Spiritual clearing declutter

Cleaning up, clearing out, coming home

Spiritual clearing declutter

There’s a place we all want to get to, and that’s “home.” A place where you feel welcome, secure in the love and affection of those around you. A place that is not dependent on a wealth of material possessions, but on the richness of soul. A place where you are relaxed, where you are you, unadorned, unabashed, unafraid. You are safe. You are home.

Of course, your true home is not really a “place.” It’s a space, a realm of consciousness, a field of energy that at its highest level radiates truth, knowledge, and bliss. In the Vedas, this is known as satchitananda—the nature of ultimate reality. When you enter that realm, when you merge into unity with the All, you are truly home.

So the question becomes: how do you get there?

One way is by cleaning up and clearing out. Decluttering. The way it works is that when you clear out the external “stuff” that no longer works for you, that no longer “fits” into who you are or who you want to be, at the same time you are clearing out the internal “stuff” that keeps you stuck in the same old place.

Day by day, room by room, go through your living space. Clean up the bathroom drawers that have collected such a strange assortment of outdated lotions and potions. Toss it all in a garbage bag and clear it out of the house. Same with every closet. It doesn’t matter how much that cute jacket cost, you’ve worn it only once in the last five years. Out! Kitchen gadgets. The kids’ grade school projects. The garage. 

This may not sound like spiritual work, but trust me, it is. All those outer pieces of “stuff” carry vibrations, memories, emotions. There really are no inanimate “things.” They all reflect a moment in time and space, a combination of who you were then and the person who gave it to you. Or what you were going through at the time you bought it. You can feel the history of each object, but what does it do for you now? Does it lift you up or bring you down? Feel it, weigh its importance in your life. Each piece can then be passed along to a friend, hauled off to Goodwill, thrown out, or kept.

Every piece of clutter you get rid of makes room for more light in your life.  

The next level of cleaning up/clearing out is even more personal than old towels and chipped dishes. What about your CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes? Do you have tons of pre-digital photos that you could scan and save digitally? Old media to toss? What about books that may need a new home? 

Cleaning up is such a powerful spiritual tool because it goes far beyond the physical level. It’s like cleaning your electronic desktop. Turns out there are many folders of old stuff that can be archived or even tossed, just like those residual emotions that you really don’t have to hold onto anymore. . . any of the slights you’ve carried, those little stings to your ego that you’re still smarting over. Isn’t it time to let a lot go? To shred any pettiness, and to acknowledge any deep-seated emotions that may be ready to leave.

All this is a great starting point for moving from one “place” to another, from an old stuck realm of consciousness to a more awakened one. There are, of course, other levels, other gateways to pass through, but start by letting go of what you no longer need or want on the physical plane, and it will help bring you closer to the light and the feeling of home.

Your one true home, your soul.

Truth Taught By the Vedas

Are Your Genes Who You Are?

Or are you much more than just a biological entity?

Truth Taught By the Vedas

Everywhere you look these days, there is a new study coming out on how your inherited genes affect your health (and everything else). Ever since the human genome was sequenced (the human genomic project was completed in April 2003), there has been a huge surge in research based on the information carried by genes, from how you look in your jeans to your propensity for becoming an alcoholic or coming down with a rare disease. These little packages of DNA have been given a god-like place in our understanding of who we are.

Just a few short years ago, a diagnosis of cancer took you straight to Western medicine’s tool bag, which held only three major tools: surgery, chemo, and radiation. If cut-poison-burn didn’t work, you were left with alternative approaches that weren’t covered by insurance. (I’m not knocking Western medicine, just the limited technologies and the limitations of our present health care system.)

But things are changing. Today there is personalized medicine available in cancer treatment, based on your genetic makeup and the composition of the tumor. It’s a giant leap beyond the standard “one size fits all.”

There are other emerging scientific fields that are looking at your genes for other reasons, like nutrigenomics, which is aiming to reveal the connections between specific nutrients and diets, genetic expression, and your health. Soon you may be able to find out why you can’t tolerate bread or cheese while your sibling practically lives on pizza. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autism, longevity, digestive disease, cardiovascular disease, all sorts of cancers, obesity, even tooth decay are all being examined in light of an individual’s DNA.

It’s an exciting time to be checking up on the latest scientific research.

Even spirituality has gotten into the gene pool, with the idea that one particular gene, called MVAT2 (vesicular monoamine transporter 2, the “god gene”) is what turns a person inward towards mystical experiences.

And more and more, science is finding what deep meditators have known all along: it’s all one. The hip bone isn’t just connected to the thigh bone; everything in your body is connected to everything else. The way genes express themselves can affect myriad pathways in the body.

The genes you inherited from your biological mother and father, the life factors that have turned some genes on and turned others off, the interlocking connections between how gene expression affects different bodily systems—all this is being looked at through the lens of science, which is beginning to understand the reality and importance of a holistic approach to health.

But before we begin to think that genes are the be-all and end-all of who we are, remember that genes don’t explain the mystery of life itself, and who we really are. Your genetic makeup is the blueprint for your biology, but sages, shamans, and healers who work with energy medicine know that who we are isn’t based on physical matter, like genes, but on spirit.

This is the truth taught by the Vedas, and by all the ancient spiritual traditions—the body you inhabit in the three-dimensional physical world is not the whole of you, but merely a vehicle used by your Higher Self in order to experience the lessons that are to be learned in this lifetime.

Spirit, consciousness, or whatever term you want to use, is what permeates all life. You can’t smell it or taste it, you can’t use your physical senses to capture it, but you know when you are connecting to it. It may be when you’re out in nature and the quiet and peacefulness or the grand vistas and raw beauty elevate your consciousness, relax your rampant thoughts, and you touch that place of expansiveness and peace within yourself.

It may happen when you’re having sex or in nature or having an out-of-body experience. You may be sitting quietly at home, staring off into space, your mind a million miles away, when you are suddenly engulfed in light and you enter a state of inexplicable love. That’s not genetics; that’s grace.

So learn all you can about new genetic research in the areas that affect your life, but remember, whether your genetics turn on or off does not determine who you are at heart, in your soul, and at the very deepest level of your being.


{This article originally appeared on Psychology Today}

The healing power of water

An Elemental Force of Healing – 3 Ways Water Heals

The summer season is all about water, an elemental force for good. Whether you’re swimming in a pool or lake, walking along a beach or river, or sitting under misters on a restaurant patio, chances are that many of your summer hours will be spent in or around water.


How to Be of Service (And Why It Matters)

The best thing you can do for yourself and the planet is to be of service to others. You can practice every energy medicine technique in the book: journal your deepest feelings until your wrist hurts, meditate twice daily, pray, connect with Mother Nature, clear your chakras, release your limiting beliefs, etc., but if you aren’t being of service, you are not fully living in the light.

Being of service doesn’t have to include the big gestures you might be thinking about. You don’t have to quit your job and give up your life to join volunteers in a far-off area to help disaster victims, or donate your life savings to charity. You don’t have to work at a food bank or with at-risk teens, unless you want to. Being of service is not only about what you do, but also about how you do it. True service means that you are doing what you are meant to do, and doing it with compassion and love.

Understanding that service is both attitude and action helps you to see that the opportunities for being of service are constant in everything you do. Let that car into the lane ahead of you, smile at the tired-looking bank or grocery store clerk, offer to help someone with their hands full carry their drinks at Starbucks. These gestures may seem small, but each one sends a ripple of love out into the universe. And chances are, you will have uplifted the person you helped and possibly inspired them to also be of service, further stretching the reach of kindness and love. Enough ripples create a wave, and selfless service is the first step to spurring a wave of deep and boundless love to wash over the world.

Here are a few additional tips for how to be of service:

  1. Chop wood, carry water.

This is the phrase I use in my energy healing courses and workshops to help teach my students that being of service does mean you have to do the work, get your hand dirty so to speak, whatever that means for you. Anything you do that gives of your time and energy in order to benefit someone else, as long as you do it with love and without expectation of reward, counts as being of service.

For you, this might mean planting trees in a neighborhood park, or walking dogs, or playing violin on a busy street corner. Perhaps you’re a birthday party clown or a food server or a window washer. Service can be any deed or action that elevates others. After all, that clown is making kids laugh, a restaurant server helps to feed customers, a street corner musician gives a little art to brighten the day of passersby. When you do your work from a place of light, that light radiates to everyone you interact with like a beacon of hope, compassion, and love.

  1. Figure out how you would like to help.

It’s really hard to act out of love if you’re miserable, and serving others while resenting the work or the people will fill you with negativity rather than love, which doesn’t actually help anyone. So take the time to do some soul searching and think about how you would like to serve others. Try not to think about what your parents or partner think you should do, and as much as possible, shut down any self-doubt that tells you you aren’t capable of doing something, and really focus on getting in touch with your true feelings about what you want to do.

Journal about it, mull it over, ask your guides, and I bet you’ll find that the way you want to serve takes advantage of your unique gifts. You were given your gifts for a reason, so use them! If you’re great at organizing, or wonderful with children, or can paint portraits, or are a born counselor or energy healer—these talents are the way to serve authentically and without resentment or irritation. In this way, being of service can help to awaken and strengthen your special skills as well as help to heal and uplift others.

I’d like to mention here a rarely discussed truth about being of service: it’s okay to enjoy it! There seems to be the misconception that service must be somber and joyless, but who wants to be helped by someone who is all doom and gloom? Joy creates joy. If you are joyful in your service, everyone around you will be buoyed up by that happy energy, too.

  1. Check your ego at the door.

Expectation of reward is the greatest obstacle to true service. There are two types of giving: that which seeks recognition, and that which serves in silence. If the reason you are serving others is so that you will be seen serving others, you are feeding your ego and not feeding the greater good. If you want to be known as a “good-doer” more than you actually want to do good, then you are not truly being of service. Even those in healing or helping professions, like doctors or therapists or teachers, are only really being of service if they do those jobs in a compassionate, selfless manner. A doctor who helps others solely to advance her personal power and greed is not embracing the attitude of love true service requires.

Focusing on others without thinking of yourself is what makes service a spiritual practice; the process forces you to step outside your small selfish Earthly self and think of the greater interconnectedness of all life. As a spiritual teacher, this in an important lesson I teach: since the universal field encompasses us all, what you send out into the universe comes back to you, so sending positivity to others improves your own life as well. And, as a bonus, when you stop worrying about your own progress and success, that’s when Spirit rewards you with exactly that.

If you are interested in this type of learning, please check out my LifeForce Energy Healing