Using Our Voice – How Liz Dawn Celebrates Your Life

On the eve of an historic election, we are using our collective voice. Speaking up, living our truth is indicative of healthy fifth chakra energy. We can also do this nonverbally with our body language. Our show today focuses on communication and how our energy centers “speak” to us and others on an unconscious level. This is the premise behind Mishka Productions, which facilitates Celebrate Your Life conferences, providing thousands with the opportunity to hear self-help and spiritual authors. Liz Dawn, President of Mishka Productions, is my guest today and shares with us the unique opportunities her organization offers. We can all celebrate our lives – it starts with accepting the truth!

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No Love Lost

At first, John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as vice-presidential candidate made great sense: someone young to balance his age; a beautiful woman to his distinguished man; someone who could deliver a “first” in American history. But then they started spending time together and that façade quickly vanished. Was anyone fooled into thinking that these two – who could barely stand to look at each other – could come together to run the country? Especially during these times? Body language tells us much more than empty words, and they spoke volumes about these running mates. Fortunately for all of us, the American public listened. I discuss this odd couple in my blog at the Huffington Post.

Posted October 30, 2008 | 10:36 AM (EST)
The romance is obviously over. If John McCain could have gotten away with not hugging Sarah Palin on stage at the rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, he certainly would have done so. His body language spoke loud and clear as they fake hugged: “Let’s get this over with. You’re the worst… Read Post


The Thirty Day Trials of Steve Pavlina

Eating disorders are pervasive in our culture; millions suffer from anorexia nervosa to binge eating disorders. They stem from disorder in our root chakra, our sense that we aren’t safe here. You are starving your emotions. This is why eating disorders are so difficult to recover from: they require confrontation of truth and recognition of the mind body connection. Author Steve Pavlina joins us to talk about his book Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth, which ties perfectly into this issue and many others that require us to live consciously and take responsibility for our lives. Starting with a thirty day change, we can see that meaningful change is possible if we tackle it one day at a time. Start your own process with us today.

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Yoga, News Fasts, and Other Ways to Survive the Economy

There is a yoga pose called tadasana, or mountain pose. You stand with your weight balanced on both feet, align your ankles, knees, and hips, and your head and shoulders. You become very aware of yourself and the feeling of being connected to the earth. It is this feeling that we lack as we hear about the Dow’s precipitous drops, banks failing, and Fortune 500 companies tanking. We find that the solid base we have been standing on is nothing but air. The emotional pain of this economy is also an awakening for us – a chance for us to build a more solid foundation for our lives. How can we remain grounded when our world changes by the hour? See my blog on the Huffington Post for more on keeping sane as the economy goes crazy.

Posted October 23, 2008 | 10:00 AM (EST)
It’s everywhere we turn these days–the bad news about the economy. It’s one more fear piled on top of all the other fears festering in our guts. Here comes another breaking news alert: the stock market is down, no, now it’s up, no, down. The foreign markets are… Read Post


From Distress to De-Stress: Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman

Everything begins with sound. Our guest Jonathan Goldman discusses his realization that music is much more than notes; it is, in fact, an effective energy healing technique called modern sound healing. Our most powerful instrument is our voice, which we can use to shift and change the energy within our bodies. Sound is powerful energy which can affect us on a molecular level. Jonathan provides excellent suggestions for us on this most basic, yet most effective, instrument to reduce stress, heal our bodies, and find balance in our energy centers. We are surrounded by stress and tension, and this negative energy seeps into our consciousness. Join me for real, manageable suggestions on coping with stress without adding pounds, turning to drugs, or other harmful behaviors.

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Does Someone Love You? Arielle Ford’s Soul Mate Kit

Where do your present relationships stand? What are they teaching you? Whether positive or negative, relationships are wonderful guides on our path to self enlightenment. We see our emotions mirrored in our relationships, and if we can step back and look at them, we can learn to have the most powerful relationship of all: one with ourselves. Arielle Ford, a successful book publicist, joins us to discuss her own journey as well as her Soul Mate Kit: How to Prepare to Manifest and Meet Your Soulmate. Arielle tells us about her process of manifesting her soulmate and how you, too, can attract love to your life. One of the biggest predictor of happiness and longevity is having someone or something to love you: start on your own journey to healthy relationships with us on Contact Radio.

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Peggy McColl Tells Us How to Live with Plenty – and Recognize That We Already Do

Riches are our birthright; we can live in abundance now. We don’t hear this often in today’s economic climate. Aren’t those days of living in abundance history? They don’t have to be if we harness the power we have within. Our guest Peggy McColl, author of 21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve, shares her message of plenty. When we see opportunity, when we have the emotional health to view the bigger picture and to see the cyclical nature of the world, then we can enjoy abundance instantly. It is not about possessions or money, it is about perception. This is a powerful message. Everything that needs to be done will come about as it should; and this wonderful book comes to us at precisely the time we need it most. Tune into Contact Radio for Peggy’s interview and more on living well in today’s world.

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