A New Look at Your Eyes!

Submitted by Nancy Neff – Certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Deborah King Center LifeForce Coach

Although I’ve always been healthy and fit, eating well and exercising to maintain my physical and emotional self, like most people I considered my eyes to be in a separate category from the rest of my body. I knew shedding excess pounds could help with heart disease or diabetes, or that getting regular exercise or time outdoors could help with depression. But I used to think there was nothing I could do to change my “bad eyes”—my mother’s constant lament about my nearsightedness when I was a child.


Yes, I grew up wearing glasses that seemed to get thicker every year, as I retreated further into my books and away from interacting with people. I was so worried about my vision getting even worse that I practiced walking around the house with my eyes closed, memorizing the location of the furniture. Those thick eyeglasses were eventually replaced by thick hard plastic contact lenses, which I wore for decades. Then I learned that it was possible to improve my eyesight. Wow! You might as well have told me I had wings and could fly.


In working with a behavioral optometrist to gradually improve my vision, I sometimes struggled with too-weak glasses that caused me to strain, get a headache, and feel tired. I learned that strain meant I was doing something in an inefficient way. Seeing clearly is supposed to be easy! I found that if I gave an image a second or so, it often cleared up. Since I was used to rushing through every task I took on, this was a real exercise in patience for me.


I made a pivotal change in improving my visual health and function when I started to study energy medicine. I had been focusing only on the mechanical aspects of vision improvement, like wearing increasingly weaker glasses (or none at all when it was safe), shifting my gaze from near to far periodically when reading or at the computer, blinking enough, and resting my eyes whenever they felt tired. Now I also started to pay attention to how my visual system was feeling. I let myself really enjoy the everyday miraculous act of seeing, inviting the rich colors of my environment all the way in with no lenses to block them, being more aware of depth and the interplay of light and shadow.


I’m also more aware of how my eyes are an intrinsic part of me, and that anything which helps my body and my attitude to be healthier will help my eyes as well. Many people disregard simple health practices that would help their vision, like staying well-hydrated (the eyes are mostly water), or good posture (a cramped neck or shoulders can restrict the blood flow to the small capillaries that nourish the eyes), or getting enough rest. The eyes heal and regenerate during sleep, and you ignore your body’s messages of fatigue at your peril.


Vision varies with your current level of happiness (or not), your level of fatigue, and your surroundings (out in nature vs. in a cramped hectic office). If you experience momentary visual blur, it is not necessarily cause for stronger glasses; maybe you just need a meal, or to get up from your computer and go for a walk! Take a moment to check in with your body and your eyes to see what they need right now before jumping to the conclusion that your vision is declining.


Like pain in the body, visual blur is simply a signal from your system that you need to change something. Maybe it’s a belief, like “Since my mother’s vision declined when she was in her 40s, mine will too.” To paraphrase Henry Ford, if you believe your eyes are going to get worse, they probably will! Deborah King, spiritual teacher and master healer,  tells us that limitation or wrong beliefs exist first in the human energy field, which surrounds us; if they stay in place long enough, they can become a problem in the body. The eyes are actually an extension of the brain: the inside back of the eyeball, the sensitive retina that receives the light rays and images to decode, grows out of brain tissue as the human embryo develops. So I believe that if you can change your mind to have a more positive uplifting attitude, you can change your vision for the better.


Another thing I’ve learned from my energy medicine studies and healing courses is that maintaining a positive, grateful, optimistic attitude about my vision is essential to my seeing clearly. Clear visual focus requires mental focus, paying attention to what I’m looking at. Try looking at the world with the joyful curious eyes of a child to whom everything is new. Seeing is a gift, every day. The eyes have it!

Written by Nancy L. Neff – Certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Deborah King Center LifeForce Coach


Start Living Like a Goddess Today!


You have my permission to give yourself a gift and start living like the Goddess that you are, today.  Don’t even think about waiting until you’re ten pounds thinner, land the perfect job, or meet your dream partner to let your inner Goddess free.  You have the power within you to beautify your life, and the lives of the people around you, starting right now.


Living like a Goddess means getting in touch with the most positive and powerful side of yourself – your divine femininity.  It means connecting to what’s natural and real, and not being afraid to express your love for friends, family and the world around you! It means spreading a little light and laughter wherever you go. Most of all, it means accepting and loving yourself.


So where do you start? Here are a few suggestions to help your inner Goddess emerge:


Be still and listen to your inner voice. It’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day worries and to-dos that you forget to take a moment for yourself. That’s a good way to lose touch with the Goddess inside you!  Breathe deeply, smile, and take a moment – even when things are at their most chaotic. Make it your priority to do the things that allow you to connect with your deepest self.  For me that list includes taking time to meditate (the effects are almost magical), kayaking, and long walks in the woods.


Embrace your inner wisdom.  Write down your thoughts. Share them with others – or don’t. It’s up to you. Post your thoughts, observations and inspirations on Facebook, or type them in your personal journal and lock it on your desktop or handwrite them in a beautiful journal you hide in your closet. Goddesses come in all styles! What matters is that you express yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back for your wisdom and insight.


Connect with others. Take a few moments for the people in your life. Unless you’re on a deserted island, you come in contact with people, and Goddesses get energy and joy from connecting. Make the effort to really engage!  Listen to your friends, your co-workers, your children, your partner.  Put down the cell phone, the book or the TV remote and let the people that you love know they have your full attention for a moment.  When you’re out in the world give strangers that you meet the gift of a joke, a smile, or a complement. It will make routine interactions more fun, and allow your Goddess light to shine!


Wear what makes you happy now. Don’t wait till you’re at your “perfect weight”. Dress to fit the body you’re in and show off your best features. If you like flowing skirts and bracelets – go for it! If you’re more the shorts and tank top kind of gal, dress for yourself! If you feel most like yourself in super short hair, embrace it. There are no rules, the only rule is to do what makes you feel beautiful and happy. Create your own signature style that is uniquely you, and if you want to change it up every day, that’s okay too.


Forgive yourself and others. In order to spread light in the world you first have to let go of the darkness inside you.  Fear, resentment and jealousy will keep you from being the loving, shining Goddess that you know you can be! Let go of the old stale resentments and grudges that are blocking you. Remember, forgiveness isn’t admitting that the other person was right, and it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s

a conscious decision to let go of resentment and anger and move on with your life. And while you’re at it, be sure to forgive yourself for any past mistakes that you’ve been beating yourself up about.


Finally – Share the love: Don’t play it cool. Give yourself permission to let people know how you feel about them. Let your favorite teller at the supermarket know that you make a special effort to check out in her line. Tell a little girl that you love her pink rain boots. Take your dog for a walk and appreciate her loyalty and love. Write a letter to a teacher or mentor, thanking them for inspiring you. Tell your parents, partner or siblings what they mean to you.  Let your children know what makes them special to you.


Being a Goddess is about making the most of the time you have on earth. And if your goal is to become a spiritual teacher, energy healer, or life coach, it’s crucial, as your prospective clients will definitely want their mentor to be a goddess! Unleash your feminine power and have a beautiful life!


Women and Cancer: New Solutions

Medical sign person - woman showing blank poster


Women are afraid of cancer and rightly so. By the time women are in their fifties, they usually know of more than several friends or relatives who have had some form of cancer. So let’s talk about what’s new in the field of energy medicine for women who are dealing with cancer.

New studies have shown that double mastectomy as a solution for those with a high genetic possibility for getting breast cancer does not improve survival rates. A protocol based on hope rather than fear will go much farther in supporting a women’s goal to be cancer free. As a spiritual teacher, I would recommend a supportive measure like a strong, daily meditation program as the best insurance for avoiding and defeating cancer.

Scientific studies these days are focusing on combining natural substances with pharmaceuticals. Researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that combining tamoxifen (the most prescribed breast cancer drug) with a compound from feverfew, a flowering plant, may prevent resistance to the drug. Other studies have shown that grape seed extract works synergistically with certain chemotherapy drugs to make chemo more effective.

As a practitioner of energy healing, I have always believed that when you have been diagnosed with cancer, you need everyone on your team—your oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist, etc.—along with practitioners of whatever complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments are most appealing to you.

On the CAM front, more and more is happening. One of the most encouraging developments when dealing with any form of cancer is the emergence of more “integrative oncologists.” These are doctors who specialize in cancer but go beyond the standard Western medical care. While still utilizing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (although administered in very different ways than usual), these docs include lifestyle evaluations, recommendations for specific herbs and supplements to bring the whole body to a better state of health, and the inclusion of CAM treatments like acupuncture, guided imagery, massage, biofeedback, yoga and tai chi, the expressive arts, and meditation. They understand the importance of bringing mind-body-spirit into harmony. Check out

In April of 2013, the first integrative oncology conference was held at the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine; it was called “a groundbreaking event with transformative potential” and focused on the complex relationships between tumor, host, and dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors as well as what can be done to take care of imbalances and reduce cancer. There are also annual conferences that focus on integrative therapies. The Annie Appleseed Project hosts an annual evidence-based complementary/alternative cancer therapies conference that challenges the existing medical treatment paradigm and provides outstanding information to practitioners and patients about new possibilities for surviving and beating cancer (and they serve only organic food!).

Another way in which energy medicine is going mainstream is by having the top cancer centers in the country embrace CAM. The MD Anderson Cancer Center is holding its 9th annual Integrative Oncology Training Conference for licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists, and yoga and mind-body practitioners to provide an overview of evidence-based practice in cancer care, such as understanding the benefits, precautions, or contraindications of using these modalities for someone with cancer.

Within the last decade, most major cancer institutions in the U.S. now feature an integrative oncology center or clinic that offers some evidence-based interventions, such as acupuncture, mindfulness meditation and stress reduction techniques, and counseling in nutrition and exercise. To find a cancer center that provides these kinds of treatments by practitioners trained in cancer care, go to When one of my friends was dealing with breast cancer, she went to the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Palm Beach and was amazed to find a (female) massage therapist who was trained to work directly on her breast to lessen scar tissue after surgery and radiation.

If whole-person integrative medicine is to become the new standard of care, and all of us involved in energy medicine certainly hope this happens, there is a lot to be done before most doctors and patients understand its potential. Of course, the biggest problem with CAM treatments is that most integrative services are not YET covered by insurance. There are groups that have been formed to bring about change in this area. With cancer rates predicted to soar 75% worldwide by 2030, it’s more important than ever that energy medicine is included in the treatment (and prevention!) of cancer.


That Voice in Your Head



You know that voice in your head—the one that says, “You’ll never get that job, why bother applying?” or “You are way too old for a man to ever love you.” Or how about, “It’s hopeless, so I might as well have another drink, another cookie, another day spent in front of the TV.” It’s your internal tape loop of negativity, your personal pathway to self-sabotage.


Where did it come from?


There’s a really good chance that voice of doom came from your mother as she worried, fretted, and generally stressed out over you. And you internalized her fears and negative belief system. Even now that you’re all “grown up,” you might be living your life based on the foundation of her limiting beliefs.


Even though I’m now a spiritual teacher and teach healing courses and life coaching courses, I know what it’s like to have grown up with a fearful and non-supportive mother. As we approach Mother’s Day, I’m grateful that my mom has turned into a sweet little old lady and we finally have the chance for a different relationship, even this late in the day. But it took a long time and a lot of internal work for me to understand where that embittered and rejecting mother came from (I wrote about her in Truth Heals) before I could silence her voice in my head and live according to the “still small voice” in my heart.


Do you find yourself listening to your mother’s voice in your head? Is it a voice that tears you down or does it build you up? Do you believe it when it tells you that you’re not enough? Read my piece on the Huffington Post at for some suggestions on how you can silence Mother Dearest’s voice in your head.


Children and Guns: A Really Bad Idea


It happened again—a 13-year-old boy shot his 6-year-old sister in the chest. Children are routinely shooting other children. As a spiritual teacher and health & wellness expert, I have deep compassion for both the parents and kids in these traumatic situations, but I’m horrified at the number of guns that manage to find their way into the hands of children.

It is estimated that the 80 million gun owners in the U.S. have over 300 million privately owned firearms, making America the number one ranking country in gun ownership. In contrast, law enforcement and the military own 4 million guns. How’s that for a startling statistic? Private gun owners outgun the authorities by about 79 to 1. With that many guns around, and the fact that many of these guns are not kept locked away, it’s no wonder that children have access to these deadly weapons.

Think of what happens to a child who is playing with his parent’s gun and winds up shooting a sibling, a playmate, or an adult. Think of the shock and upheaval, the pain and anguish, and the pure heartbreak all around. Think of what it will take from a life coach or an energy healing practitioner to release that nightmare.