Adventures in Astral Travel

Adventures in Astral Travel

Adventures in Astral Travel

What is the furthest out destination you can imagine for a travel adventure?

  • Seeing the Stone Heads on Easter Island?
  • Climbing to the top of Mt. Everest?
  • Winning the lottery and buying a ticket on a SpaceX shuttle to outer space?

Now, what if I told you that you would be able to do all of that—and more!—without ever leaving your bedroom. It’s 100% within your reach when you travel via astral projection.

Astral travel

Astral travel is an out-of-body experience (OBE) that can take you to the places you want to go, regardless of where and when these places exist.

Not only can you go to different places around the globe (a very affordable way to satisfy your wanderlust) to see sacred sites, experience the energy of natural vortexes, or simply see your neighborhood from another perspective, but astral projection can be used to travel to different levels of the astral plane. You can meet up with your spiritual guides for instruction or guidance, connect with loved ones who have passed away, and even visit your beloved pet who crossed the rainbow bridge.

astral projection safety
Just like you wouldn't get on a bike without wearing a helmet, there are safety measures you need to take when preparing to astral project.

Astral projection and safety

A lot of people have safety concerns and fears around astral travel, as they should; just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car, astral projection is an activity that requires knowledge and training to do safely.

Most-likely, you’ve spent the majority of your time here on Earth experiencing the world from inside your body. While you might not realize it, every time you go out into the world and engage with surrounding people and energy, you are learning how to discern safety from danger. For example, a child might not know that touching boiling water can burn them…until they test the waters (pun intended) for themselves. However, after they have that experience with hot water, the child has learned that they need to be careful around this particular dangerous object. The same theory holds true when we interact with more complex energies, such as living creatures and human beings, giving you have a lifetime of knowledge to reference in order to safely navigate your in-body experiences.

Unless you are a well-seasoned astral traveler, you won’t have direct experiences to learn from regarding ways to stay safe when projecting. While learning from experience is one way to acquire knowledge, the other is learning facts directly from astral projection experts. For example, there are demon-like entities with evil intent, aliens with a nasty agenda, and others that want to do harm to either your physical or astral body during an out-of-body experience. You’ll need to learn how to protect yourself before going out of your body; if you start your journey from a space of love and high spiritual energy—and if you can keep your fear in check—you will be safer from encounters with the dark side.

If you are interested in learning more about staying safe while you open a doorway to a different dimension, enroll in my Astral Wisdom course today. I’ll teach you a variety of advanced techniques that you can use to astral project, the many purposes of astral projection, and how to protect yourself and stay safe as you travel to the astral realms.

Astral projection and time travel

Another question that regularly comes up when discussing astral projection has to do with time travel. Astral projection allows you to move through time, for example seeing yourself in past lives or visiting scenes from history, but you are only there as an observer; you can’t change something that happened in the past.

So, you can’t go back and kill Hitler before the Holocaust or thwart the birth of the uncle who molested you in this life. But by observing, you may learn some vital information that will help you be at peace with certain aspects of yourself or with your history in this life.

Astral planes and physical planes

You also can’t affect things on the physical plane while you are astral—no knocking over a glass of water or moving a penny up the wall to let someone know you are there. Patrick Swayze managed it in the movie Ghost, but it would require a lot of practice and intention (although it was great in the movie). You can, however, float through walls or fly, which is much harder when you’re in your physical body.

Some of the things you can do while in the astral state are: help lost souls find their way to the light; visit with angels and other high-energy beings; have encounters with deceased relatives; go back in time; visit other planets and fantastic astral realms; fly around Earth and sightsee; and just have a great time.

Finding your astral travel guide

But before you get your ticket to ride, you should know who your guides are, know how to keep yourself in a high vibratory state to minimize fear or negativity and remember to ask your guides and angels to protect you. Your spiritual guides are always happy to help. If you feel like they never respond to you, you’re probably not hearing them or receiving the signs and synchronicities that signal the intuitive insights and flashes they are sending you. They will always try to help you down the right path, the one that is best for you.

The best way to guarantee that your experiences in the astral planes are positive is by building a solid meditation and prayer practice, which will ground you in love, compassion, and the higher qualities of spiritual life.

You already astral travel—every night when you drift off to sleep and fall into a dream—so in many ways you already know how to do it. But learning to astral project deliberately—to leave your physical body consciously and intend to travel to certain destinations—requires finding the technique that works best for you and then practicing until perfect.

If you’re wondering if you are ready to travel to the astral realms, head over to my Facebook Page and take my Astral Projection quiz.

It’s quick (and fun!) and will provide you with a good baseline on which to start building your astral travel knowledge.

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