How To Ascend

How To Ascend To Higher Realms

When your soul decided to incarnate into a physical body, you agreed to the limitations of the physical realm. But what about all the beings who are not limited by a physical form? Where do spirit guides and angels live? Higher beings like these reside in the higher realms, where the universe can be seen for its true boundlessness, and the love of the Divine flows like a river. It may sound like an unattainable dream, but higher planes of existence are accessible to you—if you know how to ascend.


What Is Ascension?

There are many different ways to explain what ascension means. Its dictionary definition is to rise up or go to a higher level. Of course, the greatest ascension was Jesus’ rise to heaven after his resurrection. For humans, ascension is a realignment with the Divine, a reconnection to the realms of the soul. But since you may not yet be physically moving up through the air, ascension can also be referred to as raising your vibration, expanding your awareness, and communing with the angels. All three of these spiritual expansions are forms of ascension, and with a little practice and focused intent, you can strengthen your ability to expand your consciousness and visit the higher realms.


Why Visit the Higher Realms?

The higher realms are like the best paradise you can imagine. At the highest level you have Source, which is the source of love, of universal energy, and of life itself. Divine love washes over everything in these highest realms, and to experience divine love is to experience the purest, most heart-chakra-opening love in the universe. In these higher planes angels are also present, which is how they can bring divine love down to Earth and to you—they live in it. A little lower in the non-physical realms is the plane where other spirit guides reside—your ancestors who have passed on but have become spiritual touchstones, your animal guides, or any other spirits that offer support and advice when you call.

When you ascend to any of the higher realms, you will start to expand your consciousness and connect with Source. You will become one with your higher self and gain valuable insight about your soul’s true purpose. With all these spiritual teachers, guides, and carriers of divine light in these realms, you come away from the experience of ascension with a greater perspective on the universe and your place within it, a patience and compassion for others, a knowledge that your true self is perfect and worth embracing, and a deep understanding that you are loved beyond anything you can experience here on Earth.

Continuing to develop your spiritual foundation is the best thing you can do to increase your progress toward ascension. Here are a few ways you can shore up your foundation, help raise your personal vibration, and increase your chances of ascending to the higher realms with more frequency and accuracy.

1. Energy Healing

Past traumas and unprocessed emotions are two major roadblocks to raising your consciousness.  Emotional baggage gets stuck in your body and in your energy field and weighs down your soul. Imagine trying to fly into the heavens with a huge boulder on your back! You have to drop the weight and clear your chakras in order to ascend. Attending healing courses and energy medicine workshops are great ways to heal past wounds, clear and charge your chakras, and raise your vibration. Building a strong spiritual foundation is what energy healing does, and the stronger your spiritual foundation, the easier it is to rise into the celestial planes.

2. Meditation

Meditation raises your awareness and can even connect you to Source. A daily practice of meditation also contributes to a strong spiritual foundation and helps you process your emotions to keep your energy field and chakras clear and functioning optimally. Generally, ascension takes lots of personal energy work, but a skilled energy healer or spiritual teacher can lead you in guided meditations, like the ones I do in my online Angels of Energy Healing Ascension Course, which can be a fast-track to ascension. A guided meditation is a great start to ascension since it will allow you to experience the higher realms. Trust me, even a temporary visit with the angels in the heavens will be an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Ask Your Angels

Angels are not limited by physical bodies since they are made of divine love, which means that even when they are here on Earth helping, guiding, and protecting you, they are still always linked to the higher realms. You can ask your angels for help with ascending to their planes. Just reach out to your angels with your specific request to join them in the higher realms, and then be aware for the next few days. Your angels may take you to the higher realms in a dream. They may visit you while you meditate and raise your vibration enough to get a glimpse of the expanded universe. They may even gather your spirit up in their wings and fly you to heavens themselves, wrapped in their protective bubble of light.

Ascension, like any spiritual practice, is not a competition. Your soul has its own timetable for progress, so trust that your higher self and your angels are guiding you well, and that when you’re ready to ascend, the heavens will be waiting. To learn more about ascending to higher planes, and how to strengthen your connection to your angels, check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, ascend to higher realms, and experience the life-changing power of divine love. Come join me today!

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