Mom and son flee to avoid chemo

Mom and son flee to avoid chemo: yes, their religious beliefs could well be the catalyst that, in combination with chemo, could eradicate the cancer. What I’ve found working with thousands of people is that it’s usually a combination of modalities, together with deeply held beliefs, that work best to make changes at the cellular level.
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Elizabeth Edwards: Is it really about Resilience?

I have received a great number of comments and calls about my apparently controversial ideas about Elizabeth Edwards and her publicity tour for her book Resilience.  In addition to the calls and comments I have received, I was on CNN Headline News yesterday examining the questions created by her media tour with host Mike Galanos.

The one question no one seems to be asking in the midst of this whirlwind media blitz is: What can we learn from this?  Read my complete analysis and exploration of this topic on the Huffington Post.

Excerpt from the Huffington Post:  “As her book title indicates, Elizabeth thinks she’s demonstrating that when the wind blows rough, the tough adjust their sails. But the more important lesson may be all about how denial and revenge don’t work.”


Oprah Interview of Elizabeth Edwards

It was fascinating watching Elizabeth Edwards’ body language as Oprah interviewed her, and that of her husband (for a brief time at the end). As much as Elizabeth and John have been working on their trust issues, I think she still has some inner work to do to restore her shattered self-confidence. Despite her obvious desire for a marriage that promised “happily ever after,” writing a book that brings the whole sordid affair back into public scrutiny might not have been the way to go. Read my analysis in the Huffington Post.

She held up fairly well during the interview, although the self-doubt she expressed as the wronged woman–did I dress all wrong at home, what do I mean to my husband, the classic “what’s wrong with me”– was echoed in the way she held herself hunched inward. The issues of trust they are working on as a couple are equaled by the shaken trust in herself: she had failed to keep her husband faithful–the one thing that meant the most to her. (While tempted, I won’t digress here and talk about how she “took on” her mother’s issue of spousal infidelity) Read more


Why is Elizabeth Edwards going public with her marital problems?

I am always trying to increase awareness, so it’s important that we look at even the unpleasant truths in our lives. It’s interesting to see the amount of denial in Elizabeth Edwards regarding her husband’s affair with a woman she won’t even name. Unfortunately, she knew that John’s candidacy was doomed because the truth was bound to come out, and yet she kept standing there…as his main cheerleader. Political wives are in a difficult situation when their husbands stray, and like Hillary Clinton or Silda Spitzer, Elizabeth stood by her man. Why do they do that? Read my blog on the Huffington Post.

Let’s take the denial first. I mean, wouldn’t you want to know if your husband had fathered an illegitimate child? Pulling the shades down over your eyes and never ever saying out loud the name of the “other woman” (or not allowing Oprah to say her name) won’t help a bit. I’ll say it: Rielle Hunter–a reportedly broke single mother who is probably not the crazy stalker Elizabeth paints as the root of all evil. Read more


Elizabeth Edwards: The Lies that Bind

Hi Steph,

Thank you for taking the time to vent! Just a couple of clarifications:

1. No doubt Bill Clinton respects and admires Hillary’s many talents, but I believe he also sometimes feels quite intimidated by her (who wouldn’t?!) and that that is one factor that leads him to his countless infidelities. My guess is they stay together for a host of complex reasons that include love and public status.

2. I made no comment on the importance or lack thereof of sexual fidelity in a relationship but Elizabeth did; perhaps you’re recalling her statement.

3. People don’t cause cancer; emotions can though. As a health and wellness expert, I’ve worked with thousands of cancer patients and see many of them turn the corner and begin their recovery when they are able to face their emotions and move through them. A woman like Elizabeth who is still in denial, i.e., can’t even bring herself to name the enemy, has a way to go however. I do believe that Elizabeth might well have a significant improvement in her health if she were to look at this situation more honestly. Writing a “tell all” and dragging your errant spouse on national TV is a great payback but doesn’t address the real pain that lies underneath.
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“I Can Do It!” – San Diego

I’ve just returned from the Hay House I Can Do It! conference in San Diego, and it was a big hit! I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with other authors, did a Hay House live radio show with author Lauren Mackler, and held a Sunday afternoon workshop for over 175 people. The energy in the room was humming with healings and initiations! All in all, it was a very fulfilling experience. Remember to check out the events page here to see if I’m going to be in your area soon. I love meeting you all in person!

Hay House "I Can Do It!" event in San Diego