Imagine the charm of April showers, a sweet prelude to the radiant beauty of May flowers. It’s the herald of spring, when the earth awakens, shedding off the icy blanket of winter. This is the enchanting tale behind the Native Americans’ naming of April’s full moon – the Pink Moon. Named for the blooming ground phlox, a mesmerizing pink floral carpet, the Pink Moon is an epitome of spring’s arrival. This year, it graces our skies tonight, April 23, a celestial spectacle promising a spiritual bouquet awaiting your discovery.

Spring’s first blooms, be it the shy crocus peeking through the snow or the vibrant daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths breaking free from the soil, are a sight to behold. The ground phlox, the Pink Moon’s namesake, symbolizes harmony and sweet dreams in the language of flowers. Spring’s blooms bring a surge of hope, sweetness, and a sense of endless possibilities. Do you have a favorite blossom?

Embrace the spirit of the Pink Moon. Embark on a nature walk to a place that captures your heart. As you stride, immerse yourself in the unique beauty of your surroundings. Explore the plants, trees, flowers, and rocks that you’ve noticed but never truly appreciated. Focus on their light, color, shape, or the unique feeling they evoke. If there’s a flower, unravel its beauty from within, much like the renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Be mindful of the buzzing bees, the unsung heroes of plant pollination. Observe the birds and animals around you. Could their presence signify something?

Savor the natural beauty, thanking your senses that allow you to experience nature in its full glory. You’re an intricate part of this creative universe. As the Pink Moon approaches, contemplate on how to infuse joy and purpose into your life. Each moon cycle signifies the passage of time, and the Pink Moon marks a new beginning. It’s a fresh start for any dream, endeavor, or personal growth you’ve been pondering upon.

To prepare for the next chapter, here are three introspective questions:

What do you know?
Dive deep within yourself. What are your strengths and abilities? What are your heart’s desires, life’s purpose, and core values?

What do you want to know?
Are your actions aligning with your life’s purpose? What are the challenges you wish to overcome, and what are the skills or knowledge you desire?

Who can you ask?
Where do you seek wisdom and spiritual guidance? Where do you find solace? Do you call upon divine help, friends, family, spiritual teachers, or nature’s energy?

Answering these questions will connect you to your higher self, leading to self-discovery, peace, joy, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

May the Pink Moon illuminate your journey to self-awareness, celebrating the miracle of being you. May its healing radiance bless you on this evening of April 23, 2024.

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