Ode to Influence – my forever friend

I’m crushed today, the living embodiment of a grief so deep — and a surviving joy so strong — that nothing else, right now, can take the edge off.

Influence and I had a major love affair. My husband, Eric, once said to me, “I hope you never have to choose between me and that horse, because Influence will surely win.”

Influence passed a few days ago at age 32. Because he was ten years beyond the “expiration date” for his breed (Dutch Warmblood), I began to think he would live forever. And he will. He became part of me, and I of him.

I don’t know if you’ve ever loved a horse up close and personal. If you have, you’re with me right now. If you haven’t, here’s what it’s like.


I was a late bloomer to horses, in fact, embarrassed to admit, on the shady side of 40. When I moved to yet another ranch, I could see people on horseback nearby. Intrigued, I ran right over, introduced myself, and pleaded, “Can I get on?”

The neighbor’s place was a cutting ranch. The horse I mounted that morning was trained to separate (“cut”) cattle and other livestock from herds so ranchers could deal with them individually.

That same day, I quickly learned just how far it was from the horse to the ground. My steed cut quickly back and forth, and I didn’t have a clue. Riding a cutting horse is like riding a tilt-a-whirl without a seatbelt. Yikes!

Undaunted, I sought out a dressage trainer, having witnessed the beautiful ballet-like marriage of horse and rider in that discipline. The next day I met Laura, the perfect trainer, and away we went, searching for the perfect horse.

It took an entire year to find Influence. We looked literally every weekend from dawn to dusk, up and down the length and breadth of California, until my vedic astrologer finally announced, “Eureka, Influence is the one.”

Even though Influence was green (four years old instead of the customary five) and thus technically a bit young for dressage training, and even though I was even greener (a true babe in the woods, having barely ridden), Influence’s breeder released him a year early because (frankly) I drove them crazy. I simply wasn’t able to leave him behind, once we had chosen each other, which was obvious from the moment we met. As young as he was, Influence was so sane, so quiet (even unridden and unbroken), that the breeder finally relented and let me take him home.

Of course, everything was ready when I got him home: the “bassinet,” the blankets, the toys — you name it. I spared no expense for this blessed event.


Influence upended my life in the best possible ways. I took all my meals outside with him, and even slept in his stall for a week the time he had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Doing so, however, toppled our relationship. Forever after my sleeping on the floor, beneath his feet, he considered himself in charge —a condition from which he never recovered, much to Laura’s consternation. But, given his affable personality, he was very kind and compassionate (if sometimes sassy), it never became a problem. But I must have lost a hat a week to his sense of humor and penchant for hats made of straw.

Influence simply couldn’t fathom why he wasn’t allowed to sit on the couch when my dog (of whom he was insanely jealous) could, so I invited him inside. (Yes, all 1500 pounds.) That seemed to satisfy him; fortunately, he sought the same proximity, not necessarily the same seating arrangement As soon as weather permitted every Spring, we moved outside and slept in a tent near him.

Influence was a stunner, looks-wise. Coal black with a white blaze and four white socks. In fact, he was so remarkable that the breeder talked me into entering him in the annual Keuring where experts came from the Netherlands, searching for the perfect horse. Influence won for North America and came in second worldwide that year. At which time I advised him not to get a big head, telling him “pretty is as pretty does!”

Because Influence spoke perfect English and I spoke decent Horse, we had no trouble communicating. When my friends would pull out their baby pictures, I would pull out his photos. And I’m sure it was no coincidence that I adopted him the year after that my doctor told me pregnancy was definitely not in the cards.

I took Influence everywhere I went: the dentist, the gas station, the grocery store. He would stand patiently in his trailer, nibbling on hay, and wait for me.

We were inseparable.


In an effort to always keep Influence between myself and the ground, the cardinal rule of horsemanship, I decided to expose him to as many experiences as possible to render him spook-proof. (when a 1500 pound dressage horse “spooks,” he moves sideways at lightening speed as you go flying through the air).

We already had a dozen llamas, and Influence had a great time gaily chasing them around the field, never getting within nipping distance of Mama Llama, who wouldn’t have taken kindly to any interference with her herd. He was, however, afraid of the cattle we saw on our forays into the wilderness around Lake Tahoe, so I got him a 1-day old calf I named Bessie, and bottle-fed her in his stall, to get him used to cows. Bessie turned into a stunning black and white dairy cow of the same weight as Influence and they were fast friends, but he continued to spook at cattle in the mountains, telling me “they aren’t Bessies.”

That same year, I collected peacocks, ostriches, chickens, ducks, a goat named Mr. Goat, and a pig, a big favorite in the family. Always subscribing to the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, I even got a pond of trout to round out the ranching experience.

Influence and I talked about doing the annual cattle drive over the mountains in Nevada, but, fortunately, we backed out on that idea. One of us probably would have been killed — or died trying!

Influence never seemed to age beyond the age of eight (in human years). So, I always had this charming companion who woke up every morning, wanting to know what fun was planned for the day.


My equine friend only got mad at me twice. One time I was putting sunscreen on his white nose when he lost his balance and fell down right in front of me. He said, “You pushed me!” I said, “I did not. You lost your balance!” Two minutes later, all was forgiven.

The other time was the first time he caught me riding another horse. Oh boy, was he ticked off! To communicate his extreme displeasure, he turned his big butt to me and refused to talk to me for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, after I explained to him that I needed more training than he did, my “indiscretions” were permitted so long as I didn’t get too cozy with any of these older schoolmaster horses.


Influence and I attended scores of horse shows and what fun that was! We’d get all dressed up and blow an entire weekend having a ball with other horse-crazy people. It doesn’t get much better than that, except for the countless moments in his stall, or pasture, or in the mountains, or inside the house, when we’d commune with each other, content just to spend precious, peaceful moments together.


Sadly, I had to quit riding before Influence was ready to quit due to a mountain climbing accident, but I made sure he had a warm bed, a roof over his head at night, fields of green grass, plenty of horse friends (including a girlfriend ☺︎), and all the treats he could safely handle.

He was bucking and running until one morning earlier this past week, when he suddenly went off his feed. Nothing could be done, and he was dead by nightfall. I was there at his passing and I felt his enormous spirit go through me as he headed for greener pastures in the sky.

It is impossible, still, to imagine his pasture or paddock without him standing there, with that impish gleam in his eye, waiting for me. I know he’s up there, in horse heaven, and that, one day, he’ll be there waiting for me, to usher me through the pearly gates. Rest in peace, Influence, until we meet again.

Healing and Grace

Five Ways to Bring Healing and Grace Back into Your Life

Healing and Grace

Never underestimate the power of a change of seasons to awaken your spirit. Last week, we officially crossed over into a new season, as “Old Man Winter” loosened his grip on the weather of the northern hemisphere and made way for the feminine touch of spring. From ancient times, humans have regarded spring as a female persona bringing with her a rebirth of light, warmth, new growth, and new life. You too are eager to welcome an infusion of the Divine Feminine, the gifts of the feminine face of God. The long sleep of winter melts away, and you open yourself to the possibilities for hope and healing that a new season brings.

There’s so much work to be done as you look around you. The gifts of the Divine Feminine are needed to bring harmony, peace, balance, love, and compassion to a troubled world. The powers of the feminine spirit live in both men and women and can be cultivated like spring flowers. If you use them first to heal your inner world, you can bring them forth to help, heal, save, and rescue the outer world in every way you can imagine. What would you do with the power of your Divine Feminine connection?

Bring food to starving children, shelter the homeless (and nation-less), end war, comfort and heal the sick, the suffering, and the heartbroken?

The possibilities are as vast as the universe, but where do you begin? Step one is small and close to home. First, you need enough power to stand up and put your own life back on track. Look within and wake up your connection to the Divine Feminine, the flowing energy of unconditional love. Plug in to that power with your inner resources and you can begin to channel a life-changing, world-changing force for healing and grace.  Learn to make your inner light a match for the heavenly light that calls to you!

Here are five ways to wake up your spirit this spring and call forth the gifts waiting to bloom within:

1. Nurture— Take care of the miraculous living being who is you. Are you a loving parent to your inner child, treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and patience? Are you considerate of your physical needs for proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and regular exercise? Do you love and appreciate yourself and respect the awesome gift of life? Do you practice feeling gratitude for all your experiences, lessons, and blessings?

Healing and Grace
Healing and Grace

2. Heal— How do you create wellness and wholeness within? Do you have a regular practice for connecting to Source? I believe that the best practices for increasing your light and keeping your psyche healthy are meditation and prayer. Try to meditate for 20 minutes twice a day and connect to Source through whatever form of prayer is most meaningful for you, whether it be contemplation, affirmations, music, art, or moving your body. Connecting to a power greater than yourself eases pain, anxiety, fear, and creates inner peace.

3. Grow—How often do you see the sky, touch the earth, and gaze at distant mountains? You are part of the ever-growing, changing, and expanding world of Nature, even though modern technology tries to suggest otherwise. Stress comes from being ungrounded, when you lose your connection to Mother Earth. Happiness and peace come from immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, scents, and textures of the outdoors. Without regular exposure to nature, you lose the feeling of belonging to something larger than your small self. Watching a flower sprout and bloom inspires your spirit to grow!

Healing and Grace
Healing and Grace

4. Express—Do you look within and strive to understand and appreciate your thoughts and feelings? Do you find ways to express your unique experience of life? Keeping a daily journal helps you develop the ability to express yourself. Recording ideas and impressions can help you find patterns in your thinking to help you know yourself. The more you know, the more you grow. As you grow in spirit, you will have the tools to express yourself, share your ideas, build and strengthen relationships. The more you discover about yourself, the more easily you’ll be able to connect and communicate.

5. Serve—Do you serve by placing a warm meal in front of a homeless veteran? Or by showing a struggling child how to read a story or solve a math problem? Do you visit the local shelter to play with the animals waiting for a loving home? Do you march for the rights of others to vote, work, worship, exist in peace and safety? Each act of service in the world begins with your inner sense of purpose and connection to your fellow beings and the Source of all that is. Your inner spiritual work creates inner peace which the world sees reflected as love, hope, and encouragement.

Healing and Grace

Let the spiritual power of the Divine Feminine help you to nurture, heal, grow, express, and serve this spring! Dedicated inner work is one of the primary ways you awaken your own powerful gifts. You become more patient and tolerant. Your intuition gets sharper, and you start to experience the loving qualities of your inner essence. With a regular practice of connecting to Source, whatever that may mean for you, you’ll suddenly find that there’s space for more light to come into your life and more light to share with the world!

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Finding Balance during the Equinox: Spring Cleaning the Mind

Spring Equinox

Spring officially arrives today, March 20th, at 5:24 PM EDT, as we reach the Spring Equinox. In one of those rare moments of total balance in the Northern Hemisphere, during the Equinox, day and night are both 12 hours long. The sun rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

If only we could put our own lives in such balance!

The spring equinox usually heralds a compunction to sweep out all the dust bunnies, rearrange sock drawers, and tackle that mess in the garage. But this year, I suggest that spring cleaning can have a new meaning for those of you who truly seek an expansion of consciousness: try cleaning out your old beliefs, the ones that no longer serve you.

Spring Equinox

Whether we realize it or not, much of what we believe has its roots in our childhood, when we unconsciously absorbed the ideas and prejudices of our families, friends, teachers, and the culture we grew up in. For example, if you grew up in the south-west of the United States in the past 40 years, there’s a strong chance you assume all Mexicans are illegal and suitable for menial labor only. However, if you grew up in France during the same time period, you might assume that any Algerian you pass on the street should be engaged in manual labor.

Look carefully at the ideas you hold to be self-evident. Do you think that nobody should eat meat? That liberals (or conservatives) are responsible for all our societal woes? That cancer or other illness is somehow our own fault?

Take the time to examine your beliefs. Start with the areas of your life that are causing problems. Are you unhappy with your weight or appearance? Why? What was your family’s attitude toward body image? Did they mock fat people? Praise your sister but ignore you? Compliment those who were light-skinned? Make sure you had a nose job when you turned sixteen? Banned short skirts? Not let you out of the house unless you were wearing make-up?

Are you in financial distress? What was your family’s attitude about money? Were they content with and grateful for whatever they had? Were you desperate for extras? Was saving expected of you?

Are you an activist? Do you listen to a broad range of views before deciding where to focus your energies, or do you assume that your beliefs are the only right ones and the “other side” is completely wrong? Were political issues debated in your home, or were there simply pronouncements that determined which way you were expected to believe?

Spring Equinox

There are two main questions to ask yourself about any belief you hold: “Where did this belief come from?” and “Does it still work for me, or is it limiting me in some way?”

The most difficult belief to examine is about your basic identity. The famous Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi, started a lineage of spiritual self-inquiry with the critical question: Who am I?

Indeed, who are you if you strip away your dearly-held beliefs? Who are you beyond your occupation, your marital status, your motherhood or fatherhood, your sexual orientation, your bank account, your politics, your gender? Who are you?

Spring Equinox

One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”


“No,” answered Buddha. 


“Then are you a healer?”


“No,” Buddha replied.


“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.


“No, I am not a teacher.”


“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.


“I am awake,” Buddha replied.

Right now is the perfect time to reset, rebalance, and re-examine everything in your life. To understand what past traumas have solidified you in your current position and what you must heal from and overcome in order to move forward. A great way to do this, is to connect with other healers and seekers of truth.

And while it may not be possible to hop on a plane and go to a retreat this very moment to jump-start this process, it is possible to relive a powerful retreat that was recently held in Malibu by the Deborah King Center. We’ve distilled the powerful teachings and experiences into 11 hours of life altering material. And you can learn more about it here >>

Higher Chakras

3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Higher Chakras Could Do

Higher Chakras

Over the years there has been a lot of information published about chakras. Often you’ll find that even people who aren’t actively pursuing a spiritual path have heard the term chakra, and may even be able to tell you where one is—a vast shift in awareness since I started studying energy healing three decades ago! Now, the seven major chakras are fairly mainstream.

But what do you know about the higher chakras? Though the higher chakras are much less talked about, they are just as important. In fact, they are essential for connecting you to the vastness of the universe and meeting your higher self.

You Have to Crawl Before You Can Walk

Higher Chakras

Before we can discuss the higher chakras, which are the conduits to higher realms, we must first address your seven main chakras, which are your roots. Just like any tree needs a solid base from which to grow its branches into the sky, you need a strong foundation in your lower chakras before you can reach the stars through the higher chakras.

Your seven bodily chakras, which start with your root chakra at the base of your spine and move up along your spinal cord until reaching the seventh chakra at the top of your head, each govern different aspects of your life here on the physical plane. This includes the way you see yourself, how you perceive and interact with other people, and your larger ideas about the world and your place within it. Pretty important stuff!

When in good health, the seven chakras spin gently in the correct direction. This allows the chakras to move energy in and out between your field and the unified field beyond, replenishing your personal field and maintaining your health.

As Routine as Brushing Your Teeth

When your energy field isn’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy, so if you feel your chakras could use some cleansing and recharging from energy medicine—and, honestly, whose couldn’t?—consider attending energy healing courses or workshops. If your chakras need a jumpstart, an energy healer can sense where there are blockages and remove them. An experienced energy healer will also be able to open and charge your higher chakras.

While you’re waiting to work with an energy healer or spiritual teacher, keep up a daily practice of meditation, journaling, and staying grounded in nature, all of which go a long way toward clearing the imbalances in your energy field. It may help to schedule meditation and other energy-clearing activities until they become as routine as showering and brushing your teeth.

These practices help to free up emotional baggage that can slow your spiritual progress, and make it easier to connect to the higher chakras and reach the higher levels of consciousness that await you.

Higher Chakras

Going Up, Up, Up

Each chakra has its own color and vibrational tone, and as you move up the chakras, the vibrations increase. In the higher chakras, the tones begin to sound heavenly, like angels singing, and it is just gorgeous and uplifting to hear.

Here are 3 more things you may not have known about the incredibly powerful higher chakras:

1. Higher chakras can lead you to your higher self.

The first of the spiritual chakras is the eighth chakra. This chakra is the passageway that connects your personality in this body, in this lifetime, with your immortal soul, the part of you not confined by physicality that spans many bodies and lifetimes.

Higher Chakras

When you journey to the eighth chakra and beyond, you will be able to meet with your higher self, provided you have done the requisite self-work through energy healing, meditation, or other means. Your higher self is a perfect being made of light and love—it’s you, the ideal version of you— and she can offer guidance no one else can.

Your higher self also has access to the Akashic records, which contain all knowledge, and can answer questions your conscious mind doesn’t know the answers to—past, present, or future.

2. Higher chakras can reveal your life’s purpose.

The higher chakras contain the best parts of yourself, the qualities you came into this body and this life to manifest. When you activate the higher chakras, you can download those qualities and that energy and absorb them into your being. This allows you to act from a place of spiritual truth, in alignment with your soul.

The higher chakras, particularly the eighth, hold the record of your soul contract—the plan your soul set in place before you incarnated, or, your life purpose. You must learn specific lessons in this life in order to evolve, and while your higher self never forgets what those lessons are, your personality can. When you begin to reach the higher spiritual chakras, you are able to get in touch with your higher self and check out the blueprints you made for this life.

3. Higher chakras allow you to experience divine love.

Students often ask what the higher chakras are like, and it becomes difficult to describe because they are experiential planes, not intellectual. I can say that by the tenth chakra you start to feel ungrounded, like you’re floating above your body, so you’ll want to be sure to only go this high when led by a spiritual teacher or energy healer. If you can join me for one of my meditations where I take you to the higher chakras, I promise it will be an experience you won’t forget.

Higher Chakras

But the greatest gift that reaching higher chakras provides is the experience of Divine love. The perception you have of being a separate being, alone, will begin to crumble as your consciousness expands and you become aware of just how immeasurably large this universe—and therefore the universal field you’re connected to—is.

Cosmic love will change you down to your core. The effects of understanding that you are part of the interconnected world and knowing that you are loved unconditionally will make you more compassionate and loving towards others, and the Divine love will radiate like ripples, spreading through you and out into the world.

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Law of abundance

Abundance Comes from Within

Law of abundance

Did you know that the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of abundance? Whatever it is you want—peace, joy, laughter, happiness, strength, a dream career, a better connection to Source, a deeper alignment with your higher self and life purpose—anything your heart desires can be attracted to your life with an abundant mindset and an open crown chakra. With this one shift, you can literally change everything!

The Source of Happiness

You’ve probably noticed that there are people who seem to have it all: health, wealth, successful careers, marriages, partnerships, and most of all, they are honestly happy. From the outside looking in, it may seem as though the material prosperity they’ve achieved created their happiness, but the truth is that it’s usually the other way around. Internal perspective, clarity, and alignment with your soul purpose leads to external abundance. Abundance begins within you, with your thoughts and attitude, and with the proper mindset, there’s no limit to what the universe can provide for you.

Law of abundance

You Get What You Give

The world is a closed circle; energy can’t be created, only transformed, and every single thing on this planet is linked to every other thing through the unified field. This means that you are connected to your neighbors and everyone else, to the physical earth, and to higher planes and Source, and what you do affects your personal energy as well as the energy around you. You see this in little ways every day. Think about how easy it is to get sucked into someone else’s bad mood when they’re nearby—their energy can literally drag yours down.

But the reverse is true as well, and positive energy can also spread like energetic wildfire. In fact, that is what you are doing by studying energy healing and walking the path of light; you are helping to raise your own vibration, which raises the vibrations of those around you, and collectively, the universe at large. This is no small thing—energy may be invisible, but it is more powerful than anything you can see with your eyes, and as it heals you, it heals the whole planet.

Ask and You Shall Receive

It is this same principle of interconnectedness that guides abundance. Your thoughts and emotions have their own energy, and what you think about, obsess about, will eventually manifest. You give it weight by thinking and feeling about it so much. This has been proven in studies that show how effective prayer is. Thought and emotion together push that energy out into the world where the desire can be formed and returned to you. Abundance is as simple as a consistent, meaningful request to the universe, accompanied by giving back what you hope to receive.

Law of abundance
Law of abundance

Shift Your Focus

So if you spend all your time thinking about the fact that you don’t have enough money, the universe sees that as a request, and you will be provided with a continued absence of money. If you constantly lament the fact that you’re not in a relationship, it will be hard to find one. If you are always worried about getting sick, then the universe will provide you with an illness. The universe will give you what you put your energy into, so if you want to manifest the good, you have to shift your focus and attitude.

If you want more money, start donating what you can spare. If you want more love, adopt a pet. Be of service without expectations. True abundance is an inner knowing that you are living the best version of yourself, so switch from focusing on the lack of what you want to focusing on bringing what you want into your life so you can be that best version.

Sometimes I find students can’t manifest their desires because they don’t really believe they deserve them. If your thoughts contradict your emotions, the universe tends to hear your feelings. You may think you want more peace, but if you secretly feel you deserve to be punished for past mistakes, you will continue to be punished. Energy healing techniques like meditation and journaling to release those negative emotions can help you adjust your thoughts toward the positive, and allow you to attract the abundance you want and deserve.

Open Your Crown Chakra

Another way to create internal abundance is to open your seventh chakra, which sits at the top of your head and is connected to thought, consciousness, information, and intelligence—all aspects of the process of knowing. When the seventh chakra is clear and balanced, divine energy can flow into it from the universal field, expanding your consciousness, and providing you with a greater awareness of what you are truly meant to do. With this knowledge, you then have the potential to manifest the life you want to have—the life you were born to live—and the abundance you seek.

Law of abundance

Of course, the Crown Chakra is just one of the several chakras you should focus on in order to find true balance, peace, happiness, and health in your life. And while this is too much to discuss in an article, we do have a resource that will help you gain this transformational knowledge (which can literally impact every part of your life). It is our bestselling Secrets of Chakra Wisdom Course. Learn more about it here >>

Law of abundance

Purpose Leads to Abundance

The more open your crown chakra, the more connected you are to your higher self, which allows you to really understand your purpose on this earth. Purpose is what many successful people attribute those successes to, and I see this quite often in my energy healing courses and workshops as well. Students who have won the lottery or finally reached the tenth floor executive office suite and are still not fulfilled are usually not following their true path—the roadmap their soul laid out for them before incarnating. Sure, they may look “successful,” but they are miserable, so does that really count as success?

People whose abundance blooms out of motivations deeper and more personal than money or fame are always happier. Real successes are life achievements that are in perfect alignment with your soul purpose and are therefore fulfilling and meaningful on a spiritual level as well as a personality level. My purpose is this—teaching you energy healing and how to live a healthier, happier life, which has made me happier and healthier, too.

When you find what you are meant to be doing on this earth, no matter how much money you make, you’ll have no shortage of fulfillment and joy. And chances are, you will make more money, have more peace, resiliency, love, and everything else your heart desires as well, for true abundance is what you feel in your soul, not just in your bank account.

Of course, becoming the type of person who can welcome and attract abundance requires effort for most of us, a process for overcoming past traumas and healing. And if you are ready to begin your personal journey, consider joining our flagship LifeForce Energy Healing Level I program >>