Beyond the 5 Senses

Go Beyond the Five Senses and Learn to Utilize Your Paranormal Gifts

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” that something wasn’t right and, sure enough, it wasn’t? Have you ever known who was calling when the phone rang, without checking Caller ID? Have you ever run into someone you hadn’t seen in a long time, and you were just thinking about that person? You might call all these experiences coincidence, but in actuality, they are examples of you tuning in to your intuitive abilities.

Don’t get scared. You won’t wind up wearing a turban and staring into a crystal ball just because you knew Aunt Sally was on the phone. Intuitive ability simply refers to a natural faculty we all possess that has long been denied or denigrated because it appears to be “supernatural” or “paranormal”—something that is outside the realm of the usual five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

It is easy to see how the five basic senses work according to natural laws; they can be poked and prodded by machines, tested in labs, scored, rated, and all the other scientific verifications that let us know they truly exist. But when it comes to the senses that are beyond the norm, science throws up its hands and says they can’t be proven, so obviously they don’t exist. Well, they do.

There are the “clairs”—clairvoyance, the ability to see with the “inner eye”; clairsentience, that feeling in the gut that “knows”; and clairaudience, like hearing your name called when there’s no one around. Throughout the ages and in every different culture, there have always been those who could access their expanded senses.

Here are 5 ways you can expand your horizons and learn to utilize the paranormal gifts:

5 Ways to Go Beyond the Five Senses

  1. Trust your intuition. You’re already receiving more information than you’re aware of.  When you meet someone who feels “off” to you in some way, don’t start dating that person. When you look at your child at breakfast and you get a really bad feeling in your gut about the school bus, drive your kid to school that day. Maybe nothing will go wrong, but then again, maybe that guy will turn out to be physically abusive, maybe the school bully will punch out the kid sitting where your child usually sits on the bus.
  2. Let your awareness expand in nature. Find a place outside where you feel safe and allow your awareness to widen as you gaze at the sky or mountains or body of water or the green of trees and fields. Sink into a “reverie,” letting your thoughts float away like leaves in a stream. Realize how far beyond the confines of your body your consciousness can travel.
  3. When you first come into someone’s presence, ask yourself what information you are receiving from that person. Do they feel happy or sad? Relaxed or stressed? Healthy or not? When you start bringing more awareness to that person’s energy field, you might start picking up events that happened to him or her, such as a quick flash of a recent divorce, or the way he or she felt when a parent died, or even a past life.
  4. Don’t automatically discount the information you receive in these extra-ordinary ways. Instead of reacting with “That’s impossible . . .,” try for “hmm, I wonder if what I feel is true?” Allow for the expansion of your senses without putting up roadblocks.
  5. Practice with animals. The easiest sense to develop is that of “feeling”—the “gut sense” you’ve so often ignored in the past. When you’re sitting quietly with your pet, with no TV or computer on, simply intend to open to whatever your pet wants to tell you. Touch your pet gently, and you may “hear” or “know” what your dog or cat has to say. Since we usually love our pets, you may experience the communication in your heart.

When you develop your intuitive gifts and open more fully to the information you’re receiving, your life will work better. You’ll “know” how to get healthier, which friends are really friends and which ones you should probably drop, what your child needs if that guy or job or house is right for you. No crystal ball necessary.

Full moon in August

Full Moon in August: Celebrate the Gift of Plenty

Looking for a sign to guide you toward greater spiritual awakening and growth? This coming Sunday, August 26, the night sky will present you with a powerful opportunity to be awed, inspired, and taken to the next level! The full moon this week is capturing your attention reminding you of the eternal cycle of change and transformation that you are a part of. Ancient cultures used the moon’s movement to mark the seasons and guide their activities. You can use this same celestial energy to connect to your 8th chakra and above and to shine a light on your path.

Sit outside with as much skin uncovered to the moon as possible this week, to absorb its light. Then, this weekend, grab a blanket or sleeping bag and join me on your deck or in your back yard; this is THE month to sleep outside. Watch for falling stars, frequent in August!

What the August Full Moon Tells You

In Native American tradition, the August full moon is called “the Sturgeon Moon,” “the Green Corn Moon,” “the Grain Moon,” or, for the Dakota Sioux, “the Moon When All Things Ripen.” For tribes near the Great Lakes, the “Sturgeon Moon” marks the time when the large, prehistoric sturgeon fish is most plentiful and most easily caught. For all of us, the meaning of the August full moon is “plenty,” a time when the life-giving essentials of the Earth come forth.

There are questions you can ask in this time “when all things ripen” to help you heal and grow in mind, body, and spirit. The concept of “plenty” has important spiritual significance. It has brought life to humankind from the beginning and defined our relationship with the Universe. What does faith in the “plenty” of our world mean? What we believe about the Source of our plenty and our relationship to Source and to one another guides our lives. Now is the perfect time to explore what seeds have ripened in your life this season, what is plentiful, and how you have responded.

Full Moon Beams Power

You can use the illumination of the full moon to cast light on inner things, to help you look at your inner world of emotions, worries and anxieties, dreams, and unconscious beliefs. You can draw on full moon energy to explore and evaluate your goals and your ambitions in the window of moonlight. Remember that full moon energy amplifies your emotions and magnifies what is going on within. Look closely and learn. You can use the following questions to discover what the August moon’s promise of plenty means to you:

How do you define plenty?

For the Native fishermen of the Great Lakes, a bountiful catch of sturgeon signified plenty. Life depended on the gifts of the waters, the land, and the sky. What does plenty look like for you? Is it health, attractiveness, money, friends, career opportunities, achievements, faith? How does plenty make you feel and why?

What seems to be lacking in your life?

It may be that a sense of plenty escapes you. If you have a feeling of lack, try to determine what you think is missing. Do you see plenty somewhere other than where you are right now? See if you can find the origins of lack in your life. What exactly do you feel is “not enough”?

What has ripened for you in the current season?

Have you achieved a goal you were working toward? Did you set out to achieve something that has now come to you? If you have, how has it affected your feelings of plenty and/or lack in your life? 

How does it feel to be on your present path?

Your present life has grown from your past choices, hopes, dreams, and actions. Do you feel like your current path is the right one for you? Do you feel confident and inspired? If not, why not? How would it feel to revisit your choices? 

How have you shown gratitude for the plenty in your life?

Whether your heart swells with a feeling of plenty or you feel you could be on firmer ground, you have grounds for gratitude. The freedom, the energy, and the willingness to examine your inner self is something to be grateful for. Nothing empowers you like taking time to look within and seeing the gift that is your life. Make a gratitude list and be sure to include your power to recognize plenty and share it with the world.

Spending time with these questions brings comforting knowledge of who you really are and why you are here. Self-discovery brings peace, joy, and a sense of what is possible for you in the new span of days opening before you.

May the full Sturgeon Moon bring you a new sense of plenty and a new awareness of the miracle that is you. And may you be blessed with the radiance of healing moonlight on the evening of Sunday, August 26. See you outside next Sunday!


Calling All Angels



Angels surround you every day whether you realize it or not. Think of all the times a voice in your head has suggested you proceed with caution before an accident reveals itself. For example, you slow down while driving and suddenly a car in the next lane swerves into your lane or a tire blows out in the car right in front of you. Without your guardian angels watching over you and encouraging you to take your foot off the gas pedal, you may have been hit or unable to react quickly enough to avoid the chunks of rubber flying off a vehicle at seventy miles an hour. These voices are more than just intuition—they are your angels keeping you safe from harm.


Angels exist outside our human perceptions of time and space and live beyond all cultural limitations. Angels are made of light and love, and it is their job to spread that light and love to us, to help us through the trials and tribulations of being a physical being with all our bodily functions, emotional turmoil, and spiritual distress. They are here for you when you need them. Whether you are looking for healing for a physical ailment, an emotional upheaval, or a spiritual black hole, angels carry the tools to ease you out of your hardship.


Angels will never interfere with your life without your permission, unless your life is at risk, so it is important to let them know when you would like them to whisper in your ear or send much-needed love and support. Calling upon your angelic guides is easier than you might think. You can create your own prayers, invocations, or simple requests. It can be as straightforward as saying, “Please help me,” or, “Please help my loved one.” You don’t even need to say it aloud—your angels will hear your thoughts if you want them to. As an energy healer, I often observe this when a loved one is ill. The healthy individual calls out for help to heal their sick family member or partner, and if the intention is strong, help will come. Prayers never go unheard by the heavens, and healing can begin to take place.


In the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the wise old wizard Dumbledore tells Harry, “Help will always be given at Hogwart’s to those who ask for it.” Later, when Harry is fighting the Basilisk, a giant poisonous snake, he becomes injured and is in real danger of losing his life. But instead of giving up, Harry asks for help, and the sword of Gryffindor presents itself to him, and Dumbledore’s Phoenix, a miraculous immortal bird, swoops in and blinds the evil serpent. Harry uses the sword to defeat the wounded beast and saves his friends, himself, and the school. At the moment all hope seemed lost, Harry opened himself up to the magic outside himself and was rewarded with the assistance he needed to defeat the monster. All he had to do was ask. The magical realm is no less available to you.


As a spiritual teacher, I encourage meditation as an even deeper way to open yourself up to the angelic kingdom and receive unconditional light from above. After your mediation, focus on releasing your pain and giving it to the angels. Trust me, they can handle it. You never have to worry about burdening your angels or taking them away from other souls. Angels have an unlimited supply of love, and since they are not bound by the physical world, they can be everywhere they need to be at any time. Give your angels your stress and fear and pain—it is what they are there for—and exchange that negativity for pure, celestial joy. As you practice this openness, reaching out to your angels will become almost effortless, and you will be able to unlock that joy more and more frequently.


Students who take my healing courses and workshops learn to feel the presence of their angels. The presence of an angel can feel like a warmth around the fourth or heart chakra, a feeling of loving tenderness that spreads out from the chest to rest of the body. Some students say they know their angels are near when they feel a sense of calm wash over them, bringing peace. With the continued practice of meditation and chakra clearing, you may even be able to see signs of your angels when they are close—a flash of white or golden light or a quick glimpse of shimmering wings.


Rest assured that even if you do not see your angels, they are waiting to guide, heal, and love you, without conditions. And they are always within calling distance. The lines are never closed and you are never out of range. You don’t even have to pick up the phone. All you need to do is ask.


The Ultimate Mystery

Ancient Celtic gravesite


During the weeks I spent helping my 89-year-old mother recover from a bout of pneumonia, I found myself thinking about the way many Americans feel about death. Unlike medical doctors, who see the death of their patients as a personal defeat, I am an energy healer. I know that healing is not the same as curing. We can heal old traumas, rewire our misperceptions and ill-founded beliefs, untie our psychological knots, steep ourselves in gratitude and forgiveness, and yet not recover from diseases that have a firm grip on our physical bodies.


Death is inevitable, so why are most people afraid of it?


Because they can’t imagine what’s on the other side. All fear basically comes down to a fear of the unknown. And death is the ultimate mystery: uncharted territory, the unrevealed secret, the uncertain future. Personally, as someone who can hear the dead, I am certain that death is not the end. I also know that we are here—in bodies on Earth—to get over our issues, whatever they may be. It was always difficult between my mother and me, so I am working on healing our relationship while we are both still here.


To read more, go to


Meet a Few of My Favorite Archangels

statua dell'angelo

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


Can you imagine having a powerful team of benevolent, all knowing beings whose mission is to watch over and protect you, and who are poised to provide divine guidance and answers in all areas of your life? You can – it’s the archangels! I call upon them every day— I encourage you to get to know them too! Archangels are with you all the time: they’re just waiting for you to invoke them with a prayer or plea for help.


Archangels are higher-level angels who supervise all guardian angels and angels upon the earth. You can call upon an archangel whenever you need them – they have no time or space limitations, so they’re never too busy to help. Like all spiritual guides, they don’t interfere unless they’re asked, except in rare cases when your life is in danger. It’s up to you to figure out which Archangel to call upon and to make it a habit to connect with them regularly. I urge you to pick a personal Archangel or two, you’ll feel happy, safe and guided, as you go through the day in their company!


Which Archangel should you connect with? Let me introduce you to a few of my favorites:


Are you a healer, or do you need healing of the mind, body or spirit? You’ll want to connect with Archangel Raphael and keep him close. I know I couldn’t get through a day without him!

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing – his name means “God Heals, or God has Healed.” Raphael provides support and guidance to all healers, so call upon him and access his power to help others. He heals us from sickness and injury, as well as providing divine energy to our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. He also is gifted in the areas of physical and spiritual eyesight, clairvoyance, and finding lost pets. If you or someone you love is sick, lost or struggling, connect with him by invoking his emerald green energy, while picturing the ailment or area where you need his healing support.

If you are a student, or if you feel like you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which direction to go, you can call on Archangel Uriel:

Uriel means “God is Light or God’s Light” and he’s the angel you need if you’re looking for clarity, information or help making a decision – large or small. Students and seekers commonly invoke this Archangel for everything from selecting the right answer on a multiple-choice test, to charting their life’s course! Uriel specializes in illuminating situations, providing prophetic information and offering transmutation. You can tap into his guidance by taking a deep breath, picturing yourself completely enveloped in the color red, and thinking of your dilemma – ask him to guide you, and he will apply his divine wisdom to your question or dilemma!

If you’re a writer, teacher or speaker, you’ll find Archangel Gabriel an invaluable source of support in the area of communication:

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength” is the Archangel of communication and is also known as “The Messenger.” I call upon him whenever I am blocked in my writing or speaking, need a flash of inspiration during my radio show, or need help getting through to anyone. I picture his clear, white light and call upon his energy of communication and strength.

We all need protection from negative energy, along with strength to pursue our life’s calling. Archangel Michael is always there to protect us and provide the energy of unconditional love just when we need it!

Archangel Michael: means “he who is like God.” Michael is the Archangel of protection, guidance and strength. In my healing and teaching work, I call upon Archangel Michael to surround me and protect me from any negative energy or darkness that is around me. To counteract the darkness, I ask him to channel divine love and healing to everyone around me. I also connect with him when I need a little extra strength, faith and determination to continue my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher. To connect with Archangel Michael, I meditate upon my path as a healer and teacher, and visualize his bright blue energy as I ask him for strength and protection.

There are other archangels that I connect with as well – Ariel, whose name means “Lioness of God,” is a feminine presence with a beautiful pale pink energy. I speak to her when I need to tap into my own Divine Feminine energy. Archangel Metatron is the “Angel of Life” and tracks our good deeds on Earth and in Heaven.  He supports me in my own spiritual growth and enlightenment, and gives me the strength to spread my light to others!

I urge you to call upon the Archangels. They have been an invaluable blessing and source of strength and guidance in my life. Take the time to connect with them, and let them guide you on your journey to higher consciousness!


David and Goliath



I usually don’t venture into the land of politics, but I am watching to see if Initiative 522 in the state of Washington will pass or not as they continue to count votes there. I, for one, would like to see labels on food that tell us if we’re about to consume genetically-modified ingredients. Of course, the money is on the side of those who don’t want truth in labeling, which could hurt the bottom line.


I’m also interested in this particular battle because I’m fascinated by one of the major contributors to the YES on 522 campaign—David Bronner, the grandson of the founder of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. This is one David who is not afraid of taking on the Goliaths of agribusiness.


Under his command, half the profits of the company go to activism and donations to charity. He not only walks his talk, he proudly proclaims his truth on the labels of that tingly pure castile peppermint soap. And he still endorses his grandfather’s belief in an All-One philosophy.


To read more about this remarkable man, who is living his passionate life purpose and standing tall in his truth, read my blog on the Huffington Post at …


The Tarot

Bring up the subject of Tarot cards, and you’re likely to get some very different reactions! For some, the thought of a Tarot card reading conjures up the romantic image of a gypsy soothsayer in a darkened tent, revealing her client’s destiny with the flip of a card, while others appreciate the cards from a purely historical or artistic perspective. Tarot cards, along with Ouija boards, numerology, pendulums and other divining tools, can be gateways to the occult – it depends on who is using them. Often frowned upon by traditional religion, Tarot cards are essentially a means to tap into the subconscious of the reader and access their own guides as well as tap into the person they are reading. Personally, I love to take a walk on the dark side and “read” the reader while I’m getting a reading!

Where did tarot cards come from, and when were they first used to predict the future?    

The original form of the Tarot deck was devised in the 15th century in northern Italy, and was created to play a game called triumph, which was similar to bridge. Along with the traditional four playing card suites numbered one through ten, plus a queen, king, knight and page, the deck included 22 symbolic picture cards that were not part of any of the suites. The game with the unusual deck became popular all over Europe. People called the decks tarocchi, an Italian version of the French word tarot. Today’s Tarot decks are based on decks of this type.

It wasn’t until about four hundred years later, in 1781, that followers of the occult in France and England discovered that the early Tarot card decks lent themselves to other means besides games. They assigned meanings to each of the symbolic picture cards, and began widely using them as a divination tool.

Today’s Tarot Card Deck:

The modern Tarot deck consists of 78 cards. They are broken out into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

The Major arcana: The Tarot archetypes represented in the major arcana are designed to represent life and the various stages and events that we all go through. The Major arcana follows a path that starts with The Fool (young, pure energy) and moves through various stages and events – finishing up at the World (the end of our life cycle).

The Minor arcana: Minor Cards describes the people, feelings and situations that we encounter on our personal journey. Unlike the Major arcana, it resembles a traditional deck of playing cards. It’s made up of four suits, and each one associated with one of the elements: Wands (Fire), Cups (Water), Pentacles (Earth) and Swords (Air). There are also the Queen, King and Knight (or Jack) of each suit, and Pages or Princesses.

The Reading:

Before a reading is performed, the person who is receiving the reading shuffles the cards – concentrating on the question that they want answered. The card reader then lays the cards out in a specific pattern called a Tarot spread. There are several patterns, or spreads that can be used, and each position in the spread has it’s own significance. The meaning of the cards themselves, as well as where the cards appear in the spread are interpreted by the reader to provide guidance to the person receiving the reading.

Many Tarot card readers have differing ideas about how or why the Tarot works. Some say you only need to meditate upon the cards to trigger your intuition, until you can tap into your inner guides on your own.

In my journey as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve explored many methods for getting information, including the Tarot. To learn more about this fascinating subject, check out my live online course, Seeking the Light – it includes my newest book free and is sponsored by Hay House. Hope you’ll join me there this week!

And for a fun and fascinating discussion about Tarot and numerology, tune into my show on this Wednesday at 2:00 pm, Pacific, and meet my very special surprise guest, a gypsy herself – call in and have her do a reading for you!




It’s almost Halloween—the time of year we bring forth all our scary darkness, the ghosts and goblins of our inner world. Scary movies flood the TV, and trick-or-treating youngsters (and their parents) learn the horrors of massive sugar ingestion.


Originally called All Hallow’s Eve, the holiday goes back to its pagan roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain, meaning summer’s end—a time to take stock and prepare for the cold months ahead, which were often associated with death. The souls of the dead were supposed to visit their former homes on Samhain eve, and people would wear costumes to ward off the roaming ghosts. Even carving that silly grin on your pumpkin comes from the Samhain custom of carving turnips into lanterns to remember the souls held in purgatory.


On Halloween, we feel safe in donning a mask of horror to cover up the usual mask we wear—our everyday faces, which could easily be masking a real monster inside. Think of various serial killers, like Ted Bundy, who looked like the nice guy next door.


But not all ghosts and goblins come out on Halloween. There are real life people who express the archetypes of monsters. Stephen King, in his first book, Carrie, portrayed the horrors of adolescence by making Carrie a teenager with a scary, uncontrollable monster side.  Stephen King has broken down monsters into three archetypes—the “thing without a name,” the vampire (a hugely popular monster these days), and the werewolf. He also alludes to a fourth archetype, the ghost.


Another way of looking at monster archetypes is to call them “things that should not be,” “things that devour us,” “things with two faces,” and “things that would not die.”


“Things that should not be” are the monsters that kill without remorse or pity. They can be mindless beasts or intelligent ones like Frankenstein. We think of these monsters as evil, as demons and devils. In our lives, this archetype can be applied to people we know who lack control over their lower instincts and who make the world a dangerous place for us. A sexual predator who molests a child is living out the monster archetype of a thing that should not be, and turns the world into a dangerous place for the child.


“Things that devour us,” like vampires, are like people who prey on us. We provide them with some sort of substance they need.  Zombies need to eat our brains or flesh, vampires need to suck our blood, and then there are parasites that devour us from the inside out, such as those in Alien. When you think of this archetype, think of people who invade your mind or soul, like a cult leader who needs your adulation and not your independent thinking.


“The thing with two faces” is the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or the werewolf. Both Dr. Jekyll and the werewolf hide their antisocial nature behind a more pleasant social façade. Many serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahlmer or Norman Bates, hide behind a socially-acceptable exterior. People who hold a lot of power, such as politicians or mob bosses, all are things with two faces. Are there people in your life who have been corrupted by power although they still present a kind face to the world?


“The thing that would not die” is the archetype of the ghost. Whether it’s simply an unhappy spirit that hasn’t finished its work on Earth, or a mean avenging banshee, the “thing that would not die” has not moved on to other planes, but sticks around to bring sorrow or death. You can have ghost-like hauntings of former lovers or others who hurt or betrayed you, and they linger in your thoughts and still bring up difficult emotions.


Take time this Halloween to look within and see if you are harboring any ghosts or goblins inside yourself. This can be far scarier than the witches and devils that may ring your doorbell. But be brave and see if you can root out any “monster”-type tendencies in your own make-up. Take off the mask you usually wear, and look at your own darkness. Accept it and release it. It’s the best preparation for the coming return of the light.


Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

A few years ago my students and I were blessed with an extraordinary experience at a workshop I was leading in Germany. I was visited in the night by powerful spirit guides who poured into me immense energy and light so that I was able to help connect a student to her ancestral spirit guide. Everyone in the room was treated to a visit from a real American Indian Princess!

This magical connection was only possible because of the spirit guides who were present. Everyone has spirit guides – they are your mentors and angels who are waiting by your side to offer guidance and support whenever you are ready and available to accept their help. Their help comes in various forms and as in the case of this workshop, may not even be focused on you directly – but know that they are here to help you if you ask them. They can assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness. They can help you reach higher levels of initiation.

To learn more about how to meet your spirit guides and read the full amazing story about the American Indian Princess, please click here to check out my recent article for Hay House’s Heal Your Life.

I am also offering an online series through Hay House where you can learn to Become a Certified Spirit Guide Coach. Click here for more details!


Déjà vu or Past Life?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant that you know you’ve never set foot in before, and felt an intense sensation of familiarity?  Have you ever met someone for the first time, yet felt like you two go way back?  Have you ever been in a fresh conversation with someone and felt like you already experienced this exact conversation before?  Have you ever felt moments in your life that you dismissed as “coincidence”?  Can’t shake that nagging suspicion of “been there, done that”?  Well, maybe your familiar hunches are more than just feelings — maybe you have actually been there and done that!  What if your feelings of déjà vu and coincidence were genuine memories from a distant past, perhaps even from a previous life you experienced?

The term “déjà vu” was coined by French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac.  The literal translation of the French phrase means “already seen.”  Some refer to the expression as experiencing the past in the present.  Common among both children and adults, it is reported that 60-70% of people have experienced this uncanny feeling that they have already experienced something that is being experienced for the first time.  Déjà vu can be triggered through any of your five senses, it is not necessarily just something you physically “see” – it can be a familiar smell, taste, sound (pitch of voice, background noises), or feel/touch of something that triggers a past memory.  Perhaps you are recalling a familiar smell from your childhood that comes rushing back to you, or maybe the sight or mannerisms of someone you are speaking with reminds you very clearly of someone  you once knew and cherished.  While déjà vu has been documented in studies as early as the 1800s, it remains today a paranormal mystery that has not yet been solved.

One theory worth exploring is that this phenomenon is a message from your higher self.  What if your cosmic self is recalling a memory from a previous life?  This moment can be a powerful, miraculous glimpse into your own soul if you are aware enough to notice it.  This experience can help you in your current emotional healing if you are mindful enough to recognize it.  Your soul on the subconscious level may be sending messages to your conscious mind.  These messages may be the very same déjà vu moments you are experiencing.

Too often, we dismiss these signs as ‘coincidences’ and miss their underlying significance.  Yet perhaps their significance is their very synchronicity and feeling of familiarity, which is letting you know that you are exactly where you should be, when you should be, and with whom you should be.  These moments are signs that are telling you that you are on the right ‘path’ for your soul.

At the same time, know that you do not need to act on your past-life déjà vu moments every time you notice them.  You are not obligated to form a bond with someone in this life simply because you may have had a connection in a previous life.  If you are aware enough to notice the connection, then you are already acknowledging your path and can view the knowledge as another window to a higher self.

Each time you notice this paranormal phenomenon, you are thereby increasing your ability to tap into this higher self and higher consciousness.   You will be connecting with your soul on a deeper level. This heightened state of cognizance can help you see your current life more clearly and can help you make the right decisions and changes you need to unblock the challenges that lie in your path.

These moments of déjà vu may very well be your soul sending you clues on how to handle the challenges taking place in your current life.  There is much we can learn from our past, so why not use these glimpses of your past – even past lives perhaps – to increase your understanding, heighten your awareness and learn how to better handle your current challenges?  Pay attention to the signs on the map with which your soul is guiding you!

You may just find a much smoother, more harmonious life in the present, all thanks to these glimpses of déjà vu from your past!


Learning Telepathy

Have you ever been telepathic? I bet you have, but chances are you dismissed it as a fluke. Have you ever known who was going to be on the other end of the phone when it rang (and not because you saw the caller ID)? Or maybe you thought of someone you hadn’t talked to in a while, and they got in touch with you later that day or the next? Those are just two common examples of being telepathic that happen all the time. So-called twin telepathy is another example—one identical twin often knows what the other is thinking or feeling.

Whether you realize it or not, we all have the capacity to communicate with other people on other levels that have nothing to do with our five senses or the physical plane. That ability is just something we were all born with. Every once in a while, scientists will try to see if they can get any closer to understanding how telepathy works, but it’s still a mystery. Some parapsychologists believe the information is transmitted through extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves, but not surprisingly, no one has been able to prove or disprove that idea. All we know for sure is that it does exist, and it seems to happen more often with some people than others.

So how can you tap into your telepathy and cultivate it to make that ability available for more useful things? Here are five tips to get you started:

1)   Stay as centered as possible. If your mind is always racing and you’re up for the multi-tasker of the year award, chances are you won’t be able to recognize subtle thoughts and impressions. Those little telepathic whispers won’t even be a blip on your radar screen. So build some quiet time into your day, whether you meditate, go for a walk by yourself (without electronic attachments), or even just push back from your desk and daydream. This sets up a fertile atmosphere for all kinds of energetic communication, including telepathy.

2)   Practice with your friends.  Start with something easy—numbers or colors. Pick something were there are only a handful of options. Have your friend think of a number or a color and see if you can sense what it is. Remember, this isn’t a guessing game. You’re trying to intuit the information. Be sure to keep this exercise light-hearted. Make it fun.

3)   Practice on your own. Sit in a public place like a café, a library, or a store and choose a person in the room. Imagine an energetic connection between the two of you, and try to sense it. Without staring at the person or otherwise trying to attract any attention, see if you can make a great enough connection with the person they change what they’re doing even momentarily. What you’re looking for can be as subtle as a glance in your direction—not a full-blown conversation with a stranger.

4)   Don’t beat yourself up. Chances are, you won’t get a ton of hits right away. And that’s OK. As the saying goes, where attention goes, energy flows. So the more you try to tune in to your telepathy, the more you will be able to recognize it.  But if you get frustrated and think you’re a failure at it, you will be chasing it away. That isn’t a punishment, by the way, it’s just one of those universal laws. Negativity closes down your channels. So if you start feeling frustrated with your attempts, just put the idea aside for the time being. You can come back to it later when you’re feeling more positive.

5)   Use it only for good. Never use telepathy or any other psychic or paranormal ability to try to control others or change their behavior in a manipulative way. It’s one thing to try an exercise to see if you can get someone to glance your way, but it’s another to attempt to intrude into their private thoughts or try to get them to change their will about something—especially if it isn’t in their best interest.

So try out these tips, and remember to have fun with the process. Maybe even keep a record of your successes so you’ll be encouraged to keep trying. As you grow and mature on a spiritual level, you will have access to more and more abilities like telepathy. The more such abilities you stay open to, the more will come your way. Go to my Facebook page and let me know how you’re doing!


Do You Have a Shadow Side?

Have you ever been cruising along in your life, basically happy, when you’re suddenly overcome by a wave of fatigue or feel like you’re crashing into depression? You may have been hit by a negative energy from outside yourself. Someone, either consciously or unconsciously, psychically attacked you. And since you have a “shadow side” of your own, you let in whatever came your way.