Your Healing Connection: A Vision of Oneness


“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”
― Swami Vivekananda

Many years ago, when I first began seeking to expand my consciousness and grow in Spirit, I discovered the power of meditation. I needed a healing connection, and meditation appeared. It was the key to my spiritual growth—the one true constant in my life—and has brought me more of everything I could ever have wanted. Did I know in the beginning all the gifts that expanding consciousness could bring? I knew that I was looking for something and Spirit knew the way.

I began doing everything I could to cultivate an expanded consciousness, and here’s what I found. Besides the fact that it feels really good, it’s also the best state from which to get guidance and direction for your life, to have your energy field recharged (resulting in better health), and to get the information and instructions you need for transformation. All of the concerns that your “small self” doesn’t know how to address, as well as all of your bigger life questions, can be answered by tapping into the universal energy field shared by all, the unified field, your connection to Spirit.

In an expanded state of awareness, you perceive beyond the limitations of your body and mind and feel that you are part of the vast universe around you, connected to All That Is. You might experience the unified field while hiking in the mountains or watching the waves roll in at the beach—nature can certainly ease you into an expanded state of awareness. Or maybe you’ve reached it through exercise or prayer or music, or through making love or being present at the birth or death of a loved one—events where you feel deeply connected to another person. Oftentimes, an expanded state has come upon me while mountain climbing or cross-country skiing in the wilderness. But the surest route to heightened consciousness is meditation.

By expanding your awareness—by bringing yourself into balance, experiencing greater peace, raising your consciousness, and connecting with the Divine light—you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. We’re all connected. The ripples that you send out into the world are reflections of your inner state of being; they touch and affect others.

If you’re uplifted, you uplift others. If all human beings are in a higher state, we’ll very likely feel more inclined to come to creative and harmonious solutions to our global problems. That’s what is going to give us: a world without war, terrorism, polluted air, or toxic water. Simply put, enhanced consciousness can bring about a better life for all. Meditation matters not just for healing individuals but for healing the planet as well.

All beings on Earth communicate through consciousness. That’s why what you think and feel is so important—with every thought and emotion you have, you’re sending out energy that makes its way into the fabric of humanity’s consciousness. This is one reason I have my students meditate together at workshops: our state of mind produces waves of energy that affect not only the people in the group or our next-door neighbors. The larger and more powerful the group, the farther the energy radiates, affecting those at greater distances.

Early in my training, I had an extraordinary group meditation experience.  I was on a yearlong meditation retreat with a spiritual teacher, receiving instruction in ancient Hindu sutras, the highly condensed spiritual texts (usually short phrases or even single words) that are memorized in order to produce powerful awakenings. Students are instructed to focus on these sutras while meditating.

Having been admitted to the program at the 11th hour, I’d had no opportunity to read books or quiz friends as to what I could expect. And since the 200 students were instructed not to discuss the sutras among themselves, I simply showed up each day ready to sit silently and await instruction.

Once the last sutra had been whispered to me, I began quietly repeating it in my mind. Suddenly, I noticed my whole body become very hot, as if it were on fire. I started to feel heat coming from my hands, up my arms, up my neck, and into my head. I remember thinking, I’m too young to be having a hot flash.

The heat became more and more intense, and I began to vibrate—just a little at first, and then a great deal. I felt my body expand…and expand…and expand …until it seemed that there were no longer 200 separate people sitting on the floor. All of a sudden, I saw in my mind’s eye an amazing vision of one body in the room; we were all so connected that we became one. I gasped in delight as I merged into this vision; I could feel one heart beating inside of me, and it contained the hearts of all the people in the room.

It was as if we were so linked that we were all one, beating with one heart. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had, for a brief moment, experienced the unified field, where we are all intimately connected.

Once you have experienced a direct connection to this energy, you will not want to live without it. It truly feels like home.

I have never forgotten that first experience of oneness, and for several years now, Spirit has been guiding me to teach the sutras in a way that I can reach many people. These ancient teachings are the most advanced learning I have ever experienced.

While it took me over a year to learn them myself, and many years to learn how to teach them, I found a way to teach YOU the sutras in an amazing 6-week program.


What Charismatic Gift Is Meant for You?

As I lie here in bed, in this care facility run by an order of contemplative nuns, I think of the path I have traveled to where I am today. The word grace comes to mind, and charism, which is an extraordinary power given by spirit to be used for the good of others. I’ll explain, as you may also be traversing this or similar territory.

When I was living in the Santa Ynez Valley many years ago, every morning at 4 a.m. I would go to a nearby chapel to meditate and do my sutra practice, followed by merging into a deeper state of prayer. The seer who taught me to meditate always said that meditation prepares you best for prayer.

After several months in the chapel, I started to have experiences of visions and voices. I was given instruction (internally) in how to hold my hands and arms. Later I realized that these arm and hand positions are the same ones you see the priests using in the Catholic Mass. Clearly, these particular positions have something to do with divine energy. Unfortunately, these days most priests are just going through the motions and are no longer connected to that flow of Divine energy.

When I started having the visions and voices, I wondered if this was common. One day as I left the chapel after my meditation and prayer, I ran into a friar. I told him my experiences and he said, “You will want to read St. Theresa of Avila. You’ll find that your experiences are similar to hers.” St. Theresa was a Carmelite nun in the 1500s in Avila, Spain. Her writings are still a guide for developing spiritually through service and prayer, almost a blueprint for how prayer is a mystical union with God. I was excited to discover someone had written about the types of experiences I was having. I devoured all of her books and devoted a year to studying them.

If you’re having or are curious about metaphysical experiences like visions and voices, you might consider reading St. Theresa yourself. And if I’ve taught you to meditate, and you have learned sutras from me, it’s likely you will have some unusual experiences. It’s important to know that these experiences are not only beneficial for you, but are given to you so you will use them to benefit humankind. By the way, if you haven’t learned the sutras yet, which tend to give rise to such powerful spiritual experiences, I’m teaching them in just a few weeks and you can  >>learn more here<<

A year or so later, I was laid up in bed with a back injury, during which time I had incredible adventures in the land of Spirit; I even had an encounter with the devil! My husband, Eric, took me to see a healer, which is when I had a gigantic spiritual opening. I spent that whole summer sitting in an oak tree, steeping myself in Spirit. I was given more hand movements, along with some special sounding techniques for conducting healing and initiations.

Looking back, I can see a pattern: there have been a number of times I’ve been flat on my back and each incident provided me with another spiritual opening. Why is that? First of all, when you’re laid up, you’re more likely to have the time to be open to the inflow of spiritual gifts. Plus, in times of crisis, you’re just more available. You’re not running off to cook dinner or do the laundry or walk the dog.

As my healing skills got more refined, one day I heard a voice say: “Do what you do in your private healing practice in public.” Always willing to do the bidding of Spirit, despite my horrendous fear of public speaking, I did free healings every Monday night in different parts of Los Angeles for nearly a year. As my work evolved, I discovered that the spiritual experiences that had originally been for me were now for the guest standing next to me.

I was clearly guided in what to do with healing energy: ACT—attract the power, conduct it through my own personal energy field, and transmit it to the other person.

And so I was graced with the charism of healing. A charism (plural is charismata) describes any of the spiritual gifts given to an individual that are to be used for the good of others. Charismatic gifts can include words of wisdom and knowledge, increased faith, prophecy, the discernment of Spirit, and the gift of healing.

It’s been many years since Spirit trained me to use these healing and initiatory energies for others. Eventually I learned that all I have to do is “intend” for the energy and I immediately feel a big rush of light come through me. I can tell if it’s meant for initiation (giving someone a “step-up” in consciousness) or for healing. Sometimes I’m told it’s to help someone transition; their time has come.

The spiritual experiences I had were compatible with my religious upbringing as a Catholic. I was brought up with Jesus and the saints, so that’s who I saw and heard. I’d have visions of the Mother Mary in a variety of ways, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe. When I’m working with someone, I see or sense the guides and divine figures that are the ones compatible with their beliefs. I might see American Indian guides, or little Irish gnomes, or a turbaned Sikh. You may be more comfortable with the Mother in the figure of the Buddhist Kuan Yin, or the Hindu goddess Durga, or a Jewish matriarch like Deborah. I personally have a strong connection to the goddess Isis from a past life as a priestess in ancient Egypt.

So the question is: how do you open yourself to receiving the grace of a charism?

It takes deep inner work. You have to learn to make lemonade from the lemons of your life. You do the best you can with a difficult partner, an unfair boss, or a terrible accident. ☺ Most importantly, you have to find your individual way of serving humanity.

We are all members of the human community and we are meant to act for the benefit of others. Every minute, you have the choice of acting in a positive or negative way with other beings. The foundation for being able to receive a charism is simple: it’s unconditional love. To feel it; to be able to bring others into that space; to know it is the only true healing balm. Love everyone: all the members of your family, your friends, your pets, and then keep extending the love out to the people at work, the pizza delivery guy, the old lady in your building with Alzheimer’s, until you’re living in a field of unconditional love.

So where am I now? I can sense that this accident is a turning point in my life – I am yearning for what is simple and moves at a slower pace, more in tune with the earth.  I am remembering that less is more. I’ve been given a challenging situation so I have the opportunity to be open enough to receive more charismata. And I am more committed than ever before to helping you achieve your true potential for the benefit of all mankind.

So don’t be confused or concerned about the powerful experiences you may have along the way: they are all pointing you to unconditional love—oneness with Spirit, in service to all.


Down on My Knees

There is an old story about a Zen master, the head monk of a certain sect, who noticed that his most promising student was holding himself back from the fullness of his spiritual potential. As the young monk was meditating, the head monk came up to him with no warning and pummeled the student’s knee with a wooden bat. Why would he do that? Well, the knees represent our ability to move forward, and breaking a knee broke the karma that was holding the student back from becoming the master.

Five years ago, I ripped the two main ligaments in my left knee. My husband Eric and I were looking to re-create the way we had lived when we were younger: in the high mountains by a lake. I wanted to reduce my teaching obligations; I was trying to turn away from that life. I wanted to get back to being a mountain climber, a horseback rider, anything but this. I knew I was turning away from my dharma as a teacher, my true life purpose. I was saying to Spirit, I don’t want to live such a life of sacrifice.

We’d only been in the mountains for three days when I rented a paddleboard at the lake. I was standing on it in shallow water, getting ready to paddle out, when a man came up behind me suddenly and accidentally knocked me off the board, causing the knee injury.

Despite the severe knee trauma and a year and a half of rehab, I didn’t get the message from Spirit that I needed to accept my path in life.

Fast forward exactly five years, almost to the day. Eric and I were once again in the Sierra Nevada mountains, hiking this time. Again, all I was looking for was a quiet place where I could get some rest from my intense schedule as a spiritual teacher. Again, it was the third day we were there, when all of a sudden the narrow cliff I was standing on gave way and I went flying through the air, tumbling ten feet down the rugged terrain.

This time that same knee was smashed to smithereens, and my right wrist was broken as well.

Clearly, Spirit was not pleased with my plan to renew my love affair with the mountains. I must have veered off course, and this was Spirit’s way of bringing me back to my true self. I was tired; I wanted to take care of me; I wanted to spend life in the mountains and reduce my responsibilities. But Spirit didn’t care about that. Spirit cares about my being a teacher and helping to raise the consciousness of the planet.

This time I have no choice but to listen. I can’t hobble away, I can’t even use a walker. I’m observing myself, staying in the witness. My mind is clear since I have refused all painkillers from the beginning. I’m totally surrendered to what is, and not even anxious or worried about the upcoming surgeries. You could call it the flow of grace that happens when you acknowledge there are no accidents, and certainly not two freak accidents that both happened on the third day of my trying to leave the intensity of a teacher’s life.

Instead of planning a move to the mountains, I was now trying to find a care facility that could handle me for the next few months. My main interest during my research was to find a place with a strong spiritual basis. The only person I was interested in interviewing at the skilled nursing facilities was the Spiritual Director!

I chose a facility run by an order of nuns (real nuns in real habits, taking me back to my childhood Catholicism) that started in Spain over 150 years ago, with their sole mission that of caring for the sick. But the place was full. I forcefully pleaded my case to the nuns. They finally called me back and said they had found a room for me.

Since I had to be under a doctor’s care, the next bit of serendipity was choosing a doctor to supervise my healing at the facility. An East Indian doctor (very compatible with my spiritual beliefs), around 60 years old, actually showed up in my room at ten at night! She came over to my bed and said, “This is unheard of. This place has a huge waiting list. How in the world did you get a room?” Eric chuckled over my ability to talk myself into any place.

I asked the doctor, whose office had told me she wasn’t taking any new patients, why she had taken my case. She said, “I lost a young nun here to leukemia, and the nuns got me through her death. Then I had colon cancer and they helped me through that. Now, when they call and want me to help a patient, I do so.”

So here I am, in the right place at the right time with an amazing opportunity to go deeper inside, to learn even more that I can later teach you: lessons about humility and patience and surrender to the divine plan. I have cleared my schedule for the summer, which is what I’ve been told it will take for the surgeries and rehab. Right now I’m flat on my back, with what feels like 30 pounds of metal temporarily around my left leg, screwed into the bones of my thigh and calf, to brace and stabilize the shattered knee until it’s time to surgically repair it, and a full cast on my right hand and arm.

As soon as I am able to, I will get back in front of my computer and resume teaching and video sessions with my students.

This time, Spirit, trust me, I got the message!

P.S. My Mindvalley Academy master class is still happening; it’s just been postponed for a brief time. Stay tuned for the new start date.