Are You a Modern Master? Explore the Spiritual Science of Ancient India

Ever wondered what it takes to truly master something? Let’s not just talk about honing a skill or learning a new hobby. We’re talking about the big stuff, like conquering your fears, developing a robust meditation practice, or refining your unique healing abilities to reach new heights of accomplishment.

Mastering these aspects of life means acquiring new knowledge, gaining control of your inner world, and exhibiting great skill in your actions and relationships. As we strive for these qualities, we’re blessed with the advancements in technology, science, medicine, and engineering that bring these goals closer than ever before.

So, now the question arises — What does it take to become a master of your spiritual life?

Seeking Spiritual Wisdom Across Ages

Over centuries, seekers have trekked to spiritual masters in pursuit of wisdom. It’s akin to the classic cartoon of a pilgrim climbing the tallest peaks to consult with the solitary Master about life’s purpose. This pursuit of spiritual wisdom is deeply ingrained in all cultures and times.

The spiritual science of ancient India, venerated in the East and rediscovered by Western icons (the Beatles in India, anyone?) in the 20th century, has witnessed a bloom in interest in yoga, meditation, and musical rituals like kirtan.

During this transformative era, I had the privilege of immersing myself in this ancient tradition in India, amplifying my abilities as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. It was an intense journey demanding time, energy, resources, and the right teachers to unravel this precious knowledge and insight.

But the payoff? Absolutely worth it.

Embrace the Spiritual Awakening

Here’s an oft-repeated truth — the frequency and pace of spiritual awakenings happening today are mind-boggling, but exhilarating! There’s never been a time in history where so many people are tapping into their innate healing abilities, embracing spiritual practices, and recognizing the immense value of this learning.

Wondering how you can join the ranks of these modern masters, faster and more effectively? Here’s how…

Master the Ancient Wisdom with Me

Join me for a deeper dive into the ancient knowledge through my course, Master the Secrets of the Sutras. Whether you’ve studied sutras previously with me, or are new to them, it’s a perfect opportunity to build, refresh, replenish, and rekindle your practice.

This wisdom tradition from India offers invaluable insights, whether you’re keen on learning how to heal yourself and others, advance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes, discover your life purpose, or simply attract more peace, joy, and abundance into your life.

These traits embody the modern master, a path you can tread with the spiritual science of ancient India.

The Path to Modern Mastery: 3 Key Steps

  1. Master Your Mind: Ancient Indian spiritual science reveals the secrets of special secret words and phrases. Once enlivened in you, they are a tool to quieten your mind, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, and strengthen your connection to the divine. Our collective connection to the Source can bring about a profound transformation on Earth.
  1. Master Your Unique Gifts: Deepen your self-awareness and understand your connection to the divine and the world around you. Understanding the spiritual science of ancient India provides resources for contributing to world healing.
  1. Master Your Heart: Learn to swap a fear-based perspective for a massive energy shift that positively affects every aspect of your life. Embrace love, compassion, and joy, and journey to a place of peace and calm, where your dreams of health, abundance, and fulfillment can materialize.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself as a master of all areas of life touched by spirituality. The growth of your spirit inevitably uplifts every aspect of your being and contributes to those around you as well. Envisage everything that you long to do, be, and give — and you’re envisioning the role of the modern master you have the potential to become.

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Discover Ancient Secrets From India

“The spirit sits near you, eagerly awaiting.”

For millennia, spiritual wisdom has been preserved and shared by word-of-mouth, long before the written texts of the Abrahamic traditions and philosophies of the East were recorded. Ancient wisdom took the form of sutras, brief words and phrases that carry a wealth of power. These spiritual words and phrases of insight have been collected and weaved together through time, creating a secret code of profound meaning and significance.

Originating from the Sanskrit word for ‘thread’, sutras are much like threads of thought that can be woven together to create a whole. But they’re more than that – they’re like a secret code, with the deepest of meanings condensed and compressed into a single word or phrase. These sutras are passed from teacher to student, and when truly understood and enlivened in your personal energy field, can be incredibly powerful.

But how can you tap into the spiritual power of the sutras in modern times? Well, an effective way to do so is through a practice provided by a teacher like myself. First, I make sure your mantra meditation is effective. Next, I “seed” the sutras into the fertile soil of your consciousness, allowing you to reach higher realms of Spirit and uncover the unique gifts and powers that are meant to be yours, right now, in this body, in this lifetime. Lastly, I share the most secret of the secrets, never before shared, to make your practice even more profound.

By raising your personal vibration through the practice of sutras, you can help heal the world. Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras, assures us that spirit and wisdom are not hidden from us – they are right beside us, waiting to be acknowledged and absorbed.

To open yourself up to the secrets of the sutras, join Deborah on her brand-new course: Master the Secrets of the Sutras. If you’ve studied sutras with Deborah before, here’s your chance to renew and recharge your practice and take it deeper, as well learn the secret meanings. This spiritual adventure of a lifetime will guide you through unlocking the mysteries of the ancient sutras, leading to a massive shift in your energy that will positively affect all aspects of your life.


What the Spiritual Science of Ancient India Can Teach Us Today

“Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda

Today, as miracles of technology are shrinking our world and bringing us closer together, the global village is growing before our eyes. Yet the challenges are growing, too, with climate change, conflict, and resource scarcity demanding more of the human heart, mind and soul than ever before.

What will it take to become worthy citizens of an enlightened future? How will people build the spiritual strength they need? Many have already discovered that the sacred wisdom of the past holds the key.

The spiritual science of ancient India has re-emerged in a modern setting with remarkable tools for navigating the path ahead!

When asked for advice by a fellow entrepreneur, tech giant Steve Jobs recommended a trip to India. As a teenager, Jobs had discovered the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, master teacher from India and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. Jobs made a trip to India during his years of developing his iconic computer company, Apple, and gained a new realization of his purpose and his future in the home of one of mankind’s earliest and richest spiritual traditions.

Jobs made a point of rereading Yogananda’s book of spiritual wisdom once every year. Those who attended the memorial service for Steve Jobs when he died in 2011 each received a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi in a plain brown box. It was a gift from the heart of the best advice for living that Jobs had ever found.

In the twentieth century, the arrival in the West of teachers like Yogananda sparked interest in the spiritual traditions of Eastern philosophy and religion. Practices like yoga and meditation opened new avenues of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening, just as quantum science began to open new vistas in the study of energy and matter.

Today the healing and empowering influence of the ancient wisdom of India is spreading like a breath of fresh air into classrooms, boardrooms, homes, and meeting houses. Technology is bringing the principles of yoga and meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, and compassion into the everyday world of everyday people.

From celebrities attending yoga classes to school boards approving daily meditation sessions for young children, the practice of mindfulness is growing in popular culture, offering a new lease on spiritual life for millions. The opportunity to embrace this ancient wisdom has come at the perfect time.

It was my great privilege to live and study in India where I discovered the power of this ancient wisdom tradition. My personal quest for knowledge and spiritual training led me to India to explore what I knew was available there. The spiritual science of ancient India holds secrets about human life and the Divine that speak to a modern world overwhelmed by the increasing pace of life, the rapid change, the flood of information, and danger on a global scale.

The message of community, life purpose, and personal connection to nature and the Divine has never been more needed. In my work today, I see a huge blossoming of interest in the study of energy healing and amazing growth in the rate of initiations into higher and higher spiritual levels. Spirit is aware that our world is in a true state of crisis, so we need as many conscious people as possible who are willing to be of service.

What is it about the spiritual science of ancient India that offers inspiration to everyone who seeks it? What does this wisdom hold for anyone today looking for personal growth, fulfillment, happiness, and purpose?

I’ve got a free webinar coming up next week which offers an opportunity to discover the ways this wisdom of the ages can help you create a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life. The pursuit of wisdom involves taking an active role in study and learning and includes these important steps:

1.  Gain knowledge about the nature of life in the context of thousands of years of tradition. Learn how to think about your life in the most honest, productive, and compassionate way.

2.  Face your emotional ebb and flow and decide in what ways your emotions are hindering or healing you. Learn to make choices that center and calm you and move you in the direction of joy, harmony, and contribution to a loving world.

3.  Make peace with uncertainty and change in the world while recognizing the unchanging space within. Strengthen your connection to the Divine.

4.  Learn to create personal well-being through self-awareness and a positive outlook. By honoring the divine gift of life, you express gratitude and radiate love and kindness that all can share.

5.  Recognize the unity of all creation. Your compassionate service helps build the common good even on the smallest level.

If you’re attracted to this kind of learning, or you’re curious to learn more about mastering your spiritual life through the wisdom traditions of ancient India, join my free webinar on Thursday, December 14th 11am PST or register to receive the replay >>>