Calling All Angels



Angels surround you every day whether you realize it or not. Think of all the times a voice in your head has suggested you proceed with caution before an accident reveals itself. For example, you slow down while driving and suddenly a car in the next lane swerves into your lane or a tire blows out in the car right in front of you. Without your guardian angels watching over you and encouraging you to take your foot off the gas pedal, you may have been hit or unable to react quickly enough to avoid the chunks of rubber flying off a vehicle at seventy miles an hour. These voices are more than just intuition—they are your angels keeping you safe from harm.


Angels exist outside our human perceptions of time and space and live beyond all cultural limitations. Angels are made of light and love, and it is their job to spread that light and love to us, to help us through the trials and tribulations of being a physical being with all our bodily functions, emotional turmoil, and spiritual distress. They are here for you when you need them. Whether you are looking for healing for a physical ailment, an emotional upheaval, or a spiritual black hole, angels carry the tools to ease you out of your hardship.


Angels will never interfere with your life without your permission, unless your life is at risk, so it is important to let them know when you would like them to whisper in your ear or send much-needed love and support. Calling upon your angelic guides is easier than you might think. You can create your own prayers, invocations, or simple requests. It can be as straightforward as saying, “Please help me,” or, “Please help my loved one.” You don’t even need to say it aloud—your angels will hear your thoughts if you want them to. As an energy healer, I often observe this when a loved one is ill. The healthy individual calls out for help to heal their sick family member or partner, and if the intention is strong, help will come. Prayers never go unheard by the heavens, and healing can begin to take place.


In the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the wise old wizard Dumbledore tells Harry, “Help will always be given at Hogwart’s to those who ask for it.” Later, when Harry is fighting the Basilisk, a giant poisonous snake, he becomes injured and is in real danger of losing his life. But instead of giving up, Harry asks for help, and the sword of Gryffindor presents itself to him, and Dumbledore’s Phoenix, a miraculous immortal bird, swoops in and blinds the evil serpent. Harry uses the sword to defeat the wounded beast and saves his friends, himself, and the school. At the moment all hope seemed lost, Harry opened himself up to the magic outside himself and was rewarded with the assistance he needed to defeat the monster. All he had to do was ask. The magical realm is no less available to you.


As a spiritual teacher, I encourage meditation as an even deeper way to open yourself up to the angelic kingdom and receive unconditional light from above. After your mediation, focus on releasing your pain and giving it to the angels. Trust me, they can handle it. You never have to worry about burdening your angels or taking them away from other souls. Angels have an unlimited supply of love, and since they are not bound by the physical world, they can be everywhere they need to be at any time. Give your angels your stress and fear and pain—it is what they are there for—and exchange that negativity for pure, celestial joy. As you practice this openness, reaching out to your angels will become almost effortless, and you will be able to unlock that joy more and more frequently.


Students who take my healing courses and workshops learn to feel the presence of their angels. The presence of an angel can feel like a warmth around the fourth or heart chakra, a feeling of loving tenderness that spreads out from the chest to rest of the body. Some students say they know their angels are near when they feel a sense of calm wash over them, bringing peace. With the continued practice of meditation and chakra clearing, you may even be able to see signs of your angels when they are close—a flash of white or golden light or a quick glimpse of shimmering wings.


Rest assured that even if you do not see your angels, they are waiting to guide, heal, and love you, without conditions. And they are always within calling distance. The lines are never closed and you are never out of range. You don’t even have to pick up the phone. All you need to do is ask.


Activating Your Health



Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, not here in California, but I hear the rest of the country is shivering. A lot of my students in the Northeast are dealing with blizzard conditions, and I’ll bet many of them are worried about colds and flu, if they’re not already walking around holding a box of tissues.

Most of you know that you have the ability to heal your physical body and to maintain a high quality of health. Healing ability is natural; when you give your body the right tools to work with, it can keep you humming along no matter how nasty the weather is!

So, how are you feeling? A little fatigued, a little headachy? Are you doing what’s needed to boost your immune system and fend off the attack of the germs?

It’s always good to remember the basics of health and healing. I’ve written a blog for Psychology Today that goes into five of the top ways you activate your natural healing ability.  Go to and stay well, with plenty of energy to accomplish all your dreams!




The Ultimate Mystery

Ancient Celtic gravesite


During the weeks I spent helping my 89-year-old mother recover from a bout of pneumonia, I found myself thinking about the way many Americans feel about death. Unlike medical doctors, who see the death of their patients as a personal defeat, I am an energy healer. I know that healing is not the same as curing. We can heal old traumas, rewire our misperceptions and ill-founded beliefs, untie our psychological knots, steep ourselves in gratitude and forgiveness, and yet not recover from diseases that have a firm grip on our physical bodies.


Death is inevitable, so why are most people afraid of it?


Because they can’t imagine what’s on the other side. All fear basically comes down to a fear of the unknown. And death is the ultimate mystery: uncharted territory, the unrevealed secret, the uncertain future. Personally, as someone who can hear the dead, I am certain that death is not the end. I also know that we are here—in bodies on Earth—to get over our issues, whatever they may be. It was always difficult between my mother and me, so I am working on healing our relationship while we are both still here.


To read more, go to


Are You a Hero?


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Monday, January 20th, we honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.—the inspiring leader and real hero in the fight for civil rights.


In 1955, Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from the seminary with a doctorate in theology prepared to lead a church, but the racial segregation and prejudice that existed in the South at that time compelled him to take action on a much larger scale. He studied and adapted Gandhi’s technique of nonviolent resistance to overcome the problems faced by his people. He spent his life giving speeches, leading protest marches and boycotts, sacrificing his own safety, comfort, and freedom in the pursuit of racial equality.


King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 to a quarter of a million people on the Mall in Washington, DC, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the following year. Five years later, he was gunned down in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was about to lead a protest march.


Who can be a hero? Anyone who sees an injustice and propels themself into action on behalf of others in need, or in defense of a cause. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., heroes often risk their comfort, financial security, and/or personal safety for the good of others. But you don’t have to risk life and limb to be an everyday hero. For example:


  • Danielle Gletow posts the wishes of foster kids online so they can be granted. She said, “I’m here to be the mom to all these kids who might not feel like they have one.” Her group has helped make more than 6,500 wishes comes true in 42 states.


  • Estella Pyfrom created “Estella’s Brilliant Bus, using her life savings to fund a mobile computer lab that helps tutor thousands of low-income students in Palm Beach County, FL. As she says, “It’s not just a bus, it’s a movement. And we’re going to keep making a difference.”


  • Duncan, Dylan, and Isabella Frost, three siblings who live in Denver, collect turkeys, canned goods, and money each fall by holding a Frost Family Turkey Bowl before Thanksgiving. This year, the flag football game scored 60 turkeys and $700 for the Denver Rescue Mission, which serves 100 different agencies during the holidays.


  • How about all those teachers who use their own funds to buy school supplies for their students? They are also heroes, going above and beyond to inspire the up-and-coming generations.


Each and every day, there are dozens of opportunities to step in and get involved. The next hero could be you! You know you would help if you witnessed:

  • a child being bullied at school, or an adult discriminated against at work
  • a victim of domestic abuse
  • someone who has had too much to drink and is about to drive
  • an animal that is being neglected or abused
  • an inappropriate or offensive comment is spoken
  • someone who is hungry, homeless, or in need of medical attention.


As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I talk about how you can spread our light by “becoming the change we want to see in the world.” I urge you to take your inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as from those who have made a difference in their own communities. You can be a hero, too!


A New Year and a New You!


If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am. ~Cyril Cusack


It’s that time again! Time to box up the decorations, put away your party clothes and get serious. New Years Day signaled an end to the excess of the holidays and a fresh start to a brand new year. Before you break out your journal and start setting goals and writing lists, think for a moment – what’s the secret to making your New Year’s resolutions stick?


Take your time, and set goals based on who you are, not the person your mother or father or significant other think you should be. Don’t take other people’s standards as a mandate that you need to change. Does a picture in a magazine or a critical comment from a friend make you feel like you have to whip yourself, home, or career, into shape? Before you start jotting down “to-dos”, spend some time contemplating what you really want, and get in touch with your own feelings.  You make the rules, and there’s no rule that says New Year’s resolutions have to be nailed down in the first week of January. The best way to make sure your resolutions will stick around is to set goals that are appealing and meaningful for you.


Think out of the box when it comes to health and fitness. Getting in shape, eating healthy and losing weight are popular resolutions that tend to show up on the same lists year after year. If your healthy intentions routinely go awry, shake things up a little this year. Instead of counting calories, set a goal to eat more veggies and swap out coffee and soft drinks for herbal tea and cool water. If the gym doesn’t inspire you, go for walks or snow-shoeing. Take baby steps, and have fun along the way!


Schedule time for fun. New Years resolutions don’t have to be hard work. Here’s an easy one – resolve to spend more time doing things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. Exactly what that means is different for everyone. For me it’s spending time in nature, meditating, going to movies with my husband, and swimming. For you it might be discussing a good book with a friend, taking your dog to the park, or taking a long walk on the beach. Think about what activities bring you joy and make it a priority to schedule them into your day.


Get help if you need it. While many people use the New Year as an incentive to finally stop drinking, smoking or engaging in other addictive behavior, many are not equipped to make such a drastic lifestyle change on their own. If you plan to kick a destructive habit, know that there is a world of help and support available. If you’re ready to make a change, enlist the help of a friend, counselor, and/or support group, and take time to heal the unprocessed emotions that might be contributing to your addiction.


Can’t think of a resolution? Try my old standbys. As a spiritual teacher, I encourage journaling and meditating – they can absolutely change your life. Choking down and suppressing your emotions is all too common in our society, but to be truly healthy and happy you have to acknowledge your feelings and live in truth. Journal writing can help you to do that. If that sounds appealing to you, it’s simple to start. Resolve to write in your journal every day, use a notebook or computer – whatever you like, but most important, be honest! It’s time to honor your feelings and your journal is the place to do it. Don’t hold anything back!  Meditation is another way to tap into your feelings – a daily practice of 20 minutes can be an amazing gift you give yourself. Meditation will help you manage stress, heal your body and your psyche, and find your true path in life.  In every one of my healing courses, I teach my students about the power of journaling and meditation – I urge you to try them!


As you look forward to starting the New Year and progressing along on your journey of spiritual growth, I urge you to start from a place of unconditional love, and be sure to include yourself. Shine your light on you and the people around you, and give yourself the gift of self-love and acceptance!