The Lost Art of Living

Stop and smell the roses. I bet some of you got impatient just reading that! But wait! Stop and answer these questions: what are you racing to? What are you going to “win” at the end of the day? Are you going to be satisfied? When you maintain this I-want-everything-now pace, what do you have in five years? You’ve aged five years. That’s it. If you haven’t stopped to enjoy the smell of freshly mown grass, feel sunshine on your face, cuddle with someone you love, or spend an hour doing nothing but being, you’re just marking time. We have lost the art of being, which I urge you to relearn for better physical and emotional health. Visit my blog at Psychology Today for some help.

September 30, 2008 – 10:43am in Psychology Today
Remember that old Simon & Garfunkel tune-the “59th Street Bridge Song?” It starts off with “Slow down, you move too fast.” It kicks down the cobble stones, says hi to lampposts, and watches the flowers growing. And ends with “Life, I love you, All is groovy.” When was the last time you were in love with life, moving slow enough to enjoy the flowers growing? Read More


“I Want to Be Here Now” – Scott Blum Talks About Staying Grounded in Today’s World

We often see the world as a scary place; we are overwhelmed with disasters, violence, catastrophe. As the callers on today’s show tell us, fear and emotional pain are making us tired! If you are among the over 20 million Americans with anxiety problems, how can you find relief that is both natural and effective? How can you reconnect to the here and now in your everyday life? We discuss this with our listeners, always giving specific and realistic advice. In addition, we are glad to have Scott Blum, cofounder of Daily OM, with us. Scott talks about the exciting things that has to offer. Please join us at for more on having the emotional resources to deal with financial, relationship, and life stresses.

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We Create What We Fear – Conquer Your Fear!

Living your truth is not an experience reserved for yogis on mountaintops or at secluded monasteries – though it’s a bit easier there! No, even in these trying economic times – especially in these trying economic times – truth is essential for maintaining emotional health. On our debut show, we talk to listeners searching for stability in the rocky world; we talk to Joseph Jacques, who is leading a movement to call everyone to live their truth and to discover their own stories through a program called CAST (Calling All Societal Truth). Our world is permeated with fear and anxiety; we focus on effective, realistic strategies to deal with these negative emotions so that we can be healthy and whole. Tune into Contact Radio for more.

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The World is Sarah’s Battleground

Where Sarah Palin goes, controversy follows. From those who claimed she would be the savior of the Republican Party to those who say Trig is not her son but her grandson, Governor Palin certainly makes great news. Love her or hate her, she’s omnipresent because of her beautiful appearance in the ugly world of politics. But beneath the “aw shucks” surface lies a classic psychopath, as defined by Lowen’s psychodynamics principles. The governor is out for one thing: power. Or perhaps two: power and herself. Read my blog post on Psychology Today to find out why Sarah Palin lacks the emotional health and balance to be a “heartbeat away from the oval office.”

Posted on September 10, 2008 – 10:51am in Psychology Today
Sarah Palin is a classic “psychopath” as defined by Lowen psychodynamics, a system that analyzes the inner forces that affect behavior. Read More