5 Tips to Rev Up Your Sex Life This Spring

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”~ Alfred Tennyson

As spring blooms, it naturally invites a renewal of energy, including in our intimate relationships. The season, vibrant with life, often stirs a desire to deepen connections and revitalize our love lives. Inspired by nature’s reawakening, here are five practical tips to enhance your intimate experiences, blending holistic wellness with heartfelt connection.

  1. Focus on Emotional Intimacy

    Start with building a strong emotional foundation. Open and honest communication with your partner creates trust and deepens emotional connections, which are crucial for a fulfilling sex life. Discuss your desires, fears, and boundaries openly. This transparency fosters intimacy, making physical connections more profound and satisfying.
  1. Energize Your Second Chakra

    The second chakra, centered around the pelvic area, governs our sexual energy and creative potential. Engage in activities that stimulate this chakra such as yoga, dancing, or energy healing focused on this energy center. A balanced second chakra enhances physical pleasure and emotional receptivity, enriching your intimate encounters.
  1. Cultivate Heart Chakra Openness

    A vibrant fourth chakra enhances the ability to give and receive love freely. Practices like caring for pets and wildlife, volunteering, or simply engaging in acts of kindness can open your heart. An open heart chakra invites deeper connections, paving the way for a more affectionate and spiritually connected sex life.
  1. Prioritize Self-Care

    Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your relationship with others. Invest time in self-care practices that make you feel good about yourself, whether it’s a fitness routine, skincare regimen, or hobbies that spark joy. Feeling good about yourself boosts confidence, which is inherently attractive and invigorating to your sex life.
  1. Explore New Experiences Together Breaking out of routine can reignite passion. Plan a getaway, try a new hobby, or explore new experiences together in the bedroom. New activities stimulate the brain’s reward centers, increasing dopamine levels, which heighten attraction and excitement between partners.

By embracing these practices, you not only revitalize your sex life but also enrich your overall emotional and spiritual connection with your partner. Spring is the perfect time to explore these dimensions, inviting a season of growth and deeper fulfillment.


From Captivity to Liberation: St. Patrick’s Influence and My Own Transformation

In the vibrant tapestry of global celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day stands out with its distinctive emerald hue, echoing the rich history and folklore of Ireland. It’s a day when the world, regardless of ancestry, embraces the Irish spirit.

This time, as I adorn myself in green, paying homage to both the saint and my Irish lineage, I’m compelled to delve deeper into the roots of this day, intertwined with my personal journey of transformation and healing.

“May God, Mary, and Patrick bless you.”

This traditional Irish blessing captures the essence of St. Patrick’s Day, a tribute to the saint who wasn’t born Irish but became an emblem of the nation’s identity.

My connection to this celebration is twofold: honoring St. Patrick, guided by his inner visions, and acknowledging my own battles, including overcoming alcohol addiction—a shadow that contrasts sharply with the day’s festivities.

St. Patrick’s tale begins in the late fourth century in Britain, where he was born into affluence. His life took a dramatic turn at sixteen when he was captured by Irish raiders.

This period of captivity in a land then unfamiliar to him sparked a profound spiritual awakening. His writings recount visions that led to his escape and eventual return to Ireland as a missionary, a story of resilience and faith that resonates with my own path towards healing.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick’s mission in Ireland wasn’t about expelling snakes—a metaphor for indigenous practices of the time—but about spreading Christianity.

His legacy is a testament to the power of transformation, a theme that deeply influences my work in energy medicine and personal growth.

St. Patrick’s Day, marked on March 17th, commemorates his passing but is celebrated with much more than a nod to Irish history. It’s a day when prohibitions are lifted during Lent, allowing for feasting, dancing, and, historically, a lot of drinking.

This last aspect hits close to home, as alcohol once played a significant role in my life, a facet of my Irish heritage that I’ve since learned to view through a lens of awareness and self-care.

Reflecting on my own journey, I recognize the fine line between celebration and excess. My battle with cancer in my twenties was a wake-up call, highlighting the destructive path I was on due to alcohol.

Addiction is a struggle many face, and in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day—a day of transformation—I share signs of alcoholism, hoping to offer guidance to those who might see themselves in my story.

  • Worry from loved ones about your drinking habits.
  • Drinking alone is a common practice.
  • Drinking despite promises to stop.
  • Being late to work because of drinking.
  • Feelings of guilt related to drinking.
  • Experiencing headaches or hangovers after drinking.
  • Morning drinking to ease hangover symptoms.
  • Irritation at comments about your drinking.
  • Thoughts of needing to reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Experiencing blackouts.

For those recognizing these patterns, I urge you to seek support, as I did with Alcoholics Anonymous—a decision that transformed my life, allowing me to embrace each day, including St. Patrick’s Day, with clarity and joy.

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let’s remember the deeper meanings behind the revelry—the stories of change, the strength found in faith, and the personal battles fought and won. It’s a day that reflects not only the spirit of Ireland but also the universal capacity for renewal and healing.

In this light, St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a cultural celebration; it’s a reminder of our ability to overcome adversity, much like St. Patrick himself, and to find strength in our convictions and the journey towards healing and transformation.

Perhaps this St. Patrick’s day will be the day you decide to take the first step on your own personal healing journey.

One step we might recommend is an introduction to energy healing via our bestselling LifeForce Energy Healing Level I course, which you can access by clicking here. Through this course, you can learn a number of techniques to begin to overcome the traumas that may be holding you back and start stepping into your true self.

But whether or not this is the right step for you at this time, we wish you a St. Patrick’s day full of love, positivity, and movement towards your destiny.


Self-Love is the New Love

As the romance industry gears up for the annual celebration of love on Valentine’s Day, a familiar wave of emotion may wash over you. Are you yearning for someone to send you flowers and chocolates, to express an undying love for the wonderful person you are, and not getting anything like that?

Maybe you are dreading seeing your colleagues receive flowers at the office from their one and only or are even secretly thinking about sending flowers to yourself to keep up appearances while that Miley Cyrus song plays on repeat in your mind.

Are you definitely staying as far away as you can from social media for the next couple of days, and watching someone’s romantic highlight reel makes you think that you could never experience that. Because deep down inside you think of yourself as unloveable and unworthy.

Society has a way of imposing standards that tie our individual worth to external factors like youth, beauty, wealth, power, romantic relationships, and status. If your self-worth is entangled in these external markers, a persistent feeling of inadequacy, the perpetual “I’m not good enough,” may run rampant in your mind.

This mindset can lead to constant comparisons and feelings of jealousy because you think the grass is greener on the other side.

Did you grow up in an environment where your siblings upstaged you, or your parents belittled your actions and dreams? Were you teased or bullied at school, creating a belief that you were somehow unlovable and alone? These early experiences can disturb your adult life, negatively affecting your personal and professional relationships.

Maybe now is the time to get emotionally honest with yourself and stop trying to numb your feelings through binge-eating, excessive drinking, or going on yet another expensive shopping spree.

Avoiding discomfort, sadness, and pain only perpetuates the cycle of self-deprecation. It’s time to understand what loving yourself really means.

Self-love isn’t a narcissistic focus solely on yourself without considering the feelings of others, or being on an eternal high where negative emotions are gone. Instead, it involves doing away with the incessant self-criticism and ending the harsh self-judgment about your appearance, identity, and life choices.

Loving yourself may entail making bold decisions—ending an abusive relationship, confronting those who have hurt you, seeking a job that validates your talents, or starting a recovery program for substance abuse. It involves acknowledging and feeling your pain, recognizing that healing often begins by addressing the wounds from your childhood.

Believing negative self-perceptions may seem easier than appreciating your worth because that is how you’ve been wired all your life.

Here is the good news: Changing your beliefs and consequently your self-perception creates a positive impact in your life.

Trusting your intuition and gut instincts is critical in this transformation. If you’re going to love yourself, it really helps to believe in yourself—to that intuitive inner voice that you may have been overriding all these years. Your Higher Self is a conduit of pure unconditional love, accessible to you at all times through meditation, prayer, nature, or any other method that works for you.

Tap into it and you will know that you are loved beyond measure by the Divine, the Source that created you; this pure unconditional love is available to you at all times. This way you’ll be able to forgive yourself for any perceived shortcomings – after all, do you know anybody who is perfect? And you’ll be able to love yourself and others.

We attract into our life what we are in vibrational harmony with. So imagine feeling good about yourself, loving yourself, doing kind things for yourself, and projecting that energy out into the world.

It won’t matter how you spend Valentine’s Day. It won’t matter if you bought yourself flowers because they are for a very special person – you.




According to vastu shastra, the traditional Hindu science of architecture,
the answer is YES!

You have probably heard of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance within a specific environment. Feng shui means “the way of wind and water.”). But you may not be familiar with vastu shastra, feng shui’s architectural counterpart.

If you’ve experienced sleepless nights for days, weeks, or months on end, you don’t have to be reminded how crucial sound, restful sleep is when it comes to your daily functioning, mindset, and energy levels. Restful sleep helps heal your body, refresh your spirit, and give you the get-up-and-go you need to tackle your duties and your delights.

Ayurveda is the form of alternative medicine (and the traditional system of medicine of India) that seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a wide-ranging holistic approach that emphasizes eating with the seasons, exercise, herbal remedies, and meditation to establish and preserve robust health. It emphasizes three pillars of health: diet, sleep, and energy management. All three are crucial, irreducible aspects of wellness. Unless all three are addressed simultaneously at all times, disharmony ensues inside our bodies, paving a path toward malaise and ultimately disease.

If you find yourself unable to achieve a full rejuvenating night’s sleep despite doing all the usual things to decompress and deescalate prior to retiring for the night (turning off your electronics before 8 p.m., journaling, etc.), I suggest you try the sleep positions discussed below to see if any of them can help.

Vastu shastra’s goal is to balance the five natural planetary elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) by preserving and placing each element within its proper position and proportion. Whenever this is achieved, your dwelling spaces become harmonious, peaceful, and wellness-centered. And like creates like: your enhanced energy helps your surroundings and other beings in your orbit receive and radiate healing energy.

According to vastu shastra, the direction in which the top of your head points when you’re asleep truly matters!


“Only dead people sleep with their heads pointing north.” — Vasant Lad

The Vedas teach that North is the route your soul will take when it exits your body at the end of your corporeal lifetime. So, only those interested in occasional lucid dreaming or astral travel should sleep with their head pointing in that direction.

In all other cases, it’s not a good idea because of the planet’s magnetic field. Because we, too, respond physically to magnetic poles — with our internal positive charge facing north and our negative charge facing south — those who try to sleep against this natural polarity are similar to two positive magnets being forced into face-to-face contact. Good luck with that! Those who sleep with their heads facing north regularly can expect to wake up feeling exhausted night after night, with no end in sight.

And because it is magnetic polarities that affect the circulation of your blood, sleeping with the top of your head facing north can cause stress, illness, and thought disturbances, none of which help you attain a restful night’s sleep. The result: potentially unhelpful emotional instability, frustration, lack or diminution of willpower, misery, and physical problems.

In a single sound bite, sleeping with the top of your head facing north withdraws energy from your body.


Academic students, listen up! Sleeping with the top of your head facing east is an excellent strategy. Doing so will boost your ability to retain what you’re learning, increase your ability to concentrate, and promote meditation-like sleep.

East is also the perfect direction for educators, scholars, and job and promotion-seekers. Sleeping in this position can help you feel more powerful, masterful, and energetic.

East is also ideal for anyone who is striving to overcome health challenges.


Sleeping with the top of your head facing west can be problematic for anyone who is experiencing sleep deficits. Although west is okay (not ideal, but okay), if you’re success-driven and striving for some form of world renown or domination in your field, the head-facing-west position won’t necessarily serve you as a reliable sleep-inducer. Although some sleep experts suggest that west is a neutral sleeping position, others claim it’s hard to get excellent rejuvenating rest because of the occurrence of frequent, unsettling action/adventure type dreams. (Type A’s are especially prone to sleeping fitfully, so East and South are ideal for them.)

Bottom line: Sleeping with the top of your head facing west or north opposes your goal to maximize the amount of rest and recuperation you want to achieve.


Ding ding ding ding ding! When it comes to achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep, south is the hands down, gold-plated winner.

If you want to sleep like the proverbial dead and wake up ready to embrace and enhance your life, turn your bed so its head faces south.

Recall the above magnetic pole information. Sleeping with your head facing south and your feet facing north draws energy into your body. Not only will your sleep be happy and contented, your health, happiness, and prosperity are likely to increase. Sleeping with head south means you’ll absorb the energy required to tackle what needs doing to advance you to the next level in your journey toward your life goals.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you might also like learning about lucid dreaming, an excellent precursor to astral projection and traveling the astral realms. Take a look at my Astral Wisdom course where I teach you how to design the Life of Your Dreams By Mastering the Out-of-Body Experience.

astral wisdom course

Perpetual Thanksgiving

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” –Marcel Proust

It has been a tough few years. You have most likely been affected, to a greater or lesser degree, by powerful forces, including a pandemic, wars, and economic uncertainty sweeping the globe. However difficult this time has been for you, is exactly why it’s so important to reflect on all you still have to be grateful for.

And while we gather for Thanksgiving feasts, it’s important to go beyond the dinner, and go back to the true meaning of Thanksgiving . . . and give thanks.

Gratitude is more than a quick thumbs up for the pumpkin pie; true gratitude is a path to the divine. Henry Ward Beecher, the 19th century clergyman and social reformer who always focused on Christ’s love, said: “The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”

The ancient root of the word gratitude, gwere, means “to be in contact with the Divine.” Gratitude is a way to unleash a flow of positive energy in and out of your heart, and to open to the love of the universe that is available to fill you. Gratitude can transform your mood, shift you into your Higher Self, and connect you to Spirit.

So what do you have to be grateful for amidst the fears and worries of all that is going on in the world?

Start with your health. It may not be perfect, but you’re alive and breathing. Thank you, thank you for the chance to still be here, to appreciate the stark beauty of a winter sunset, the smile of a happy child, the ability to give praise.

Maybe you’re grateful for having a week or a month or, thank God, a year of sobriety under your belt. Being thankful for one day at a time is a good practice for everyone.

You may have loving pets that provide you true companionship. Their unconditional love (in the case of dogs) and noble tolerance (cats) of your perceived flaws are certainly worthy of thanks (and treats). Being grateful for their safe and non-judgmental love opens your heart effortlessly.

Gratitude is how you make your heart sing. When you are occupied with remembering those who have helped you along the way during this past year, your heart is happy. It’s interesting to note that you can’t be feeling grateful and unhappy at the same time. And as Piglet long ago noticed (thanks to A.A. Milne), “…even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”

I recently reconnected with an old friend and spent an hour doing something utterly frivolous: singing! Seriously, just the two us, singing to each other over Zoom, doing hilarious, impromptu duets, and laughing at our mistakes and off-key moments. It is easier than ever to connect with close friends, even if they are a great distance away. So, let’s all be grateful for Zoom!

Like everything else, there is a spectrum of gratitude, ranging from being thankful the sun is shining to down-on-your-knees, head-bowed gratefulness when your life or that of a loved one is spared. It includes your attempts to be grateful for those who have made your life more difficult; that challenge can humble your ego and give you the opportunity to raise your own vibration.

When you are filled with gratitude, you are connected to everyone and everything in the web of love that sustains the universe. Giving thanks for all that you yourself are, for the people, plants, and animals in your environment, and around the world, brings you into the present moment and into the presence of spirit. In the words of Shakespeare, “O Lord that lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.”

Above all, dear student, my heart is full of gratitude for you, for generously sharing your spiritual journey with me. We are one in Spirit, and I am grateful for your companionship and support as, together, we walk toward home.


The Perfect Time to Reflect on Your Dark Side

As we enter the “dark” part of the year, with short days and long chilly nights, it’s time to look at the dark forces that we would prefer to ignore. It’s not just the ghosts and goblins of Halloween or the presence of dead relatives on the Day of the Dead that can give us the shivers.

Whether we recognize it or not, everyone has some darkness within. We store our negative feelings—jealousy, anger, bitterness, shame, hatred, insecurity (to name a few)—in our shadow side. When we don’t do the inner work of acknowledging and releasing these disturbing emotions, the shadow side can take charge and cause real problems for someone else.

Take Beth, for example. She was so excited when she got her new job, with a hefty pay increase. Soon, however, she could barely get out of bed, much less drag herself to work. I could see the problem clearly: Beth’s father, although he was outwardly proud of his daughter, was inwardly jealous of her success. He’d been laid off and was having trouble finding a job because he was “too old.” There was a psychic attachment between father and daughter—a negative “cord” that connected them. I taught Beth a powerful shamanic technique that is used to sever negative cords between people while still keeping the positive cords of love and respect. Soon Beth was happy again at work.

The dark side deals with pretty low-level energies. When you are under “attack,” you might find that you feel more tired than usual, have trouble sleeping, come down with one awful cold after another, or just feel blue and miserable. You aren’t functioning in your normal perky and organized way and can’t figure out why. Well, consciously or unconsciously, someone may have formed an intention to harm you.

Does your mother-in-law hate the fact that you stole away her darling son or daughter? That old “evil eye” she gives you is for real. Maybe your ex is still angry at you, even years after you split. Or maybe you have a “frenemy” who can’t stand the fact that you’re in a loving relationship while her marriage has fallen apart.

Most people are unconscious of 90 percent of their thoughts and feelings. Your mother-in-law probably isn’t aware of how she feels about you. Your ex may not realize he’s holding on to such anger. Your frenemy probably thinks you’re her best friend. That’s why I’m forever urging people to meditate and journal—two of the best ways to recognize what you’re really feeling so you can clear those emotions.

You always play a role in whatever happens to you; you aren’t a helpless victim. When you deal with your shadow side and process the negative feelings you have about yourself and about other people, you can transform the negative energy of a psychic attack and stay healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Don’t think psychic attack is too “out there.” It’s real, and happens all the time. However, you can learn to protect yourself from psychic attack and to clear yourself of negative energy.

Don’t be scared of the ghosts and goblins you harbor inside or the dark forces sent your way by others – you can clear them!

It’s all about being able to read your own energy, the energy of others, and gaining the skills and knowledge to heal that which needs healing.

Start your journey by joining our Level I Certification Program (which also grants you access to our private Soul Family community). Click here to take the first step >>


Blessings for a New Beginning

“And suddenly you just know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”  

—Meister Eckhart

September makes a perfect time for new beginnings. Your spirit recognizes the coming of a fresh new season. The relaxation of summer is fading and the excitement and promise of new challenges begins to take shape ahead. Coming soon is harvest-time, a time of centering and gathering and achievement. Remember the back-to-school feeling of stepping forth in new shoes with a clean slate and high hopes for yourself? You may not be going back to school this fall, but doesn’t your spirit still long for the new adventure that represents?

Here’s how I’m feeling this September and I am thrilled to tell you about it. I feel the rise of a great love and also an overwhelming gratitude. I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am and doing the work that has been given to me. I have my purpose and my path in the work of energy healing. As a Master Healer, I am privileged to teach an ever-increasing community of loving hearts who want to heal themselves and then the world. Their spiritual expansion fills my heart with joy and carries me further along my path as we heal and thrive and grow together. Hope and happiness and peace lie ahead for us all as we join forces to make our world a better place.

What an exciting prospect! The healing power that you have within is infinite. You can begin your healing within, and as your consciousness awakens and expands, it will begin to radiate forth and touch all those around you, your community, your world. Isn’t it a dream worth pursuing—to heal, thrive, and grow beyond all the boundaries and barriers you may have imposed on yourself?

More and more people are awakening to their own healing gifts, finding their amazing power for love, forgiveness, and gratitude. More and more people are stepping into the light and becoming the healers they are destined to be. What is your gift? Have you developed it to its full potential? How are you using your unique life force to heal the world right now? And if not now, when?

What are your plans for a fresh start, a new beginning, a real renaissance for your spirit in the months ahead? Here are some steps you can take to ramp up your own program for healing your world:

Be Empowered by Nature. A simple walk in the park, the fields, the woods, or on the shore will allow you to observe and enjoy the nurturing, healing force that is Nature at work. You are a part of that natural energy that colors the leaves and drives the wind, the sunlight, the rush of sparkling water.

Build a Community. Find a band of fellow students who want to study and explore the power of loving energy to heal our world together. Notice how some people make you glow in their presence? Gather up those kindred spirits and spend some time working on your mutual expansion of mind and heart.

Meditate. This mind-calming, soul-soothing activity is spreading like the light of the sun at the dawn of a new day. I overheard a lady say in a restaurant last night, “It’s pretty much the best thing you can do—for anything you want to accomplish.” A sweet understatement for the most important way to create a solid spiritual foundation for your power to heal yourself and your world.

Journal from Your Heart. Ask for the wisdom and the courage to search deep within and tell it truly. Journaling can help you bring forth your true purpose through manifestation. You can call to you the people, opportunities, and experiences your Higher Self is guiding you to discover

Learn to Give and Accept Unconditional Love. If you hope to heal yourself and your world, you will need to work with the kind of love that created you, the world, and everything in it. We come from the Divine Love that is the Source of All. That love is the wavelength we need to be on for all the good we wish for—for ourselves and others—to appear.

I hope you join me in making this September the season of new beginnings for your body, mind, and spirit. Your gifts are needed for the future of our world. We are one vibration, one field, one energy, with love as our connection. How mindful are you of the healing influence you could have on the world? As poet Mary Oliver asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

And if you’d like to know if this is actually the ideal time, astrologically, for you personally to have a new beginning, consider booking a private Vedic Astrology session with one of the world’s most renowned experts on the topic. Book a call with Dr. Sisira and see what the stars have in store for you >>


Three Universal Life-Enhancing Insights

In one form or another, I’ve been asked to share my accumulated insights time after time. Usually, I’ll be asked in a setting that focuses on a single topic or theme, but following are three pieces of wisdom I would gladly offer you, independent of topic or theme, because they are universal in nature and valuable to all. I know that you can benefit by incorporating them into your lives.

  1. My first piece of wisdom is “Love what you do.” Loving what you do gives life its greatest meaning. Although I may not feel like breaking into a song and dance routine every time I write a blog, empty my inbox, or travel to a speaking engagement, by focusing on the love that prompted those activities, they become consciously proactive expressions of my concern and compassion.

    And for more noteworthy tasks — your profession, longer-term goals, and the like — staying in touch with your “loving why” can help propel you past the problems and challenges that will inevitably arise as you pursue loftier goals.

Are you hiring?

One way to find out who to hire is to ask, “Why are you interested in this position?” and then listen for love, passion, and compassion.

Here’s an example.

One time I was invited to speak before a business networking group in the real estate field. After I was introduced and before I began speaking, I asked each of the members to identify their “whys” – why they had chosen to enter the field they were in, since they were all real estate entrepreneurs and had self-selected their professional endeavor.

One guy stood up and declared, in a monotonous tone, without a stitch of satire, “I sell real estate because I can make a ton of money.” It took concerted effort not to laugh!

Now, everyone chooses a career with an eye toward making a decent living. There’s no shame in that. But if income is someone’s sole motivating factor, something significant is missing, and the people they do business with will sense that. But from this introduction and the corroborating information which he provided later during the meeting, many of his more enlightened fellow networkers and I sensed that, should we retain him, we’d be getting myopic, self-serving “guidance” from this individual.

In sharp contrast, another real estate agent in the same group defined her “why” this ebullient way: “I just love helping people find the perfect property and shepherding them through the process of paperwork and prudent practices to be sure they end up with a definite happy ending!”

Guess which one got the most business? Most property seekers are looking for safety and transparency as much as they are for property. The one sallied forth every day to make money; the woman to spend her love, passion, and care helping her clients achieve cherished dreams.

So, loving what you do matters — especially to your bottom line!

  1. My second piece of wisdom is this: “You are not your thoughts, but what you do as a result of sifting and sorting through them will determine your trajectory and success in life.”

    A famous Henry Ford quote pretty much says it all: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” I’m referring here to your vibrational level. Higher-vibration emotions, feelings, and self-concepts — love, joy, enthusiasm, self-esteem, and the like — cause your personal energy field to vibrate at faster and higher frequencies, which significantly boosts your ability to proactively believe in and make manifest your most cherished goals. With a high energy level, you feel ready to take on the world.

At the opposite extreme, I’m sure you’ve met people who are utterly convinced that life has dealt them a lousy hand and it’s just no use trying for anything better. These unfortunate folks are saddled with debilitating vibrational frequencies, so they don’t have the power-pack working for them that higher vibration individuals do. As a sad result, their prophecies about their future will manifest in the unfortunate ways they believe they will.

Among the best ways to boost your vibrational frequencies is to focus intentionally on what you want your future to look like, and to invest your time imagining every positivity-boosting thing about it.

To realize your most cherished future, you might use affirmations, journaling, meditation, exercises, music, or some other energy/vibration-boosting technique to enhance and uplift your spirits toward your goal.

It’s crucial to remember that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are like clouds. They can enchant you or ruin your day. Choose wisely which ones to linger on and entertain. The best ones will take you in the direction of your goals! Let the others simply and harmlessly drift on by. (If they’re invasive, say “NO!” verbally and shake your head from left to right to evict them.)

  1. My third piece of wisdom is this: Gather around you people who are heading the same direction you are. The people you surround yourself with are crucial when it comes to “leveling up” step by step on the way to your goals.

Since you’re a member of my tribe, you’re already doing some of this virtually and occasionally in person. (Perhaps at our next gathering in Malibu!) You will know you’ve found the right sojourners when their presence supports, celebrates, and uplifts you as you engage in your pursuits.

Even if you’re an introvert who needs your space on a regular basis, you have a tribe; please do reach out and join mine! We can help make your journey so much more enjoyable, and we can offer additional insights to help you thrive.

And if you are looking for personal hand-holding in figuring out your life’s path and purpose – figuring out which path to take that will resonate with you and allow you to live up to the person you were placed on this Earth to be – consider booking a private session with one of Deborah King Center’s graduate practitioners. All are incredibly well versed and experienced in the field of LifeForce Energy Healing, and can be an incredible support for you to lean on. Learn more and choose a practitioner here >>


Sleep Deprivation: The Cure for This Hidden Epidemic

Feeling sleep-deprived … or chronically tired?

You aren’t the only one. It is a hidden epidemic greatly impacting countless people across society. And if you are one of the many who suffer from this issue, you should make an effort to resolve it (because it’s hugely important to your mental, physical, and spiritual health).

Here are some easy steps to diagnose the cause and deliver the cure.

Depending on your age and lifestyle, the causes of sleep disruption, insomnia, and other sleep disturbances can differ enormously.

Complicating matters, the amount of sleep you need to feel alert and refreshed changes across time because your circadian rhythm changes as you age.

Bedrooms should be strictly designated as intimacy spaces, relaxation stations, altars and meditation spaces, and sleep. Entering the room at least a half hour before bedtime allows time to wind down and relax. Engage in something soothing during these precious 30 minutes: knitting, drawing, reading. And lay off the caffeine entirely after 12p.m. (noon). It can take up to ten hours for caffeine to leave the bloodstream. If you need a quick jolt mid-afternoon, open your freezer door, and get a quick hit of cold air in your face. Seriously! It works!

If you have insomnia and none of the above (or anything I suggest at the end of this piece) helps, talk to your primary care doctor, as there may be a physical cause that can be addressed.

As an adult, you should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep at night. How much of that seven to nine hours you’ll need is dictated by your lifestyle. A good way to determine your ideal sleep number is to wake up naturally three days in a row without setting any kind of alarm while in a completely dark room or while wearing a sleep mask. Choosing a three-day weekend to do this is ideal. Go to bed at the same time all three nights and awaken naturally every morning. Take an average of the three days to find your ideal number of sleeping hours. Then pay attention to how you feel the following week while you adhere to the total average number of sleep hours that you determined were right for you. If you’re feeling more refreshed and robust, you’ve found your magic number for the stage of life you’re in right now.

According to sleep experts, what usually keeps adults in this age range from sleeping well is that they have one sleep schedule during work days which they disregard during their days off. Doing so disrupts their internal clock.

When you’re fully rested, an alarm becomes unnecessary. You automatically wake up when you’ve had the right amount of sleep. If you find yourself waking up two hours later on your days off than you do on work days, you are chronically sleep-deprived and should make changes to rectify your sleep deficit. Do this by adjusting your bedtime so you’re going to bed and getting up at about the same time every day. On your days off, reward yourself by spending the earliest waking hours doing something you massively enjoy, whether that’s taking a walk, meeting a friend for breakfast, or something else relaxing and fun.

If you’re an adult experiencing chronic insomnia and none of the suggestions in this piece help, it’s time to let your energy medicine practitioner know, so she can help you out.

Additional detriments to getting a good night’s sleep for people this age may be alcohol, caffeine or work, a health or relationship challenge, or other stresses.

Although alcohol may help you fall asleep fast, the sleep you’ll get may well become fragmented and you will probably find yourself traipsing to the bathroom multiple times during the night, adding to your sleep deficit. And the older you get, the more pronounced are the effects of consuming alcohol. So, not a good solution (for much of anything)!

If worries are the culprit, carve out time to address your stress. Set a timer for a few minutes and write about what’s worrying you. That is usually all it takes to signal to your brain that you’re working proactively on the issue, so it won’t feel compelled to do so when you get quiet at night and want to fall asleep.

And my earlier suggestion about disengaging from all devices and manmade light sources a half hour before bed is helpful.

Another sleep disruptor is that your working life gets in the way. Some work night shifts; others have work schedules that can vary widely from week to week. And even with consistent work schedules, you can find yourself working right up until bedtime, or in the middle of the night if you go to bed early, exhausted, and then wake up refreshed at 2 a.m. and ready to roar!

Here are a few solutions to try:

For those working nights, wear sunglasses home from work to minimize the amount of bright sunshine you receive on the way home. Why? Because sunshine shuts down the release of melatonin, which you need to be able to get to sleep more easily and naturally.

If your shift changes all the time, shift your sleep time backward about three days before your new start time and then inch it forward or back by an hour or two every night. And schedule ten to thirty minutes between work and retiring for the night. Engage in a soothing activity during this time (without screens): relaxing instrumental music, light reading.

During early midlife — between the age of 35 and 40 — you will still need seven or more hours of shut-eye. And it becomes harder, at this stage of life, to bounce back from experiencing inadequate sleep, so you might find yourself becoming more irritated or apathetic after a bout of insomnia or tossing and turning. Lack of sleep will also prevent you from focusing as adeptly as you would after a well-rested night.

For early midlife adults, the causes mirror earlier (and subsequent) descriptions, and the cures are the same or very similar:

Too stressed to sleep. (Write down what’s bothering you during the day.)

Alcohol consumption. (Avoid it.)

After-NOON caffeine consumption. (If you must drink caffeine, do it before noon.)

Work-related stress. (night shifts, changing schedules, see above suggestions)

Insomnia. (May be genetic. Consult with your team of caregivers, from your primary care physician who can refer you to a psychologist or sleep specialist, to your energy medicine specialist, who can help you with buried trauma that may be making you sleepless.)

When midlife happens (ages 41 to 50) your sleep schedule can get disrupted by family obligations (half-grown and grown children, elderly parents’ needs, and more) so it’s crucial to prioritize the amount and quality of the sleep you do get in order to avoid becoming a casualty of catastrophic sleep deprivation. No one can get used to sleep deprivation. Our bodies need adequate sleep and rest to remain robust. There is no cure for lack of sleep except adequate sleep.

For many women, this is the period of time when menopause begins (and sometimes ends). Menopause can cause hot flashes that drench you in sweat several times a night, waking you up, and it can cause depression or anxiety, both drivers of sleep deprivation. Wearing cooler bedclothes (or none at all) and getting breathable bed sheets can help address the night time disturbances. Those who experience depression and anxiety can benefit from journaling, meditation, enjoyable daily exercise, and/or counseling (cognitive behavioral therapy).

And middle age is the period of life when sleep apnea develops in those who are predisposed to the condition, including those who drink alcohol, people who are obese, and folks with a family history of the condition. Sleep apnea means “sleep without breath.” If you know someone — or if you are someone — who snores, chokes, or gasps for air during the night, or someone who wakes up with headaches and feeling drained and depleted despite having clocked eight or more hours of sleep, you should find out more about sleep apnea because, unaddressed, it can be deadly. In some people, their head and neck muscles relax so much during sleep that their airways become blocked; in others, their brain doesn’t deliver the message that they need to keep breathing. Either way, it’s a dicey condition and should be investigated. There are devices to help sleep apnea patients get safe, restful sleep.

This is also the age group that begins to find itself getting up several times during most nights to use the bathroom. If you’re raising your hand now, try limiting how much water you drink an hour before you retire for the night and do a brief meditation, in bed, until you fall back asleep.

This age group experiences the same causes and cures as those mentioned previously:

Too stressed to sleep. (Write down what’s bothering you during the day.)

Alcohol consumption. (Avoid it.)

After-NOON caffeine consumption. (If you must drink caffeine, do it before noon.)

Work-related stress. (night shifts, changing schedules, see above suggestions)

Insomnia. (see above)

Next on our list are those who are from 51 to 60 years old, the period of life designated Late Midlife. These folks mirror the same conditions and challenges as Early Midlife individuals: sleep apnea, menopause, frequent bathroom visits during the night, alcohol, caffeine, work schedules, etc.

And then comes the retirement years, what many people refer to as the Golden Years, from age 61 to 75.

This intense period of adjustment can throw a massive monkey wrench into those who have always considered that what they do for a living is the main reason they’re alive and valuable to others.

Retirement takes away the structures that so many people have hung their existences on, value-wise. Many people who lose that life-long structure develop insomnia, unable to settle into a new routine that is more about being than doing. Take away their daily routines, and their nighttime routines disappear, too. They begin to flail as they struggle to develop a new way of existing in the world. It can be quite unnerving unless they have practiced it a bit beforehand.

For those who want to remain active (and I hope that’s you), part-time jobs fill the bill. For others, volunteering is an avenue that resonates.

Sleep experts recommend creating a new schedule and listing how you want to spend the day ahead, whether that’s a walk in the park or around the neighborhood first thing in the morning, followed by joining a bridge club, or golfing, playing pickleball or tennis, or whatever else will give you smiles, a sense of belonging, and a reason to want to remain physically and mentally robust. Physical activity helps you fall asleep more readily and to sleep more restfully. But do limit physical exercise (except for sex!) at least one hour before you expect to go to sleep every night.

The other sleep-stealers for this group and some of their remedies can be found in the previous age groups: alcohol, caffeine, stress, pre-sleep stimulation via mobile devices and entertainment centers, insomnia, sleep apnea, frequent bathroom visits at night.

For older adults — those 76+ — seven to eight hours of sleep per 24 hours works well. They usually will fall asleep early in the evening, sleep well, and then rise at about 4 or 5 or 6 a.m., feeling fully rested. Of course, those with the aforementioned sleeping challenges may not adhere to this pattern, but a great many do.

The older we get, the earlier we tend to wake up. But those in this age bracket with sleeping challenges should be very careful when taking drugs or supplements for sleep because a great many of them have deleterious side effects that can grievously impact, in addition to increasing the likelihood of a fall.

For most of the above life stages, what follows is my professional advice as an energy healer as it relates to tackling sleep challenges:

  • Spend some time early in the morning, outside, exposing your eyes to the dawn’s early light, so your circadian rhythm gets its marching orders for the day.
  • Limit your contact with EMFs.
  • Exercise before noon.
  • Keep fresh air in your bedroom.
  • Take magnesium at night.
  • Meditate no more than ten minutes after 6:00pm.
  • Focus on the peaceful and positive in the evening hours.

A night of good, restful sleep is essential for our wellbeing. It’s necessary to keep mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. It also provides an incredible opportunity to gain insights and wisdom from beyond this realm.

You see, beyond getting the rest your body needs to be in balance, sleep also offers you the opportunity to tap into the power of lucid dreaming.

And it is one of the skills taught in our bestselling Astral Wisdom course.

Learn to design the life of your dreams by mastering the out-of-body experience by accessing this course here >>

Evolve during summer

3 Things to Add to Your Summertime Bucket List

Evolve during summer

It’s summertime! Here are a few items that I encourage you to add to your Summertime Bucket List:

  1. Take a sabbatical from Netflix. I know just how addictive binge-watching Netflix can be. In fact, I just “rediscovered” Suits, that awesome 9-season TV series that has me hooked, so I speak from experience when I suggest we all fight off that “urge to binge” and head outdoors right now. Summer only comes once a year, so we need to jump on it! You can hang with your pets, drive through a wildlife park, visit a beach at the ocean, or a lake. Give yourself permission to just BE. You are a human BEING not a human DOING. Your body and spirit will thank you!
Evolve during summer
  1. Choose a summertime wilderness trail to explore. Put on your hiking boots, shorts, and shirt, apply sunscreen, fill your backpack with survival essentials (drinking water, matches, food bars, thermal, a small/foldable emergency blanket in case you end up having to spend the night outdoors due to a missed turn, your phone, a Swiss Army knife, insect spray, first aid essentials) and take a hike. As long as you prepare for the unexpected, a hike to an alpine lake or across some other breathtakingly beautiful nature spot will rejuvenate you like nothing else can.
  1. Visit your favorite environment and do something fun while you’re there.

    Love the water (lake, ocean, pond, river, beach)?
    If so, consider building a sandcastle (if there is the right kind of sand or mud where you are), renting a kayak or canoe, going swimming, doing yoga, meditating, painting or drawing what you see (or doing your best to express in words what you see and feel when you’re in your perfect place), going whitewater rafting (or its less intense counterpart, peaceful river rafting), surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling, paddleboarding, or inner-tubing down a placid river. Go whale watching. Whatever “floats your boat!”

Love the Outdoors? Attend an outdoor concert in your region and/or play an outdoor game. Admire the wildflowers. Plant a butterfly garden. Take a road trip. Go camping. Visit a farmer’s market. Ride a roller coaster or ferris wheel. Walk or Run 5K for a good cause. Visit a zoo, wildlife park or animal sanctuary. Go birdwatching. Make a bonfire and cook s’mores, baked beans, and vegan hot dogs. Play tennis, pickleball, volleyball, badminton or any other game that offers laughter and exercise. Rent a log cabin for a weekend or mid-week or longer and meditate or do yoga outside it every morning and evening. (Be sure to step outside to greet sunrises and bid adieu to sunsets!) Visit a regional parade. Take an archery class. Catch a ride in a hot air balloon. Make a birdhouse.

Evolve during summer

Confined to a City? Create chalk art. Volunteer. Put on a puppet show for your neighborhood. Visit a museum and/or an art gallery. Get an adult coloring book. Have a picnic in the park. Record your fondest memories and adventures in a journal or scrapbook. Start a summer gratitude journal. Visit venues that feature animals (zoos, aquariums, the ocean.) Foster a pet or adopt a pet. Write a poem or a song.

There is a poem that I just love, and it’s appropriate here. It speaks volumes about mindset, perspective, and intention, three things that can make or break the human spirit:

Two men looked out through prison bars.
One man saw dirt … the other, stars.

I know you will make this summer memorable in your own inimitable way. Let me know on Facebook if there are other things on your bucket list that I missed.

Enjoy Summer 2023. It will never come again, and you’ll never be this young again, so don’t put off enjoying it in every way you can!

Evolve during summer

And if finally taking steps towards personal transformation, achieving your goals, and becoming the person you were meant to be is on your bucket list, this Summer is the perfect time to take that step. Registration is currently open for our Master-in-Training program. A year-long program that offers you transformative teachings, a close-knit support group, and an opportunity to work directly with me. It’s nothing short of life-changing.

You can learn about the changes people experience in our free Open House. You can watch the replay here >>

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Healthy Habits

Develop Habits that Help You & Ditch the Ones that Don’t

Healthy Habits

It’s impossible, I think, to live for very long without developing a series of habits that appear to have worked quite well for a very long time. We’ve all developed habits for assorted reasons: to pass the time, to shift blame, or to pass muster in some way. Some have become workaholics, others shopaholics, others alcoholics, others marathon TV series-aholics, still others video game-aholics. In a crazy, mixed-up, and heavily politicized world, sometimes dropping out simply to stay sane seems the sensible thing to do.

Healthy Habits

Mea culpa

Early on, I developed self-protective habits in abundance: among them, staying out of my mother’s way (she detested me in utero) and pleasing my incestuous father (and later other powerful men, working my way up the ladder back when women attorneys were almost as rare as hens teeth), none of which was good for me. As a result of these unhealthy habits and others (including drinking like a fish and an unhealthy daily dose of Valium), I ended up with a cancer diagnosis in my 20’s. Talk about a wake-up call!

It was just so easy to develop unhelpful habits! When it worked, even temporarily, to give me some sense of control, ease, or release, I did it again. And again. And again. Until they became habits. (As it turned out, nearly fatal habits!)

I can guarantee you that no one ever expected (or intended, or desired) to become addicted to a substance, a beverage, or a way of “doing life” that ended up harming them and/or their loved ones and future. But millions of people have ended up hooked on habits that no longer serve them (and perhaps, in hindsight, never did).

With that cancer diagnosis, I went on a health kick and on a quest that extinguished the older, unhelpful habits along the way. With only so many hours in each given day, and what I considered, at the time, to be a temporary reprieve from undergoing surgery while I researched other healing modalities, a whole new world opened up to me. A world in which I was no longer a victim or a victimizer (both learned at my parents’ knees) but a victor. With each new sage, guru, shaman, and teacher I met, I developed new habits to support my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. My body literally healed itself, as all bodies are designed to do when we stop bombarding them with unhelpful habits and harmful thoughts. And as a result, I discovered my true calling (Spirit never wastes a wound): sharing ways to overcome unhelpful mindsets that deliver the exact opposite of what everyone wants to happen to them and their loved ones! Healing is an inside job and developing helpful habits is a crucial step in the process.

Healthy Habits

My Recipe for Developing Better Habits

Healthy Habits
  1. This month, replace one unhelpful habit with a helpful one.

    If you’re spending more than 30 minutes a day on social media or playing Solitaire or another relaxing-but-irrelevant video game, choose another helpful habit and divert and dedicate the excess time to developing it. Example: If you’re sedentary, devote the excess time to taking a mindful walk. Ideally, choose a nature trail, a city park, or some other place where you can see and hear birds and animals. Or, if children are a special delight, visit a playground in a city park. This new activity should have no responsibilities attached to it. Make this your time to simply walk, sit, and appreciate the value of creating a healthier, but equally enjoyable (“addictive”-worthy!) habit.
  1. Next month, replace another unhelpful habit with a more helpful one.

    If you feel you’re addicted to watching too much TV, divert and dedicate at least half of the time you spend doing that listening to a soothing music station (ideally instrumental). Doing so will give your brain a chance to recalibrate and relax. Although our brains are designed to think and to seek pleasurable activities, they don’t benefit from a too-constant drumbeat of pursuit. Too much action/adventure or adrenaline-pumping entertainment can create an imbalance. Give your brain a break!
Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits
  1. The following month, replace another unhelpful habit with a creative new hobby or undertaking.

    Learn to knit, read a book, play pickleball, speak a new language, or go swimming during the time you would otherwise spend on the unhelpful habit. Write that memoir. Send that letter. Do something you feel really great about.
  1. Repeat, as above, as many times as necessary, each time replacing an unhelpful habit with one that feeds your spirit or advances you in the direction you want to go.

    You do have the time; it’s just a matter of incorporating a more helpful pursuit, using the same hours. Simply establish focused intent and then Make It So!
Healthy Habits

When you’ve conquered your small handful of time-consuming unhelpful habits, you’ll find you’ve freed up ample time (and energy!) to seek and attain the goals that you’re more interested in achieving.

Yard by yard, life is hard.
Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.

It is sometimes the smallest of things that are the hardest to change. And we all need a helping hand sometimes. And that is exactly what our community here at the Deborah King Center provides. And at the highest echelons of our programs, the changes people make in their lives are nothing short of life-changing. Want to learn more about it? Click here to attend our free annual Open House to learn about the transformations that can be in store for you >>

Feng shui your home

How to Upgrade the Energy in Your Home

Feng shui your home

“Energy efficiency” is a hot topic these days. With the Inflation Recovery Act of 2022 now in place, there are government incentive programs to help homeowners, renters, and businesses upgrade to more energy efficient abodes.

As exciting and timely as the above information is, this post isn’t about that kind of energy upgrade.

There is another energy upgrade which I consider equally — and ultimately, even more — crucial.

Feng shui your home

The kind of energy upgrade I’m referring to is the enormous, uplifting, endlessly creative, and divine universal energy that is available to each of us. Unfortunately, it all too often becomes unavailable or anemic because of stress, trauma, illness, and other hard knocks we received during our childhood and later, and even before, during earlier incarnations.

Far too many folks feel chronically overwhelmed, anxious, and fatigued. Others feel apathetic and depressed. These are all signs of blocked chakras; that is, the pinching off of one or more of the seven energy transfer stations that exist in levels between the bottom of our spine and the top of our head. Unbottling these bottlenecks takes time and intention. Meditation and mindfulness are two ways to unblock chakras.

But another proactive way to jumpstart recovery from blocked chakras is setting an intention to de-clutter your home and every other place where you spend considerable time.

Home Sweet Home

Your home is a direct extension of your energy field. Where is it pinching you? In which room(s) does your lifeforce energy feel absent or anemic? In which room(s) does it feel free to soar?

Is there discomfort-causing clutter in any of the rooms in your home? If there is, simply acknowledge what the clutter does to your mind, body and spirit every time you enter those spaces, and do whatever it takes to remedy your discomfort.

Feng shui your home

Are there closets in your home with unused clothing and/or other seldom-used items occupying most of the space?

What kind of internal energy emanates when you enter your kitchen, bathroom, living room, den, or bedroom?

How long has it been since you rearranged your existing furniture, or repainted a few of your walls, or done something else to creatively express your gratitude for the space that qualifies as your sanctuary?

What can you donate, sell, or dispose of in some other way that will open up your available space to make room for more energy and joy in your life?

By mindfully analyzing how you feel inside each room of your home and making prudent, spirit-lifting adjustments, you can access more of the universal energy that is available to improve your mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

Feng shui your home


About 40% of working people are working from home these days, the rest commute to offices on foot, on bike, via some transit system, or in a personal vehicle. But either way, whether you’re an employee, an entrepreneur, or an executive, you spend many (if not most) of your waking hours in a space that has the potential to numb your spirit or to nurture it. Naturally, I endorse nurturing it!

If your space is your own, consider Sthapatya Veda, that ancient system of Vedic knowledge that involves the connection between people and buildings. Similar to Feng Shui, these teachings from the Vedas hold that the design of a structure has an effect on our energy; if the design of the building is in harmony with the laws of nature, it will promote positive energy to those of us inside of it.

Also consider that minimalism and vibrant but relaxing colors will make you more peaceful. If you don’t have much say in your surroundings at work, bring to your work space a few personal items that elicit smiles and a sense of aliveness inside you.

Make Being Delightfully Present a Daily Pursuit

Our thoughts orchestrate our moods and attitudes. But our thoughts are not things; they are projections. Think of your mind as a movie screen that reveals in Technicolor the thoughts you’re having. Does your movie have a happy ending? If not, write a better storyline! You have the ability to influence the movies in your head to work for you. When you do this, universal energy gets freed up inside you to help you get where you want to go.

Always remember that you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are less real than passing clouds, but they do (absolutely!) dictate how your body will react, so they can send you to the gallows or send your spirit and intentions soaring into the stratosphere.

Feng shui your home

Additional energy restorers include exposure to sunlight (remember your sunscreen!), enjoyable movement (fun exercises, gardening, sex 🙂 , laughter (the more, the better!) , gratitude, nature walks or sitting in nature, self-care (hydration, nourishing foods, meditation, all of the above!) journaling, creativity, healthy, sane boundaries, adequate sleep, and friendly, encouraging, supportive connections.

How many can you add to your repertoire of energy boosters? Most cost nothing but intention and a time commitment.

Feng shui your home

Henry Ford was right when he said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Your thoughts dictate the energy you’ll have access to as you sail in the direction of your goals. And since you’re a member of my tribe, I have every confidence that you will choose wisely!

The best way to control your thoughts, and thus control your life, is to practice meditation. But not just any form of meditation, Vedic Meditation is the best form I’ve discovered for truly creating the life of your dreams. And if learning this form of meditation is of interest to you, you can access my bestselling course by clicking here >>

If you want to take things one step further, you can join an incredible, supportive community of like-minded healers and truth seekers for a year-long journey that will help you cleanse everything from your thoughts, to your physical space, to your emotions and energy field. The next year of our most transformative program is starting soon. And you can learn all about it in our upcoming FREE Open House by registering here >>

Your Souls Plan

Awakening Your Soul’s Plan

Your Souls Plan

The Upanishads, which complete the Vedas, are among the most beautiful and influential spiritual texts in the world. The poems contained within seek to understand the meaning of life, the law of karma, and the pathway to enlightenment.

The Upanishads speak of three different types of self: the external self (Bahya-atma), the inner self (Antar-atma), and Param-atma (the highest self or Purusha). When we attain Purusha, we become one with the soul of the universe and finally transcend the cycle of reincarnation. Our ultimate purpose has been fulfilled as we finally reach the eternal bliss of Sat-cit-ānanda, unchanging truth, bliss, and consciousness.

Yet while enlightenment is our eventual destiny, the law of karma ensures that we each have a different road to travel through the cycle of samsāra. Each incarnation on this Earth gives you opportunities to cleanse your karma and learn the lessons you need to move forward on your spiritual path. Though you may not consciously remember it right now, your soul made a plan for you before you were incarnated in this lifetime. When you connect with your soul’s plan, you begin to live authentically and in harmony with your life purpose.

Your Souls Plan

Are You Fulfilled?

The idea of a soul plan might seem like a luxury in this busy and stressful world we live in. Yet I believe that it is only when you awaken your soul’s plan that you can really begin to live the full life that is your birthright as a divine being. To be in alignment with your soul’s plan is to have clarity of purpose and an inner strength that can meet challenges with confidence. Life will continue to happen to you, as it does to everyone, in all its joy and sadness, but knowing your soul’s plan keeps you moving forward on your personal journey.

Many students who come to me for energy healing do so because they feel restless, dissatisfied, or stuck. Life does not seem to have any real meaning or color. I often see clients who feel that time is “running out” and that the window for living a full life is closing rapidly. Regret and fear are two emotions that signal to me that a student or client is out of alignment with their soul’s plan. They have paid far too much attention to what society thinks they should want than to their own inner wisdom and truth.

Activating Your Soul’s Plan

If you have consistently felt bored, irritated, uninspired, or regretful for a long period of time, I encourage you to look within and see if you are in alignment with your soul’s plan. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and to stop piling on the guilt. All of us are connected to webs of people—our family, friends, and co-workers—who have strong ideas about how we should be living. It takes courage to reconsider these “rules” and take a step toward authenticity.

Your Souls Plan

I cannot promise doing so will be easy, but I can say with confidence that as you start to connect to your true self, the way forward becomes clearer. When you get out of your own way—and stop trying to force yourself into a suit that does not fit—your energy vibrations shift to a higher plane and obsessive thoughts and recriminations start to drop away. You learn to trust yourself.

Here are three steps that you can begin today to start clearing energy blockages and connect to your soul’s plan:

Your Souls Plan
  1. Cleanse Your Sixth Chakra

    The sixth chakra is also known as the third eye chakra. It is in the center of the forehead and in line with the eyebrows. Known in Sanskrit as Ajna, this chakra rules imagination, intuition, and self-realization. When you work with an energy healer to cleanse the sixth chakra, the door to your higher self opens. Imagine entering a library wherein the blueprints for your soul’s plan are waiting for you, bathed in a clear, illuminating light. This is the power of a healthy third eye chakra.
  1. Be Open

    To activate your soul’s plan, you must learn to trust yourself. Change can be risky, and you should not be pressured into doing something “different” just for the sake of it. But, usually, to live in true alignment with our soul’s plan means that we need to be open to new ideas and possibilities that may seem odd, at first, to the part of us that is used to playing by the rules. Often, you may find that even among the people who love you most, you need to give these new ideas time to percolate before you announce them to the world. There is no need to rush. You are allowed to take the time you need to build a bigger and more fulfilling life.
Your Souls Plan
Your Souls Plan

  1. Meditate


    As a teacher, it always amazes me how easy it is to be led off-track by the voices of others and so hard to listen to our inner wisdom. We often let the noise of opinions and belief systems and social pressure steer us away from what we know to be right. Over time, you cannot happily live someone else’s life. Meditation unlocks your soul’s plan by allowing you to tune-in to the quiet, still voice within that speaks for the real you. In the beautiful words of the teacher Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, “Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

If you would like to learn more about how to release energy blockages and awaken your soul’s plan, please join me for my new online course hosted by the Shift Network, Decode Ancient Vedic Face Reading & Energetic Body Types to Heal Childhood Trauma, which begins Thursday, May 18, 2023.

Space will be limited, so you’ll want to reserve your spot as soon as you can.

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Become an Energy Healer

Becoming an Energy Healer: Do You Feel the Call?

The world seems to be in a state of constant crisis. Between wars, pandemics, political unrest, job insecurity, and environmental trauma, the toll on our bodies and spirits is profound.

Environmentally, culturally, and spiritually, we know that there is real pain in the world today. It is easy to give in to the forces of darkness and cynicism. There is much work that must be done to heal our planet and many people are crying out for positive and uplifting solutions to their individual and shared trauma.

Become an Energy Healer

More than ever, our world needs people who want to be of service to others. The power of energy medicine not only heals us as individuals but enables us to bring light and compassion to those in need of spiritual transformation. As energy healers, we learn to help others open the door to their higher selves.

Positive change begins with you

One of my esteemed teachers, may she rest in peace, Louise Hay, often liked to say, “The power is within you!” I passionately believe this. Every time an individual chooses kindness and love over division and hate, the world begins to heal.

Do you sense that you have intuitive gifts that could be cultivated to help others find their spiritual path? Are you drawn to the light of spiritual transformation? If so, I invite you to consider becoming an energy healer.

My own journey with energy healing has taken me to many countries and I have learned from sages and shamans around the world. In my mid-twenties, I found myself adrift as the hard-charging life as a lawyer I had been living ground to halt. I knew there had to be something more to life and within me than constant struggle and pain.

Become an Energy Healer

When I chose the path of energy healing, I connected to my authentic self and aligned with my soul’s true purpose. Could this be your destiny, as well? If you feel a yearning to awaken your inner light and nurture others, then I think you may have your answer. Your higher self is calling you to help create peace in the world.

Here are three ways you can begin to shift to a higher energy frequency and activate the gift of healing that is within you:

Become an Energy Healer
  1. See Yourself Clearly and Awaken Your Higher Self
    Over three thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians inscribed the instruction to “know thyself” above the entrance to the Temple of Luxor in Ancient Kemet. Thales of Miletus, in the sixth century BCE, believed that self-knowledge was the key to enlightenment, while the Upanishads advise Atmanam viddhi, “know thyself and be free.”

This wisdom reverberates across the millennia to us today. A true energy healer must first see himself or herself clearly. The spiritual practices of meditation, journaling, prayer, and devotion can assist you to clear away trauma and ego so that you can stand in the clear light of your divine essence and gifts.

  1. Compassion for Others Begins with Compassion for Yourself
    So many of my students first come to me convinced that they are ready to change. They are “high” on the prospect of moving forward and want to see results immediately.
Become an Energy Healer

Yet with just a bit of digging, we soon find energy blockages that are holding them back from the full life they are meant to lead. When we begin to address these lower vibrations, blockages, and trauma, emotions start to tumble out with the force of those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

Anger turned inward is one of the most toxic emotions that I deal with as an energy healer. When you release self-hatred, and forgive your mistakes, you open a channel to universal love and compassion. You also create a space within which your inner gifts can reveal themselves and thrive.

As Buddha tells us, “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” To see yourself with compassion is to understand and to forgive; and, when you forgive, you begin to change.

Become an Energy Healer
  1. Cultivate your connection to Source Source is the primordial origin of unconditional love, compassion, and the healing light of the universe. When you cultivate your connection to Source, as you understand it, you become a vehicle for the spiritual transformation of both yourself and others. Your life’s purpose is revealed, and your divine essence is awakened.

We each have healing gifts that can be cultivated to empower ourselves and others. I would love to collaborate with you to activate your inner healer.

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Finding Balance during the Equinox: Spring Cleaning the Mind

Spring Equinox

Spring officially arrives today, March 20th, at 5:24 PM EDT, as we reach the Spring Equinox. In one of those rare moments of total balance in the Northern Hemisphere, during the Equinox, day and night are both 12 hours long. The sun rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

If only we could put our own lives in such balance!

The spring equinox usually heralds a compunction to sweep out all the dust bunnies, rearrange sock drawers, and tackle that mess in the garage. But this year, I suggest that spring cleaning can have a new meaning for those of you who truly seek an expansion of consciousness: try cleaning out your old beliefs, the ones that no longer serve you.

Spring Equinox

Whether we realize it or not, much of what we believe has its roots in our childhood, when we unconsciously absorbed the ideas and prejudices of our families, friends, teachers, and the culture we grew up in. For example, if you grew up in the south-west of the United States in the past 40 years, there’s a strong chance you assume all Mexicans are illegal and suitable for menial labor only. However, if you grew up in France during the same time period, you might assume that any Algerian you pass on the street should be engaged in manual labor.

Look carefully at the ideas you hold to be self-evident. Do you think that nobody should eat meat? That liberals (or conservatives) are responsible for all our societal woes? That cancer or other illness is somehow our own fault?

Take the time to examine your beliefs. Start with the areas of your life that are causing problems. Are you unhappy with your weight or appearance? Why? What was your family’s attitude toward body image? Did they mock fat people? Praise your sister but ignore you? Compliment those who were light-skinned? Make sure you had a nose job when you turned sixteen? Banned short skirts? Not let you out of the house unless you were wearing make-up?

Are you in financial distress? What was your family’s attitude about money? Were they content with and grateful for whatever they had? Were you desperate for extras? Was saving expected of you?

Are you an activist? Do you listen to a broad range of views before deciding where to focus your energies, or do you assume that your beliefs are the only right ones and the “other side” is completely wrong? Were political issues debated in your home, or were there simply pronouncements that determined which way you were expected to believe?

Spring Equinox

There are two main questions to ask yourself about any belief you hold: “Where did this belief come from?” and “Does it still work for me, or is it limiting me in some way?”

The most difficult belief to examine is about your basic identity. The famous Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi, started a lineage of spiritual self-inquiry with the critical question: Who am I?

Indeed, who are you if you strip away your dearly-held beliefs? Who are you beyond your occupation, your marital status, your motherhood or fatherhood, your sexual orientation, your bank account, your politics, your gender? Who are you?

Spring Equinox

One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”


“No,” answered Buddha. 


“Then are you a healer?”


“No,” Buddha replied.


“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.


“No, I am not a teacher.”


“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.


“I am awake,” Buddha replied.

Right now is the perfect time to reset, rebalance, and re-examine everything in your life. To understand what past traumas have solidified you in your current position and what you must heal from and overcome in order to move forward. A great way to do this, is to connect with other healers and seekers of truth.

And while it may not be possible to hop on a plane and go to a retreat this very moment to jump-start this process, it is possible to relive a powerful retreat that was recently held in Malibu by the Deborah King Center. We’ve distilled the powerful teachings and experiences into 11 hours of life altering material. And you can learn more about it here >>