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What you’ll find in this course

LifeForce Energy Healing® I Certification Course

LifeForce Energy Healing® I is an on-demand, self-paced, 12-lesson course which consists of a number of powerful techniques and comprehensive training in each lesson. These teachings will bring you vital health and wellness, abundance, loving relationships, success in your career, a happier home life, a deeper spiritual connection and closer to the extraordinary life you deserve.

You can call upon energy healing for every possible situation. You’ll quickly discover that you can use energy healing in many different ways in your daily life — for your career, your mental, physical and emotional health, your relationships and even your own spiritual growth.

Inside you will find:

  • A series of powerful and proven techniques designed to guide you into a deeper connection with your own personal energy field and build a solid foundation to higher and higher levels of awareness – truly the heart of Energy Healing.
  • The connection between the way a person thinks and behaves, how their physical body is structured and the diseases they get, and dynamics going on in their energy field and chakras.
  • Illuminating lessons for a better understanding of the concepts behind Energy Medicine, so you can deeply immerse yourself into these teachings, and experience even better results.
  • Effective techniques to help unlock your innate spiritual gifts and abilities. These will help you experience even more powerful healings for any area of your life that needs improvement.
  • Uplifting stories from fellow students and seekers from around the world that will give you hope, determination and support in unlocking the glittering sea of possibility of what Energy Healing can do for your life.
You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with me personally during live monthly group calls. This is a great way to get answers to your important questions and bond with fellow energy healing students. The list below shows you how LifeForce Energy Healing® is structured. The program is designed so you can watch, listen and learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.

LifeForce Energy Healing® I
Course Overview

Lesson 1 – Intro to Energy Healing and Pendulums

Learn everything you need to know about Energy Healing and your own energy system in this first of twelve lessons. You’ll also learn about how to measure your results and read your chakras using pendulum.

Lesson 2 – Characterology Study 1: Schizoid

In this lesson, you’ll learn the physical characteristics, main issue, and the life lessons and life purpose of this character type. You’ll also learn which chakras tend to be closed in this type as well as the path to healing for Schizoid types.

Lesson 3 – Characterology Study 2: Oral

This lesson covers the physical characteristics, main issue, life lessons and life purpose of the Oral type and so much more. You’ll also learn how an Oral responds to life and which chakras tend to be affected in Orals.

Lesson 4 – Characterology Study 3: Psychopath

You’ll discover the physical characteristics, main issue, life lessons and life purpose of the Psychopath. You’ll also learn how this character type responds to life and which chakras tend to get blocked.

Lesson 5 – Characterology Study 4: Masochist

This lesson covers the physical characteristics, main issue, life lessons and life purpose of the Masochist type. You’ll learn how a Masochist responds to life and which chakras tend to be closed.

Lesson 6 – Characterology Study 5: Rigid

In Lesson 6, you’ll discover the physical characteristics, main issue, life lessons and life purpose of a Rigid. You’ll also learn how a Rigid responds to life as well as which chakras tend to be closed for this type.

Lesson 7 – Energy Medicine

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about the exciting field of Energy Medicine and you’ll discover more about the expanded state of awareness. Experience yourself beyond the limitations of your body and mind as you begin to feel the power of the vastness around you and a stronger connection to every living thing.

Lesson 8 – Sweeping Breath

Learn a powerful and ancient shamanic technique for calling back energy you’ve spent on past actions. Through this process, you’ll release past memories and traumas from your own life and restore the energy you lost or gave away. Reconnect to your own vital energy and pick up the threads of the life you are destined to lead.

Lesson 9 – The Levels of the Energy Field

Discover the seven main levels of the energy field and find out just how far you can go in your higher level awakenings. If a level is weak or not charged, the life experiences related to that level can result in disappointment and lack of direction. Leave a level out of sync for too long and you may even start to have physical problems. Discover how to restore and reconnect in this illuminating lesson.

Lesson 10 – The First Chakra

Join me for a spiritual exploration of your first physical energy center, also known as the base chakra. Often considered to be the most important of the chakras, a misalignment or blockage here could put your entire energy system out of balance and prevent you from living the life of your dreams.

Lesson 11 – The Second Chakra

Discover the creativity that lives within you in your second physical energy center, also called the sacral chakra. This beautiful chakra holds the key to so much more than just your creativity… it’s also the key to unlocking your relationships with other people.

Lesson 12 – Chelation (Hands-on-Healing)

In this final lesson, join me as I demonstrate a traditional healing technique that is the basis for all energy work: chelation. Learn how to clear, balance and charge your own chakras, work on friends and loved ones, and even begin using it with your clients!

This certification course also includes a Student Training Program. On this program, you are partnered with a series of students to learn how to give healings. We’ve created an environment in which you can heal from past trauma while fast tracking your training in the world of becoming a powerful energy healer. Under our umbrella, you will be guided through different healing modalities, allowing you to gain the type of life changing, real-world experience that isn’t available in any other program of this kind.

This the only entry-level energy healing program of its kind, providing real-world, hands-on healing experience. Work with a partner to heal and receive healing when you join Level I or higher.

This entry-level course also gives full access to the Deborah King Center’s Private Soul Family Facebook Group where you can benefit from a closed-community of like-minded individuals also studying under Deborah King.

Start your connection to your Soul Family here.

$ 197
Heal the past, thrive in the present and grow into the very best version of you with LifeForce Energy Healing®. Deborah King will teach you how to unlock your life’s true purpose, realize your limitless potential, supercharge your energy and so much more!

Do you ever feel like you deserve more out of life?

Maybe you want to be happier, healthier or more vibrant, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start.

Or perhaps you want to leave your mark on the world, find more fulfillment and bring healing and hope to yourself and others.

But somewhere along the way you got lost or disconnected from your dreams.

Life does that sometimes.

You got distracted from what really matters, what truly brings you joy and happiness, and you settled for what seemed more “reasonable”… and time just flew by.

Taking care of others became your first priority, and your needs took a back seat…

But if you can keep an open mind for a few moments…

Imagine what it would be like if your true potential, your life’s purpose and building the life of your dreams was still possible.

What you are about to read about an invisible force could completely transform the direction of your life…

Timing is everything and the Universe is never wrong. Trust in your intuition, trust in yourself and be amazed as opportunities appear before you, exactly when you need them.

I want to share something with you that has completely transformed my life for the better. It has lifted me up from some of the darkest moments of my life and has brought me guidance and unconditional love.

It has shown me the pathway to everything I could have ever asked for in my life — success, abundance, joy, purpose, balance — you name it.

People may debate it or be skeptical of how it works, but I’m living proof that healing on an energetic and spiritual level is real. It worked for me and can absolutely work for you too.

My belief and dedication to this truth has led me to create a powerful and effective course called…

LifeForce Energy Healing®

LifeForce Energy Healing® is designed to create life-changing experiences for you — but you won’t suddenly have magical powers or the ability to levitate… at least not anytime soon!

It’s better that you think of LifeForce Energy Healing® as an awakening of your mind, body and spirit to the truth of your life purpose.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last thirty years of study and practice in ancient healing techniques, meditation, vedic arts, shamanic rituals and so much more to bring you the very best way to lasting, positive change.

This awakening allows you to step into the very best version of yourself – one without fear, doubt, anger or regret – and move forward in your life with joy, resilience and abundance.

To date, I’ve now shared this work with tens of thousands of people from over 50 countries around the world. Even more, these Energy Healing techniques quite literally saved my life and I hope they can do the same for you. Just imagine the clarity, guidance and wisdom you could experience when you’re living in this heightened state. Think about how your life would be different – how you would feel, what you would look like, the decisions you would make… and what would become important.

Energy Healing is really about illuminating the pathway to your true potential. One you couldn’t have achieved – let alone been truly aware of – if you hadn’t taken that important first step…

To become the person you are destined to be.

What makes LifeForce Energy Healing® Unique?

Awakening Your Inner Energy Healer

It’s not just any energy healing, it’s an awakening of spirit. People love this course because it not only allows you to heal yourself, but it also shows you how to heal others and become an ambassador of light in the world.

The One Thing that Changes Everything

Energy is all about vibration. Through Life Force Energy Healing®, you can discover the fastest way to locate and move to the right frequency and immediately become more forgiving, positive, confident, or empowered … the list is endless and it’s all possible.

Supercharge Your Intuitive Ability

LifeForce Energy Healing® is one of the most effective ways to ignite your intuitive abilities. With practice you’ll be able to read someone’s energy field and gain insights about who they are, just by looking at them!

This is powerful stuff: as you begin, you may feel like you’re making the whole thing up, but as you continue learning these skills and techniques, it will start to feel more natural. You’ll be surprised by everything you will sense, and this is all thanks to your new, supercharged intuition.

Hands-On Energy Healing

During these lessons, you’re going to learn how to expertly manipulate the energy field using a process you’ll only find in the lessons course. to bring yourself and maybe one day your clients, lasting transformation and results.

  • Attract — This first part of the Energy Healing process is where you use your unbending intent to attract and summon energy from a higher vibrational level.
  • Conduct — Next you’ll use your body as a superconductor to convert the energy into a gentle healing light, and prepare it to be received.
  • Direct — Finally, you deliver the healing energy to a part of yourself, or your client, and let it do it’s work!

Everything that you are today, everything that you’ve experienced, contributes to who you are becoming. Your story doesn’t have to end the way it started. Take control of the pen and start writing the pages of your destiny.

Imagine you were living the life of your dreams… healthy, vibrant and connected. You confidently walk through life knowing your life’s true purpose. You attract abundance and joy, you radiate unconditional love and you live in the moment – powerfully and without fear.

All of this is possible when you bring LifeForce Energy Healing® into your life.

Even if you’ve done a ton of personal work, you probably still have at least a couple of energy centers that aren’t functioning optimally. Learn to use a pendulum to read chakras and get ahead of the game!

Learn how energy medicine goes beyond the body to factor in the psychological and spiritual dimensions.

Find out how the toxic residue of past relationships can prevent you from experiencing success, love, abundance, even happiness. Study a shamanic technique to take back the power you left at the scene of trauma and move forward with your life.

If you’re out of balance from moving, surgery, accident, shock, natural disaster, or any other trauma, you may be at risk for further calamities. Practice exercises that connect you to the earth through your first chakra and get your stability and safety back.

Experience the levels of the energy field and learn how to travel from level to level. It won’t be long before you know how to move on the inner planes like a pro!
Understand how your second chakra holds the key to self-mastery, abundance, creativity and $$$. Learn how to open the door to a leaner, addiction-free and prosperous you!

Step up to the next level with Deborah’s healing techniques, including chelation, where you’ll actually learn to attract, conduct and direct energy to help clear, balance and charge your own energy field.

Keep reading, because I’m going to show you how to do all of this and more…

About the Author:

If you aren’t familiar with my work as an energy healer, I’m a spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author. I’m also the founder of The Deborah King Center – a school of energy medicine and healing that’s helped change the lives of tens of thousands of people from all around the world.

But years before any of that happened, I was a 20-something hard-charging attorney with a list of addictions and negative behaviors a mile long, living life at the absolute edge of insanity until I received the wake-up call of my life – I was diagnosed with cancer.

Some of you may already know this, but when you’re faced with a life or death situation, you discover the strength and focus to achieve almost anything to survive. I took a long hard look at myself … and my life…. and just knew that I was headed down a path that there was no turning back from. It’s almost as though there was an unseen force pushing and pulling me into a very dark place and I was helpless against it. I would later learn through my work and study that this dark force was really the trauma of a childhood full of abuse – something I had worked very hard to bury and ignore.

When I began thinking about the cancer, I knew I had to change: I was forced to jump off of the treadmill that was my life, I decided to get a handle on my addictions through AA, and I began meditating. I figured, who knows – it couldn’t hurt and I needed something to distract me from all the vices I was giving up.

You know, looking back, it’s amazing how the universe provides clues that lead you toward your destiny…. perhaps just like YOU have been guided to read this story. So there I was, just dipping my toe into the world of alternative medicine and I found myself inexplicably drawn toward energy healing. There was something about the idea that if thousands of years worth of tradition and history could have survived this long, there must be something to it.

Now it’s important to say that I didn’t ditch western medicine all together. I got permission from my doctors and they said I could delay my surgery a bit. So when you’re that sick, you want everybody on your team, including a physician. Cancer can be absolutely devastating but it can also be an amazing opportunity to experience true healing. So I found an energy healer, and with her guidance, I underwent a process of chakra healings – as one by one, she began to open, clear and balance the energy centers of my body.

With each session, I could feel the damage from years of stress and substance abuse lifting from my body, and for the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt lightness, a safety and a sense of unconditional love blossoming within me. It was a beautiful feeling that I cherish to this very day. I also felt the awakening of a higher consciousness I knew that embracing the truth would lead to a healing unlike any other.

In just a few sessions – actually three – I had an amazing remission from the cancer, right there on her table! I could literally feel the cancer leaving my body as my chakras opened and the energy blockages cleared. I was so grateful and intrigued, I wanted to learn all about this energy healing…and I have to tell you, I’ve never looked back.

I began a three-decade long journey of training and study with some of the leading minds in spirituality, intuition and energy healing. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to study with shamans, religious leaders and even mystical beings from other planes that are closely connected to the divine and they all shared a similar message:

Energy Healing holds the keys to your physical, emotional and spiritual health – and they’re all connected.

After 30 years of study and practice, I’ve now become an expert in sharing my higher spiritual abilities including:

  • Energy Medicine
  • Energy Healing
  • Shamanic Techniques
  • Space Clearing
  • Astral Travel
  • Akashic Records
  • Karmic Residue
  • Chakra Wisdom Readings
  • Angels of Energy Healing
  • Pet Healing and Communication
  • Meditation
  • Etheric Levels
  • Spiritual Initiations
  • Vector Removal
  • Developing Spiritual Gifts and
  • Abilities

The success or failure of every action, choice or decision we make is directly related to the energy with which we make them. Every day you are blessed to be here on this earth, choose success, choose abundance and above all else, choose love.

Three decades ago, I began a spiritual journey that led me all around the globe and to the highest realms of consciousness and back. I’ve since founded a school of energy medicine, published three bestselling books and share messages of healing, hope and guidance to friends, fans and followers from all walks of life.

Here’s just a few of the many things I’ve been able to accomplish in my life because of LifeForce Energy Healing®:

  • Put my cancer into remission
  • Helped me kick addictions
  • Helped heal my husband of a traumatic brain injury
  • Brought me into contact with spiritual and healing traditions around the world
  • Allowed me to heal faster from illnesses
  • Allowed me stand for hours during workshops and lectures even with a broken knee
  • Helped me stand up for my truth

Remember that you are more powerful than you can imagine – and that the totality of your being extends far beyond the limits of your physical body. We are all of us on a journey of discovery, healing and growth… guiding us to become the confident, beautiful and whole beings we are truly meant to be.

Your Destiny

Clear your personal energy field of any past trauma that’s preventing you from moving forward toward the life you were meant to lead.

Become a part of the movement: take the first important steps on your own journey to become a certified LifeForce Energy Healer.

Here’s What This Course Will Do For You:

People ask me all the time, “Where do you find the energy to do what you do?” Truthfully, I don’t find that energy… it finds me. And the support it provides makes all the difference in my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

I haven’t felt stuck, unbalanced, disempowered or frustrated in ages — all because of LifeForce Energy Healing®.

So if you’re attracted to this kind of learning, or you’re curious to learn more about what you can use this program for, the answer is that energy healing can be used for literally anything.

Here’s just a few ideas to get you started:

Life Purpose

Access and download your cosmic energy to connect with, and realize, your life’s true purpose

Find out why you were given life and what you’re being called to do – and the deeper connection between the two.

Career and Finances

Forever change your relationship with money and find more fulfillment in what you do

Follow your passion and start an exciting new career as an Energy Healer


Find calm and serenity by understanding the connection between your personal energy field and your emotions

Discover techniques you can use every day to find abundance and balance in everything you do

Love and Relationships

Build an unshakable and unconditional love for yourself, so you can attract and manifest your ideal partner

Learn an ancient Shamanic technique to take back the power you lost in the past and begin rebuilding and reconnecting with friends, family, and loved ones.

Health and Vitality

Learn a powerful exercise to clear, balance, and charge your personal energy

Discover advanced healing techniques to energetically supercharge your body and health


Experience a deeper and more profound connection with Source

Open yourself to receiving the messages of Divine wisdom and guidance that are all around you.. waiting to be discovered

Start your connection to your Soul Family here.

$ 197

Past Students are Saying…

I was very impressed with the LifeForce Energy Healing®. It really enabled me to read my clients better and do more accurate healing sessions. Also it created awareness about my own behavior and this awareness enabled me to continue on my own healing path as well. The Life Force Healing program is excellent on all levels. Thank you Deborah.

José Van Haastert

This course has increased my self awareness as well as developing deeper understanding and compassion for others. I also gained new healing tools such as the Sweeping Breath and Chelation. Deborah has a wealth of knowledge and experience in energy healing from around the world. I’m very grateful.

Gael Nicholson

Deborah’s LifeForce Energy Healing® is a great entry point into energy healing. I apply what I learned in this course to my everyday business life. When I go into a business meeting, I evaluate the attendees and determine the best way to approach each person. I highly recommend this course.

Marshall Davidson

I have been a registered nurse for many years. I began studying energy healing in order to work more effectively with my clients. What I learned when I started studying LifeForce Energy Healing® is that I have to heal myself before I can help others to heal.

Ellen Wasilewski, RN

Even if you never envision yourself as an Energy Healer, the teachings in The Life Force Energy Healing® Courses can be invaluable information for your everyday life. The info on meditation, along with an introduction to the chakras and learning how to do a chelation will leave you wanting more.

Doug Rarden

So here’s your next step – Join My Course:

LifeForce Energy Healing®

Over the last three decades, I’ve committed all of my energy to bringing you these teachings!

LifeForce Energy Healing® will empower you with everything you need to transform your whole life, and the lives of everyone around you.

Join me on this course and begin a healing journey that will take you to the highest reaches of consciousness and unlock the keys to your happiness and abundance.

Past trauma and negative experiences are truly what’s keeping so many people stuck in their lives — unhappy, unfulfilled and incomplete. LifeForce Energy Healing® is the key to breaking through, rising up and achieving anything you want in life.

Bonus Offers! When you register for LifeForce Energy Healing® I now, you’ll receive these incredible bonuses absolutely free!

Truth Heals Video Seminar ($129 Value)
Join Deborah for this amazing 90-minute video seminar as she shares how a traumatic childhood led her to discover her true purpose. This powerful seminar includes dramatic and beautiful energy healings right before your eyes. You’ll see for yourself just how powerful energy healing can be in transforming your life and those around you.
Surprise Bonus: Awaken Your Inner Energy Healer Mini-Course (Value $49).
In this three-part video series, celebrate all things energy healing as you begin the spiritual adventure of a lifetime with Master Teacher Deborah King as your guide.
Chapter 1: Journey to the 8th Chakra… and Beyond!
Did you know that your chakras hold the key to how you feel about yourself and your world? When they are clear, charged, and in balance, you are free to enjoy:
  • Strong, soul-nourishing relationships with others
  • A glowing, vibrant health of the body, mind and spirit
  • The successful career and financial security that you’ve always dreamed about
  • Access to higher levels of consciousness and the ability to tap into your innate spiritual gifts
In this lesson, Master Energy Healer Deborah King guides you through the process of balancing and activating your seven chakras, and then helps you to activate your 8th chakra – the spiritual chakra that connects you to the vast network of everything spiritual!
Chapter 2: Awaken Your Inner Energy Healer

In just a few minutes, Deborah helps you tap into the great unified field — a source of boundless energy. You’ll not only feel energized, but this exercise will heighten your connection to spirit, activate your innate healing abilities and discover the energy healer that’s already within you! The exercise in the video not only helps you to feel great, but it helps you get in touch with your spiritual side. Keep practicing, and you’ll be able to initiate into higher spiritual levels, and develop and enhance your special spiritual gifts.

Chapter 3: Activate Your Hidden Channel to the Divine

In this video and guided audio meditation combo lesson, Deborah shares a truly life-changing discovery revealed to her by her spirit guides. Open up new channels in your own consciousness and be inspired to explore your own spiritual calling. What is your gift? Were you born to be a healer, communicate with spirits in outer realms, or lead others on their own road to higher consciousness? Are you ready to transform your own life as you learn to heal and transform others? Get ready for an amazing experience – take a deep breath and prepare yourself to go to new heights!


Receive an invitation to Deborah’s private Soul Family Facebook Group so you can connect to Deborah and other students. Join discussions, share learnings, and support your fellow family members on their journey to enlightenment.


Communication is crucial to the learning process, which is why Deborah holds Soul Family video calls with her students. As a LifeForce Energy Healing student, you are invited to participate in these monthly sessions.

A Worthy Investment

What you learn here will change the direction of your life and the lives of everyone around you.

The secret to the success of this course is the universal message of its teachings and how natural it is to bring them into your everyday life… so you can experience powerful transformation and lasting change that will be a part of you for decades to come.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to be a CEO or a celebrity to work with me and learn everything there is to know about Energy Healing.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned over three decades of study and practice with religious leaders, shamans and even mystical beings from other planes… and with great care, distilled it into my LifeForce Energy Healing® Courses.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m releasing it for the lowest cost possible as an investment in the extraordinary future that’s waiting for you.

I’ve convinced the powers-that-be to price this Course this low because I know that the power of these teachings is boundless, and I want all to be able to benefit from them. This course bundle is valued at close to $3,000 (and is truly invaluable, if it unlocks the door to everything you’ve been searching for).

But today, you’ll pay MUCH less, keep scrolling to see the incredible deal!

The Deborah King Center Promise

Discover how to Heal, Thrive and Grow with The Deborah King Center’s triple-satisfaction guarantee
Guarantee 1: Quality
We’re dedicated to providing you with a product of the highest quality and detail. Each component of this life-changing program has been painstakingly designed and produced by Deborah and her team. This is the highest quality of Energy Healing training available, and we stand by that guarantee.
Guarantee 2: Transformation
As you embark upon this healing journey, you’ll begin to notice your transformation almost instantly. In the weeks that follow as you move through the program, you’ll begin to notice more and more changes taking place in your life. Our mission and passion are helping you achieve these results, and we’ll do everything we can to support your success.
Guarantee 3: Lasting Change
The teachings included in this course will bring energy to every area of your life as you discover a whole new level of healing and growth. We passionately believe in the power of this course to bring you the lasting change you seek.

Are You Ready To Heal, Thrive and Grow a Whole New Level?

If you’re reading this message, you can probably sense that you’re attracted to this type of learning. Trust your intuition – it’s often the first sign of spiritual guidance and that you’re on the right path!

This “inner ding” (as my dear friend Louise Hay often calls it) is how your personal energy field seeks the knowledge and growth it needs to move you to higher and higher levels of consciousness!

With LifeForce Energy Healing®, the Universe will illuminate the path and guide you on your way to becoming who you are destined to be.

Blessings to you,

Deborah King

New York Times best-selling author and Spiritual Teacher

Start your connection to your Soul Family here.

$ 197


Do I need any special skills or expertise to be an Energy Healer?

This course is for everyone! When we designed this course, we made sure that every part of it was safe, gentle and so no matter what your level of experience, you’ll start to feel your own awareness expanding, often faster than you’d think.

What exactly will Energy Healing do for me?

The short answer is that it’s different for everyone, but rest assured that Energy Healing will always bring you to the things you need to hear, reveal the challenges you need to overcome and grant you access to the unconditional self-love you deserve.

Each lesson of this course is specially designed to highlight a different area in your life. In many cases the teachings will not only reaffirm things you’ve always known about yourself, they’ll also illuminate the clearest pathway to your own innate healing gifts and abilities.

I’m very busy, how can I find the time to practice Energy Healing?

LifeForce Energy Healing® has thousands of students from all around the world – and all walks of life. Deborah knows lots of very busy professional, parents and home-makers who have brought these teachings into their life in a way that works for them, so you aren’t alone in wondering about this!

You can experience several benefits in as little as 5-10 minutes by using the teachings that Deborah will guide you through.

The more you’re committed to bringing these teachings into your life, the more you’ll experience the benefits of Energy Healing.

How long will it take before I start to see results?

It’s different for everyone, but the answer is usually as quickly as you want. If you’re committed to bring these teachings into your life in the way Deborah describes, you’ll begin to experience a heightened spiritual awakening… often before you even complete all of the course sessions and assignments.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Change can be difficult, and sometimes the harder it is, the more meaningful it can be! With energy work, it can take a few weeks and a lot of patience before you begin to notice the healing that’s happening within yourself. Be patient and give yourself permission to be a beginner.

LifeForce Energy Healing® I Certification Course
12-Lesson Online Video Certification Course

Get ready to activate your natural healing abilities! Deborah King will be your guide as you apprentice in the field of Energy Medicine in this 12-session Online Certification Course. Be transformed as Deborah shares ancient wisdom and mystical formulas that will unlock the door to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

This course will give you the skills and techniques to heal yourself and, if you are looking for a new career opportunity, you can earn a certification in the exciting new field of Energy Medicine. Become a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer today!

Not only will you learn powerful techniques you can use to heal yourself, you’ll learn how to use your unique gifts and abilities to heal other people as one of Deborah’s beloved Certified LifeForce Energy Healers®.

Deborah’s Life Force Energy Healing® is a system she developed over three decades of training and study with some of the leading minds in spirituality, intuition and energy healing. She has distilled the best of what she’s learned into this course, and now she brings these powerful teachings to you!

Each week, you’ll receive a new video lesson and a beautiful PDF workbook full of teachings and exercises to help you on your journey. You’ll also receive access to Deborah’s exclusive “members only” private Facebook community where you’ll meet hundreds of like-minded people and be able to interact with Deborah on an even deeper level.

If you’re attracted to this course, you already sense that energy healing is your birthright and it’s part of who you truly are. What you learn here will help shape the direction of your whole life, the lives of everyone around you and even the whole world.

Your Soul Family is waiting…

Join them today for
$ 197
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