3 Simple Ways to Activate Your Healing Powers

One of the greatest miracles of the human experience is our innate ability to heal. Whether it’s healing a physical injury or healing from heartbreak, throughout your life’s journey at some point, you’ve experienced a healing – the incredible power that restores, renews, and makes whole again. Think about how your body, mind, and spirit have healed in your life. Have you ever wondered if you could heal others in the same way? Are you called to awaken the healer within?

Trust that everything in your life is part of your Divine plan and serves your higher purpose. Revisiting your story, all the obstacles, traumas, failures, and successes of your life are a necessary foundation for your personal growth and development as a healer.

Take a moment now and ask yourself what are the events in your life that may have prepared you to heal yourself and possibly others.

So what is a healer, you might ask. A healer taps into their expanded consciousness and channels healing energy to help others resolve their physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional ailments.

Since ancient times, healers and shamans worked closely with the spirit world to benefit their communities. They healed physical and mental diseases, facilitated greater interpersonal harmony, and connected humans closer to nature.

They also were the messengers between the human and the spirit worlds. Today’s energy healers provide the same value. They are innately gifted individuals and it’s usually a profound life event that awakens their desire to study energy medicine. Many seek in-depth training through coursework so they can help friends and loved ones and those who are in need of healing from emotional and physical pain.

Does healing align with your life purpose? You know that you’re on the right track, living your life on purpose when you are passionately following whatever you feel you were born to do in this lifetime.

Are you a thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate soul who loves spending time in nature, meditation, or prayer? Have you been working through traumatic past experiences? You might already have what it takes to be a healer. The power is within you. All it needs is an awakening, loving care, and practice.

Ready to discover if you already are a healer? Here are 3 simple ways to activate and awaken your inner healer.

  1. Expand Your Consciousness
    Have you ever felt that you are more than just your mind and body, that you are connected to the vastness of the universe, connected to your Divine Source? You might have felt like that while in nature, watching the sunrise in the morning while taking a beach walk or hiking in the mountains. Nature can ease us into an expanded state of consciousness.

    Maybe you felt it practicing yoga, praying, listening to music, or being deeply connected with another person. The fastest path to a heightened state of consciousness is meditation.

It is the state from which you receive guidance and direction for your life, where your energy field is recharged, and where you get the information and instructions for healing.

When you access higher consciousness, you connect to your Higher Self and the infinite field of all possibilities. All the knowledge and healing power that ever was or ever will be is present in this quantum energy field.

The moment when you can access this unified field intentionally, you gain the ability to discover the secrets and mysteries of the universe – past, present, and future. And this information can be the basis of you healing others and helping them transform their lives. This is the very foundation of energy healing.

  1. Take A Look At Your Beliefs
    Begin a daily journaling practice and examine your beliefs and values. You’ll get to know yourself and expand your awareness. Why is it so important to gain clarity on your belief? They might unconsciously be holding you back from reaching your full potential – especially any beliefs that stem from fear-based thinking. Fear stops us in our tracks as opposed to expanding and moving forward. Over 90 % of our beliefs are rooted in our childhood. We accepted them at face value from our parents, caretakers, teachers, and society. Beliefs shape how we see the world and act in it. Therefore they run our lives pretty much on autopilot.

Your subconscious beliefs may hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. It is almost impossible to expand, grow, and make new choices when your internal operating system is confined to limiting preexisting ideas.

Part of the work that you do in life is to break free from this conditioning, open yourself up to new possibilities, and express yourself as who you truly are. When you are living as the most authentic expression of yourself, you can be a clear channel for others.

  1. Spread the Love, Extend Your Light
    It’s important to balance your inner work (meditation, prayer, and journaling) with your actions showing kindness and being of service to others.

    For healing to take place your inner and outer world must be in harmony.

    Real connection is one of the most powerful forces of healing. And every day you have countless opportunities to demonstrate kindness, compassion, and love with the people you meet.

Smile at the overworked cashier at the checkout lane, be patient when you stand in line waiting your turn at the bank, be kind, and allow that car on the freeway to merge.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way. When you are being of service you put energetic credit into the universal bank and in return, you receive more of the expanded energy from the higher realms.

When you become more loving in your everyday interactions, you heal yourself and others. Spread your light wherever you are called to service.

“There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

We have an innate power to heal that is very real. This has been common knowledge in many cultures over millennia.

Energy Healing is an exciting field of study allowing you to expand your consciousness, tap into the powerful life force, and be of the highest service to others.

An energy healer shows us that we are powerful beyond what the eyes observe, fully able to create the life we desire to live.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Energy Medicine

Do you want to enhance your vitality and bring more balance into your life?
Could energy medicine hold the key to your well-being?

But, first, what exactly is energy medicine? It’s a dynamic approach to healthcare where energy is the primary healing force. Energy, boundless and universal, permeates everything, including you, me, and the vibrant roses in your garden. Within this expansive energy field, everybody possesses their own unique energy systems—a personal energy field within the larger unified field. Blocked or distorted chi in your energetic pathways and energy centers (your chakras, focal points of energy within the field) is the reason why you may not enjoy radiant health, mental clarity, emotional balance, or inner peace.

Here are five compelling reasons why embracing energy medicine could be important for you:

  1. Energy Medicine Addresses the Root Cause
    While conventional medicine tackles symptoms and illnesses through surgery and pharmaceuticals, energy medicine gets to the bottom of why you got sick in the first place and works to clear the root cause of your ailment.  Your physical well-being reflects the state of your energy field. For instance, unprocessed emotions like anger and grief over a divorce or a betrayal from your ex,  affects your heart chakra and might manifest as heart disease or breast cancer later on. Energy medicine aids in identifying and releasing buried emotions safely. It also complements conventional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy  for more effective outcomes and minimizes difficult side effects.
  1. Energy Medicine is an Emotional Clearing House
    Energy medicine serves as an emotional clearing house, allowing you to identify and safely release emotional traumas that disrupt your energy flow. A trained energy healer can spot issues in your energy field before they manifest physically and can help you break up or dissolve any blockages.

    Practices like journaling can further assist you discover painful emotions that are buried deep inside of you and help process them. Think of journaling as a modern-day shamanic technique to transform yourself and your emotions.

  1. Energy Medicine is Great Preventative Medicine
    If you are finding yourself in good health, energy medicine can help you stay healthy and prevent future illnesses. Along with its power to release any energetic blockages in your energy system, it also ensures that your energy functions optimally, safeguarding your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
  1. Energy Medicine Facilitates Self-Healing
    Built on the body’s ability to heal itself, energy medicine releases toxic energy from past wounds in your system, clearing the way for your energy to flow smoothly and gives your body the ability to self-correct.
  1. Energy Medicine Connects You to Source
    Energy medicine intertwines with your spiritual and physical health and happiness and your emotional balance. It harmonizes all parts of you, including your spiritual well-being, which is critically important. When you are so deeply connected to your Source (God, Spirit, The Divine, whatever word resonates the most with you), you will hear your intuition guiding you and you’ll know your inner truth. Also, your body will tell you what you need to be in optimal health, and you will be able to live in a state of clarity, compassion, and authentic happiness.

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Self-Love is the New Love

As the romance industry gears up for the annual celebration of love on Valentine’s Day, a familiar wave of emotion may wash over you. Are you yearning for someone to send you flowers and chocolates, to express an undying love for the wonderful person you are, and not getting anything like that?

Maybe you are dreading seeing your colleagues receive flowers at the office from their one and only or are even secretly thinking about sending flowers to yourself to keep up appearances while that Miley Cyrus song plays on repeat in your mind.

Are you definitely staying as far away as you can from social media for the next couple of days, and watching someone’s romantic highlight reel makes you think that you could never experience that. Because deep down inside you think of yourself as unloveable and unworthy.

Society has a way of imposing standards that tie our individual worth to external factors like youth, beauty, wealth, power, romantic relationships, and status. If your self-worth is entangled in these external markers, a persistent feeling of inadequacy, the perpetual “I’m not good enough,” may run rampant in your mind.

This mindset can lead to constant comparisons and feelings of jealousy because you think the grass is greener on the other side.

Did you grow up in an environment where your siblings upstaged you, or your parents belittled your actions and dreams? Were you teased or bullied at school, creating a belief that you were somehow unlovable and alone? These early experiences can disturb your adult life, negatively affecting your personal and professional relationships.

Maybe now is the time to get emotionally honest with yourself and stop trying to numb your feelings through binge-eating, excessive drinking, or going on yet another expensive shopping spree.

Avoiding discomfort, sadness, and pain only perpetuates the cycle of self-deprecation. It’s time to understand what loving yourself really means.

Self-love isn’t a narcissistic focus solely on yourself without considering the feelings of others, or being on an eternal high where negative emotions are gone. Instead, it involves doing away with the incessant self-criticism and ending the harsh self-judgment about your appearance, identity, and life choices.

Loving yourself may entail making bold decisions—ending an abusive relationship, confronting those who have hurt you, seeking a job that validates your talents, or starting a recovery program for substance abuse. It involves acknowledging and feeling your pain, recognizing that healing often begins by addressing the wounds from your childhood.

Believing negative self-perceptions may seem easier than appreciating your worth because that is how you’ve been wired all your life.

Here is the good news: Changing your beliefs and consequently your self-perception creates a positive impact in your life.

Trusting your intuition and gut instincts is critical in this transformation. If you’re going to love yourself, it really helps to believe in yourself—to that intuitive inner voice that you may have been overriding all these years. Your Higher Self is a conduit of pure unconditional love, accessible to you at all times through meditation, prayer, nature, or any other method that works for you.

Tap into it and you will know that you are loved beyond measure by the Divine, the Source that created you; this pure unconditional love is available to you at all times. This way you’ll be able to forgive yourself for any perceived shortcomings – after all, do you know anybody who is perfect? And you’ll be able to love yourself and others.

We attract into our life what we are in vibrational harmony with. So imagine feeling good about yourself, loving yourself, doing kind things for yourself, and projecting that energy out into the world.

It won’t matter how you spend Valentine’s Day. It won’t matter if you bought yourself flowers because they are for a very special person – you.




According to vastu shastra, the traditional Hindu science of architecture,
the answer is YES!

You have probably heard of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance within a specific environment. Feng shui means “the way of wind and water.”). But you may not be familiar with vastu shastra, feng shui’s architectural counterpart.

If you’ve experienced sleepless nights for days, weeks, or months on end, you don’t have to be reminded how crucial sound, restful sleep is when it comes to your daily functioning, mindset, and energy levels. Restful sleep helps heal your body, refresh your spirit, and give you the get-up-and-go you need to tackle your duties and your delights.

Ayurveda is the form of alternative medicine (and the traditional system of medicine of India) that seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a wide-ranging holistic approach that emphasizes eating with the seasons, exercise, herbal remedies, and meditation to establish and preserve robust health. It emphasizes three pillars of health: diet, sleep, and energy management. All three are crucial, irreducible aspects of wellness. Unless all three are addressed simultaneously at all times, disharmony ensues inside our bodies, paving a path toward malaise and ultimately disease.

If you find yourself unable to achieve a full rejuvenating night’s sleep despite doing all the usual things to decompress and deescalate prior to retiring for the night (turning off your electronics before 8 p.m., journaling, etc.), I suggest you try the sleep positions discussed below to see if any of them can help.

Vastu shastra’s goal is to balance the five natural planetary elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) by preserving and placing each element within its proper position and proportion. Whenever this is achieved, your dwelling spaces become harmonious, peaceful, and wellness-centered. And like creates like: your enhanced energy helps your surroundings and other beings in your orbit receive and radiate healing energy.

According to vastu shastra, the direction in which the top of your head points when you’re asleep truly matters!


“Only dead people sleep with their heads pointing north.” — Vasant Lad

The Vedas teach that North is the route your soul will take when it exits your body at the end of your corporeal lifetime. So, only those interested in occasional lucid dreaming or astral travel should sleep with their head pointing in that direction.

In all other cases, it’s not a good idea because of the planet’s magnetic field. Because we, too, respond physically to magnetic poles — with our internal positive charge facing north and our negative charge facing south — those who try to sleep against this natural polarity are similar to two positive magnets being forced into face-to-face contact. Good luck with that! Those who sleep with their heads facing north regularly can expect to wake up feeling exhausted night after night, with no end in sight.

And because it is magnetic polarities that affect the circulation of your blood, sleeping with the top of your head facing north can cause stress, illness, and thought disturbances, none of which help you attain a restful night’s sleep. The result: potentially unhelpful emotional instability, frustration, lack or diminution of willpower, misery, and physical problems.

In a single sound bite, sleeping with the top of your head facing north withdraws energy from your body.


Academic students, listen up! Sleeping with the top of your head facing east is an excellent strategy. Doing so will boost your ability to retain what you’re learning, increase your ability to concentrate, and promote meditation-like sleep.

East is also the perfect direction for educators, scholars, and job and promotion-seekers. Sleeping in this position can help you feel more powerful, masterful, and energetic.

East is also ideal for anyone who is striving to overcome health challenges.


Sleeping with the top of your head facing west can be problematic for anyone who is experiencing sleep deficits. Although west is okay (not ideal, but okay), if you’re success-driven and striving for some form of world renown or domination in your field, the head-facing-west position won’t necessarily serve you as a reliable sleep-inducer. Although some sleep experts suggest that west is a neutral sleeping position, others claim it’s hard to get excellent rejuvenating rest because of the occurrence of frequent, unsettling action/adventure type dreams. (Type A’s are especially prone to sleeping fitfully, so East and South are ideal for them.)

Bottom line: Sleeping with the top of your head facing west or north opposes your goal to maximize the amount of rest and recuperation you want to achieve.


Ding ding ding ding ding! When it comes to achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep, south is the hands down, gold-plated winner.

If you want to sleep like the proverbial dead and wake up ready to embrace and enhance your life, turn your bed so its head faces south.

Recall the above magnetic pole information. Sleeping with your head facing south and your feet facing north draws energy into your body. Not only will your sleep be happy and contented, your health, happiness, and prosperity are likely to increase. Sleeping with head south means you’ll absorb the energy required to tackle what needs doing to advance you to the next level in your journey toward your life goals.

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