ptsd awareness

PTSD Awareness

In honor of National PTSD Awareness Day, I would like to encourage all of blog readers and friends to join me on Facebook and share your thoughts and experiences with PTSD.

While people usually associate PTSD with the men and women who serve our country in the military, I assure you that this terrible disease can strike anyone. As with all mental health diseases, PTSD is something that people are uncomfortable talking about in the open — which only increases the feelings of isolation that PTSD patients suffer from. Below is my personal experience with PTSD

My experience with PTSD


My husband and I were doing a one-day rock climb at Lover’s Leap, a sheer rock face west of Lake Tahoe, and I was in the lead. Cold and tired, I had set the belay wrong. I heard Eric cry out below me, and felt the rope burning through my hands as he fell 50 feet toward the ground. Then I saw his head hit the ground, hard. The rescue took all day. I was dehydrated, freezing, in shock, and my hands had been cut down to the bone from trying to stop the fall. Eric sustained a closed head injury and I had PTSD.

I was cold and tired and I had set the belay wrong. Suddenly, I heard Eric cry out below me, and felt the rope burning through my hands as he fell 50 feet toward the ground.

Then I saw his head hit the ground, hard.

The rescue took all day.

I was dehydrated, freezing, in shock, and my hands had been cut down to the bone from trying to stop the fall.

Eric sustained a closed head injury.

A week or two after the accident, I developed an embarrassing speech impediment. I couldn’t really drive, I was too sure there was an accident waiting to happen. My food allergies intensified. I knew I wasn’t okay, and sought help.

I had PTSD.

I got the diagnosis of PTSD and immediately began working on it with meditation, journaling, and energy healing.

Over time, I got better. I am eternally grateful for support and love of Eric, my friends and family, and my extended Soul family during that difficult time.

Whether you are a PTSD sufferer yourself, have a loved one struggling with the disease, or simply want to join the conversation and help bring this debilitating disease into the spotlight, let’s connect on Facebook or Twitter!



summer solstice energy

When the Light is Brightest . . .

At Stonehenge, the Solstice is the day when the Sun rises over the Heel Stone and lands smack in the center of the Altar Stone. It’s preceded by Midsummer’s Eve, when magic abounds and the little folk can be seen.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna describes the Summer Solstice as the way out of the physical world and into the spiritual realms. It’s a time when the veil is so thin that it separates you from non-physical reality, and can be easily pierced. And it stays that way for days before starting to slowly fade.

We are in the midst of it now!

The next six months will see a daily diminishing of the light, so ritual fires are lit. Great bonfires to hold the sun’s heat, to honor the power of the Sun, to reflect the fire in the sky…or a candle on your altar or hearth.

It’s a time to do rituals and ceremonies that celebrate your connection to the Great Father Spirit, and to take stock of where you are and what you want to accomplish in the months leading up to Winter Solstice. It’s at this time that there is the most light in the sky, so take advantage of its radiance and reflect light on whatever you need to transform in your life.

Fire transforms wood into ash, ice into water, water into steam. In your body, there are transformative processes — like digestion — which take the food you eat and burn it into life energy. The solar energy also is associated with the light within, the light of consciousness. So, look inside: the light is bright at this time of year. As St. Francis of Assisi has been quoted as saying, “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

The Sun has traditionally been considered masculine (Father Sun as opposed to Mother Earth), so it’s a good time to look at any issues you may have with masculine energies.

  • Are you overly competitive?
  • Stuck in logical rational thinking to the exclusion of your intuition?
  • Are you courageous enough to speak your truth?
  • Are you willing to take action?


Male or female, you want your masculine and feminine attributes to be in balance. It’s not Mars vs. Venus, it’s both/and.

All ancient spiritual traditions venerated the Sun. In Egypt, the head of the Sphinx is crowned by the Sun on Summer Solstice. The ancients knew that the journey the Sun makes each year can be seen as the journey of enlightenment, with the Sun standing for the Spirit in each of us. The Winter Solstice sees the birth of the Sun (the Son); the Spring Equinox sees the solar hero’s death and resurrection; followed by ascension at the Summer Solstice, the highest point when the Son reunites with the Divine. (The Autumn Equinox is the plunge into the regenerative darkness that will nurture the rebirth of the Sun at the Winter Solstice.)

When you become aware of the power of the cycle of the Sun and the seasons, you can align yourself with cycle of natural energies that help you connect to your own radiant spirit.

So, swim with the sunrise, walk in forest glens, gaze into the fire outdoors at night, but remember to use the light to shine on and fire up your relationship to your brightest and best self.

Uncaring Health Care

Uncaring Health Care

I have never been a particularly political person. I vote in presidential elections, but am oblivious to local and state office holders. I survived the Nixon years, the Clinton years, and the Bush years with little involvement. Even the impeachment processes for Nixon and Clinton got little attention from me. I was deeply enmeshed in advancing my spirituality and developing skills to help others. But now I’m truly upset—over health care. I’m shocked at the cruelty of Congress in gutting Medicaid (and other provisions in the Better Care Reconciliation Act also known as Trumpcare) in order to finance major tax cuts for the wealthy.

Medicaid is the health insurance for the 74 million Americans who are disabled or lower income and 40 percent of those are children. They are being thrown under the bus in order to provide a tax break to those who earn more than $200,000 a year, to pharmaceutical companies, and to insurance companies.


Destiny Calling: Who Are You Really?

You meet someone for the first time and one of the first questions you get asked is “What do you do?” You automatically assume the person wants to know how you earn your living.

You may mumble something like “Well, right now I’m paying my rent by being an Uber driver but I’m working on a script that will be the next big hit at the Sundance Film Festival!” Or maybe you say “I’m a teacher, but I’m burned out and exhausted.” Or a wistful, “I’d love to be an artist, but don’t know if that’s a real job.” So, you go to your weekly SoulCycle class, and you wonder when your real life will start.

Is it work or play that defines you? Do you feel like you have somehow missed what you’re really supposed to be doing? Is this your destiny?

The anxiety over “what am I supposed to be doing?” can really mess you up. When that alarm goes off in the morning and you reluctantly get yourself together to go to work, are you wondering if this is all there is to life? Get up, go to work, maybe go out for a few drinks after work, then head home to DoorDash that you eat while binging on Netflix. Where is the passion for life? And how are you going to find the joy in simply being you?

You may have taken every quiz on Facebook that promises to reveal your most amazing qualities.

You may pour over the employment opportunities that you signed up to see from LinkedIn. You might be doing nothing, sunk into a depression over the state of your life and the state of the world.

But what if you could answer the “what do you do?” question with the status of your being rather than your doing? Like, “I am someone on an evolutionary spiritual journey and I’m gradually becoming more present, more engaged, more myself.”

Wow! Suddenly you are someone you’d like to know. You are saying that you are a seeker on the timeless quest for enlightenment, a traveler on the path to greater consciousness. Your true work—whatever your job in the world—is really internal. You want to be more aware of what you do, what you say, and even what you think. You want to be a moral force in the world, starting with the world you currently interact with—your family, your friends, your co-workers. You want to be known as a person of integrity, someone who can be trusted, someone who can hold the center in times of crisis.

As you develop a meditation practice, as you attend online workshops and events that bring you together with a teacher and a community of fellow seekers, as you read books on the ageless wisdom of the sages, you are doing the most exciting work of all and preparing for your true destiny: to be a light worker.

And the world desperately needs you! Especially in times like these that are fraught with disharmony and division, your connection to spirit, your immersion in the peace and balance brought about by spiritual practices, is vitally important.

As you proceed along the path, you may find that your work in the world will change. You might want to be helping others more directly, for instance as a speaker, coach or leader, like me. Or you may simply try to infuse your present work and home situation with more awareness of what you can do that will be of benefit to others. For being a light worker implies that you are committed to doing what you can to alleviate suffering and confusion—within yourself as well as for others. It implies that you accept responsibility for your own life and stop laying the blame outside yourself. It means you understand that you—yes, you—have the power to change the direction the world is heading. And it means that you know how to be kind.

There is one sure way to know that you are fulfilling your destiny: it feels right. The outer work you do may shift or transform, but it is the inner work that propels your satisfaction quotient. The next time someone asks “What do you do?” answer from the place of who you are rather than how you earn a living. You could be a window washer at a fast food restaurant, but what you are really doing is being a clear channel for letting in more light. And that is destiny calling.


You’ve Got a Friend from Above

As the song from the movie Ghostbusters goes: “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?” Rather than summoning the ghostbusters, how about calling on the “ghosts” themselves.

What could I possibly mean by that?

Okay, let’s say you’re driving somewhere you’ve never been before. Of course, you didn’t write down any directions because you assumed your trusty GPS would get you there. If only you had charged your phone before leaving the house! Now what? When that happened to me, I pulled onto the shoulder of the road, sat in meditation for a few minutes, and called on my Grandfather Desmond. While a drinker and a screw-up during life, now on “the other side,” he had proven himself a whiz at navigation. Sure enough, I pretty soon I figured out which way to go. Des also comes in handy when hiking on mountain trails.

I have other helpers who are not in physical bodies. There are medical experts, (some of whom I brought home with me after working for some time at John of God’s in Brazil), who show up when I need guidance during a complex healing session. There are spiritual guides who impart their wisdom when I am teaching. And there are powerful angelic entities that arrive when I am shepherding a student to another spiritual level. My life is rich with these friends from above that cannot necessarily be seen.

My student Nina dreamt of a huge lion patrolling the outer perimeter of her daughter’s house. In the dream, it felt like there was a perilous situation and the lion was there as guardian and protector. Sure enough, the next day Nina learned that an escaped prisoner had been in her daughter’s neighborhood that night and had broken into a nearby home. Nina said that the lion is her spirit guide and always shows up when there is danger.

When you need help, who do you call?

Puzzling over a project at work? It’s not exactly a 911 situation, but you do need some expert advice without indicating to the boss that you can’t figure it out on your own. You can send a silent signal out to the universe, requesting assistance. And then open yourself up to hearing/feeling the response. You have to be open and available to receive the aid that is offered by “friends in high places.”

You can learn to connect with these invaluable guides when you have a strong foundation in meditation. When you can calm your mind and sit in the spaciousness of internal silence, you begin to honor your ability to link to your own intuitive powers and to recognize the messages that come from the vast network of beings who are an energetic heartbeat away on higher planes of consciousness. Don’t disregard any thoughts that seem to pop up in your mind, or a sudden feeling that a certain direction could be the right solution to your problem. It’s hard for these guides to come to your aid when you ignore the messages you receive. Meditation is the best way for contacting your spirit guides.

Of course, your most trusted guide is your own Higher Self—the part of you that is always identified with the higher spiritual energies of the universe. The more you heal your old wounds, release your trauma, and saturate your being with meditative peace, the more in tune you will be with your intuition, and the more you will be able to receive the messages your Higher Self is sending you. This is the guide that is always with you, always available for you to call upon.

How many times a day do you stand at the crossroads? You are always making decisions: to stick to your eating plan or belly up to the buffet; to diss your ex or find something pleasant to say; to twist the truth or give a real answer. Do you recognize the moment when you make these choices or are you living your life blindly, without considering the consequences of all those little decisions you make all day long?

When you start to call upon your Higher Self, or invoke the aid of the guides from above, you learn to live more consciously. You start to walk upon the path of the spiritual masters. And you find it’s good to have friends in high places.

All summer long, I’m sharing the very best ways you can connect with and learn from your guides by learning to heal, thrive and grow into the very best version of you.

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Open the Treasure Chest of Your Spiritual Gifts

You’re sitting outside, enjoying the cool morning breeze and the sun warming your skin as you sip your chai tea. You are content, basking in the lovely spring day before you have to head to work. Suddenly you feel anxious, unnerved, and a thought arises: something bad has happened. Moments later, your cell phone rings. Your mom says your dad is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital with a heart attack! As you throw a few things in a suitcase and head to the airport, you wonder: How did I know something was wrong with someone I love before the phone even rang?

Indeed, how did you know?

That feeling—the anxiety that flooded your body in seeming contradiction to the relaxed moment in the morning sun—came from somewhere beyond your five physical senses. There was nothing in your environment that created that anxiety; you had no previous knowledge that there was anything wrong with your dad’s health. But you have an energetic connection with your parents, even if you’re not thinking about them. In your mom’s worry about your dad, her panic as the ambulance doors closed to whisk him away, as she picked up the phone to call you, her energy reached out to you . . . and you felt it.

You’ve just had what is called a “paranormal” experience—beyond your five physical senses.

Of course, if you’d been in the office with a thousand things on your mind, you probably would have dismissed the feeling as just another indication that you really, really need a vacation. And that’s what happens all the time. You receive messages, but don’t listen to them or believe they are real. You doubt the reality of something that you can’t touch, taste, see, hear, or smell.

If only you realized how many other channels of communication with the universe are available to you! It’s like having a treasure chest that is buried beneath doubt and cynicism. And what a treasure chest it is!

The clairs are in that buried chest. The “clairs” are the senses beyond the five you know. Clairvoyance is seeing without the use of the eyes; clairaudience is hearing without the ears; clairalience is smelling without the nose; clairsentience is feeling without touch; and claircognizance, as you just experienced, is a knowing beyond the mind. “Clair” is French for clear. You were given a clear knowing that something was wrong before it was verified on the physical plane.

Whenever I sense the presence of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, I always “smell” the woodsy, spicy smell of sandalwood. When I first meet someone, I just “know” the contents of their soul. When I “see” a flame above someone’s head, it’s telling me they are ready for initiation—the higher level energy is poised above them waiting for me to help download it into their consciousness. And when I’m working with an individual, I often  “hear” medical information they need in order to heal.

And those gifts are just some of the jewels in that treasure chest. There are gifts that manifest physically, like the ability to be in two places at once, called bilocation. Great saints, like Padre Pio, have been witnessed doing that. In levitation, you body actually is lifted into the air. In psychometry, you can gather information about someone simply by touching an object of theirs, like a hairbrush or bracelet.

In other cultures and at other times, these gifts of the spirit (and others I haven’t mentioned) were considered normal. Energy healing was an accepted way to work with physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual difficulties. Telepathic communication was accepted as valid.  Our culture tends to suppress them. You have some of these abilities, they just need to be acknowledged and they will open further.

On a recent student call, one of the guys mentioned that the day after his Dad died, his mother whispered to him: “I don’t want anyone else to hear this because they’ll think I’m crazy, but I heard Dad call my name today, loud and clear.” She was worried that she was losing her mind. It was the only opening to the realms beyond the physical that she had ever experienced, or at least that she could not deny. But like many so many, she thought discount the experience because she couldn’t fit it into her understanding of reality. With the help of her son, who’s an advanced student of mine, she was able to integrate this experience into her worldview and look forward to more messages from beyond.

If you knew there was a buried treasure, wouldn’t you want to dig it up? To open the lid and delight in the gifts it contained?

You can unearth the spiritual gifts that lie buried within you. And you can learn to be as comfortable with the reality of these spiritual powers as you are sitting in the sun and sipping a cup of tea.

This summer could be an exciting time for you to begin the exploration of your own spiritual gifts and abilities… but the first step to any progress will be building a powerful meditation practice for yourself. I teach a form of meditation that can help “get you there” faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Click here to get started today >>>