How To Ascend

How To Ascend To Higher Realms

When your soul decided to incarnate into a physical body, you agreed to the limitations of the physical realm. But what about all the beings who are not limited by a physical form? Where do spirit guides and angels live? Higher beings like these reside in the higher realms, where the universe can be seen for its true boundlessness, and the love of the Divine flows like a river. It may sound like an unattainable dream, but higher planes of existence are accessible to you—if you know how to ascend.


What Is Ascension?

There are many different ways to explain what ascension means. Its dictionary definition is to rise up or go to a higher level. Of course, the greatest ascension was Jesus’ rise to heaven after his resurrection. For humans, ascension is a realignment with the Divine, a reconnection to the realms of the soul. But since you may not yet be physically moving up through the air, ascension can also be referred to as raising your vibration, expanding your awareness, and communing with the angels. All three of these spiritual expansions are forms of ascension, and with a little practice and focused intent, you can strengthen your ability to expand your consciousness and visit the higher realms.


Why Visit the Higher Realms?

The higher realms are like the best paradise you can imagine. At the highest level you have Source, which is the source of love, of universal energy, and of life itself. Divine love washes over everything in these highest realms, and to experience divine love is to experience the purest, most heart-chakra-opening love in the universe. In these higher planes angels are also present, which is how they can bring divine love down to Earth and to you—they live in it. A little lower in the non-physical realms is the plane where other spirit guides reside—your ancestors who have passed on but have become spiritual touchstones, your animal guides, or any other spirits that offer support and advice when you call.

When you ascend to any of the higher realms, you will start to expand your consciousness and connect with Source. You will become one with your higher self and gain valuable insight about your soul’s true purpose. With all these spiritual teachers, guides, and carriers of divine light in these realms, you come away from the experience of ascension with a greater perspective on the universe and your place within it, a patience and compassion for others, a knowledge that your true self is perfect and worth embracing, and a deep understanding that you are loved beyond anything you can experience here on Earth.

Continuing to develop your spiritual foundation is the best thing you can do to increase your progress toward ascension. Here are a few ways you can shore up your foundation, help raise your personal vibration, and increase your chances of ascending to the higher realms with more frequency and accuracy.

1. Energy Healing

Past traumas and unprocessed emotions are two major roadblocks to raising your consciousness.  Emotional baggage gets stuck in your body and in your energy field and weighs down your soul. Imagine trying to fly into the heavens with a huge boulder on your back! You have to drop the weight and clear your chakras in order to ascend. Attending healing courses and energy medicine workshops are great ways to heal past wounds, clear and charge your chakras, and raise your vibration. Building a strong spiritual foundation is what energy healing does, and the stronger your spiritual foundation, the easier it is to rise into the celestial planes.

2. Meditation

Meditation raises your awareness and can even connect you to Source. A daily practice of meditation also contributes to a strong spiritual foundation and helps you process your emotions to keep your energy field and chakras clear and functioning optimally. Generally, ascension takes lots of personal energy work, but a skilled energy healer or spiritual teacher can lead you in guided meditations, like the ones I do in my online Angels of Energy Healing Ascension Course, which can be a fast-track to ascension. A guided meditation is a great start to ascension since it will allow you to experience the higher realms. Trust me, even a temporary visit with the angels in the heavens will be an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Ask Your Angels

Angels are not limited by physical bodies since they are made of divine love, which means that even when they are here on Earth helping, guiding, and protecting you, they are still always linked to the higher realms. You can ask your angels for help with ascending to their planes. Just reach out to your angels with your specific request to join them in the higher realms, and then be aware for the next few days. Your angels may take you to the higher realms in a dream. They may visit you while you meditate and raise your vibration enough to get a glimpse of the expanded universe. They may even gather your spirit up in their wings and fly you to heavens themselves, wrapped in their protective bubble of light.

Ascension, like any spiritual practice, is not a competition. Your soul has its own timetable for progress, so trust that your higher self and your angels are guiding you well, and that when you’re ready to ascend, the heavens will be waiting. To learn more about ascending to higher planes, and how to strengthen your connection to your angels, check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, ascend to higher realms, and experience the life-changing power of divine love. Come join me today!

R Kelly

Hiding in Plain Sight

It used to be that sexual predators had it fairly easy. The culture of “boys will be boys,” the seeming harmlessness of a little pussy grabbing here and there, and the mindset of “she was asking for it” made it so men—especially big powerful men—could satisfy their lust for power. Typically, they enlisted their friends and associates to help procure their victims and then paid off anyone who squawked. All it took was a good lawyer to evade criminal charges and avoid any unpleasant consequences, while trampling over the rights of the women (and children), destroying their credibility, and their lives.

Then came the #MeToo movement. And it began to dawn on everyone that maybe the women who squawked weren’t just after money; that they were telling a sordid tale that needed to be heard, that needed to be believed. That there needed to be real life consequences for those who indulged in this disgusting behavior. And the media began to realize that there was a story here.

The women who came forth and told their stories of sexual assault are finally unmasking the normalcy surrounding abuse. This shows the deep flaws in our society that allow for the devastating trauma of this behavior and the attitudes that help it to flourish.

In just this past year, two documentaries have come out that dive head first into the complex realm of sexual assault and pedophilia. Surviving R. Kelly, Netflix’s six-part series on the R&B singer’s history of grooming and filming young girls for his sexual pleasure, has just recently exploded with its opening on Netflix. And Leaving Neverland, an HBO documentary in two parts, took us through the lives of two of the young boys who were involved with Michael Jackson. It just won a Primetime Emmy for Best Documentary.

In six hours, Surviving R. Kelly takes us through interviews with people who were there since the early 1970s, from the incest of his own childhood, to being nicknamed the “Pied Piper of R&B,” through the infamous sex tape scandal, the child pornography, the accusations, the survivors, the court cases, and lets us know that black girls do indeed matter. And it takes on all those who enabled this behavior. Kelly’s record label didn’t flinch when a videotape emerged and was widely circulated on the internet with their multimillion-dollar talent having sex with and urinating in the mouth of an underage girl. His entourage was complicit. Who was going to make a fuss about black children? As the Hollywood Reporter darkly quipped: “After all, it takes a village to raze a child.”

Women have been trying to come forth with their truth about Kelly for decades, and hard as it is to hear, you see in the documentary how all their accusations of predatory behavior and pedophilia and child pornography managed to slide off his back. Kelly not only got away with ongoing sexual assault, but also managed to have it all ignored by the mainstream media. But now people are listening to the testimonies, feeling the fury and pain, the guilt and self-blame, the regret, and the dogged determination to heal of the survivors. When the jury acquitted him at his first trial (one white male juror commenting that “who could believe [black] girls who dress like that,”) and his behavior got even more outrageous, the public started protesting at his concerts. It is a long overdue effort to validate what his victims have experienced, to let their stories be heard, to be treated with respect and the gravity the situation warrants.

And who now will have sympathy for Kelly? He, like all sexual predators, was once himself traumatized by childhood sexual assault. Just like Michael Jackson was undoubtedly sexually traumatized in his childhood. In all likelihood, so was Bill Cosby. So was I and thousands of innocent survivors that have asked me for help over the years. But we don’t repeat what was done to us, we’ve sought help and worked our way through the memories of those horrific experiences. Note that the men spoken of here are/were major celebrities. And celebrity has its own “get out of jail free” card. These are major talents, and there will always be those who believe the person is as lily white as his gifts. Don’t kid yourself. Talent is never an excuse for hideous behavior; it doesn’t counteract the monster inside, hell bent on devouring its prey.

Kelly is currently in custody, in Chicago, facing multiple state and federal charges of various sexual assault crimes. It’s about time.

Predatory behavior is around, be on guard for it. Parents tell their children to beware of strangers, but how about Uncle Joe, or, for God’s sake, your priest or therapist, or the doctor or coach for your child’s sports team (watch At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, another documentary that premiered on HBO this year). They are hiding in plain sight. And the more that stories come out, and are believed, and are acted upon with real-life consequences, the harder it will be for them to hide.

Join me Thursday, September 26, at 1:00pm PDT on Facebook Live for a panel discussion of this timely topic. Let your voice be heard in protest of this kind of brazen behavior. Let’s all stand up, be heard, and be part of the change!

3 Ways Truth Can Set You Free

3 Ways The Truth Will Set You Free

When I first began my journey toward becoming a spiritual teacher and energy healer nearly fifty years ago, it began with telling the truth. I was diagnosed with cancer in my twenties, which was a real wake-up call, and forced me to start examining my behaviors and habits, my thoughts and inner beliefs, as well as emotions. I had a spontaneous remission from the cancer on the table of an energy healer, but that was only the first step. It took years of processing past traumas and delving into the deepest parts of myself to discover and process the truths that had been buried for so long. Energy healing helped cure my cancer. Later, it gave me the gift of living a full, authentic life by allowing me the safe space to discover my truth and the courage to present my true self to the world.

After the cancer was eradicated, I was so amazed and intrigued by what had happened I decided I wanted to learn everything there was to know about energy healing. I began using the money I made as an attorney to travel the world, studying at the feet of seers, mystics, and shamans to develop my own healing skills so I could do for others what that energy healer had done for me. Little did I know then that as you begin training in energy medicine, even if the goal is to heal others, you cannot help but first be healed yourself.


Truth Heals

One of the major tenants of energy healing is learning to express your truth and live an authentic life. Even the little tiny lies you tell others, or yourself, can create little pockets of darkness in your field and cause problems with your energy flow and consequently, your ability to be happy and healthy. Admitting your deepest truths clears those seeds of negativity before they have a chance to grow, and allows the light you were born to express shine through. Coming to terms with your inner self—your higher self—literally sets you free to live the life your soul planned for you on this earth, the life you were meant to live.

Finding your true self and expressing that self to the world is incredibly freeing. When I finally let go of all the old feelings and negativity in my field and body left over from years of traumatic abuse, it was like a weight had literally been lifted off my body. I felt lighter, freer, happier, and more in tune with the universe. I promise, you will, too.


3 Steps to Heal Yourself:


  1. Become the real you.
    In order to live as a light bearer, you must present the real you to the world, which means you must first discover the real you! The best way to begin the process of finding your authentic self is to consider your values, your beliefs, and your genuine desires. What do you value in your life? A partner, community, career, truth, kindness, or being of service? How can you increase those values in your everyday activities? What do you believe now? Are there old beliefs you’ve held over from your parents or teachers that are no longer serving you?Ask yourself if there are areas in your life that don’t feel “right,” that don’t resonate with you on a soul level. Is your career something your parents wanted, but you are not passionate about? Is there a piece of yourself you feel you can’t reveal to your spouse or friends? Is there a secret you are keeping from your family or yourself? This process of discovery can take some time, as your patterns of behavior and your belief systems have been set in place for years, so be gentle with yourself as you uncover the real you. Meditation and energy healing courses are invaluable for facilitating this process, especially if you find it difficult to attempt on your own.

  3. Clear and release negativity.
    I bet that there is at least one time each day that you do not say something you would like to out of fear. Perhaps it’s the fear of confronting a boss or relative, or the fear of being rejected, or the fear of sounding stupid. But each of those little silences creates a tiny cloud that shadows the light inside you. If you don’t purge these little clouds of darkness, they grow and connect with each other and eventually become a big dark spot that can actually block your chakras and the flow of energy into your energy field. In my energy healing courses and workshops, I always encourage students to express their true emotions each day by journaling, or talking them out with a trusted friend or advisor, or even just speaking them aloud to an empty room. However you express your emotions, the point is to get them out of your body and field, to release them so they can’t suppress the light within.

  5. Empower your intuition.
    Intuition—the feeling of knowing something, or a “gut” feeling—actually comes from your higher self and your spirit guides, so it is the most trustworthy guidance you can get. When you live your truths, you are in alignment with your soul and your higher self, which boosts your intuition and gives you knowledge that will help you on your spirit journey. When you are presented with decisions that seem difficult, having an increased intuition will help you choose the path that is best for you, that is in line with your truths and not someone else’s. Listening to your intuition also creates a circle of authenticity: each time you act genuinely and in line with your true self, your intuition grows, which allows you to act even more authentically the next time.


To learn more about how truth can heal you and set you free, please check out my book, Truth Heals, and my LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, both of which teach you how to become the real you by healing yourself from the inside out. Plus, they teach how to heal others!


Where are you on the spectrum?

No, not autism. I’m talking about the addiction spectrum.

Everyone’s addicted to something. We hear the word “addiction” repeatedly in the news, referring to horror stories about opioids and other prescription drugs. And let’s not forget about the stalwarts of addiction: alcohol, smoking, gambling, promiscuity (sounds a little like an ad for Las Vegas).

Facebook all day?

But what about other, seemingly more benign addictions. Facebook all day? Wine every night? Shopping online incessantly? Marijuana to put you to sleep? Hoarding up to your eyeballs? Overeating that same food again and again and hating yourself for it?

Growing up in a family of alcoholics, I definitely had the calling. By 18, I was addicted to alcohol, Valium, weight-loss pills (okay, speed, but it was legal back then), and over-exercising coupled with under-eating so I could stay model-thin. I was running ten miles a day. I was a lawyer with substantial caffeine and smoking habits. And a bottle of vodka in my desk drawer, for emergencies only, of course.

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 25, I had to stop killing myself in order to get better. Not only from the cancer, but also from the stranglehold the addictive substances had on me. The trouble with addiction is the anxiety or depression or extra pounds or whatever the problem you were trying to fix by turning to the substance or behavior, brings with it a whole new exponentially bigger (addiction) problem that is much harder to manage.

You can’t beat addiction without community.

The first thing I found on the road to recovery was community. AA was a life saver. The 12-step program held many of the keys I needed. “Recovery” is the balance, the scale on which you measure your addiction and vow to win. September is Recovery Month. If you’re trying to shake something, I promise you will be stronger within the AA network. Without someone saying every day “you can beat this disease, we’re in this together,” your chances of success are much lower. Community offers the truth-telling, sharing, and not holding it inside, all so vital to you on your path.

The Recovery Village website lists 32 different 12-step programs, chances are there’s one for you: they range from alcohol to cocaine, clutterers to crystal meth, and on to co-dependents, sex addicts, debtors, food addiction, gamblers, heroin, marijuana, narcotics, nicotine, gamers, pills, under-earners, and, my personal fav, workaholics. You name it, we can get addicted to it.

The community I’ve founded, the Deborah King Center, is based on energy medicine and is similar in many ways to a 12-step program, offering a community of like-minds as well as a host of tools for you on your journey. I also offer a year-long Masters-in-Training program that is limited to 20 people that I meet with every other week and give intense direction and support as together we work on their personal goals, which often include addressing a behavior they’d love to permanently put behind them.

It matters who you hang with.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” So annoying that old truism is correct; that we can indeed become like our (worst) friends. Sadly, I had to take a lengthy sabbatical from my rollicking Irish family, all high-functioning drinkers who also popped pills at the least discomfort. I left criminal law and the courtroom with its insane stress, where lunch was liquid, and segued into real estate law, where the lawyers at least left the office for the night before hitting the sauce. I had to let my witty assistant go as she was knee deep in cocaine and I was afraid I might join her.

Sadly, my best friend didn’t quit drinking with me, and, today, he so regrets it, as he deals with significant memory problems caused by alcohol, common to even just social drinkers. How heartbreakingly sad for a man who single-handedly escalated to the top of his field; so successful he bought his own jet at 25. Now not even all his millions can free him from an addiction that is rapidly killing him.

And then there’s the recent study, talk about a wake-up call, that reveals that even moderate drinking can make you more likely to develop Alzheimers.

Overeating yet again?

Food (too much or too little) is undoubtedly the hardest addiction to manage. It’s tricky, because you can’t stop eating altogether. You actually need to eat, but moderation—there’s that word again—is the key. I mastered food by studying nutrition and focusing on a healthy diet. There are ways to get a grip on the weight issue, don’t lose faith; use the tools I’m outlining here. And don’t forget to eat a little something every couple of hours; keeping your blood sugar even is crucial here.

Marijuana is not a panacea

The latest craze to legalize marijuana ignores the science that pot is a gateway drug, profoundly damages the young brain, and causes traffic accidents.

More significant for you, dear reader, is that it fogs the heck out of the adult brain and limits spiritual advancement. When I look deeply at someone (with their permission, of course), the pot user will have a telltale gray fog in their personal energy field that prevents them from stepping up another level in consciousness. Before you light up next time (or hit the brownies), ask yourself if you want to remain stuck in the same old narrow mindset, or are actively working to transcend; if the latter, try meditating next time in lieu of pot, it works way better.

The tools of the recovery trade.

After a few years, I was able to manage the drinking, drugging, smoking, under-eating, and over-exercising. The tools I used? Community (AA), meditating, getting plenty of sleep, super nutrition, energy healing, and spending a lot of time out in nature – each step helped me kick my unwanted behaviors to the curb.

But it’s still “one day at a time” as I battle the ever-present tendency to become addicted to the next compelling thing. I only have two buttons: on or off. On the spectrum, that’s the far extreme of the addictive personality. Moderation is a foreign concept, in my mind lumped together with boring, bland, and banal. Once an addict . . . those tendencies never go away.

One day at a time, forever.

The hallmark of the addict’s world is getting through one day at a time. You can make it through one day. The thought of a week or a month or, my God, a year, is impossible to contemplate. But you can get through one day. And the amazing thing is when you string together just 30 days of “one day at a time,” you can change any behavior. I promise.

Forty+ years later, I am still (proudly) clean and sober, but watchful every day for addiction to raise its ugly head; it’s never far away. And on my end of the addiction spectrum, that’s a win. It can be yours too.