#MeToo 2.0: The Movement’s Painful Next Step


Before offering my take on #MeToo v2.0, first things first.

It’s only fair to tell you where I stand, what I think needs to be said and should happen next, and why keeping silent on that subject screams loudly to all of us that know better. This is because silence threatens the very values under attack that we’re all seeking to protect.

As a victim of sexual harassment that spoke out many years ago, my heart is with the movement, it aches for the suffering of so many, and is in awe of their courage. From my own childhood and adult experiences, I wrote a New York Times bestselling book and spoke around the country and around the globe about finding the strength and path to healing, encouraging others to do the same.

I’d never claim that it’s easy, but I’m living proof that it’s possible.

It’s true now, more than ever, the cultural paradigm has shifted, the needle has moved, and thankfully, there’s no going back.

Yet, where we’re going can’t be assumed or short-shifted, it must be thoughtfully weighed.

In the wake of so many of ‘the mighty men’ that have justly fallen, are two crucial questions that thus far have been largely ignored, but must be answered. Especially considering Dr. Larry Nassar, Senator Al Franken, and the horde of entertainers, politicians and countless regular folks receiving their payback.

First, we all agree that sexual harassment in any form is unacceptable, but does that inarguable fact justify a one-size-fits-all penalty matrix? When are just desserts just and when are they over-reactions we’ll regret in the future and look back upon as cringeworthy moments we’d rather not revisit? We can’t allow ourselves to ignore the obvious fact that not all bad behavior is equally bad. These are the degrees that HBO’s Bill Maher so aptly ascribed to an enlightened society.

And secondly, what about redemption and forgiveness, which are the hallmarks of advanced civilization, underpinning the social, religious and democratic fabric of our society, and can’t be permitted to become casualties of indiscriminately meted wrath, however heinous the offense.

The path should be: Awareness >Acknowledgment > Appropriate Punishment > Forgiveness > Redemption.

Granted, some offenders are easier to forgive than others, and others are so vile, it’s hard to even think of forgiving them. Yet, shouldn’t we lean toward forgiveness and redemption more than cold-blooded execution that’s hellbent on righting the wrong that can’t ever be righted?

I’m not advocating leniency for serial offenders that defy words like Dr. Larry Nassar, but the presiding judge seemed more a hangman then a defender. Justice may have been served for the victims and their families, but with such retribution came no spiritual salve for the perpetrator or for the rest of us. And the way we treat him does matter as, ultimately, it impacts us as a whole.

Senator Al Franken was embarrassed, apologized and resigned with barely a whimper. Yet, in the scheme of things, and on the Missing-in-Action Scale of Bad, his crimes were more moments of profoundly poor judgment, incomprehensible thick-headedness, and stuff that, for a very smart and funny guy, was more fatally dumb and criminally unfunny.

Hollywood stars like Kevin Spacey and Lewis C.K. have fallen to earth and will never rise again. Media titans like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly made swift, albeit enormously ‘well-endowed’ exits, protesting the injustice every step of the way as they were shown the door. With one notable, high-profile and apparently (so far) bullet-proof exception, despite shocking numbers, habitual frequency, hush money and a graphic self-narrated video, many politicians have seen their politicking days come to an early end, never to return, and good riddance.

Look, I’m not calling for anyone’s head but for all of us to realize that it makes no sense to crucify some while we wink at others. Truth like fairness, shouldn’t be selective.
Just as important, justice should be just. Some offenders deserve no more than a humiliating slap on the wrist, while guys like Larry Nassar should never again see the light of day.

At the same time, I want the Larry Nassars to get the opportunity for redemption; I would love to hear a year from now that Larry is tirelessly serving the poorest and sickest inmates in his prison as his path to redemption.

Who gets what matters, because degree of guilt matters. It always has, and it always will.

#MeToo must accept that speaking-up was the easy part. Now coming to terms with a most uncomfortable fact is much harder: all the guilty aren’t necessarily equally guilty and even the guilty need the opportunity for redemption.

Which in no way diminishes the violation and the pain so many of us have suffered, it prioritizes our ability to see beyond and rise above, especially when it’s hard and inconvenient.

Just desserts must include degree of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness.

Without them, we’ve all lost something truly precious.

divine feminine


I’d love to hear more about your thoughts and feelings around the #MeToo movement. Do you agree with my article? Disagree?

All voices and opinions are welcome, just please be respectful to one another.

Healthy Cats

Raising an Energetically Healthy Pet

When you aim energy healing in the direction of your loving pets, much of that healing mojo will come right back to you. All you have to do is show a little love for an animal by merely petting it on the head and it will automatically produce a hormone in you that activates your nurturing abilities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg—innumerable studies are now being conducted on the powerful connection between owners and their pets.

You’d be amazed to learn at how much making a conscious effort to heal and connect with your pets will benefit you in return.

Healthy Pets
Healthy Cats
Healthy horses

An example of how helping a pet can heal you: Elizabeth and Miracle Millie

A student of mine (who I’ll call Elizabeth) recently shared a story with me that demonstrates how animals and people can have powerful healing impacts on each other, both physically and emotionally. A few years ago, Elizabeth’s’ world was turned upside down when she suddenly lost her job. In addition to the devastating blow to her confidence and self-esteem, Elizabeth immediately lost her health insurance and was unable to continue working with the therapist who had been treating her for the debilitating anxiety and depression she had struggled with since childhood.

It didn’t take Elizabeth long to retreat to the dark places of her mind: she was spending days in bed, ignoring texts from concerned friends, and phone calls from family asking her to come visit so she could rest and reset in a safe environment.

One week after Elizabeth’s life shattered, she was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook on her phone from bed. Suddenly, she stopped at a post from an animal rescue organization about a disabled dachshund in need of a foster home. The rescue called her “Miracle Millie” because they didn’t think she would survive the night; a staff member at Animal Care and Control had found Millie in a cardboard box outside of the employee entrance to the shelter. In addition to surviving the severe August heat, the on-duty vet recognized symptoms that pointed to poisoning. Upon further evaluating Millie, the doctor realized that she had “gone down” and likely had IVDD (a common—but devastating and lifelong—back disease in dachshunds). We’ll never know the exact events that took place to Millie arriving at Animal Care and Control, but most likely whoever had Millie before she arrived at the shelter didn’t want to deal with a dog that couldn’t use their back legs, so they poisoned her. When Millie didn’t die, they left her outside the shelter.

By the grace of higher powers, the dachshund rescue group that Elizabeth followed on Facebook pulled Millie from the shelter and got her into an animal hospital nearby. Over the course of weeks, Millie made an amazing recovery and—on that one day when Elizabeth was on Facebook—needed a foster home where she could gain back her strength, put on the weight she had lost, and begin to trust again.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Millie made an amazing recovery, and on the day she was scheduled to be released to a foster home, Elizabeth checked out the shelter’s Facebook page, and the rest is history. She took Millie and for a month, they kept each other company on the couch…each healing in their own way: Millie from her physical trauma (Elizabeth assisted her in eating, drinking, and physical therapy exercises designed to build up her back muscles again) and Elizabeth from her job loss that compounded her depression and anxiety (Millie sat there right next to Elizabeth while she responded to job post after job post, listened to recruiters wax and wane about their wonderful client…only to never be heard from again, and gave her the extra confidence she needed when a hiring manager wanted to talk on the phone).

The story of Elizabeth and Miracle Millie has a happy ending: Elizabeth landed a job that was a step up from her previous one and Millie now lives in the countryside with a newly retired couple who are avid sports fans (and spend a lot of time hanging out on the couch together). When you hear Elizabeth speak of Millie, she doesn’t consider it an act of charity or a “nice thing” that she did for an animal in need—rather, she speaks of how Millie saved her. Millie gave Elizabeth a reason to get out of bed each morning and helped her work through what could have been a much more difficult time.

Any pet lover will immediately understand the bond between Elizabeth and Millie. As someone who has worked with both people and pets, I can attest to the shared and exchanged energy between both parties. And as a pet owner, you want to keep that energy healthy, happy, and balanced all around—so you both are able to thrive and live your best lives.

how pets heal us
Millie's preferred activity: snoozin' next to Elizabeth on the couch.
pets and healing
Elizabeth helping Millie at a physical therapy session.

Ways to care for your pets that keep you both feeling good:

Feed your pets natural foods

Animals are as sensitive as humans to the unnatural additives, colorings, and preservatives that are used in many brands of commercial pet food. They may be allergic to some of these harmful chemicals, which could lead to behavior problems, excess weight gain, or dental issues. Holistic vets recommend natural diets, like raw foods, for cats and dogs.

Give your pets pure water

If your pets are not drinking enough pure water, it will affect both their health and their energy field. The smell or taste of tap water may not be appealing to them, so try filtered water or still (non-bubbly) mineral water. Beef broth or other meat broths, which you can cool down for them, are another way to get your pets to drink more.

Let the sun shine on your pets

Pets need sunshine for health as much as we do. They need to go outside for at least an hour a day to prevent depression, lethargy, and illness. Full-spectrum lighting has been used to prolong the lives of hamsters with heart disease. Keep both you and your pet healthy by going outdoors in the sunshine for a walk. If you have indoor pets, make sure they can access a place in the sun by a window.

Be a friend to your pets

Just like us, pets need companionship. Animals get lonely, so they love being around people and sometimes even other pets. I actually got a mini—a small horse—to keep my big horse, Influence, company when his pet goat passed on. Some pets, such as rabbits, gerbils, birds, fish, guinea pigs, and even rats, do best in same-sex pairs. Hamsters, on the other hand, are happiest by themselves in their own little world. Some pets, like llamas, will really become despondent if they don’t have the companionship of another llama; you’ll want to be informed about their needs before you choose an exotic pet.

Give your pet(s) space

All pets need lots of room to move around easily. We cannot imprison our pets in cages, pens, or runs that are too small. However, some dogs feel safest in a “den,” like a crate or kennel for sleeping. Listen to your animal’s needs and act accordingly.

energy healing for dogs

heal yourself heal the worldLearn more about energy healing for pets

Pets have always been an important part of my life and I have experienced their amazing healing capabilities firsthand. So, when I started working with Simon & Schuster on my latest book, Heal Yourself—Heal the World, I planned for an entire section of it to be dedicated to energy healing for pets.

As an energy healer (and animal lover), I’ve spent many years studying and practicing a variety of mindfulness methods and healing techniques specifically for animals. This helped me to be there when any of my own loving animal companions were in pain and in need of my healing hands. In Heal Yourself—Heal the World, I share these methods with you so you can be equipped for any animal that might live with you (or come through the doors of your new practice as an energy healer).

energy healing for cats

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Celebrating Pets! What we can learn from their intelligence, abilities, and healing powers.

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The Royal Meow

A German Shepherd, a Doberman, and a cat have died. All three are face to face with God, who wants to know what they believe in. The German shepherd says: “I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my master.” “Good,” says God, “then sit down on my right side. Doberman, what do you believe [...]

Astral Projection Destinations

Astral Projection Destinations for Healing

Astral Projection Destinations

How is your spiritual home holding up?

One of my favorite passages from the New Testament is from Matthew 7:24-27 where Jesus gives His Sermon on the Mount. In this Bible parable, Jesus tells a story of two men: one who built his house on a rock and another who built his house on top of sand. When stormy weather arrived, the house built upon a rock was able to withstand the harsh winds and rain—and the first builder is called wise. However, the house built on the sand collapsed during the storm—and the second builder is called foolish.

astral projection quotesThe wise man built his house upon the rock.

—Matthew 7:24

The meaning of this Biblical parable is quite obvious: proper foundations are necessary.

Are you the wise man who stands upon a firm foundation? Or, do you sometimes feel like there’s sinking sand under your feet instead of granite? What’s holding you up, keeping you afloat, and is it propelling you toward the life of your dreams?

Just like there are tasks you must routinely do to maintain your literal house throughout the year—from replacing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors to performing a smudging ritual to cleanse the energy—spiritual home ownership also requires routine work. And while it may not always be glamorous (or even fun, for that matter), a regular evaluation of your spiritual house’s standing will pay off in dividends in the long-term.

Taking time to evaluate the underpinnings of your life to see whether all aspects are holding firm is the equivalent of cleaning the gutters of your spiritual home. One tool you can use to strengthen your spiritual foundation is astral projection (also called astral travel)…however, it does require knowledge and technique training to be done properly. If you’re a beginner and searching for how to do astral projection fast, I encourage you to pull into the slow lane and enroll in my Astral Wisdom course. In this online self-study course, I’ll teach you ways to safely and gently explore the astral realms so you can master the out-of-body experience (OBE) and design the life of your dreams through meaningful experiences and things you can do while astral projecting (such as visiting the astral projection destinations I discuss below).

If you are familiar with astral travel, keep reading to explore every aspect of your life to rejuvenate, heal, and elevate your body, mind, and Spirit.


Five astral projection destinations for healing:


astral projection destinations for physical health, vitality, and weight lossPhysical health, vitality, and weight management

If you have struggled with your physical health, found your body’s vitality dwindling, or been unable to manage your weight despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen, you might discover that difficult emotions are the source of your struggle. These emotions can be the result of childhood trauma, divorce, illness, job loss, or the death of loved one (to name a few).

Repressed emotions can affect the body in various ways. When you don’t take the time to process your emotions (thinking it is easier to push them aside until they “go away”), you run the very real risk of doing damage to your physical body by disrupting and blocking the flow of energy to a particular area. Over time, these emotions that you thought “went away” take a toll on your physical health and can be a major source of struggle and barrier to living your happiest life.

To improve your physical health, vitality, and manage your weight, focus on an astral travel trip that encourages self-compassion and allows you to find the clarity needed to unblock your repressed emotions. Once you are able to let go of habits that comprise your highest state of well-being, you’ll learn to get in touch with (and process) difficult feelings and emotions more effectively and efficiently—so you can focus on your spiritual development at a higher level.


astral projection destinations for career, finances, and life workCareer and life work

While it’s normal to have a bad day (or week…or month, let’s be honest) at work, what’s not normal is to be perpetually troubled by questions around your career. If you are always trying to placate that nagging voice in the back of your mind with rational reasons for “sticking it out” in a career or job you find unfulfilling, I can guarantee you that it’s not going to go away no matter how hard you argue.

One of my students, who I’ll call “Katherine,” is a perfect example of someone in need of a career change: she was “living her dream” of being a businesswoman in New York City after four years of college and many more of “putting in her dues” and climbing the corporate ladder in the marketing and advertising industry. When I met Katherine, I instantly knew that she was deeply unsatisfied with her career, despite her insistence otherwise; she was overworked, had a manipulative boss that kept the promotion carrot always just out of her reach, and struggled when working with the agency’s clients who viewed marketing as a way to con customers into contracts for shady products and services.

Initially, I met with Katherine every Tuesday at 9:00 pm her time and, without fail, she was always still at the office. Reflecting back on those first two months, the irony around the New York City skyline that sparkled with life right outside her lower-Manhattan glass office was not lost of Katherine; the city never slept and neither did Katherine, who mistakenly equated success with a big job title and bonus. In addition to the toll this job was taking on her mentally, it was also wreaking havoc on her body: a cold that she couldn’t shake turned into a four-day hospitalization for pneumonia.

One day this past fall, I dialed into our video conference as usual but didn’t see the NYC skyline I had grown accustomed to behind Katherine. Instead, I saw an almost unrecognizable Katherine in a warm and cozy apartment, her two dogs snoozing on the couch behind her. Gone was the stress, the unrealistic expectations she had placed on herself, the expensive designer dresses, the hair and makeup—in front of me sat a calmer, more peaceful, and enlightened version of my student who smiled as she said to me, “I quit.”

Like so many other people, Katherine realized that choosing to leave a career isn’t a poor reflection of you by any means; it is a simply a reflection of a world and economy that are always shifting and changing. In fact, your ability to identify that you have evolved and are ready to move onto the next phase of your life work is a milestone that you should be proud of: it takes self-awareness, mindfulness, and strength to reach this often difficult decision. Know that you don’t have to struggle and suffer to discover your true purpose: you can use astral travel to reset and recharge the spiritual dimension of your working life.


astral projection destinations for relationships with family, friends, and loved onesRelationships with family, friends, and loved ones

Are you satisfied and uplifted by the all the relationships in your life? Do you know how to activate the incredible power of unconditional love—the source of true happiness?

The ability to love and forgive unconditionally, as well as surrender (the ability to “let go and let God”), are the hallmarks of a heart chakra that is perfectly balanced. If you want to learn more about your chakras and the role they play in your physical, mental, and spiritual health, check out my popular Chakra Wisdom course.

In addition to a healthy and balanced heart chakra, you can also use astral projection to jumpstart your level of compassion—both for yourself and others—that will lead you to unconditional love. Focus on opening your heart and feeling the power of the Divine coursing through your veins as you open your body, mind, and Soul up to receive new wisdom and knowledge.

During your astral journey, you’ll realize that the barriers you initially set up to protect are actually blocking you from achieving your hopes and dreams; to move forward and experience the love you long for, it’s time to face your fears and confront your doubts that are standing in your way.


astral projection destinations for sharing your healing gifts and abilitiesSharing your healing gifts and abilities

Every single one of us has unique gifts and abilities to share with the world. If you are ready to step up and help heal the world—but aren’t sure how to get started—try taking a step back and reflecting on your own journey up until this point.

The next time you sit down to journal, ask yourself these questions:

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • Do you understand what lies behind your fears and your dreams?
  • Why are you attracted to some aspects of reality and afraid of others?
  • Have you ever suspected that you have hidden abilities that you can’t quite access?

After you have reflected on these questions, you can use astral projection to unlock your powers and completely engage your body, mind, and Soul with the joy that comes from sharing your gifts with those searching. While opening yourself up can be scary at first, know that the world needs your uplifting contribution, given in your own way with the love that only you can provide.


astral projection destinations for supercharging your intuitionSupercharge your intuition

Would you like to learn to see beyond the limitations of space and time? Do you sometimes feel yourself on the verge of opening new avenues of perception and understanding but you are either afraid or unsure? Are you able to access your sixth chakra to help you transcend your personal identity and gain entry to the universal field of all information?

Learn to overcome fear and small-mindedness and to develop trust in your ability to move toward your highest self and build your connection to the Divine by using astral projection to supercharge your intuition. Discover the ways in which you can learn to allow Spirit to work through you and expand your perceptual abilities.

In your astral travel adventures, you are free to seek out any realms that your Soul longs to explore and learn from…so, the question becomes: where will you go first?


astral wisdom course