Soul Star

Exponentially Expand Your Ability to Merge with Your Higher Self (and the Universe)

Soul Star

When I started meditating back in the day, I had two pretty good size physical problems: I had cancer as well as chronic insomnia, and the latter did not help the former.

I was taught to meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each time, with a mantra, just as I now teach you that same format today. Some time later, I learned the sutras, which I now teach you. With the addition of the sutras to my core meditation practice, I began to access the higher chakras. This was incredibly powerful and transformational for me.

The seven main chakras are tied to your development here on Earth — and in becoming one with your earth home. They are also connected to higher guidance, but less so than the chakras above your head.

The higher chakras — starting with chakras 8 through 12 — exponentially expand your ability to merge with your Higher Self and the universe…

From these higher points of energy, you are able to access higher levels of consciousness.

You begin to shift your focus upward and outward, remaining anchored in your physical self and your physical world, yet moving toward the ever-expanding horizons and possibilities available to you…

Keep in mind, you are much, much larger than your physical body. Your energy body extends many feet above, below, and around you. And you actually have even more than 12 chakras above, below, and around you.

Each of your ascending higher chakras opens you to another doorway into the vast realm of Source — with each chakra activating another level of knowledge, growth and expansion for you.

The spiritual energy that is released as you access these higher levels, vibrates through your entire chakra system (above and below) and supports you in accessing and embodying your Soul’s plan for you.

In this 9-minute video, I am going to lead you through the powerful energy centers of your upper chakras.

In this enlightening journey, we’ll begin with the eighth chakra, which is called your Soul Star.

Your eighth chakra sits about two feet above your crown chakra. It functions as the epicenter of the entire chakra system — protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

It also acts as the root of the Divine energy that floods your energy system, which you can open to consciously receive anytime you want to feel rejuvenated, replenished, and return to a deep connection to your Soul.

Accessing the wisdom of your eighth chakra stimulates creative expansion and empowers you to draw on information beyond your “thinking” mind.

Through your eight chakra, you can connect with your higher guidance, and access symbols, colors, sounds — messages from your Soul to give you inspiration toward answers to your most pressing questions.

Now, get comfortable and join me for this magical exploration of your upper chakras… watch above.

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