Astral travel

Fly Free with Astral Travel!

Have you ever had an incredible dream? One where you visited a beloved family member no longer here on earth? Or you had amazing super power to soar over the rooftops? Maybe you were exploring a new city. Did you wake up feeling peace or excitement, surprised to be back home in bed? And then ask: “Wow! Where did I go?”

The potential to have experiences like these—the stuff that dreams are made of—is completely within you. It’s your unlimited nature, your spirit and its connection to the Source that makes such dreams possible. What if you began to explore the access you have to your unlimited being and see where else your “wings” might take you? By strengthening your spiritual connection and expanding your consciousness, you can learn to choose and direct your flight plans. You can learn to astral travel!

What Is Astral Travel?

You actually already travel this way when you dream. Your astral body leaves your physical body sleeping soundly in bed and roams the dream world. With study and practice, you can learn to astral project deliberately—to leave your physical body consciously and choose to travel to certain destinations. Astral projection is an out-of-body experience you choose to embark on with the intent of traveling to many different “astral planes” that are shaped by energy and light.

With astral projection comes the undeniable knowledge that you are more than your physical body. Astral projection helps you gain a new level of access to the universe within you as well. As you explore your inner universe, you can also take advantage on the physical plane of the knowledge you gain from astral travel. Your astral experience can help you reach a higher level of consciousness.

What Are the Benefits of Astral Travel?

Astral travel can open a new world of knowledge and spiritual growth for you. Your energy body, your personal energy field that you’re sitting inside of right now, is your greatest source for healing on every level: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Mastering astral travel techniques is an important step in expanding your energy body, so you have even more opportunities for healing and growth

Here are some powers you may discover with astral projection:

Solution—Problems of every kind, challenges, and stress can be worked through and more easily resolved during astral projection.

Expansion —Whatever you would like to learn about or explore, a vast amount of knowledge is accessible on the astral plane.

Healing— Astral projection can bring you closer to the source of illness, disease or past trauma where active energy healing can take place.

Connection—Astral projection allows you to connect with deceased loved ones or others you would otherwise not be able to connect with in the physical world.

Perception—You can gain a clearer or “higher” perspective on your life situation by viewing yourself and your life from the astral plane.

When you learn to separate your consciousness from your body, you can experience firsthand what life is like beyond your usual physical day-to-day reality. You can see and feel things that will raise your consciousness, increase your energetic frequency, and minimize your negativity, uncertainty, and fear. And you will better understand your limitless potential and your spiritual connection with Source.

Where Do You Want to Go? 

There is no defined limit as to how far you can travel. Imagine flying high above the highest mountains and into the starry galaxies, visiting times and places from the past or the future, meeting with loved ones who have passed on to resolve old issues, and visiting the heavenly realms. You’ll get in touch with your innermost desires and learn how to use out-of-body experiences to design the life of your dreams. If you want to learn how to do it, check here for more info.

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