How Dreams Make You Smarter

Are you fascinated by dreams? Your dreams offer you a powerful portal to your subconscious thoughts and feelings — and a vast reservoir of wisdom to guide you through every aspect of your life.

In the following guest post written by Nancy Neff, LifeForce Energy Healing® Master-Grad Student Teacher, you’ll see how deciphering her dreams opened Nancy to higher wisdom and a whole new guidance system. I hope Nancy’s story inspires you to delve deep into your dreamtime too — for healing, knowledge from the multidimensional universe, and an ever-expanding experience of life.

Growing up fiercely logical and analytical, I didn’t want to have anything to do with feelings.

I distanced myself from the other girls, who I saw as frivolous. I obtained degrees in math and computer science, then tried hard to keep my focus on my corporate job, which felt more and more restrictive over time.

When the dreams started coming in my mid-forties, some were alarming, and I didn’t know what to do with them. What did it mean when I dreamed that my mother was a Nazi, terrorizing everyone… yet I went to help her when she stopped breathing and fell over? What did it mean when I dreamed that the irresponsible but harmless guy I was dating was avoiding the police?

This was new territory for me, which nothing in my math or science classes had prepared me for.

Setting off on a dream-exploring adventure

Since there was no Google yet, I started reading about dreams, then found a teacher and group to work with. I was used to being at the top of every class I joined, but I felt totally out of my league surrounded by artists and other creative folks who were very comfortable with their intuition. All I knew was how to figure things out, and that part of my brain was no use in this setting. I still remember the panic I felt when my dream teacher asked us to draw something from a recent dream; I was sure I would get the wrong answer.

As the right-brained intuitive side of me developed more, I began to feel more at home there. I made connections that were not based on the logical left-brain world of words and facts and data.

While I was working to improve my eyesight, a dream of broken plastic contact lenses led me to transition from contacts to eyeglasses. When a friend asked why I made this change, I answered that I just knew it was right. I was surprised to hear my own words. I was starting to trust my intuition.

Tapping into the unified field

When I joined an energy medicine class with Deborah King, it really gave me the opportunity to bulk up my intuition muscles. She taught me to meditate, which does wonders for calming my lifelong anxiety. It also feels like it opens the channel wider to greater wisdom, from what Deborah calls the Unified Field of All Information. I started reaching a point where I “just know” what’s good for me and what’s not.

Meditation benefits the corpus callosum — the part of the brain that joins the right and left hemispheres — physically connecting your intuition with your logic and analysis. For me, dreams do this too, as long as I don’t dismiss them as “just dreams.”

Dream journaling

I let the dream images come to me, then write the dream in my journal, which engages my left brain. I pay close attention to any right-brain feelings about the dream. Then I brainstorm about any associations with those images or feelings. Working with dreams is a whole-brain exercise!

If I look back at old dream journals, I can spot repeated themes about a long-standing challenge or about some familiar role I play — the athlete, the teacher or student, the friend, the lover. I also often have a precognitive glimpse of something in a dream that appears in my waking world days or weeks later. Often I’ve forgotten the dream by then, so I go back to my journal to review it and make notes.

Ignoring my dreams seems as self-limiting as ignoring the input from one of my senses, like walking around with my eyes or ears covered. I thought I was smart years ago when I was using only my analytical brain. By learning to use my intuition, I now have the chance to develop true wisdom.

Nancy Neff was the highly anxious over-achieving daughter of the high school principal. She worked as a computer nerd for many years. Trying to decipher her vivid dreams, she was forced to get out of her head and recognize the fundamental role of her emotions. She now honors her feelings, using their wisdom for guidance, and has become a compassionate coach and energy teacher, with a knowledge of many healing tools.

Nancy trained as an Abundance Coach and as a LifeForce Energy Healer® and coach; she is currently teaching in Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing Master-Grad Program. Nancy helps people improve their eyesight naturally, better understand themselves and others, and remove obstacles to having an abundant and joyous life.

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Tap Into the Wisdom of a Teacher From Beyond This Realm (Lucid Dreaming Part 2)

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you tune in to your spirit guides every day, to ask what insight and information they have for you?

In Part 1 of this series, I led you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream to change your waking life. There I called on all the beautiful beings who are available to give you answers and keep you safe anytime.

In Part 2 today, we’ll build off the foundation we created together, as I take you through a quick meditation to connect with your main guide.

Take a few moments and relax as I orient you to your primary guide who can provide you with valuable insights into your health, relationships, emotions, career, purpose — anything you need guidance with. Join me and I’ll connect the guidance you receive to the activity of lucid dreaming:

Who is your main guide from beyond this realm?

Your main guide might be an ancestor from way back in your lineage, or maybe from just one generation back. It could even be someone who’s not part of your direct family line, but who you feel is part of your family. Maybe you have a specific angel you like to work with — you could call in that angelic guidance.

Whoever your main guide is for you, they’re very available to you personally. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re always at your side waiting to offer support and guidance whenever you ask for their assistance.

They can help you reach higher levels of initiation, assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness… their aid is deep, vast, endless, and always focused on your highest good.

What’s the best way to connect with your main guide?

The key to identifying and connecting with this guide is to ask. Guides won’t reach out to help unless you request their help. They don’t volunteer or “butt in” because they will not interfere with your free will.

So you’ll want to actively, consciously ASK every morning and every night — it only takes a moment. Be patient as you practice connecting with your guide, and I guarantee that soon you’ll sense that teacher at your side.

Once you connect with your main guide and get a sense of them, ask what messages they have for you. Their messages may come in words, their messages might appear in pictures… they could come to you just as a knowing. It all depends on how YOU tend to receive channels of communication.

Your guide and lucid dreaming

After the meditation I guide you through in the video above, you might have a lucid dream tonight in which your main guide appears to you.

Remember that when you…

  1. Set the intention now to lucid dream tonight (that is, when you set the intention to be aware when you’re dreaming and to intentionally shape what happens in the dream), AND
  2. When you set the intention again just before you go to sleep tonight
    … you can meet your main guide — your teacher from another realm — again, and get even more guidance and connection.

And I want you to know… now that you know how to do this, you can access this kind of guidance whenever you need it.

To discover more about connecting with higher realms for guidance and healing, sign up for my free event on the power of Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Discover How to Lucid Dream to Change Your Waking Life

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you ever feel like your life is happening TO you?

What if you could shape your life so it works WITH you, and FOR you?

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for influencing not only what happens in your dreams, but also what happens in your waking life.

What exactly is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is clear dreaming — it’s the act of being consciously aware when you’re dreaming. It’s when you’re asleep, and yet you know that you’re dreaming — and you control what happens in the dream with awareness and intentionality.

Cultures all over the world throughout history have worked with lucid dreaming. The oldest reference is from around 800 BCE, in the Hindu Upanishads. Eighth-century Tibetan Buddhists also described lucid dream practices in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. And Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all explored the nature of reality during their nightly journeys. The term itself was coined in the 1900s by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden.

How to lucid dream

In this 12-minute video, I will lead you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream TONIGHT.

I share details about lucid dreaming, with a focus on technique and practice — to give you tools so you can easily work with the unlimited field of possibility that is your dreams.

Benefits of lucid dreaming

When you’re aware that you’re dreaming, you can consciously:

  • Change jobs
  • Find a partner
  • Communicate with loved ones — alive or passed on
  • Resolve conflict with someone you’re having trouble with
  • Learn what’s hidden in your subconscious mind
  • Fly, shape shift, or HEAL!
  • Meet your goals (don’t miss the video’s 5-minute mark, where I describe how I used lucid dreaming to influence my ski-racing results)
  • Or just have fun and explore new possibilities

Want to soar through the air, speak another language, swim in a coral reef, or try out some other new skill or adventure tonight?

How to set your intention

In the video I walk you through a calming meditation to set your intention for lucid dreaming this evening. Once you’ve had this intention-setting experience, you’ll know how to do it on your own, anytime.

Here are a few prompts to jot down so you can set your intention any night:

  1. Sit or lie down comfortably and take a deep breath. Send that breath down your legs, releasing any tension in your body through the soles of your feet. Send your next breath down your arms, releasing any pain through your fingertips. Breathe into your heart, releasing any fears or negative emotions as you exhale. Breathe into the top of your head, releasing any discomfort or unwanted thoughts with your exhale.
  2. Imagine a white or golden light above you. It’s brilliant, warm, and soothing. Let it completely surround you. Extend this light throughout the room you’re in, feeling enveloped in comfort and safety.
  3. Call in the presence of the Higher Beings to guide you. Your Higher Self, your Spiritual Guides, or an angel such as Archangel Michael — all the beautiful beings who are available to keep you safe anytime. You just need to call them and they’ll come.
  4. Now, set the intention that you will lucid dream tonight. Say aloud or simply think, “Tonight, I will know when I’m dreaming.” Later on, before you fall asleep, repeat again: “I intend that I will know when I’m dreaming.” It’s that easy.
  5. Set an intention for what you’re going to dream about. This can be whatever you want, whether you want to solve a problem, meet a goal, do something fun like take a trip somewhere…

Another key to lucid dreaming that I encourage for you is keeping a dream journal.

Sweet dreams! May you have fun working with the deep reservoir of possibility that resides in your soul tonight.

Dream journaling

Dream Journaling: Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom for Guidance & Healing

Dream journaling

Your dreams are filled with wisdom to guide you through every aspect of your life.

They give you access to knowledge beyond your ordinary, everyday awareness. They can show you the future, preparing you for challenges and opportunities. They can speak to your past, providing you with clues for healing old wounds. And they can guide you in the present, offering you wisdom for making the best decisions and honoring your soul’s desires.

A powerful way to start tapping into the wisdom of your dreams is to keep a dream journal.

Why you should keep a dream journal

The benefits of dream journaling are as vast as the realms your dreams take you to. Here are just a few of my favorite reasons to keep a dream journal.

Healing, transformation, and growth:
When you look back on your dream journals, you hold up a magic mirror that can reveal patterns in long-standing challenges. Your dream journal can even serve you as a data log that gives you insight into themes regarding your attitudes, beliefs, experiences, and actions.

You can also get precognitive glimpses of things that appear in your waking world later on. Dream journaling helps you develop a sixth sense, opening you to correct a course you’re on, restore your inner compass, expand your consciousness, or develop telepathic or clairsentient skills.

Brain balance:
Dream journaling can benefit your corpus callosum — the part of the brain that joins the right and left hemispheres, physically connecting your intuitive abilities with your analytic abilities.

In “Dreams Make Me Smarter,” one of our students wrote: “I let the dream images come to me, then write the dream in my journal, which engages my left brain. I pay close attention to any right-brain feelings about the dream. Then I brainstorm about any associations with those images or feelings. Working with dreams is a whole-brain exercise!”

Dreams offer you a treasury of images and symbols that can light your creative fire if you’re an artist. And even if you’re not, recording your dreams can inspire you to tap into the creativity inside you that yearns to be expressed.

Sketch that mountain or underwater temple when you wake up, then turn it into a deeply expressive painting or sculpture! Write down a dream-encounter as a short story, or see how it’s a clue into how to finish a scene you’ve been working on for your novel. Record that guitar line that came to you in your dreams. Whatever ways you express yourself — or would like to express yourself — journal your dreams to ignite your imagination.

How to keep a dream journal

Choose a notebook or a specially-crafted dream journal with thick, high-quality paper that you can joyfully write and sketch in.

Keep your journal near your bed and write your dreams in it as soon as you wake up. If you find that your bedside notes are barely legible, try transcribing them into a Google Doc later in the day.

While I suggest charging your phone away from your bedroom at night (so you can get a nightly retreat from constant digital clutter and melatonin-disturbing blue light), another option is to record a voice note as soon as you wake up. Then use a voice-to-text program to transcribe your dreams.

Ready to start recording the wisdom of your dreams?

Here are 5 journaling prompts to get you started:

  1. When was the dream? Note the date (including the year) so you can look back on the entry in the context of what was going on in your life and the world at the time.
  2. What happened in the dream? The key is to record your dream in as much detail as you can. Where were you? What was it like? What were the events? What did you do? Was anyone else there? What did they do or say? When did the dream take place? What did the events remind you of? If a detail seems too trivial or obvious to note, write it down anyway. When you look back on your dream entries, you’ll find that what might have seemed like useless details are highly significant in retrospect.
  3. What did you think or feel during the dream? Your internal experience is one of the most (if not THE most) telling aspects of your dreams. Did you feel elated, joyful, rejected, connected, relieved, anxious, relaxed, fascinated, blessed? Did you think “This reminds me of the time I…” Or maybe you thought “This is a place I’d love to….” Whatever your interior response was, make a note of it.
  4. How does the dream connect to your highest desires? This year, Spirit is really calling us to focus on what we want to create in our lives on this beautiful planet. We all long for something. Look back on the things you’ve desired in your past that you’ve manifested. That’s evidence that goals come to fruition, that “dreams come true”! So think about what you want at this point in your life. A new house? Healing from an illness? A fulfilling relationship? A rewarding career that suits your soul? Clean waterways? The end of injustice? Jot down anything about your dream that seems connected to your longing.
  5. What do you think the dream means? Don’t worry right away about dream interpretations like “owls represent wisdom” — you can look those up later if you’d like. For now, focus on writing down what significance the feelings, events, people, and images of the dream have for you. Because it’s your dream, you have the most insight into what it’s telling you.


Tap into the creative, healing wisdom of your dreams now!

If you want to start journaling right now, write down your response to one of these prompts:

  • Last night I dreamed…
  • When I was a child, I dreamed…
  • The best dream I ever had was…
  • A recurring dream I’ve had is…
  • The other day I had the strangest dream…

Start writing now or when you wake up tomorrow, and watch the wisdom flow from your soul, through your pen, and into your life.

Dream on!

To learn more about tapping into the power of your dreams, you can checkout my course on Astral Wisdom here.

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