.

Level 6: The Celestial Body

Filled with beautiful streamers of rainbow-colored light radiating out about 2 to 3 feet from the body. When healthy, the colors are bright with straight beams of light. This is the level of divine love. Here we feel the joy and bliss we reach through meditation, prayer, and chanting. A weak 6th means you won’t have much in the way of spiritual experiences. If it’s too strong in relation to the others, you may be avoiding having a physical life. The 6th level can be charged every day by even just 15-20 minutes of meditation.

Level 7: The Ketheric Template or Causal Body

Gold lines that vibrate at a very high frequency and form a golden egg around the body to protect it. This level of divine mind holds the whole field together and is where we learn to communicate telepathically and have knowings that flood our consciousness. A big 7th level indicates a big thinker in direct connection with divine thought. An unhealthy 7th level person will hate their own imperfections and have trouble bringing their creative ideas to fruition.

As you become acquainted with the levels of the human energy field, it’s better to start by feeling your way around rather than by seeing the levels clairvoyantly. I rely on my feelings and knowings; clairvoyant information is just icing on the cake.  In my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I have observed that it is not as important to “see” the energy levels as it is to sense or feel them. You can learn to do this using the sensory power of your whole body.

If you’re interested in learning more about auras and how to sense them, as well as discovering a host of energy healing techniques to heal, thrive and grow, check out my online certification course today.

Astral travel

Fly Free with Astral Travel!

Have you ever had an incredible dream? One where you visited a beloved family member no longer here on earth? Or you had amazing super power to soar over the rooftops? Maybe you were exploring a new city. Did you wake up feeling peace or excitement, surprised to be back home in bed? And then ask: “Wow! Where did I go?”

The potential to have experiences like these—the stuff that dreams are made of—is completely within you. It’s your unlimited nature, your spirit and its connection to the Source that makes such dreams possible. What if you began to explore the access you have to your unlimited being and see where else your “wings” might take you? By strengthening your spiritual connection and expanding your consciousness, you can learn to choose and direct your flight plans. You can learn to astral travel!

What Is Astral Travel?

You actually already travel this way when you dream. Your astral body leaves your physical body sleeping soundly in bed and roams the dream world. With study and practice, you can learn to astral project deliberately—to leave your physical body consciously and choose to travel to certain destinations. Astral projection is an out-of-body experience you choose to embark on with the intent of traveling to many different “astral planes” that are shaped by energy and light.

With astral projection comes the undeniable knowledge that you are more than your physical body. Astral projection helps you gain a new level of access to the universe within you as well. As you explore your inner universe, you can also take advantage on the physical plane of the knowledge you gain from astral travel. Your astral experience can help you reach a higher level of consciousness.

What Are the Benefits of Astral Travel?

Astral travel can open a new world of knowledge and spiritual growth for you. Your energy body, your personal energy field that you’re sitting inside of right now, is your greatest source for healing on every level: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Mastering astral travel techniques is an important step in expanding your energy body, so you have even more opportunities for healing and growth

Here are some powers you may discover with astral projection:

Solution—Problems of every kind, challenges, and stress can be worked through and more easily resolved during astral projection.

Expansion —Whatever you would like to learn about or explore, a vast amount of knowledge is accessible on the astral plane.

Healing— Astral projection can bring you closer to the source of illness, disease or past trauma where active energy healing can take place.

Connection—Astral projection allows you to connect with deceased loved ones or others you would otherwise not be able to connect with in the physical world.

Perception—You can gain a clearer or “higher” perspective on your life situation by viewing yourself and your life from the astral plane.

When you learn to separate your consciousness from your body, you can experience firsthand what life is like beyond your usual physical day-to-day reality. You can see and feel things that will raise your consciousness, increase your energetic frequency, and minimize your negativity, uncertainty, and fear. And you will better understand your limitless potential and your spiritual connection with Source.

Where Do You Want to Go? 

There is no defined limit as to how far you can travel. Imagine flying high above the highest mountains and into the starry galaxies, visiting times and places from the past or the future, meeting with loved ones who have passed on to resolve old issues, and visiting the heavenly realms. You’ll get in touch with your innermost desires and learn how to use out-of-body experiences to design the life of your dreams. If you want to learn how to do it, check here for more info.

Astral Projection Destinations

Astral Projection Destinations for Healing

How is your spiritual home holding up?

One of my favorite passages from the New Testament is from Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus gives His Sermon on the Mount. In this Bible parable, Jesus tells a story of two men: one who built his house on a rock and another who built his house on top of sand. When stormy weather arrived, the house built upon a rock was able to withstand the harsh winds and rain—and the first builder is called wise. However, the house built on the sand collapsed during the storm—and the second builder is called foolish.

astral projection quotesThe wise man built his house upon the rock.

—Matthew 7:24

The meaning of this Biblical parable is quite obvious: proper foundations are necessary.

Are you the wise man who stands upon a firm foundation? Or, do you sometimes feel like there’s sinking sand under your feet instead of granite? What’s holding you up, keeping you afloat, and is it propelling you toward the life of your dreams?

Just like there are tasks you must routinely do to maintain your literal house throughout the year—from replacing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors to performing a smudging ritual to cleanse the energy—spiritual home ownership also requires routine work. And while it may not always be glamorous (or even fun, for that matter), a regular evaluation of your spiritual house’s standing will pay off in dividends in the long-term.

Taking time to evaluate the underpinnings of your life to see whether all aspects are holding firm is the equivalent of cleaning the gutters of your spiritual home. One tool you can use to strengthen your spiritual foundation is astral projection (also called astral travel)…however, it does require knowledge and technique training to be done properly. If you’re a beginner and searching for how to do astral projection fast, I encourage you to pull into the slow lane and enroll in my Astral Wisdom course. In this online self-study course, I’ll teach you ways to safely and gently explore the astral realms so you can master the out-of-body experience (OBE) and design the life of your dreams through meaningful experiences and things you can do while astral projecting (such as visiting the astral projection destinations I discuss below).

If you are familiar with astral travel, keep reading to explore every aspect of your life to rejuvenate, heal, and elevate your body, mind, and Spirit.


Five astral projection destinations for healing:


astral projection destinations for physical health, vitality, and weight lossPhysical health, vitality, and weight management

If you have struggled with your physical health, found your body’s vitality dwindling, or been unable to manage your weight despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you might discover that difficult emotions are the source of your struggle. These emotions can be the result of childhood trauma, divorce, illness, job loss, or the death of loved one (to name a few).

Repressed emotions can affect the body in various ways. When you don’t take the time to process your emotions (thinking it is easier to push them aside until they “go away”), you run the very real risk of doing damage to your physical body by disrupting and blocking the flow of energy to a particular area. Over time, these emotions that you thought “went away” take a toll on your physical health and can be a major source of struggle and barrier to living your happiest life.

To improve your physical health, vitality, and manage your weight, focus on an astral travel trip that encourages self-compassion and allows you to find the clarity needed to unblock your repressed emotions. Once you are able to let go of habits that comprise your highest state of well-being, you’ll learn to get in touch with (and process) difficult feelings and emotions more effectively and efficiently—so you can focus on your spiritual development at a higher level.


astral projection destinations for career, finances, and life workCareer and life work

While it’s normal to have a bad day (or week…or month, let’s be honest) at work, what’s not normal is to be perpetually troubled by questions around your career. If you are always trying to placate that nagging voice in the back of your mind with rational reasons for “sticking it out” in a career or job you find unfulfilling, I can guarantee you that it’s not going to go away no matter how hard you argue.

One of my students, who I’ll call “Katherine,” is a perfect example of someone in need of a career change: she was “living her dream” of being a businesswoman in New York City after four years of college and many more of “putting in her dues” and climbing the corporate ladder in the marketing and advertising industry. When I met Katherine, I instantly knew that she was deeply unsatisfied with her career, despite her insistence otherwise; she was overworked, had a manipulative boss that kept the promotion carrot always just out of her reach, and struggled when working with the agency’s clients who viewed marketing as a way to con customers into contracts for shady products and services.

Initially, I met with Katherine every Tuesday at 9:00 pm her time and, without fail, she was always still at the office. Reflecting back on those first two months, the irony around the New York City skyline that sparkled with life right outside her lower-Manhattan glass office was not lost of Katherine; the city never slept and neither did Katherine, who mistakenly equated success with a big job title and bonus. In addition to the toll this job was taking on her mentally, it was also wreaking havoc on her body: a cold that she couldn’t shake turned into a four-day hospitalization for pneumonia.

One day this past fall, I dialed into our video conference as usual but didn’t see the NYC skyline I had grown accustomed to behind Katherine. Instead, I saw an almost unrecognizable Katherine in a warm and cozy apartment, her two dogs snoozing on the couch behind her. Gone was the stress, the unrealistic expectations she had placed on herself, the expensive designer dresses, the hair and makeup—in front of me sat a calmer, more peaceful, and enlightened version of my student who smiled as she said to me, “I quit.”

Like so many other people, Katherine realized that choosing to leave a career isn’t a poor reflection of you by any means; it is a simply a reflection of a world and economy that are always shifting and changing. In fact, your ability to identify that you have evolved and are ready to move onto the next phase of your life work is a milestone that you should be proud of: it takes self-awareness, mindfulness, and strength to reach this often difficult decision. Know that you don’t have to struggle and suffer to discover your true purpose: you can use astral travel to reset and recharge the spiritual dimension of your working life.


astral projection destinations for relationships with family, friends, and loved onesRelationships with family, friends, and loved ones

Are you satisfied and uplifted by the all the relationships in your life? Do you know how to activate the incredible power of unconditional love—the source of true happiness?

The ability to love and forgive unconditionally, as well as surrender (the ability to “let go and let God”), are the hallmarks of a heart chakra that is perfectly balanced. If you want to learn more about your chakras and the role they play in your physical, mental, and spiritual health, check out my popular Chakra Wisdom course.

In addition to a healthy and balanced heart chakra, you can also use astral projection to jumpstart your level of compassion—both for yourself and others—that will lead you to unconditional love. Focus on opening your heart and feeling the power of the Divine coursing through your veins as you open your body, mind, and Soul up to receive new wisdom and knowledge.

During your astral journey, you’ll realize that the barriers you initially set up to protect are actually blocking you from achieving your hopes and dreams; to move forward and experience the love you long for, it’s time to face your fears and confront your doubts that are standing in your way.


astral projection destinations for sharing your healing gifts and abilitiesSharing your healing gifts and abilities

Every single one of us has unique gifts and abilities to share with the world. If you are ready to step up and help heal the world—but aren’t sure how to get started—try taking a step back and reflecting on your own journey up until this point.

The next time you sit down to journal, ask yourself these questions:

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • Do you understand what lies behind your fears and your dreams?
  • Why are you attracted to some aspects of reality and afraid of others?
  • Have you ever suspected that you have hidden abilities that you can’t quite access?

After you have reflected on these questions, you can use astral projection to unlock your powers and completely engage your body, mind, and Soul with the joy that comes from sharing your gifts with those searching. While opening yourself up can be scary at first, know that the world needs your uplifting contribution, given in your own way with the love that only you can provide.


astral projection destinations for supercharging your intuitionSupercharge your intuition

Would you like to learn to see beyond the limitations of space and time? Do you sometimes feel yourself on the verge of opening new avenues of perception and understanding but you are either afraid or unsure? Are you able to access your sixth chakra to help you transcend your personal identity and gain entry to the universal field of all information?

Learn to overcome fear and small-mindedness and to develop trust in your ability to move toward your highest self and build your connection to the Divine by using astral projection to supercharge your intuition. Discover the ways in which you can learn to allow Spirit to work through you and expand your perceptual abilities.

In your astral travel adventures, you are free to seek out any realms that your Soul longs to explore and learn from…so, the question becomes: where will you go first?


astral wisdom course

Adventures in Astral Travel

Adventures in Astral Travel

What is the furthest out destination you can imagine for a travel adventure?

  • Seeing the Stone Heads on Easter Island?
  • Climbing to the top of Mt. Everest?
  • Winning the lottery and buying a ticket on a SpaceX shuttle to outer space?

Now, what if I told you that you would be able to do all of that—and more!—without ever leaving your bedroom. It’s 100% within your reach when you travel via astral projection.

Astral travel

Astral travel is an out-of-body experience (OBE) that can take you to the places you want to go, regardless of where and when these places exist.

Not only can you go to different places around the globe (a very affordable way to satisfy your wanderlust) to see sacred sites, experience the energy of natural vortexes, or simply see your neighborhood from another perspective, but astral projection can be used to travel to different levels of the astral plane. You can meet up with your spiritual guides for instruction or guidance, connect with loved ones who have passed away, and even visit your beloved pet who crossed the rainbow bridge.

astral projection safety
Just like you wouldn't get on a bike without wearing a helmet, there are safety measures you need to take when preparing to astral project.

Astral projection and safety

A lot of people have safety concerns and fears around astral travel, as they should; just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car, astral projection is an activity that requires knowledge and training to do safely.

Most-likely, you’ve spent the majority of your time here on Earth experiencing the world from inside your body. While you might not realize it, every time you go out into the world and engage with surrounding people and energy, you are learning how to discern safety from danger. For example, a child might not know that touching boiling water can burn them…until they test the waters (pun intended) for themselves. However, after they have that experience with hot water, the child has learned that they need to be careful around this particular dangerous object. The same theory holds true when we interact with more complex energies, such as living creatures and human beings, giving you have a lifetime of knowledge to reference in order to safely navigate your in-body experiences.

Unless you are a well-seasoned astral traveler, you won’t have direct experiences to learn from regarding ways to stay safe when projecting. While learning from experience is one way to acquire knowledge, the other is learning facts directly from astral projection experts. For example, there are demon-like entities with evil intent, aliens with a nasty agenda, and others that want to do harm to either your physical or astral body during an out-of-body experience. You’ll need to learn how to protect yourself before going out of your body; if you start your journey from a space of love and high spiritual energy—and if you can keep your fear in check—you will be safer from encounters with the dark side.

If you are interested in learning more about staying safe while you open a doorway to a different dimension, enroll in my Astral Wisdom course today. I’ll teach you a variety of advanced techniques that you can use to astral project, the many purposes of astral projection, and how to protect yourself and stay safe as you travel to the astral realms.

Astral projection and time travel

Another question that regularly comes up when discussing astral projection has to do with time travel. Astral projection allows you to move through time, for example seeing yourself in past lives or visiting scenes from history, but you are only there as an observer; you can’t change something that happened in the past.

So, you can’t go back and kill Hitler before the Holocaust or thwart the birth of the uncle who molested you in this life. But by observing, you may learn some vital information that will help you be at peace with certain aspects of yourself or with your history in this life.

Astral planes and physical planes

You also can’t affect things on the physical plane while you are astral—no knocking over a glass of water or moving a penny up the wall to let someone know you are there. Patrick Swayze managed it in the movie Ghost, but it would require a lot of practice and intention (although it was great in the movie). You can, however, float through walls or fly, which is much harder when you’re in your physical body.

Some of the things you can do while in the astral state are: help lost souls find their way to the light; visit with angels and other high-energy beings; have encounters with deceased relatives; go back in time; visit other planets and fantastic astral realms; fly around Earth and sightsee; and just have a great time.

Finding your astral travel guide

But before you get your ticket to ride, you should know who your guides are, know how to keep yourself in a high vibratory state to minimize fear or negativity and remember to ask your guides and angels to protect you. Your spiritual guides are always happy to help. If you feel like they never respond to you, you’re probably not hearing them or receiving the signs and synchronicities that signal the intuitive insights and flashes they are sending you. They will always try to help you down the right path, the one that is best for you.

The best way to guarantee that your experiences in the astral planes are positive is by building a solid meditation and prayer practice, which will ground you in love, compassion, and the higher qualities of spiritual life.

You already astral travel—every night when you drift off to sleep and fall into a dream—so in many ways you already know how to do it. But learning to astral project deliberately—to leave your physical body consciously and intend to travel to certain destinations—requires finding the technique that works best for you and then practicing until perfect.

If you’re wondering if you are ready to travel to the astral realms, head over to my Facebook Page and take my Astral Projection quiz.

It’s quick (and fun!) and will provide you with a good baseline on which to start building your astral travel knowledge.

Am I ready to astral project

There’s Only Smooth Sailing Ahead: Your Keys to Safe Travel Across the Astral Realms

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” I John 4:18

Have you always wanted to know more about astral travel but were afraid to ask? Has this ultimate spiritual adventure called to you, knocked on the doors of your consciousness, but you felt too unsure of yourself to answer? Your spiritual journey toward the light is already underway. Have you ever considered that astral travel is simply a bigger, bolder step in the direction that your soul already longs to go? You can choose whether your journey will be hampered by fear or strengthened by love.

Fear and love are the two most powerful human emotions. What is your driving force—love or fear? The answer to that question is the basis of your life. Is it fear and darkness or love and light? If your fear is bigger than your faith in the light, it will block your dreams and make you forgo your life purpose. When you switch your attention away from fear and put it on filling yourself with the calm centeredness of prayer, meditation, and service to others, you can make fear and other negative emotions disappear.

If you think you have fears about astral travel, you may actually be feeling the respect that is due to this amazing spiritual experience. It does require training and guidance to achieve safe and effective results. You can learn ways to protect yourself before going out of your body. You can keep your fear in check by starting your journey from a space of love and high spiritual energy.

Great positive experiences in the astral planes begin by having a solid meditation and prayer practice so you are grounded in love, compassion, and the higher qualities of spiritual life. Before you get your ticket to ride, you should know how to call on your spiritual guides and angels and how to keep yourself in a high vibratory state to minimize fear or negativity.

Your astral/etheric body can travel out of your physical body, but where it can go is related to how high your vibratory level is. You can nurture your etheric body with light and positive energy. You lower your vibration through negative thoughts and emotions, especially fear. There are ways of traveling safely, with a guide, which will help you connect more deeply to spiritual wisdom. You can learn how to set your intention and call in protection, sort of astral travel insurance, before leaving on your journeys.

When you’re out and about in the Astral Realms, know the best ways to stay safe and protected. Here are some keys to best practices and self-care as you prepare to unlock your astral abilities:

  1. Let go of fear. Fear is a habit you can conquer with intention: I can and I will! Fear pulls you away from the light and can make any situation worse. When you begin to feel this emotion, instead take a deep breath, exhale the fear, and remember love. If you can take whatever comes your way in stride, you’ll be moving toward the light, living from the heart, and creating a life flowing with bountiful love.


  1. Bring your highest self. Before starting an astral journey, center yourself in the highest vibration of loving energy you are capable of reaching. Your higher self is powerful beyond measure, and the light of who you are is worth sharing with the world.


  1. Ask for protection and guidance. For the help you need, call on your spiritual guides and teachers. When you astral travel, remember to ask your guides to allow you to experience only that which is aligned with your highest good. Ask your spiritual guides to accompany you. Spiritual guides are here to help you transcend fear and find life purpose. They will always try to help you down the right path, the one that is best for you.


  1. Connect to Source. Remember that you a child of the Divine. Imagine a golden light surrounding you and loving energy pouring forth from your heart center. Through meditation and prayer, and any spiritual practices that keep you connected to a power greater than yourself, stay focused on living in the light


  1. Be lifted up on the wings of love. Going toward the light means going toward love, and becoming more loving in our moment-to-moment interactions. With love, you are able to heal yourself and reach out to others on their journey.


  1. Nurture the positive in all you do. Follow Mary Baker Eddy’s edict to “be the porter at the door of your thoughts.” This means monitoring what you allow into your consciousness, being a loving gatekeeper for your own awareness. Turn off the evening news, and stop inundating your consciousness with fear-based images. Watch a lighthearted show instead of a violent one. Or turn off the TV altogether and write a blog, paint a picture, listen to your favorite music. Visit a sick friend, volunteer at an animal shelter, go to a workshop, or get off the couch and train for a charity walk. And laugh a lot, every day.


What can astral travel offer you? When you separate your consciousness from your body, you can experience firsthand what life is like beyond your usual physical day-to-day reality. Through astral travel, you can see and feel things that will raise your consciousness, increase your energetic frequency, minimize your negativity, uncertainty, and fear, and help you on the path to your life purpose. Your psychic skills will blossom, and you will understand and appreciate more fully your limitless potential, and your unbreakable connection to your divine Source. Are you ready for the trip?

 If you’re attracted to this kind of learning, or you’re curious to discover how Astral Travel can change your life… Click here >>>