Identify And Learn From The Greatest Spiritual Teachers In Your Life

The greatest spiritual teachers in our lives often come from unlikely places. Many of us define spirituality in unique ways that come from the details of our own life experiences – there is no wrong answer. For that reason, our spiritual leaders can come from just about anywhere.


The Quality All The Greatest Spiritual Teachers Share – Wisdom

There is one characteristic that every one of the greatest spiritual teachers possess, but it can’t be bought or taught – wisdom. Wisdom has to be earned, through both life experience and divine inspiration. Wisdom also is born out of a lifelong commitment to learning – from spiritual masters, as well as from the countless lessons that life provides. Only from this vantage point are our teachers are able to align with the energy of the universe, and inspire us to grow and evolve. Here’s how they do it:


1. Knowing/Confidence. The great spiritual teachers wisely have complete faith in positive outcomes, and infuse that sense of knowing into their interactions with you.

2. Allowing/Freedom From Resistance. “In-tune” spiritual helpers truly allow the universe to flow to them and through them.

3. Potential-Oriented. A wise and powerful teacher sees you not as flawed, but as full of potential.

4. Excited By Challenges. True gurus don’t see obstacles at all – they interpret life’s challenges as platforms for new growth, and inspire you to do the same.

5. Inspire By Action. Spiritual guides inspire you in countless ways – how they act, how they feel, and what they dare to achieve. Just being in their presence, you are inspired to go higher in life, and their incredible wisdom starts to become yours as well.

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Who Are The Greatest Spiritual Teachers
In Your Life?

When you think of your personal spiritual gurus, who immediately pops into your mind? Chances are, the first name you think of is absolutely one of your spiritual teachers. Our teachers don’t have to come dressed in fancy robes or equipped with any special degrees. Here are some of the people who often fulfill a role of guidance and inspiration for all of us:

happy peopleIcons: Have you ever been moved on a deep level by a famous artist or public speaker? This is one way that divine guidance reaches out to us.

Inspirational Friends: The people who know you the best are often best equipped to help you move forward on your spiritual path, even if your interactions feel light, casual, and fun. In fact, they especially inspire you when you feel this way!

Your Parents: Your first teachers in this life are your parents. No matter what your dynamic is with them, they set you on the path of this life experience and provide important first lessons about how to live.

Your Children: Most parents agree that they ultimately learn more about life from their children than vice versa. Many people believe our little ones are partly here to help us learn about who we are.

Pets: Don’t underestimate the powerful and transformative value of your pets in your life. The unconditional love one feels from an animal can be a powerful beacon of hope and compassion.

Draw Best-Selling Inspiration From The Wise Words of Deborah King
The greatest spiritual teachers have the wisdom to see life in a far larger context than just the day-to-day. Often, there are much larger forces at work in our lives, but sometimes we are unable to see the forest for the trees. That’s why the words of our spiritual gurus can often feel so enlightening – they are simply able to point out that bigger, more beautiful picture.
happy womanHealer, life coach, and New York Times best-selling author, Deborah King turned her own powerful life story into a beautiful quest for ever-deepening understanding, expanding consciousness, and the helping of others. Her writings have inspired people all over the globe to explore their lives with a powerful new sense of awareness and perspective.

Deborah’s brand new book, Entangled in Darkness: Seeking the Light is her latest thoughtful, wise meditation on the human experience. This riveting new book will take you on a powerful journey, boldly exploring the darker corners of our life stories, and then charting a course towards the light. As with all of the greatest spiritual teachers, Deborah King will challenge you to see your existence in a whole new way. Then, with constructive, practical advice, she’ll show you how to thrive, everyday. No matter who you count as your spiritual teachers in life (More Info.), follow their example and bask in the light that is always shining upon all of us, even when we can’t see it.
Your Parents: Your first teachers in this life are your parents. No matter what your dynamic is with them, they set you on the path of this life experience and provide important first lessons about how to live.

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