3 Simple Steps to Connect to Your Higher Self

Daily invitation for the Divine to enter your life.

Have you noticed all the bright and beautiful magazine covers inviting you to “Be Your Best Self” and “Live Your Best Life”? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? When you turn the page, you discover they want you to cook a fabulous meal, decorate with artistic flair, and show up for the party in a stunning new dress. You feel pretty disappointed if that is the best your “best self” can do. You know in your heart there is so much more to you than meets the eye, and you’d really like to open that avenue to love, happiness, and peace.

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve learned that the “best you” is really a higher you–your Higher Self, the part of you that is connected, always, to Spirit. In India, there is a saying that “God, Guru, and Self are One.” The same Power that created the universe–God or Source or Spirit—is also within you. You and Spirit are one. You don’t have to go anywhere or seek anything outside to find God. You only have to look within. And there you will find your real best self—your Higher Self—waiting to infuse your life with all the goodness you desire. Your Higher Self, in itself a part of the Divine, is much wiser and far more loving than your small self, or personality. It goes far beyond your everyday awareness and can transport you into transcendent realms. Your Higher Self contains all the very best parts of you that you incarnated into this lifetime to develop. It is a little bit like having a close friend living in your house, but you can’t see or hear them. You can’t reach this friend through any of your usual five senses, but intuitively you know your friend is there. You may doubt your connection to the Divine, but as you continue to look within, you will come to believe in the reality of your Higher Self and you will learn how to communicate with it.

Your Higher Self is a perfect being made of light and love—it’s you, the ideal version of you—and thus can offer guidance no one else can. When you align with your Higher Self, you are in touch with your soul and can experience Divine love and feel the effects of understanding that you are part of the interconnected world. Knowing you are loved unconditionally will make you more compassionate and loving toward others. Divine love will radiate through you and spread like ripples out into the world, becoming that gift of peace and good will you want to share today and always.

Although you are always connected to your Higher Self, there are ways to strengthen your alignment and make your connection clearer and more focused. Your Higher Self is within you, and you have the power to keep your point of contact with the Divine open and flowing. Here are some steps to take:

  1. Remember who you are. You are a child of the Divine and have the power to create your world with love, happiness, and inspiration. No need to waste precious attention on fear and doubt.
  2. Use your intuition. You have a channel of communication always available. Be open to the messages of Spirit. Use meditation to quiet your mind. Ask for what you need to know and be ready to receive.  Invite the Divine to enter your life each day.
  3. Make sure you feel good. Use healing practices to clear anything that might be blocking your connection to your Higher Self. When joy and gratitude and creative energy fill your heart, that is, when you feel good, your alignment with Spirit is healthy and strong.

When you are called upon to be your best self, during the holidays and every day, your Higher Self is always with you, waiting to guide and empower you with the spark of the Divine. Drawing from within, you will have all the energy you need to meet the world with love and grace.

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The #1 Way to Open, Heal and Change Your Life

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Feeling overwhelmed by a noisy, busy world that seems to want more than just a piece of you? In fact, it wants the whole enchilada and then some? It’s true that life can feel that way—especially this time of year. I heard a fellow shopper in the convenience store complain about the “storm” of the holidays. Should you batten down the hatches, or perhaps think of a better way to live? Wouldn’t you prefer to step with joy and gratitude into the season of celebration?

What you really long to do is spend your precious time, your sacred days on planet Earth, in a state of peace, tranquility, and happiness. I’m here to tell you that such a state is within your power. But how do you access that peaceful soul space? The tool that I’ve found to be absolutely the most important, effective, and long-lasting is meditation. Meditation is the number one way to change your life, heal yourself, and open yourself to all the world’s good possibilities. And, strange though it may sound, you’re too busy NOT to sit down and “do nothing” once or twice a day.

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have learned that meditation is a practice central to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It helps you develop clarity and anchor yourself in the present moment. Every culture throughout history has had some form of meditation. The purpose of it is to still the mind, calm, cleanse and refresh the body, and increase the connection to Spirit. And, if enough of us connect to Source and to each other, we will bring about a profound transformation of life on Earth. It’s our chance to build a peaceful world and a healing connection to the Divine for all.

Meditation can help you gain access to your highest spiritual gifts. The best way to learn to meditate is to study with a teacher. Although many people begin with guided meditations, you will soon want to learn more. I can show you how to meditate, help you develop a firm foundation for your practice, and give you your own personal mantra.

Although the benefits of meditation include more joy in the day and better sleep at night, that’s only part of the story. The real intention of meditation is to tune in, to get in touch with what’s inside of you and strengthen your connection to the Divine. The ultimate goal is to reach that state of peace within that so many traditions speak of—the peace that is beyond all understanding.

You may have heard of the discussion within quantum physics that there is a gap between your thoughts. Meditation is a way to get into that gap and extend it. It is in this space, this gap between thoughts, where you will find your entryway to infinite mind. When you’re in that space, that field, you’ll find the true meaning of Oneness. You’ll discover that you, everyone, and everything is connected and to All That Is. You’ll also discover that this field is pure, boundless potential—that you can accomplish anything when you’re tapped into it. You can create, you can heal, you can be the change you want to see. Meditation is the one intentional path that easily and reliably takes you where you want to go.

Thankfully, you don’t need to climb a remote mountain in Tibet to start a meditation practice. All you need is a quiet place to sit for a few minutes a day—along with a practice like the one I teach and the knowledge that you are doing something incredibly valuable for your spirit. Follow these easy steps and soon you will experience the life-changing benefits of your silent retreat:

  1. Meditate every day.
  2. Try to meditate first thing in the morning right after you wake up.
  3. Shelter your meditation space from interruptions and noise.
  4. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. It’s okay if you fall asleep. Get the rest you need.
  5. Let thoughts come and go, just keep refocusing on your mantra.
  6. Don’t set an alarm—just peek at the clock until you develop a sense of when to come back.

Meditation is a gift of the world’s spiritual tradition that you can truly be grateful for this Thanksgiving. If you’d like to learn more about starting a meditation practice or how to apply meditation to improve all areas of your life, I invite you to join me on an Energy Healing Cleanse – this Simon Says Online Course is a great way to stay cool, calm and collected during this holiday season.


Healing Your Relationships for the Holidays

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into place.” Lucille Ball

Are you seeing family during the holidays? Will you be dealing with your brother-in-law who does nothing but put you down? Or maybe you’ll be visiting your mother who launches her list of grievances as soon as she sees you? One thing the holidays are sure to bring is people—friends, family, colleagues, neighbors—your relationships are in the spotlight this time of year. No matter what you have planned this season, your happiness may rise or fall with your ability to relate. It’s a perfect time to nurture your power of connection.

Notice how we use the expression “relate to” regarding people. It means “get on with, understand, identify with, sympathize with, and feel for”—all positive things.  Being in relationships with people begins before birth and follows you throughout life and even into the next dimension. Your life is filled with relationships of every stripe. Whether you feel yours are loving, satisfying, challenging, shaky, empty, or scary, depends on you. In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I focus on the role that you yourself play in relationships. Your relationship with yourself colors everything and is surely the most important one you have.

Take a look at the relationship you have with yourself. Does it support the wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit? Learning to love yourself is the secret to success in all relationships. How can you love (understand, accept, help, and uplift) others unless you first love yourself? When you believe that you are worthy of being loved and feel content to spend time alone with yourself, you are ready to relate. Relate well to yourself and you are ready to relate to anyone else from the most difficult family member to an exciting new friend or romantic partner.

How can you tune up this most important relationship with yourself? First, figure out how you really feel about yourself. Go within and see how the foundation of your self-esteem looks right now. Ask yourself these questions: What do you like most about yourself? What are your greatest gifts, abilities, talents? What are your strengths? Pay yourself some compliments based on what you see. “I love my ability to cook great meals.” “I love the way I always have a smile for the people I meet—in the store, at work, in the post office.” “I love my feelings of gratitude for life.”

Now think about your inner voice. Are you always glancing in the mirror and beating yourself up over that extra weight you can’t seem to part with? Do you still blame yourself for some incident that happened years ago? Do you hear yourself echoing some criticism from a parent, teacher, boss, or spouse that you have allowed to follow you? What if all your self-talk was respectful, kind, and loving? Isn’t that the talk you long to hear from others? Cleanse your image of yourself on the inside and you’ll attract the respect, kindness and love that make happy relationships possible.

Before you look out into the world where others are waiting to relate, see if your connection to you is ready to shine forth:

  • Do you lovingly accept yourself as you are?
  • Is your self-esteem independent of the good opinion of others?
  • Do you refrain from judging or criticizing yourself and others?
  • Do you seek to understand and forgive yourself and others?
  • Do you step back from conflict, putting kindness first?

Believe in yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself as the holidays approach. Whatever makes your brother-in-law behave badly and your mother gripe endlessly, you can’t change it for them. But you might be able to help them feel better by modeling peace, self-respect, and forgiveness. They may need a better relationship with themselves, too, and you can send them positive, loving energy.

To learn more about improving the relationship you have with yourself and developing healthy habits in your body, mind and spirit, join me in an online journey that will renew your energy, uplift your spirit and encourage a stronger spiritual connection!


3 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Fall Season

Once the Halloween candy disappears from the supermarket, is it safe to go shopping again? Will stems of Brussels sprouts and bunches of spinach tied with festive ribbons now fill the stores to help ease you into healthy holiday mode? Chances are the consumer economy won’t be helping out much with your wellness challenges in the weeks ahead. There are lots of reasons why you may feel that your diet, your fitness, your energy, and your sanity are under attack at year-end. What can you do to keep yourself whole and thriving as you move toward the season of celebration?

While it’s important to guard and cherish your good health in every season, the year-end holidays can add extra strain to your physical and spiritual resources.  Fears and worries can block the healthy flow of energy and set you up for a negative experience. What if there are too many expectations placed upon you—your own or other people’s? What if you allow self-sabotaging and self-destructive behaviors to take over? What if bad memories and feelings from the past intrude? Believing that you have what you need to overcome these fears makes all the difference. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I know you have what it takes. Begin by looking within. Get in touch with your body’s wisdom, and position yourself for wellbeing.

You can get out of your head and begin listening to the wisdom of your body by planting your feet on the ground. It sounds like a simple step, but I guarantee it’s a very powerful one. Being grounded connects you with the energy of the earth and helps bring your first chakra into balance. When you are grounded, you will actually be able to feel your emotions and allow them to flow through you, rather than burying them in your body with potentially unhappy consequences. Your legs and feet root you to the earth. Roots, like the roots of a tree, move deeply into the earth for support and connection and bring up nourishment. Your solid foundation of health depends on both support and nourishment from Mother Earth. Learn how to get grounded even when it’s cold outside here.

Another important aspect of staying healthy under any circumstances, is spending time in the here and now—present moment awareness. At year-end when memories of past experience tend to be especially strong, you can support your wellness by staying in the moment. If you’ve lost that loving feeling when it comes to the holidays, wouldn’t it be wonderful to reawaken some joy? What if you used present moment awareness to build a new batch of memories that feel good and enhance your sense of wellbeing? Your body likes to live one moment at a time. You can’t help but feel healthy when you take time to be present. One place that will put you in the present moment is spending time outdoors. Step outside for a break whenever you can. Breathe, look, and listen to the natural world around you. There might be some special sight to catch your eye and your heart—a rosy sunset, a bird silhouetted on a bare branch, a winter flower. You’ll find yourself feeling grounded and present—two excellent recipes for health and wellness.

You can also use these affirmations to keep the vibration of good health resonating in your body:

  • I have perfect health.
  • I give my body love and respect and all the rest it needs.
  • I listen to the messages that come from my body.
  • I get my mind out of the way and allow my body to create optimal health.
  • I do everything I can to help my body maintain perfect health.

Feeling well and keeping the energy of your body flowing freely gives you the platform you need for living your life and enjoying all the good experiences ahead. As the holiday season approaches, your wellness keeps you open to the spiritual fulfillment that celebration is all about. When you celebrate, you are honoring, giving thanks for, loving, and praising the gift of life. Enjoy the blessings of the spirit this season by taking good care of yourself.

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Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Abundance?

When someone says “money,” what comes to mind? Do old messages from your childhood pop into your head: “Money is the root of all evil,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Wait until YOU have to earn the money”?  Whether money talk strikes fear in your heart, pain in your gut, or gives you a splitting headache, few people are immune to some emotional reaction to the green stuff. Those very mixed feelings are part of the reason so many people today are struggling with their financial health. Instead of digging for oil in the back yard to bring in more of that “filthy lucre,” why not dig into your deepest beliefs? You can get to know the real nature of wealth and discover the satisfying give and take of our abundant universe.

In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I encounter many people who feel they are doing everything right but still not succeeding. Given the fact that money is a reality of our society and everyone needs some to survive, having negative beliefs about it is a serious problem. Look closely at your beliefs about money. Ask yourself how you feel when you think about your finances. Sometimes fear and worry bubble up, even in people who have plenty and are unlikely to run out any time soon. Fear of not having enough comes from being told in childhood that “we can’t afford it,” “we never have any money,” and “we can’t pay our bills.” Hearing these negative messages as a child could make the richest man on earth become a relentless hoarder later in life.

Uncovering these early beliefs is the first step in healing them. You might find that you are afraid of money.  What if it has a harmful effect on you or your family? You might have a conscious or unconscious belief that money is wrong. This might lead you to sabotage any opportunities to increase your wealth or to “lose” or throw away any money that comes to you unexpectedly. You might have the hidden belief that money corrupts and that the low-profile of poverty is safer emotionally and spiritually. Try to identify any emotional patterns that are limiting your relationship to money. Look closely at your feelings about money, understand their roots, and decide if healing these beliefs will help you reach your dream of a successful life.

And what is this successful life you dream of? How would it look and feel? What aspect of this successful picture is it that brings you happiness?  Maybe for you success would be opening a preschool for underprivileged kids or starting a business to employ at-risk youth? Maybe it would be starting a community garden or forming a jazz band with the musicians in your city. Maybe success would be putting your kids through college without debt, adding on to your house to take in an elderly family member, growing the most beautiful petunias on your street, or painting a mural on the community center wall. By focusing on what you would love to do, you create the positive energy that attracts abundance and the possibility to make it real. From my practice of energy healing, I have learned that realizing your dream of success actually has little to do with money and everything to do with energy!

Creating abundance in your life is all about the energy you put out into the world. When you feel good about what you do, you attract positive energy that affects everyone and everything around you. Even if you are working at a job you don’t particularly love, try putting love into your work and see what happens. You are in charge of the attitude you bring to the world. If you are working in customer service, give that cranky customer your best attitude and see if you can convert them to courtesy and compassion.  The energy you put out is the energy you will get back. Put out an abundance of positive energy and see what happens!

Try these Abundance Affirmations for prosperity and peace of mind:

  1. Money flows into my life with ease.
  2. I am wealthy at this very moment.
  3. I have all the money I need and enough to share.
  4. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  5. I am financially secure and feel good about my life.

If you want to learn more about using energy healing to improve your finances, find out more about your chakras and how clearing chakras opens the door to more abundance, joy and peace in your life.