Are You Sleep-Deprived? 5 Ways to Get Enough Rest

“Sleep…knits up the raveled sleeve of care.”  William Shakespeare

Is everything going well for you in the bedroom? High-achieving, high-energy entrepreneur Arianna Huffington wants to know. No, it isn’t your love life she’s worried about. She’s asking if you are among the millions of sleep-deprived humans who may be endangering their lives by burning too much midnight oil. In her new book, The Sleep Revolution, Huffington reveals the secret of her success–she healed her terrible habit of never getting enough sleep.

Sleep is a subject of deep concern for everyone. You need it, and if the truth be told, you want it desperately. Sometime in the past few decades, not sleeping very much became something to brag about. There’s so much to do in this modern, merry-go-round life that those twenty-four hours that have been allotted to each day aren’t enough anymore. Listen and you’ll hear people buzzing about how little sleep they get like it’s a contest to see who can stay awake the longest. Arianna Huffington respectfully points out the science behind the human need for rest. In 2007, she herself collapsed from exhaustion. In working to clean up her act, she discovered the beneficial impact on health, mental clarity, and happiness that comes from good rest.

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve worked with thousands of people who need more balance in their lives. Sleep is a vital component of good health and spiritual wellbeing.  Maybe you, too, are working too hard and too long and then having trouble winding down when it’s time to get some sleep. Here are 5 steps you can take to recover your capacity for healthy rest:

  1. Have a Bedtime Routine – There’s a reason why bedtime stories and lullabies are going-to-bed traditions. Everyone can benefit from a comforting routine to ease them into sleep. Know how much sleep is ideal for you and plan to get that perfect amount just about every night. Make your bedroom a soothing haven by creating a bedtime ritual of reading, prayer, music, deep breathing or other relaxing practice.
  2. Put Out the Lights — Do what’s needed to make your sleeping space completely dark. Wear an eye mask if need be. Light at night interferes with the body’s biological clock and the secretion of melatonin. Research shows that blue light, like that emitted by electronic screens, is particularly powerful at suppressing melatonin. Red light has the least power to affect melatonin. The greater the dark, the deeper your sleep.
  3. Keep It Cool – Researchers have found that people sleep best in a room that is on the cool side—mid to upper 60s. You can find your personal best by experimenting with the warmth of your bedding and adjusting the room temperature, but keep in mind that cooler is better for your sleep.
  4. Enter the Quiet Zone – Needless to say, you’ll sleep better away from any noise that might wake you. If there are occasional sounds in the environment that disturb you, try creating some “white noise” with a fan or a recording that makes a soft and steady sound. It’s the same principle as driving around in the car until the baby falls asleep.
  5. Step Back from the Chaos — Is it safe to watch the late night news before trying to sleep? Read a horror novel? Have a heated discussion with your spouse/sister/child? Not at all. As you prepare to power down for the night, turn your focus to the peaceful and the positive. Plant the seeds of a happy and hopeful tomorrow by focusing on hope and happiness tonight.

Working in harmony with nature is the secret to getting good sleep. Your body is part of nature, and you can’t thrive without respect for your inborn programming—going to bed when it gets dark and waking when the light returns. When morning comes, head outside to greet the day and absorb the sunlight. The light of day will shut down your melatonin production and boost your wakefulness and mental clarity. Sleep is your good friend, and if you need a refresher any time, naps are highly recommended!


3 Ways To Celebrate Life On Earth Day

Deborah King Earth Day

From this God’s-eye-view, I saw how fragile and infinitely precious the Earth is. I’m hopeful for its future. — NASA astronaut Piers J. Sellers

Mid-twentieth-century humans were the first to see planet Earth turning majestically in space. Do you remember the first time you saw our planet as “the big blue marble”? For astronauts who leave their craft and walk in space, the experience can be a form of pilgrimage. How amazing it is that we were given a new planetary perspective at just the right time—when perilous changes were beginning to threaten our world. Our bond with Mother Earth is not only critical for our physical survival, it is also key to our spiritual wellbeing. If you long to reignite and reawaken your connection to the Earth, you are not alone. The time to reconnect is now and you won’t need a space suit!

You don’t have to travel far to see your earthly home from a new perspective and renew your grounded and loving relationship with Mother Earth. Restore your personal healing connection with our planet in 3 easy ways:

  1. See the Sacred Places. As the ancients knew, some places on Earth are graced with high-vibration energy. Wise and intuitive people often built their holiest institutions over energy vortexes. Although they are wonderful places, you don’t have to travel to Machu Picchu or Stonehenge to visit a sacred site. North America is brimming with places that were held sacred by Native Americans for thousands of years. Do some research on your local area. You are seeking to heal and be healed as you unite your spirit with the creative energy of the universe. These natural vortexes rich with healing energy can help raise your consciousness. Your soul wants to experience unity with the powerful unconditional love that can heal the hearts, minds, and bodies of humanity. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, one of the most powerful sacred sites I have found is Ojai, a charming small town located not far from Los Angeles, that has attracted seers, gurus and seekers for hundreds of years. There, they experience a profound expansion of their chakras, and their connection to Mother Earth.
  2. Visit the Wonders of Nature. If you have noticed how wonderful you feel after a day among trees, in the desert, on the beach, or in the mountains, you know the power of wild places to elevate your spirit. Any location you choose as your home in Nature will help build appreciation and admiration for the wonders of Earth. Whether you climb a mountain or sit on the beach or take a walk in the park, the time you spend outdoors in a natural setting without any electronic distractions will soothe and heal. Any members of the animal kingdom you encounter also have spiritual gifts to share. Watch the birds overhead and imagine your spirit soaring with them. Stand with your bare feet in the sand, soil, or grass and picture yourself as a tree, sending roots deep into the earth and drawing up the nourishment you need to live in balance and harmony.
  3. Tour the Good Works of Humankind. Today humanity is being challenged to step back from a headlong pursuit of technology that is harming Earth. It’s time to rebuild a deep awareness of our spiritual connection to this planet. Our spirits are part of the same creative energy that powers all things. The best works of humankind reflect this respectful connection. In a small survey of personal sacred places these came to light: the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City; the groves of towering date palm trees in Indio, California; the Golden Gate Bridge; Michelangelo’s statue of David; any small neighborhood of new homes built by Habitat for Humanity. Even armchair travelers can visit the gardens, the feasts, the festivals, the celebrations, and all the diverse beauty of peaceful human activity. Wanderlust is a gift of loving appreciation for our planet.

By using your personal pilgrimage to expand your awareness—to bring yourself into balance, experience greater peace, raise your consciousness, and connect with Mother Earth—you are assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. We are all connected. Being in a higher state makes it much more likely that we can come to creative and harmonious solutions to our global problems. A great love is what can help humanity heal Earth. Learn more about using energy healing to heal yourself, heal others and heal the world.