You decided to come here


Here’s what’s amazing. Each of us chose to come to Earth.

We are reincarnated countless times. Each time, we choose to come to Earth to learn certain lessons, to evolve our own consciousness, and to get closer to our own higher selves. It’s immaculate.

And each time we reincarnate onto Earth, our memories of our past lives are wiped clean. This allows us to go through our current journey on Earth unencumbered.

But, it makes finding our purpose a little difficult sometimes. We’ve all felt that. We have all struggled many times to understand why we are here, why we chose to come here.

Though we cannot recall our true origin, or our conscious purpose, we can intuit our purpose if we listen closely. When we are still, when we reflect, we can sense a nagging or a knowing where we begin to understand what we are meant to do.

From there, we can make conscious decisions that lead us closer to discovering our purpose. As we continue down our path to our purpose, our consciousness can shift into a higher level.

This shift is called initiation. It’s an integral part of our process of becoming enlightened, and it’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Initiation is not a “one-and-done.” Indeed, there are hundreds of levels that you can be initiated through, as your being learns to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. However, on our time here on Earth, it’s very rare (if not impossible) to advance beyond level seven.

But what are these levels? What does it mean to ascend to level three? How do you know you are ready for an initiation? Can you will yourself to have an initiation?

Great questions. These are things I am asked frequently. And while I’ll go over some of the specifics in my video, I want to stress that no, you cannot force an initiation. Instead, you have to be receptive, but not on push. It’s a bit like love, right? You can’t force love. You can only prepare yourself to be in a great place to accept love when it arrives.

So, in this video, I’ll talk to you about the initiations. I’ll explain the seven levels of initiation. I’ll give you some meditative guides on the first four levels, help you prepare your mind for initiation, and tell you a little about my experience having my own initiations.

Join me, and learn about your soul’s ancient journey from the time before time, and learn how your choices you make today can guide your soul to its hidden purpose.

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