Design the Life of Your Dreams By Mastering the Out-of-Body Experience

Travel Beyond Space and Time to Design the Life of Your Dreams

Safely and Gently Explore the Astral Realms – Tap Into the Limitless Power of Your Soul, Collaborate With the Universe, and Unlock Your Hidden Gifts and Abilities

Deborah King Can Show You How…

How often have your intuitive senses guided you toward the light?

How many times have you been able to sense another person’s energy field and know so much about them… just by looking at them?

If you’ve ever had experiences like these, the work you’ve already completed is taking root and your higher spiritual gifts have already started blossoming within you…

But you have so much more to explore and experience…

Can you imagine if life was really just about taking up space? Living inside of boxes and stuck in repeating patterns and routines that you barely remember choosing, let alone committing to – leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled.

The truth is so many people, too many people, find themselves exactly in the same situation…cut off from their true selves, unable to complete their life purpose and stuck exactly where they are.

I’m inviting you to step up and do something about it…

For your loved ones, for your children and grandchildren, your friends and family, and complete strangers…

and most importantly…for you!

Did you know there’s an untapped way to step into different dimensions and shape your life into what it’s MEANT to be?

This Astral Wisdom Online Video Course will grant you access to a limitless source of possibility.

Astral Travel holds the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals on an abundant and energetic level.

This is one of the most effective ways you can make a massive shift in your energy and achieve lasting change that affects every aspect of your life.

This innovative online course will help deepen and broaden your connection to the Astral Realms, and can lead to powerful initiations, personal transformations, and accelerated spiritual growth!

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve hit a “wall” in your life and need to find a new direction
  • You want to attract boundless joy, abundance, and serenity into your life
  • You want to explore beyond yoga and meditation – into the furthest reaches of your Soul
  • You’re curious about Astral Travel and how it can help you heal, thrive, and grow in any area of your life
  • You’ve had experiences in your dreams that you can’t explain
  • You’re seeking unparalleled spiritual growth and transformation
  • You’d like to earn Deborah King Center Certification as an Astral Guide
  • You feel drawn to this course (it could be Spirit guiding you to your destiny!)

What You’ll Discover in 5 Life-Changing Lessons

Join Master Healer Deborah King on a remarkable voyage… beyond time and space, beyond your physical body, and beyond ego as you journey into the Astral Realms. There you’ll tap into your own powerful abilities for healing and growth… and bring forth the perfect, light-filled and limitless being you truly are.

Lesson One: The Road to Astral Projection

In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to prepare for Astral Travel and Astral Projection journeys, discover what part of you actually travels, determine where you want to go, and how to work with your fear regarding out-of-body experiences.

  • Comes with a beautifully designed PDF workbook
  • Travel to a past life as Deborah takes you on a beautiful guided meditation (included in the video lesson)

Lesson Two: Astral Travel Through the Ages

In this video lesson, you’ll learn the history of Astral Travel and Astral Projection across ancient cultures and civilizations all the way to the present day and your exploration of this powerful skill. You’ll also take an astral journey to visit the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin, a guide you’ll definitely want to be connected to.

  • Comes with a beautifully designed PDF workbook
  • Join Deborah for a guided meditation on the Ascension Temple at Luxor (included in the video lesson)

Lesson Three: Lucid Dreaming & Near-Death Experiences

In this video lesson, you’ll gain an understanding of lucid dreaming, what it is, and how and why you’ll want to use it. Lucid dreaming is an excellent precursor to astral projection, so it’s a very important ability if you want to be able to travel in the astral realms. And you’ll hear about near-death experiences—the type of out-of-body experience you don’t necessarily want!

  • Comes with a beautifully designed PDF workbook
  • Special guided meditation for reconnecting with a deceased loved one (included in the video lesson)

Lesson Four: Doorway to a Different Dimension

In this video lesson you’ll learn a variety of advanced techniques you can use to Astral Project, the many purposes of astral projection, and how to protect yourself as you travel among the Astral realms. You’ll also discover the five stages you’ll undergo as you travel out of your body.

  • Comes with a beautifully designed PDF workbook
  • Special Guided Meditation for learning how to love yourself (included in the video lesson)

Lesson Five: Q&A with Deborah

In this final session, you’ll put it all together with final thoughts and guidance from Deborah. Find out more about how to collect your certification and celebrate your wonderful accomplishment! Enjoy your new confidence and certainty around your Astral abilities and embark upon the next phase of your Energy Healing journey…

  • Q&A with Deborah

  • Astral Travel Oracle Card readings to help guide you on your way

  • Useful healing advice and guidance from a Master Healer

  • Access instructions on collecting your Deborah King Center Certification

Your Astral Wisdom Bonus Collection

In addition to all four sessions and the recorded Q&A session, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Each will transport you to new planes and deep dimensions of healing. Deborah will send them to you individually as the course progresses and as you become ready to embark on these advanced-level cosmic journeys.

  • Digital Astral Cards
  • Unlock your Astral Map to Sharing Your Healing Gifts and Abilities
  • Unlock Your Astral Map to Career, Finance’s, and Purpose
  • Unlock your Astral Map to Supercharging Your Intuition
  • Unlock your Astral Map to Love, Family, and Relationships
  • Unlock your Astral Map to Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss
  • LifeForce Energy Healing® Video Series

Dear Beautiful Soul,

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge you for being a source of light and abundance in the world.

Immersing yourself in a brave exploration of the Astral Realms is an adventure of true awakening and enlightenment… and I am so honored to have the opportunity to support you.

The Deborah King Center is a sacred space for spiritual exploration, healing on the deepest level, and celebrating the light.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey — whether you’re a seasoned healer, a faithful friend, or a newly-anointed seeker, I want you to know that you have come to the right place.

The work we do here could change the direction of your whole life, and the lives of your family, friends, loved ones… and, if you so choose, even your clients.

I can sense (and I’m sure you already know too) that you are ready for this new spiritual adventure and I am so excited to guide you toward the answers you seek.

As always, you have my blessings and my love.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Order Now:

  • 4 information-packed video lessons featuring the very best of Deborah’s teachings on exploring the Astral Realms, powerful guided astral projection exercises and all-new stories from Deborah’s own visits to the astral plane
  • 4 beautifully illustrated PDF workbooks, carefully designed to support your learning and enhance your understanding of this profound material
  • Exclusive access to Deborah’s brand-new Astral Wisdom Oracle Cards. Use this 72-Card Digital Deck to safely and gently access guidance and inspiration from the Astral Realms
  • A powerful Q&A with Master Healer Deborah King, including healing advice and guidance
  • Info on collecting your Deborah King Center Certification
  • A collection of powerful mp3 Astral Audio Maps to the Five Astral Hubs… specific planes and dimensions for: Health, Vitality and Weight Loss, Love, Family and Relationships, Career, Finances and Purpose, Sharing Your Healing Gifts and Abilities and Supercharging Your Intuition

Are you ready to travel beyond time and space to design the life of your dreams?

If you’re serious about tapping into the limitless power of the Universe and unlocking the hidden gifts and abilities of your soul, click the Buy Now button below to scoop up this course now.

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Become a Certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Astral Guide

After you have made a direct link to Astral Wisdom through this course, you will know for certain that we are all made of the same energy, that we are all part of the same beautiful tapestry that is the Universe.

Enlightened by this knowledge of our interconnectedness, you will be ready to become a trusted Deborah King Center Certified Astral Guide, anointed with a sacred promise of sharing your healing and light with others.

With the training and understanding provided by this course, your inner light, infused with kindness and love, will radiate out into the world and create real and lasting change.

Those who become certified will receive a Deborah King Center Certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Astral Guide electronic certificate and icon to use on their websites and in their homes or places of practice.

Design the Life of Your Dreams TODAY!

for only
$ 127
  • (valued at $247)
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