4 different perspectives COVID-19

4 Levels of Perception to Transform Your Perspective During the Pandemic

There’s no doubt that covid-19 has taken up all the air in the room these days, but know that there are different ways of viewing the situation . . . and new perspectives that will let you breathe more easily.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening from the four different directions of the medicine wheel. In Native American symbology, the four cardinal points (plus Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Spirit Tree) embody all the dimensions, everything from your health to the cycles of life. Think of how many things you know that are comprised of fours: the four seasons, the four directions, the four stages of life (birth, youth, adult, and death), and the four basic aspects of life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

Add to that the four brains, and their corresponding levels of perception. Here’s how you can shift your perspective on the pandemic:

At the lowest level, you perceive the world through the reptilian brain, comprised of the cerebellum and the brain stem on the physical level. In the energy world, this brain is connected to the first chakra. At a deep instinctual level, survival is uppermost. You need food and water and shelter from the storm. You’re on the lookout to avoid danger, ever ready for fight or flight. That’s the basic level of the evening newscast, the literal and physical level of what’s happening. What parts of the body is the virus affecting? Do any treatments work? What about your underlying condition? How many deaths have been reported in your local area? Is it safe to eat take-out?

The reptilian brain works through action-reaction. The governor says stay at home. You immediately react. Of course, I want to avoid danger; I’ll socially distance and wear a mask when I have to go out. Or hell no, you can’t restrict my freedom and tell me what to do while my business is collapsing. Danger to the left, danger to the right. You’re not looking for causes, for underlying meaning, for spiritual connection; you’re just wanting things to get back a.s.a.p. to “normal.” Meaning, safe.

As you rise a bit in consciousness, you enter your mammalian brain and the second level of perception. Physically, this is the limbic system, the structures in the brain involved in emotions and memory. Energetically, it is connected to the second chakra and to your mind and emotions. Here you’re going from the purely physical level to words and their meaning, and to your feelings. “Shelter in place,” for example, can evoke a feeling of protection and security, or a stifling feeling of imprisonment, depending on your perspective.

You seek solutions at this level; you’re not just running from fear but looking for possibilities. Maybe you are helping get surplus food to those in need. Or you’re a formerly retired health care worker who has returned to the front lines. Or you’re making masks for your local hospital.

You seek solutions to keeping yourself healthy, beyond simply social distancing. You combat your concerns about the virus by boosting your immune system—eating foods rich in antioxidants, taking supplements that support your health. If your livelihood has been compromised, you are busily working to secure PPP and other disaster loans to cover the gap.

Rising higher in awareness, you come into the human brain, which is the neocortex, the layers involved in the functions of the higher brain, such as perceiving with your senses, thinking, reasoning and language. This third level of perception is connected to your sixth chakra. You have the vision to frame your time at home as an opportunity to uplevel your care for yourself. You enjoy offerings online, from art to yoga to music. You are grateful for having the time to stop, to take stock, to clean out what is no longer wanted or needed in your life and embark on personal projects you simply never had time for before. And you continually find ways to serve others, reaching out on Facetime to an elder who is home alone, or helping home school a child online so his parents can get some work done.

You can envision this “time out of time” as a spiritual retreat, and do ceremony, meditation, soul-searching, diving deeper into your spiritual lineage or exploring new ones. You combat loneliness and isolation by connecting to others via WhatsApp or FaceTime or Zoom. You attend spiritual teachings you wouldn’t have had time for before. (Come to my teaching on The Spiritual Gifts today at 1:00 pm PDT or watch the replay later) You participate in online group meditations. (Join mine every Thursday at 1:00 pm PDT) In the Native American tradition, and most indigenous traditions, the importance of community is a bedrock of belief.

Here is where your beliefs are, as well as your ability to go beyond your ingrained beliefs, beyond your behavioral patterns, and redirect your efforts to walking the path.

And then you reach the fourth level of perception, the fourth brain, called the “God brain” by neuroscientists. Known more commonly as the prefrontal cortex, this is the part of the cerebral cortex that covers the front of the frontal lobe. Complex cognition, social behavior, and how you express your Self are all here, and are connected to the seventh chakra. It is the perspective of total wholeness. All is well at this level. Spirit is unfolding in the play of maya. You are living through your heart and know the truth of the heart. The virus is a small pinprick in your awareness, not a tidal wave of fear.

The God brain knows we are all One, and all is in Divine order. All those ads on TV blaring “we are all in this together” are more right than they know. At the energetic level, you trust the Universe, trust Spirit, to provide whatever you need to grow in awareness, to open your heart further, and to see the whole picture.

Remember, the more peaceful you are, the calmer you are, the more you can live with the silence within, the better prepared you are for whatever happens next. And the easier it will be for you to handle what is happening now, in your home, in your mind, and in your heart. You are never alone; Spirit is always with you.

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Discover How to Connect With Your Angels & Guides for Wisdom & Healing

Spring Sale Angels

Are you seeking a deeper level of healing?

Are you looking for ways to access higher vibrations of consciousness?

Maybe you’re searching for answers to life’s big questions… like, “What now?” Especially during these times…
Angels can be a source of wisdom and guidance for you… offering healing and spiritual guidance.

You can access this wisdom and the healing energy of angels through your third eye.

Your third eye is the gateway to your higher consciousness, spiritual visions, clairvoyance, the plan for your life and your ability to connect with the Divine…

In this 8-minute meditation, I’ll guide you to open and expand your third eye — and heighten your awareness of angelic vibrational energy so you can embrace the divine guidance that’s waiting for you.

I’ll start by guiding you through your chakras… one by one… calling upon the colors, sounds, and imagery connected to each chakra — amplifying and clearing each chakra so you are able to access and ground the information you receive from your Angel guides.

Once we arrive at the 6th chakra, I’ll guide you to open your third eye… where you can see beyond this earth to the level of the angels.

You’ll feel yourself connect to the trust, intuition, and inner guidance as you begin to access this realm…

And, I’ll guide you as you receive the gifts they bestow upon you…

You’ll find yourself immersed in deep connection to every living being. This sweet spot is a place of Divine unconditional love.

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Tap Into The Healing Power of the Astral Realm

Spring Sale Astral Wisdom

If you’re seeking answers to your “big life questions”…

Looking for insights on your relationships…

Or yearning for clarity on the exact next steps for a project or new business…

There’s an essential technique to add to your toolkit, which is to access wisdom from your “Astral body” — a dimension of your subtle energy body, and referred to also as your etheric body.

In esoteric teachings, you might have heard the phrases “Astral travel” or “Astral projection.” The term Astral body is also linked with intentional out-of-body experiences, or “OBEs.”

The word “Astral” means “of the stars,” and so it was the Astral body that traveled to the Astral plane, which was thought to consist of the celestial spheres. The medieval alchemists also used that term because of the ability of the Astral body to travel in the “starry” regions.

Today, we think of our Astral bodies as another dimension of our consciousness…

Your Astral body is the essence of your Soul, separate from your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, but linked to EVERY aspect of your being.

Your Astral body is capable of accessing realms of information throughout the universe…

Through your Astral body, you can take a remarkable journey beyond time and space, beyond your physical body, and beyond ego…

Into the Astral Realms… where you can tap into your own powerful abilities for healing and growth — bringing forth the perfect, light-filled and limitless being you truly are.

You can develop various practices to shift your awareness beyond your physical body to access these deeper levels of consciousness — including through Lucid Dream states and OBEs.

OBEs are particularly powerful in working with your fear of death and dying… and also in helping you to process the death of loved ones (including your beloved pets!) as well as healing other experiences of grief and loss.

While these transcendental experiences may sound “far out,” they are actually very common and very accessible… and it’s possible that you’ve already experienced one or more yourself…

Have you ever been lying in bed, sort of half-asleep and half-awake, and suddenly feel like you’re floating…

Maybe you’ve had the sensation of moving around your room… looking down from the ceiling and watching your physical body lying peacefully in bed…

Maybe you think about a friend, and then have a sense of “visiting them” or “seeing them” and what they’re doing… or maybe you’ve experienced traveling to spiritual centers across the world, or temples in foreign lands in meditation… or maybe you find yourself in a lush valley studded with gorgeous flowers under a brilliantly lit sky and you’re in front of the exalted presence of an angel or spiritual guide…

Sometimes when this happens, you might become frightened or questioning what’s happening… then you hear a loud sound in your head, or whoosh, and you jerk awake in bed, back in your physical body… leaving you wondering, what just happened?!!

These are classic OBEs…

And about 14 percent of the population has had an out-of-body experience, often more than once in their lifetime.

OBEs are commonly reported during a crisis… like an auto accident or during surgery. Many people have reported floating above their body near the ceiling of the hospital room, watching objectively as medical personnel work on them. They have heard the doctors pronounce them dead. These types of OBEs are called near-death experiences.

Many spiritual teachers and scientists alike, have documented, and reported their own OBEs and near death experiences (NDEs)…

An Astral journey can take you to places where you can experience the love and bliss of the higher states of consciousness… or to realms where your etheric/vital body gets worked on by higher beings to restore your state of health…

In this powerful 15-minute video, I’m going to lead you through a guided practice from my Astral Wisdom course…

This guided practice is powerful, yet simple, and will help bring you calm and ease, as well as support you in connecting with other realms for wisdom and healing…

I will be guiding your journey, so relax and enjoy yourself. We’ll be traveling together to Mt. Shasta, one of the earth’s seven sacred mountains and one of my favorite places.

To discover more practices for accessing the Astral Realm — you can check out my digital course, Astral Wisdom.

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Earth Day 2020

Earth Rising: How the Pandemic is Breathing New Life Into the Planet

Today is Earth Day. And the Earth is smiling. It’s saying, look at my clear skies in cities known for industrial smog and air pollution as people stay home and fewer cars are on the road and fewer planes are in the sky. It’s saying, look at my waters running clearer than they have in ages. It’s saying, look at how animals are reclaiming their habitats. You can hear the birds singing in places that have heard only the sounds of traffic for eons. Look at how the hole in the ozone layer is closing. The economic slowdown has been hard for people, but look what it has done for the planet!

And then the smile stops. Earth says, can you see it now? Can you see how humans have created climate change? And can you see how this coronavirus, this Covid-19, is related to climate change?

Climate change matters. It’s as real as the struggle to breathe is for those suffering a bad case of the virus. The more we humans pollute the earth, the more the planet heats up, the more risk there is of pandemics. Recent decades, with a burgeoning human population and a more polluted earth, have seen more infectious diseases, most of which enter humans from animals. And since we live in a global community that travels far more readily than any previous time in history, these diseases are also globetrotters. And the density of humans living in cities makes for fertile ground for sharing an infected sneeze.

Cutting down large swaths of trees, especially deforestation of the Amazon (which acts as the lungs of the earth), changes animal habitats. When animals migrate, they share germs with other animals and people. When the forests in West Africa were cut down to grow palm oil trees, the bats that carried the Ebola virus lost their home and wound up transmitting the virus to humans. A virus that doesn’t harm its original host can turn into what we are seeing today with Covid-19, with projections of hundreds of thousands of human deaths.

Air pollution, a major factor in climate change, has been clearly shown to worsen the risk of pneumonia. Those who breathe dirty air have double the risk of dying from respiratory infections, as do smokers. Even the short-term decrease in greenhouse gas emissions as people around the world “shelter in place” has shown us what can be done if we stop using fossil fuels and harness electricity from wind and solar energy. Imagine what a major decrease in air pollutants we will have. Fewer heart attacks and stroke, less diabetes, fewer untimely deaths.

The U.S. spends over three trillion dollars a year on health care. By reducing air pollution, as well as eating less meat, stopping smoking, and exercising, we could pay fair wages to all workers, invest in education, take care of crumbling infrastructure, and make life a lot better for everyone. What we can’t afford is not to do anything about climate change.

As an energy healer, as a spiritual seeker, you know how energy works in a person. You can extrapolate that understanding to the way energy works on the planet, to seeing the connection between climate change and viruses. And today, on Earth Day, take a moment to send your thoughts, prayers, and meditations toward all of Earth’s inhabitants—its people, especially it’s health care workers, animals, and plants—that we may all work together towards a cleaner, healthier, lovely blue planet.

What's Your Role As A Starseed

What’s Your Role as a Starseed?

What's Your Role As A Starseed

Are you aware that the Universe holds an estimated 200 billion galaxies (and counting!)? There are 500 solar systems alone in our own Milky Way!

Surely, there are “non-human” souls out there…

Some of these souls may have come HERE from another star system or galaxy… maybe even your soul.

The idea of Starseeds is not all THAT wild, when you consider that scientists and astronauts like Edgar Mitchell have gone public about the likelihood or evidence of intelligent beings and advanced civilizations, elsewhere.

And if you ARE a Starseed, you’re probably wondering, what brought you to this crazy planet?

There are 6 main reasons why Starseeds are here on Earth.

Yet, ultimately… there is one main reason…

You are here to create significant change in the world.

You’re here to serve, heal, or transform the world in some way. That healing and transformation almost always — certainly in my experience, and probably in yours too — begins with our own lives first, and then we can bring it to others.

As Starseeds, we’re here to raise the frequency of Earth too…

We’re being called to step up and access higher levels of consciousness to bring the harmony and healing that really is possible on this planet. The Vedic sages, the Egyptian texts, shamans and saints and masters in every corner of the world from every culture have been telling us for thousands of years: it really is possible to live in divine harmony.

In this 12-minute video, I’ll share the 6 essential roles Starseeds play in our world today — plus a guided meditation to help you uncover your unique role as a Starseed.

WATCH as I lead you to connect with your fourth energy center… the seat of your being…

And take you through these key roles Starseeds play here on Earth:

  1. Your role in helping to heal others
  2. Your role in healing the Earth
  3. Your role as an activist
  4. Your role is as a creative
  5. Your role in embodying higher consciousness
  6. Your role as a teacher

In exploring the essential roles Starseeds play, you’ll find answers to some of life’s biggest questions… including why your soul has chosen to incarnate as a human being — and your role in “ramping up the frequency” on Earth.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Role of a Starseed, I want to invite you to check out my free mini-workshop on Gaia: Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA — if you haven’t done so already. I also have an exclusive gift for Gaia members here.

Are you a starseed

Are You a Starseed?

Have you ever felt like there’s a specific reason why you’re alive? That there’s purpose to your life, that you’re here to do more than eat, sleep, work, and repeat?

For thousands of years, we humans have looked to the sky for answers about our origins. The great solstice monuments around the world tell us that our ancestors used the sky as their calendar.

And in pretty much every religion and every mythology, God or the gods reside in the heavens — those unfathomably vast and mysterious realms that influence us more greatly than most people today realize.

I had never really considered much about cosmology until my 20s, when I sought many modalities to heal myself from cancer, and began working with the Akashic records.

After my remission, a more minor condition led me back to the Akasha, and there I met a bizarre-looking guide — definitely not of this Earth — who floored me as I felt an amazing visceral connection, as if he was a deeply loved relative I had never even known how much I missed.

I shared lots of details about this in a recent Starseeds presentation I want to invite you to check out, but first I want to tell you a little more…

My Akashik guide actually told me that I was a starseed, and gave me details about specifically where my soul is from.

Because that’s what a starseed is — someone like you or me… in a human body… here in our 3D reality… whose soul is from another dimension, planet, parallel universe, or star system.

This sounds insane to some, except those who dig into the deeper science of the universe, or the mystical experiences of many astronauts. Since you’re reading this, you’ve likely not only done some of that, you’re probably thinking you might be a starseed too.

So how do you know if you’re a starseed? Here are some classic signs. I saved the best for last, as it’s actually the most telling.


9 Signs You’re a Starseed

  1. You’re sensitive and empathic

    You might often know what people are thinking, or you can easily tune into their moods. Maybe you feel what people are feeling or absorb their feelings, or you’re sensitive to things like light, noise, or BS.
  2. You have recurring dreams or mystical experiences

    You’ve dreamt for long periods or throughout your life about a particular thing, place, or person. You’ve seen spirits, tapped into other worlds, or sensed tremendous energies.
  3. You remember the future

    Do you have psychic dreams or visions? Sense events before they happen? Get strong feelings of déjà vu — the “already seen”?
  4. You dream of flying, or you have out-of-body experiences

    Earth is a VERY dense planet, so you might feel immense elation when dreaming of being free from gravity or soaring with a sense of lightness and wonder. Or maybe you sleepwalk, astral travel, or just find it hard to feel grounded in your body.
  5. Time seems flexible

    Sometimes three hours flies like 10 minutes, and sometimes time drags.
  6. Synchronicities abound

    You see or hear recurring signs and patterns — in symbols, in music, or on the clock when it says 11:11 or 4:44.
  7. Changing sleep patterns

    You wake every morning at a certain time (3 a.m. is all too common) and can’t get back to sleep. Or you sleep all day, unable to get enough.
  8. You feel out of place

    You’ve been different since you were a child, never knowing how to do things the way “normal people” do them, always longing to feel a sense of unity and belonging that you rarely feel with other people.
  9. You have a strong desire to make change in the world

    This is the most powerful sign of being a starseed because it’s also your mission as a starseed. You really want things to heal and transform, and you feel a restless soul-urge to accomplish something. You may or may not know what that something is right now, but you definitely know you’re here to do it.


Why Knowing You’re a Starseed is so Important…

Recognizing your role as a starseed is crucial not only to your fulfillment, but to the health of the people around you and our planet.

Ultimately you’re here to move the people around you up to their next level of consciousness in some way. You’re here to help lead others to a transformation on Earth that ushers in peace, communion, and the goodness your soul remembers.

If you’re curious to explore more, I invite you to check out my mini-workshop, Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA, which I presented at the Conscious Life Expo 2020.

Join me for this experiential journey into the cosmos to discover your true origins. Other suns and planets in our own Milky Way galaxy, or in galaxies far, far away, may have been your original home, giving you the deeper understanding and advanced starseed abilities that go along with those realms of higher consciousness.

Learn the mission you were sent to accomplish and why you volunteered for it. Prepare yourself to be rocketed into space in this one-of-a-kind experience as you locate your home planet and lock in to your cosmic DNA!

It’s a full hour of me going in- depth into the places we come from, how to tap into their wisdom, what you’re doing here, and how you can step into your role as a change agent.

Several of my students joined me, and you can see us do healings at the end. I hope you’ll check it out — it was an honor to present, and it gave us all a sense of connection that I’m really missing right now.

You can watch the full episode Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA for FREE — until Midnight Pacific, Monday, April 13.


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The Power of Lucid Dreaming

Increase your capacity to access higher levels of consciousness at will… when you apply the lucid dreaming teaching AND guided practice I share in this brand-new video, created just for you.

Like meditation, lucid dreaming is a way to cultivate expanded consciousness and connect you with an unlimited field of guidance and information!

The Power of Lucid Dreaming
Akashic Record

Your Akashic Records: The Keys to Your Soul’s Purpose

Akashic Record

I first learned about the Akashic records when I was in my twenties. Through my initiation into energy healing — when I was healed from cancer — I was first introduced to, and began to work with, the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records, also known as “The Book of Life,” hold the plans and lessons you have chosen to experience for the growth of your soul, and show how those plans are part of everything that’s happening in your life.

Your Akashic records are a metaphorical “library” that hold all the life experiences of every soul since time began.

And these records not only hold YOUR information… they capture all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions of every event in the past, present, and future.

In other words, it’s the entire memory of the planet!

In this 9-minute video, I’ll share with you, five simple — yet powerful — ways you can access the wisdom of your Akashic Records:

5 ways to Access Your Akashic Records & How this Wisdom Can Help Guide You

To help you access your Akashic Records, you have your own personal guide. I refer to this guide as your Compassionate Witness, they’re like your personal librarian who can help you find and access your records, information, and lessons contained in the pages of your book.

You can call on your Compassionate Witness to help you retrieve any information you are seeking. Some people see their guide as an image, some a ball of light, and some have a sense, or knowing, that their guide is with them.

Here’s just a peek at what you can discover with your guide — your Compassionate Witness — when you begin to access your “Book of Life”:

1) Dissolve Limiting Beliefs & “Old Stories”

You can access your Akashic Records to locate information and insights on blocks you might be experiencing in different areas of your life. This could be in your relationships, or your work life, or even with specific health challenges.

You can call on your guide to point you to areas where these blocks formed or energy is stagnant. You can also learn where trauma or negative imprints are held, so you can begin to release them.

Through accessing this spiritual information in your records, you can begin to heal and release the stories, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you and replace these energies with love and restorative power of the Divine.

2) Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose

Especially in these times, you might be asking yourself more deeply, why am I here now? What role do I have to play in what is happening now? What is my Soul’s Purpose?

Your Akashic Records hold information on your Soul’s contract and why you incarnated here in this body, in this life, at this time. To access higher levels of consciousness to access this information — as well as to integrate it into your daily life, you can work with your Akashic Records.

You will gain insights into your Dharma for this lifetime and how to course-correct when life’s challenges throw you off track. You can always return to your baseline by returning to your Akashic Records.

3) Discover Your Divine Potential

Your Akashic Records contain all of the possibilities and potential for you in this lifetime. They also contain the wisdom of your past and present lives, as well as all that is open to you in the future.

You can access this knowledge through your Akashic Records, heal what’s blocking you from embodying your purpose and potential, and then initiate a daily integration practice so you can begin to receive this potential from a position of higher consciousness — and to make choices with this knowledge.

4) Connect with the Divine

When you access your records, you are reconnecting with the Divine Source within you. Your Soul’s imprint is on every page of every book. Reconnecting with Source amplifies your inner guidance, inner knowing, and builds confidence and trust in the guidance of your intuition.

You will also feel a sense of peace and calm as you begin to connect regularly with this inner resource.

5) Identify The Lessons From Your Past Lives

As I’ve mentioned, your Akashic Records, your “Book of Life,” hold the memories, experiences, emotions, happenings of your previous incarnations, as well as the lessons from those lifetimes — and the lessons you are here to discover in this lifetime.

You can also find information on “contracts,” or agreements you have made in other lifetimes or for relationship agreements you also made in other lifetimes. These insights will shed light on current situations or dynamics in your life.

You can also bless and release out-of-date contracts in this lifetime — allowing you to tap into greater creativity, more life force energy, and more of your true essence.

By releasing old contracts, you also open yourself to embody your full potential for this lifetime.

These are just a few highlights from working with your Akashic Records. Once you begin to access your records on a regular basis, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom and support for your daily life.

2020 April Supermoon full moon

5 Healing ‘Supermoon’ Practices: Release Old Beliefs & Manifest New Dreams

The moon has long been a source of guidance for planting and harvest, spiritual illumination, and play…

As a child, you may have seen the “man in the moon” or “the girl on the rabbit,” or believed your parents when they told you the moon was made of cheese!

The full moon is also a powerful symbol of abundance, fertility, and rebirth….

And like every celestial body, the moon vibrates energy and its gravitational pull affects the rise and fall of ocean tides. And it can affect our bodies, our moods and our relationships.

This energy is strongest during a Supermoon, when the moon is closest to the Earth and shining up to 30 percent brighter!

Pink Moon… Sprouting Grass Moon.. .Fish Moon… Hare Moon… Egg Moon, the April full moon has many names around the world.

This coming week, April 7-8, you can witness the biggest Supermoon of the year and receive the healing energy of Earth’s only natural satellite.

You can begin to tap into the creative, healing, manifesting power of this Supermoon starting now.

This Supermoon is a perfect time to release limiting beliefs, set intentions, and begin manifesting a project or lifelong dream…

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed or triggered by the fear in the collective…

You can invite the vibrations of this giant sphere of light into your body, heart and mind…

The Supermoon is also a time for affirming the GOOD in our lives…

Here are 5 Healing Supermoon Practices & Rituals:

  1. Release a Belief that no Longer Serves You

    Find a quiet place, light a candle if you have one, turning off any digital devices to set a sacred space.On a sheet of paper, write down the belief you want to release down such as “I’m unworthy of love,“ “I don’t deserve abundance,” or “If I let go of control, everything will fall apart.”Burn this sheet of paper in a safe place and when the embers have cooled, sprinkle them in your garden, on your lawn, or in a potted plant. Give this belief, now transformed by the moon’s healing light, back to the Earth.

  2. Take a Gratitude Moon Bath

    In the evening, fill your bathtub, adding lavender oil, salts, or your favorite bubble bath, if you wish. Soak… and surrender to the warm water, spending some of this time meditating on what you’re grateful for. Perhaps, family and friends you’re missing in this time of social-distancing, your health, or a thing of beauty in your home.Thank the moon, too, for its beauty, illumination, and healing presence…

    Or you can take a moon bath, literally…

    Go outside during the moonrise, and sit someplace in the light of the moon, which won’t be hard…Bathe in this light, thanking it always being there for you, in Full Moons and New Moons…and times of sickness and times of health…
  3. Offer Your Fears & Worries to Up to Mother Moon

    List all of your fears on a piece of paper, no matter how small or big the fear. Close your eyes and ask the Mother, Divine, Spirit, God, to replace these fears and worries with acceptance and courage.Say a prayer or create daily affirmation, that will support you in releasing these fears into the loving care of the Universe.

  4. Set an Intention for Daily Self-care

    Are you getting the physical exercise you need? Maybe your routine has been upset by shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders in this time of social-distancing.Or, maybe you’re not eating as well as you could…such as too much sugar or foods that aren’t healthy for you.Perhaps have a simple spiritual practice you can recommit to, or begin doing in the morning, evening, or anytime in between to reconnect and reground…You can use this Supermoon to recommit, TODAY to do one thing for your selfcare.

    Create a short affirmation or statement of intention, committing to this act of self-care.

  5. Journaling with Your Soul to Manifest Your Dreams

    Take some time to journal about your Highest desires. Begin a dialogue with your Higher Self… your soul. Invite in the moon’s illumination for guidance.The Supermoon has super powers for manifesting — and here three journaling prompts to help you align with it:

    1. Spirit, Source, my soul, what do you want to say to me right now?
    2. When I was a child, I dreamed…
    3. What do I feel most called to create in my life right now?

To learn more about tapping into the power of the moon and the entire cosmos, you can checkout my course on Astral Wisdom here.


Access the Healing Power of the 5th Dimension

Have you ever found yourself suddenly “traveling” to another realm? 

Maybe in meditation, right before sleep, or in a dream… or perhaps as the result of a near-death experience…

In this “other world,” you may have felt the absence of fear, a presence of unconditional love, or a peaceful, spacious sense of calm.  

There are many dimensions of consciousness that can evoke these healing vibrations… 

In fact, science now tells us that there are as many as 11 dimensions beyond 3-D reality, and what we can see, hear, touch, and smell. (I’ve experienced many beyond those 11, but that’s a story for another day) The universe is actually a multiverse

And, in many spiritual traditions, it’s believed that each cosmic dimension vibrates at a higher frequency than the dimension below it — offering limitless possibilities for spiritual expansion.  

The fifth dimension is the level of consciousness in which you are living totally from the heart. 

Here, you are aware of your True Self, the core of your authentic being. There is no fear, no judgment, no polarity — and no sense of separation or limitation. 

Sounds pretty amazing…

Additionally, there’s also healing wisdom for you in this dimension of consciousness, as well as the guidance of your “Core Star” to help you manifest your higher calling here on Earth.  

You can actually experience aspects of the 5th dimension in nature. Walking barefoot in the grass, lying on a sunlit beach, or listening to beautiful music.  

In this revelatory, 9-minute video, Deborah King shares about different dimensions of consciousness — plus a powerful activation practice to take you much deeper into 5th dimension-consciousness — to your Core Star. 

Watch as Deborah guides you to your Core Star, located in the center of your body about an inch or inch and a half above your navel.  

During this activation, you may be able to see the brilliance of your core star, but if not, you’ll know when you are there — when you are in a state of calm and relaxation, yet filled with power and light. 

As Deborah shares, in the 5th dimension, your core strength is magnified, and you experience inner harmony as you inquire how to best fulfill the karmic tasks — as well as the contracts your soul incarnated to complete.  

You can access healing in the 5th dimension of consciousness anytime, with the Core Star 5-minute practice in the video. 

Sending out light energy from your Core Star helps bring your dreams to fruition.