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Tap Into the Wisdom of a Teacher From Beyond This Realm (Lucid Dreaming Part 2)

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you tune in to your spirit guides every day, to ask what insight and information they have for you?

In Part 1 of this series, I led you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream to change your waking life. There I called on all the beautiful beings who are available to give you answers and keep you safe anytime.

In Part 2 today, we’ll build off the foundation we created together, as I take you through a quick meditation to connect with your main guide.

Take a few moments and relax as I orient you to your primary guide who can provide you with valuable insights into your health, relationships, emotions, career, purpose — anything you need guidance with. Join me and I’ll connect the guidance you receive to the activity of lucid dreaming:

Who is your main guide from beyond this realm?

Your main guide might be an ancestor from way back in your lineage, or maybe from just one generation back. It could even be someone who’s not part of your direct family line, but who you feel is part of your family. Maybe you have a specific angel you like to work with — you could call in that angelic guidance.

Whoever your main guide is for you, they’re very available to you personally. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re always at your side waiting to offer support and guidance whenever you ask for their assistance.

They can help you reach higher levels of initiation, assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness… their aid is deep, vast, endless, and always focused on your highest good.

What’s the best way to connect with your main guide?

The key to identifying and connecting with this guide is to ask. Guides won’t reach out to help unless you request their help. They don’t volunteer or “butt in” because they will not interfere with your free will.

So you’ll want to actively, consciously ASK every morning and every night — it only takes a moment. Be patient as you practice connecting with your guide, and I guarantee that soon you’ll sense that teacher at your side.

Once you connect with your main guide and get a sense of them, ask what messages they have for you. Their messages may come in words, their messages might appear in pictures… they could come to you just as a knowing. It all depends on how YOU tend to receive channels of communication.

Your guide and lucid dreaming

After the meditation I guide you through in the video above, you might have a lucid dream tonight in which your main guide appears to you.

Remember that when you…

  1. Set the intention now to lucid dream tonight (that is, when you set the intention to be aware when you’re dreaming and to intentionally shape what happens in the dream), AND
  2. When you set the intention again just before you go to sleep tonight
    … you can meet your main guide — your teacher from another realm — again, and get even more guidance and connection.

And I want you to know… now that you know how to do this, you can access this kind of guidance whenever you need it.

To discover more about connecting with higher realms for guidance and healing, sign up for my free event on the power of Lucid Dreaming.

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