Clearing Mental Chaos

Clearing Mental Chaos: Energy Medicine For Upended Times

Clearing Mental Chaos

Are you finding your inner chaos is mirroring the chaos swirling around you?

Racing or obsessive thoughts, a feeling of “leaving your body,” overwhelming emotions… 

Where can you turn for a sense of inner peace and calm?     

Fortunately, your own, subtle energy body holds the key that can set your mind, free…

In fact, you can clear any mental chaos you may be experiencing, right now, by turning your attention (and intention) to your first chakra, at the base of your spine.  

In the brief video below, Deborah shares a simple Energy Medicine teaching and practice, to help you experience calm instead of mental chaos — now, and in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Watch as Deborah guides you to rediscover your foundation, by pulling Earth’s energy up through your root chakra, allowing this healing vibration to fill your entire body…

Your ability to feel safe and supported resides in your first chakra, which receives healing, life-force energy from the Earth. Simply focusing on the vibrant, red, spinning vortex of energy in your root chakra grounds you and helps quell any mental chaos. 

You can see mental and earth energies as polarities — your accelerated mind in relationship to your grounded, centered, root.

As you listen to this short video, feel your body relax and your mind clear… notice your attention in the present moment… and a greater sense of what is yours to do, right now.   

Perhaps there is nothing to do? Just be present and lean into trusting that Spirit is guiding you.

You can return to this Energy Medicine practice throughout your day (anywhere, any time) to calm your mind, ground, and reconnect with the healing energy of Mother Earth… and affirm your deep anchor into the Earth’s generative and resilient core.

To support you in grounding and staying centered during these times, Deborah hosts a regular Facebook Live.

Your Inner Witness

Journey to Your Inner Witness: Holding Your Center in the Face of a Storm

The ancient rishis, the seers and sages of India, taught that the “Inner Witness”  is the key to holding your center in the face of a storm…

The Inner Witness approaches each situation with curiosity and observation. As if watching a movie, the Inner Witness engages in nonattachment — allowing thoughts, feelings, and worries to pass through.

This does not mean we don’t take situations seriously, we do. Especially right now. 

During this unprecedented time, and all the ways COVID-19 is impacting our daily lives, our communities, and our global family, is a signal that we are being called to a deep level of grounding, self-healing, and self-care at this time

The path forward is to find your center in the face of the storm… 

So, the question you might be asking yourself is, “Just how do I do that?” 

When the impulse is to “do something,” to take action, to move forward, to “think” of answers… the solution may actually seem counterintuitive. 

The invitation right now is for BEING not DOING.

Your Inner Witness is here to guide you. It’s part of your energy body and it vibrates with the higher frequencies of your being.

From your center, you can also bear witness to all the positive shifts that are unfolding in lockstep with the spread of the virus. Humankindness at its finest. Strangers helping strangers, communities coming together, and growing solidarity replacing growing division. 

I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Lisa Bonnice at the Shift Network and shared a special teaching and guided practice on just this — how to connect with your Inner Witness and how critical it is for us to do at this time

When you watch the video, you’ll also receive a short journeying practice, which will connect you with your Inner Witness. Watch here: 

Watch video meditation

I invite you to stop everything you’re doing and to just listen in as we do this practice, together. At the end of the guided journey, we also opened up for some of your most pressing questions. 

Topics like: 

How can this help me right now? Especially with everything happening in the world?  

How can I show up for others, and not contribute to the fear? And also not take on their energy or panic? 

How can this help address what we’re dealing with now in a global pandemic?    

I also discuss the important link between the vedas and the chakras, and why integrating science and ancient wisdom is so important for us right now too.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and enjoy this guided meditation. And, if you would like to join me to discover deep journeying practices for healing and transformation, I invite you to check out my upcoming course at The Shift Network (which you’ll hear about in the video too). You can get all the details here.

Divine Manifesting

Divine Manifesting through the 10th Chakra

Divine Manifesting

Do you have a ‘Higher Vision?’

Maybe your vision is to discover your “right work” in the world, and live a fulfilling, prosperous life…

Maybe you’re ready to meet your soulmate…

Or, you have a creative dream — a project, a business, a nonprofit, or a way you feel called to serve your community — but you’re afraid to say it out loud because it’s way too big…

There’s wisdom available to you through your own, subtle energy body…

You can draw on the creative power of your seven chakras — from your root chakra to your crown chakra to guide you.

There are actually even more energy centers that you can tap into to manifest your vision — some teachings reveal as many as 13 chakras, and others offer a path to many more.

Each energy center, a “wheel,” or cakra as they’re called in the ancient Vedic texts of India, hold sacred healing power…

The 10th Chakra is the doorway to Divine creativity, where your dreams can be seeded…

In this video teaching, leading energy teacher and bestselling author Deborah King, shares about this important energy center, a portal where you can co-create with Spirit, Source, God, the Divine — to give wings to your big dreams and daily intentions for your life.

Deborah also shares a quick way you can connect with this energy center, four to five feet above your head.

You can access this inner resource anytime, anywhere throughout your day — when you need to reconnect with your center and realign with your higher vision.

To discover how to access the wisdom of your entire energy body including your chakras, join Deborah for a FREE event — Discover the Healing Vibrations of Vedic Energy Medicine: Essential Practices to Release Emotional Blocks in Your Energy Body & Access Higher Levels of Consciousness.

When you join Deborah, you’ll experience the healing power of your subtle energy body as you release emotional blocks and access higher levels of consciousness.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

How to Activate Your Chakras With Ancient Vedic Wisdom

“The Seven Gods have seven spears and seven lights. They hold seven glories.” — Rg Veda 8.28.5 (Translated by David Frawley)

You’ve likely experienced the profound healing that’s possible in working with your body’s innate wisdom.

Guidance for activating this inner resource is rooted in one of civilization’s most ancient texts — the Vedas (Sanskrit for “knowledge” or wisdom).

The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, a body of religious texts, spiritual writings, poems, and hymns that were passed down through oral tradition.

These time-honored texts encompass Divine knowledge and bring to life the deep, healing vibrations of consciousness. 

Woven throughout these ancient scriptures, are references to the chakras… 

The Rg Veda (one of the holiest of the four sacred texts of the Vedas) directly references the cakra — the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” “disc” or “circle” — more than 29 times.   

Described as moving in circular motion with a cyclical nature, the cakra are also depicted through vivid imagery and symbols, such as “seven wheels” and “rays of light.”  

Yet, you don’t have to become a Vedic scholar to transform your energy field… and access higher states of consciousness…

You can tap into the healing frequencies of these energy centers within you through Vedic Energy Medicine — integrating the ancient wisdom of the Vedas with the sacred vibrations of your subtle energy body. 

Higher Heart Chakra: The Healing Power of Unconditional  Love 

If your mind is full of negative thoughts,  or you’re feeling drained due to a chronic health condition, such as depression, the Thymus Chakra unlocks the healing power of your “Higher Heart.”  

Stuck energy can create stuck emotions and negative thoughts… just as an infection that makes the thymus gland, which supports the body’s immune function, lose its ability to fight off colds and other attacks to your immune system.

The powerful, energetic vibrations of this chakra can help you clear blocked emotions in the thymus gland, which also creates illness.  

Simply tapping in the center of your chest will start the process of activating your higher heart, and help you to forgive others and forgive yourself. As you move into the higher heart, you vibrate at a higher frequency and can feel love and joy.

When the Thymus Chakra is in balance, you have access to the higher love of the Divine… connecting your heart energy to your thoughts and words….and guiding you to share your truth.  

If you would like to experience the healing power of your entire energy body, release emotional blocks, and access higher levels of consciousness — join me for Discover the Healing Vibrations of Vedic Energy Medicine here.