Steven Farmer—Hearing the Earth’s Messages

The world speaks to us; we just have to be receptive enough to hear. Steven Farmer, a shamanic practitioner, joins us today to discuss animal spirit guides, his pursuit of shamanism, and intuitive healing. Steven is the author of Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet. We all have a powerful connection to the natural world and the spirit world; Steven helps us find and strengthen this connection. Steven has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that we invite you to draw from, most important of which is to take the time to listen and foster our intuitive abilities. Join us for this illuminating interview.

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Marci Shimoff Is Happy from Within

Why aren’t we happy? What is missing? According to our guest, Marci Shimoff, it is the inner core of peace and well being. In her book Happy for No Reason, we see a balanced approach to becoming happy. It’s not possessions, it’s not money, and it is accessible to all of us. We hover around a happiness “set point,” unless we are active in changing it. Happiness is all about habits, and we can change our habits to bring greater meaning and peace to our lives. Tying in with this is our next guest, Brian Klemmer, author of Compassionate Samurai. Brian talks with us about the importance of honesty, responsibility, transparency, and values – all the qualities of enlightenment or “happy for no reason”! Wonderful guests to touch millions who are suffering needlessly.

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