The beauty of your unique advanced gifts

Earlier, we talked about the incredible beauty we all discover throughout our process of initiating through higher levels. Today, I want to deepen that conversation. I want to talk about the advanced gifts that you will discover throughout your own initiation journey.

What’s an advanced gift?

You already have several, even though you may not be aware of what they are, exactly. An advanced gift is an outsized spiritual power that you are already blessed with – one that with a little focusing and guiding can become stronger and more beautiful.

Think about it for a second – we will often say that people are born with “the gift of gab” or “she’s a great listener.” These advanced gifts are a little bit like that, except we examine them on a deeper, more spiritual level. Instead of “the gift of gab,” maybe you have a profound ability to speak to others in meaningful ways, and share the higher wisdom of the universe to those who need guidance.

So today, I want to bring you on a meditative journey to help discover, identify, and strengthen your advanced gifts.

A gift so many of us have – and forms the basis of medical intuition – is our intuition itself. We intuit all the time. Perhaps you’ve gotten a sense of what someone was going to say, right before they said it. Or your gut told you, “you shouldn’t take that job offer” only for the company to go belly-up within a few months.

Intuition, right?

There are many more advanced gifts, such as the ability to sense the energies and energy fields of others, to commune with the spirits of those who have departed ahead of us, or simply to connect and ground yourself to the greater world. We all, thankfully, are blessed with a wonderful assortment of advanced gifts that we can strengthen by simply being cognizant of their existence.

There is so much more to unlocking the power of advanced gifts, and I cannot wait to share with you these wondrous insights. Please follow along with me in this guided meditation to learn how you can tap into your ancient, advanced gifts. I’ll teach you how to begin strengthening them and using them in your life.

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You decided to come here

Here’s what’s amazing. Each of us chose to come to Earth.

We are reincarnated countless times. Each time, we choose to come to Earth to learn certain lessons, to evolve our own consciousness, and to get closer to our own higher selves. It’s immaculate.

And each time we reincarnate onto Earth, our memories of our past lives are wiped clean. This allows us to go through our current journey on Earth unencumbered.

But, it makes finding our purpose a little difficult sometimes. We’ve all felt that. We have all struggled many times to understand why we are here, why we chose to come here.

Though we cannot recall our true origin, or our conscious purpose, we can intuit our purpose if we listen closely. When we are still, when we reflect, we can sense a nagging or a knowing where we begin to understand what we are meant to do.

From there, we can make conscious decisions that lead us closer to discovering our purpose. As we continue down our path to our purpose, our consciousness can shift into a higher level.

This shift is called initiation. It’s an integral part of our process of becoming enlightened, and it’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Initiation is not a “one-and-done.” Indeed, there are hundreds of levels that you can be initiated through, as your being learns to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. However, on our time here on Earth, it’s very rare (if not impossible) to advance beyond level seven.

But what are these levels? What does it mean to ascend to level three? How do you know you are ready for an initiation? Can you will yourself to have an initiation?

Great questions. These are things I am asked frequently. And while I’ll go over some of the specifics in my video, I want to stress that no, you cannot force an initiation. Instead, you have to be receptive, but not on push. It’s a bit like love, right? You can’t force love. You can only prepare yourself to be in a great place to accept love when it arrives.

So, in this video, I’ll talk to you about the initiations. I’ll explain the seven levels of initiation. I’ll give you some meditative guides on the first four levels, help you prepare your mind for initiation, and tell you a little about my experience having my own initiations.

Join me, and learn about your soul’s ancient journey from the time before time, and learn how your choices you make today can guide your soul to its hidden purpose.

With each level, your vibrational energy pulses higher as you tune your mind into the frequency of the universe. Enhancing your vibrational energy is a lifelong journey. One that transcends this lifetime, each lifetime, as you continue to choose to be reborn to become closer to the universal light.

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hara line

Hara line: The blueprints of your life’s purpose

You, my friend, have been born countless times. And you will continue to be born countless times. Each time you arrive on Earth, you are here to learn deeply personal lessons that will help you on your path to enlightenment.

Whether you choose to learn some or all or none of those lessons is entirely up to you. That is your freewill.

But where do those lessons come from? Who plans out these lessons? You do! Between reincarnations, your souls plot out your lessons and hopes for your life, imbuing them into your Hara line, for when you make the great trip back to Earth.

But sometimes it’s difficult to see that blueprint, isn’t it? It’s not like you have a physical checklist of your lessons that you need to walk through. Instead, it’s imbued into your energy field, and tapping into that energy field isn’t necessarily easy to do.

That’s what I want to teach about today. Today, I’d like to teach you about the Hara line, and how you can align it to ensure you’re accessing your life’s purpose.

The Hara line is an invisible line that runs through your body, just one level energetically below your human energy field. It starts down near the base of your spine, around 2 inches from your navel, and runs in tandem along with your spine upward to the top of your head, reaching higher and further into Source.

It’s parallel to your chakras, but at a level deeper. This deeper level is all about intentionality and purpose, as opposed to the chakras, which control your physical and spiritual health.

When your Hara line is in alignment, you have a direct connection to Source, allowing you to seamlessly ascertain your higher purpose – those blueprints that your soul worked so hard on in between your reincarnations.

So, if you’re feeling confused, if you don’t know what your purpose is, if you’ve been asking, “what do I need to do with my life?” — you may have a distortion in your Hara line.

If you’re feeling stuck, or unable to comprehend the reason that you’ve been placed on this Earth, then I encourage you to watch this video. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a reason for being here. Realigning your Hara lines allows you to understand that purpose. Understanding is a gift, one that will fill you with renewed happiness and fulfillment.

So, let’s straighten out that Hara line. Follow along with me in this brief video where I show you a simple way to align your Hara line, allowing you to access that amazing source of purpose.

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8th chakra

Unlock the extraordinary power of your higher chakras

What if I told you that you had an amazing, continual connection to the unlimited energy of the universe? What if I told you that this connection could help you download limitless wisdom, guidance, and cosmic understanding?

Would you want to learn how? Who wouldn’t!

We all have this connection. It’s called our soul star, and it is the first of our higher chakras.

Higher chakras?

We’re familiar with the 7 chakras of our body, those swirling pools of energy from our root to our crown. But outside of our body lie a limitless number of higher chakras – chakras that connect us to the greater energy of the universe. Chakra number 8, the soul star, is our tether to this greater energy field. Deepening your relationship with your soul star allows you to tap into your wisdom of your higher self.

It’s an advanced technique that expands upon the work we’ve done to properly open the 7 chakras within ourselves. Each chakra is a conduit for energy, and each chakra functions best when they are in a state of proper alignment. As the 7 bodily chakras reach proper alignment, you can then reach further into your higher chakras to receive universal wisdom.

As a young woman, I began to access these higher chakras through consistent meditation – a practice that I picked up as a way to heal my early cancer diagnosis and resulting insomnia. Through my consistent meditation practice, I was able to download this limitless wisdom from my higher chakras. It’s a beautiful experience that I wish to share with you.

Follow along with me in this brief video, as I show you how to access the wisdom of your soul star. I’ll show you how to open a doorway to the greater spiritual realm of truth and wisdom, where we can renew our earthly chakras with higher energy from the upper realms.

Our soul star sits about two feet above our crown chakra, serving as the locus for divine energy – energy that we can receive at will to replenish, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate our energy field. It’s simply a matter of learning how to access this field – a matter of learning how to activate your soul star.

Expand your mind! Connect with your higher self and receive the unexpected perspective and creativity that the divine source has to offer you.

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