The Spiritual Origins of All Hallow’s Eve

Skeletons and creepy spiders dangle in doorways. Jack-o’-lanterns grimace from front porches. Witches, scary monsters (from werewolves to politicians, grim reapers, ghosts, devils, and the walking dead proliferate on All Hallow’s Eve. Telling ghost stories, wearing costumes, and trick-or-treating are all ways to enter into the spirit that lurks in the darkness in a non-threatening way.

Despite its mass consumerism (between the candy, costumes, and decorations, Americans spend around 6 billion dollars a year on Halloween, second only to Christmas as a commercial holiday), All Hallow’s Eve actually has its roots in spiritual traditions. Hallows’ Eve or Hallowe’en literally means “holy evening”—the night preceding Hallows’ Day, or All Saints’ Day.

Trick-or-treating began in England when poor folks would beg door-to-door for food and would receive “soul cakes” after they promised to pray for the dead relatives of that family. It was called “going a-souling” and replaced the old practice of leaving out food for the spirits who roamed about on that night.

Many hundreds of years before the Christian era, the Celts, who lived in Ireland, the UK, and the northern part of France, had their New Year’s celebration, called Samhain (pronounced sow-win), on November 1st. It marked the end of summer and the start of winter (the Celts recognized only two seasons). Winter was a frightening time of food shortages and deadly cold weather, so the Celts honored the Sun god for their harvest and made sacrifices in large bonfires to appease Lord Samhain, whose name means “summer’s end,” as he came into his power and reigned over the long, cold, and dark months of winter. As they say in Games of Thrones, “winter’s coming.”

On the night before Samhain, October 31st, the Celts believed that those who had died during the last circle of the sun would rise up, searching for the passageway that would lead them to the netherworld. On this night, between summer and winter, between one year and the next, the veil over the passageway is at its thinnest. When the veil between the worlds is more transparent, the dead can return to earth and cause trouble. The souls of the dead become the ghosts, witches, elves, and goblins that are out to seek revenge on those who had harmed them when they were alive. On the night of October 31st, Lord Samhain roams the four corners of the earth to capture the souls who had “escaped” through the thin veil, so he can take them back to his dark world. 

And because the barrier between the dead and the living can be crossed during Samhain, offerings were left out in the fields or around villages for all the unseen beings, from ghosts to fairies. The Celts would costume themselves as animals and monsters so the fairies or other spirits wouldn’t kidnap them. 

The belief in ghosts—the spirits of the dead that were said to roam about and cause problems—is found as far back as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. And it’s still here. A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll revealed that 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts, although few in the scientific community are on board with non-material beings—their argument is: if they can’t see them or measure them in some way, what’s the chance they exist? 

The scientific community has investigated “ghost-busters” who use a meter to measure the electromagnetic field to detect ghosts. There are also experiments with infrasound (sounds that are below the range of hearing for humans), since a “low frequency standing wave” can create a sensory phenomena that seems like a ghost. Scientists also explain away ghosts as being the result of carbon monoxide poisoning, sleep paralysis, toxic mold, schizophrenia, dementia, or just plain old imagination.

Nevertheless, those of us who understand the validity of different planes of consciousness know that those who have died are still available for communication. If you’ve seen or interacted in some way with a non-material being, you haven’t gone off the Halloween deep end. You’re just more open to other planes of awareness than the average guy, and understand that science is limited, as it is grounded in only what can be validated through the physical plane.

But you still have to be careful about a non-material being you may meet on the inner planes or be aware of one that is occupying the space around you. Everyone is on their own level of consciousness during their lifetime, but dying doesn’t necessarily lift them any higher. They may understand more than they did while living on earth, but they can also still have a desire for revenge for the pain they experienced while alive. So please remember to surround yourself in some form of protective light before beginning an inner journey.

After all, it could be a dark and stormy night . . .and winter’s coming!

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The Perfect Time to Reflect on Your Dark Side

As we enter the “dark” part of the year, with short days and long chilly nights, it’s time to look at the dark forces that we would prefer to ignore. It’s not just the ghosts and goblins of Halloween or the presence of dead relatives on the Day of the Dead that can give us the shivers.

Whether we recognize it or not, everyone has some darkness within. We store our negative feelings—jealousy, anger, bitterness, shame, hatred, insecurity (to name a few)—in our shadow side. When we don’t do the inner work of acknowledging and releasing these disturbing emotions, the shadow side can take charge and cause real problems for someone else.

Take Beth, for example. She was so excited when she got her new job, with a hefty pay increase. Soon, however, she could barely get out of bed, much less drag herself to work. I could see the problem clearly: Beth’s father, although he was outwardly proud of his daughter, was inwardly jealous of her success. He’d been laid off and was having trouble finding a job because he was “too old.” There was a psychic attachment between father and daughter—a negative “cord” that connected them. I taught Beth a powerful shamanic technique that is used to sever negative cords between people while still keeping the positive cords of love and respect. Soon Beth was happy again at work.

The dark side deals with pretty low-level energies. When you are under “attack,” you might find that you feel more tired than usual, have trouble sleeping, come down with one awful cold after another, or just feel blue and miserable. You aren’t functioning in your normal perky and organized way and can’t figure out why. Well, consciously or unconsciously, someone may have formed an intention to harm you.

Does your mother-in-law hate the fact that you stole away her darling son or daughter? That old “evil eye” she gives you is for real. Maybe your ex is still angry at you, even years after you split. Or maybe you have a “frenemy” who can’t stand the fact that you’re in a loving relationship while her marriage has fallen apart.

Most people are unconscious of 90 percent of their thoughts and feelings. Your mother-in-law probably isn’t aware of how she feels about you. Your ex may not realize he’s holding on to such anger. Your frenemy probably thinks you’re her best friend. That’s why I’m forever urging people to meditate and journal—two of the best ways to recognize what you’re really feeling so you can clear those emotions.

You always play a role in whatever happens to you; you aren’t a helpless victim. When you deal with your shadow side and process the negative feelings you have about yourself and about other people, you can transform the negative energy of a psychic attack and stay healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Don’t think psychic attack is too “out there.” It’s real, and happens all the time. However, you can learn to protect yourself from psychic attack and to clear yourself of negative energy.

Don’t be scared of the ghosts and goblins you harbor inside or the dark forces sent your way by others – you can clear them!

It’s all about being able to read your own energy, the energy of others, and gaining the skills and knowledge to heal that which needs healing.

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The chakras you didn’t know about (and their locations on Earth)

The Earth Has Multiple Powerful Energetic Vortices. Here Are Seven That Serve As Its Chakras.

You undoubtedly know a lot about your own energy centers, the chakras, but have you ever thought about the Earth as having energetic vortices as well? As we slowly transit out of the Piscean Age and enter the Aquarian Age, we should regard the Earth as a sacred living being instead of as a battleground for the endless wars of humanity. One way to see the planet’s sacredness is to delve into the mystery of its highly-charged chakras.

The first chakra is Mt. Shasta, in northern California at the southern end of the Cascade Mountains. Shasta is the primal chakra of the world’s energy system. It is here that the universal life force is gathered before being formed into you and me and every living thing on earth. Mt. Shasta is like a geyser, spouting a huge uprush of prana into global circulation before it is embodied in various forms, just like the kundalini energy surges upward.

The second chakra of the Earth is centered on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes Mountains. Here positive life forms are “birthed”—evolutionary advancements that will take us into the future. The raw material of Mt. Shasta is structured in new ways by the Lake Titicaca chakra. The great circle of the second Earth chakra also includes Cusco and Machu Picchu. How does the undifferentiated life force get from Mt. Shasta to Lake Titicaca? It travels an energetic current, called the Plumed Serpent (found in many myths from South America), which is one of the two great ley lines on the planet. (ley lines are mystical alignments of landforms)

For the third chakra we go to Uluru and Kata Tjuta—twin sites in Australia’s Northern Territory. You may know Uluru as Ayers Rock, the former name used to describe the huge red monolith. Kata Tjuta has many large red stones rather than just one. Here, the solar plexus of the globe functions to keep up the Earth’s vitality and that of all the species on the planet. The Rainbow Serpent, that great ley artery, comes up from beneath the Earth to emerge at Uluru, which then “sings” a special songline that moves on to Kata Tjuta. In Dreamtime legends of the Aborigines, it is said that this umbilical cord of the planet will one day unite heaven and earth.

Making the leap to the fourth chakra, the “heart” of the Earth is at Glastonbury, Somerset, and Shaftesbury, Dorset. The Rainbow Serpent sweeps through the sacred sites there, such as the Tor at Glastonbury and the Avebury Stone Circle. Glastonbury is famed as the center of the Holy Grail, while Shaftesbury holds the Sacred Spear of Purpose. When these two massive earth energies merge, the Rainbow Serpent will be able to carry the Holy Grail frequency around the world. Interestingly, this is where there are so many sightings of crop circles that have magnetic abnormalities. Here is where we can open our hearts and help to heal the earth.

The fifth chakra, in the Middle East, is the throat’s energy center, where the voice of the Earth is coming forth. It is the only chakra that is not along a ley line, but it is in the exact center of the Earth’s land mass. The turmoil in the Middle East is trying to tell us something, but it seems like no one is listening to the “cries of the mother” as the planet calls for help. Mt. Sinai is the center of the three sites that define the Earth’s throat chakra in between the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Mount of Olives. Here is where a planetary “New Jerusalem” can be the eternal home of all faiths and cultures living in peace.

What about the planet’s “third eye?” The sixth chakra of Earth moves west, a twelfth of the way around the world, at the dawn of each new aeon. These days, the sixth chakra is located in western Europe, conjunct with the heart chakra. This Aeon Activation Center will next be in Brazil. In the same way as your pineal gland opens portals that let higher dimension energies enter you, so does this chakra of the earth.

Mt. Kailash, the “roof of the world,” is the most sacred of the Himalayan mountains and represents the seventh chakra, the crown of creation. Mt. Kailash connects the earth with its spiritual destiny just the way your crown chakra connects you with Divine Will.

It is said that there is a Lost Chord of Creation. In terms of the earth chakras, Mt. Kailash sounds the note of praise of the sacred; the heart center of the world sounds the note of love, and Uluru and Kata Tjuta sing of thanksgiving. When these three notes are combined into one force, the world will be regenerated!

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