Take A Tour of Your Mind With A Guided Meditation

Woman Performing Meditation.jpgA guided meditation can whisk you away to the number one vacation destination in the world – your own mind. By learning how to unlock and explore your own hidden thoughts and emotions, you can ignite personal growth, inspiration, and the freedom to follow your dreams. And you never have to leave your chair to do it.


We All Feel Stagnant And Stuck From
Time To Time

The pressures of daily life often can get the better of us. Did you ever wish there was a “pause” switch that would let you put these common freak-outs on hold?

Work Life – It’s hard to imagine getting through a single work day, in any office or any field, without a hard moment of stress here and there.

Love Life – Navigating your partner’s ups and downs and integrating them with your own can often feel like a roller coaster.

Personal Challenges – We all have topics that vex us in any given day, like our weight, our health, or where we are in relation to our dreams.

It turns out we all have access to the ultimate “pause” button – meditation. It’s free, easy, and offers relief that never runs out.

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Guided Meditation Provides Powerful,
Head-Clearing Relief

What is meditation? It is simply the art of intentionally calming your own mind. With all of the intense stimulus and stress of modern life, getting your thoughts into that calm and reflective place indeed takes practice, and guidance. Meditation leads you step by step to a place of intense calm and clarity on any and every subject.

Guided Meditation To Relieve Stress.pngQuiet the chatter. Meditation can slow down and silence the relentless inner monologue we run in our heads, making way for a pervasive sense of peace.

Cut the stress. By meditating, the pressing issues of the day can suddenly seem manageable and even enjoyable.

View yourself with compassion.When you meditate, you tap into your deepest truth, and can see yourself lovingly.

Articulate your dreams. Putting your dreams into words is the first step towards achieving them. When we meditate (More Info) properly, our life goals become clear.
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Explore Guided Meditation With Deborah King

Deborah King Photo.jpgWhen you’re ready to learn how to meditate, draw upon the wisdom and experience of all the great teachers who have gone down this road before you. Master healer and New York Times best-selling author Deborah King has helped people all over the world tap into the deep well of calm and healing energy within.

Now, in a groundbreaking online course, Deborah has distilled her professional experience and years of study into a comprehensive program which will train you to meditate the right way. The Learn to Meditate Workshop Download demystifies the art of meditation, and teaches the practical techniques needed to calm the mind and achieve expanded states of consciousness. You will experience a guided meditation with Deborah, and learn how to meditate on your own whenever you wish.

When you enroll, you’ll even receive a personal meditation mantra directly from Deborah. You’ll be well on your way to acquiring the skills you need to bring balance into your life, today.

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