Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last: Does your list reflect someone else’s agenda?

Are you looking for some special inspiration as the New Year approaches? Dreaming of new beginnings and powerful transformations, but wondering just how you’ll make that happen?  It feels wonderful to think about the prospect of a fresh start, but do you really want to put yourself on the spot with that same old list of resolutions that never quite work out? Your angels can help! Now is the perfect time to call on the angelic realm for help envisioning a bright future. Those heavenly messengers who love you unconditionally, know your deepest feelings, and have only your best interests at heart, are waiting to hear from you.

How will the angels help? It’s all about finding your truth. The main reason those lists of New Year’s resolutions make you feel worse rather than better is that they usually reflect somebody else’s agenda. Before making such a list, do you ask yourself what you truly want? Do you commune with your soul to find out what is the best next step for your health and happiness? Do you say you want to lose weight, earn more money, or buy a new car because those goals will elevate your spirit? Or are these someone else’s ideas of fabulous feats for the New Year? If your heart isn’t really in these unexamined goals, no wonder they are so hard to achieve.

Your angels can help you look within and discover the true feats of spiritual growth and healing that will make a difference for you in the year ahead including:

  1. Focus on spiritual growth.
    Life is busy and spirituality may be something you sometimes set on the back burner. Your angels remind you that spirituality is a precious and pressing concern. Without making time for your spiritual routines and healing practices, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Daily meditation, journaling, taking healing courses, getting outside to connect with nature, staying grounded—these activities are things you need for your health and wellbeing.
  1. Make a fresh start.
    Letting go is one of the major tenants of energy healing, and it is a valuable practice at this time of year. Your angels can help you let go of detrimental behaviors, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, and negative voices. With all that baggage dropped, you can start the next year of your life with a clean slate, a blank page to fill with what you want, what is best for you and your life purpose. Clearing out all that negativity opens up space for fresh positive energy to fill up your chakras and energy field, uplifting you and carrying you toward the light. All angels are angels of energy healing and can help restore your whole being back to its optimal state.
  1. Give so you can receive.
    To help yourself, you need to help others. It’s as simple as that. Your angels can help you find ways to be of service, heal your soul, and grow your spiritual consciousness. Being of service is a daily practice, a general selflessness, a shift in perspective so that you are thinking of others before yourself. The angels offer a beautiful example of selfless giving and help show the way. The more you practice, the better you get and the better you feel.
  1. Build Your Angel Contact Time.
    Encourage your angels to communicate with you more frequently by maintaining a daily practice of meditation, which opens you up to the heavenly realms by expanding your awareness. Other ways to increase your ability to connect with your angels are spending time communing with nature, keeping your negativity in check by expressing your emotions, and attending healing courses, especially my course on angels of energy healing, to make sure your energy is flowing freely. Just like with any practice, the more you contact your angels, the easier it will become. Soon, you’ll be interacting with your angels every day and enjoying the blessings of their loving attention.

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I can’t praise too highly the value of healing your soul this year and calling on your angels for help. If you make heart-felt, authentic resolutions, reflecting your spirit, all your other plans and goals for a Happy New Year are likely to fall into place.

Ready to connect and commune with your angels of energy healing? Guidance, support and unconditional love are already yours – all you have to do is ask, recognize the signs and interpret the messages your angels are sending you right now. Find out more


7 Simple Ways to Keep a Sacred Heart During the Holidays

Lo and behold, the holidays are here. Is it time to take a deep breath? After all the weeks of preparation, you may be more than ready for a long winter’s nap!  I’ll bet you’d like a little Peace on Earth, a little Silent Night, and a few chords from the Angels We Have Heard on High about now. As a spiritual teacher, that’s what I’m looking forward to. In fact, I’m eager to wish you a safe, sane, and sacred holiday–one that feeds your soul and leaves you ready to receive the blessings of the bright New Year ahead.

“How can I be safe,” you ask, “with my family and my in-laws about to arrive?”

The truth is you are always safe. As a spiritual being here to experience life on earth, you have only to open yourself to the soul connection that is always present for you. You are in the comfort zone that Spirit has created—safe, secure, powerful, and indestructible. Your holidays (and all your days) can be filled with joy and laughter when you feel the connection that is freely offered by a loving Universe.

“Can I really call myself sane in the middle of this madly busy holiday bustle?” you ask.   

Of course. You always have the option to step back from the world and find your own realm of peace and tranquility. As Jesus said, you can be in the world, but not of the world. In a world gone mad (and not just with seasonal chaos), you are called to keep the faith, the love, and a firm grasp on eternal truth for yourself and for others as well.

Keep your sense of humor on alert. Happy laughter can keep you grounded.

“I know this holiday season is about celebrating the sacred, but,” you ask, “how can I keep my heart open, my channels clear, and my days holy– in the midst of worry, resentment, exhaustion, and an extra big pile of dirty dishes?”

Trust me. A daunting heap of dirty dishes, or even Uncle Fred’s announcement that he is staying with you for a month, is nothing compared to the power of your own inner light. Your connection to the sacred is always with you—all the time and everywhere. In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have learned how to nurture the connection to Spirit that is always available when you need it. And don’t you always need it?  When you learn to see the sacred, the miraculous, around you at all times, celebration becomes a way of life.

Here are some simple ways to keep the sacred in your heart during the holidays:

  1. Prayer – Prayer is a part of most traditional religious celebrations during the holidays. This powerful form of communicating with Spirit can bring joy and peace any time and any place.
  2. Meditation – Meditating each day is a healing practice that keeps you in touch with your soul and strengthens your ability to remain calm and balanced in all circumstances.
  3. Time in Nature – Giving yourself the gift of time in your favorite natural setting is guaranteed to help you appreciate the divine during the holiday season. Nature can be your cathedral. A fragrant pine tree covered with snow or a red cardinal sitting on an icy branch can bring feelings of joy that connect you to the sacred.
  4. Music – Singing traditional holiday songs, listening to the harmony of a choir, or taking part in any musical experience are opportunities that come with the holiday season. Listen, sing, and dance when Spirit offers.
  5. Fellowship – When you gather with friends and family for the holidays, see if you can look at the scene with the eyes of Spirit, eyes of unconditional love and acceptance. Seeing those traditional gatherings through a lens of loving kindness can transform and heal.
  6. Giving – By giving to those in need, by donating your time, by finding ways to shift the focus from excess for some to abundance for all, you’ll discover the sacred act of giving thanks to a boundless Universe.
  7. Angelic Voices — Remember that the winter solstice brings the heavenly realm of the angels closer to us. Open your mind and heart to your angelic messengers and find the answers you are seeking in their unconditional love.

May your holidays be bright! I wish you a celebration season blessed with peace, love, and healing!

Find out more about nurturing your connection to the Divine with Deborah King. You can access the healing energy of the angels every day of the year. Your angels are waiting for you and are with you always.

winter solstice 2015

Winter Solstice Carries Angel Messages Meant Just for You

winter solstice 2015

One of America’s best-loved holiday traditions is settling in on a cold winter’s night to watch the classic TV special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” When Linus recites the famous Bible passage from 2nd Luke, a magical transformation takes place.

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” —Luke 2, 13-14

We hear an angel choir singing and the Peanuts kids’ humble celebration turns holy. Aren’t we just like the beloved cartoon children? As the winter solstice approaches, we wait for the arrival of heavenly messengers and open our hearts to receive their gifts.

According to wisdom tradition, the winter solstice brings the realm of the angels closest to the human plane. Angels are “bending near the earth,” as the carol says. Just as the Northern Hemisphere of our planet reaches the shortest period of daylight and the longest night, the angelic realm leans in, ready to listen to our hopes and dreams and offer us the hope and healing we seek.  When we reach the winter solstice on December 22, 2015, we’ll see the sun peak at its lowest point in the sky. The term solstice means “sun stands still,” and for a fleeting moment, the sun actually seems to pause in the sky – a signal to the world that the long night is over.

As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I encourage you to honor the winter solstice by taking advantage of this special season to listen for your angels. You can reach out to them during this time of rest and reflection and listen for their messages. Tune in to your “angel awareness.” Have you had an experience with an angel who offered life-changing advice? Was there someone who appeared to you during a difficult time and offered comforting words, support, or a fresh look at your situation? It could have been an angel helping to steer you down the path you are meant to travel. Recall the times in your life when you received a message of love and healing from an angel. Messages take all shapes and forms, but an angel is always there.

Angels are higher beings living on higher planes, and the more time you spend connecting with them and their angelic vibrations, the higher you travel on your own path of light. It is also true that the internal spiritual work you do, including healing courses and workshops, meditation, and processing your emotions, will help strengthen your ability to contact and interact with angels. An angel’s purpose is to spread love, and they do this by healing, protecting, guiding, and sharing divine love with you so you can experience the deep soul knowing that you are loved. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams, and you are loved unconditionally. Once you’ve experienced the high angelic realms where you can hear the heavenly choirs singing their celestial music, your heart will expand as it fills with love and your inner light will radiate kindness, and you will begin the process of becoming an ambassador of that light and love to others.

The winter solstice has always been a good time to deepen your meditation practice. You can diminish your personal darkness and increase your light as the world enters the annual return to longer, brighter days. Just as the ideal time for daily meditation is in the hours before dawn when the world is still, so is the deep of winter a time of stillness. Use this quiet time of reflection to soothe your spirit. Reach out to your angels during this sacred season. With knowledge of the future and your true heart’s desires, the angels provide accurate and incredibly helpful guidance that is always worth following. Although angels live in the higher planes where they are able to bask in the glow of God’s love at all times, we are lucky that they are willing and able to lean in and carry that love back down to earth, and into our hearts. Enjoy this mystical and hopeful time of year by listening for your angels!

The world in solemn stillness lay,

To hear the angels sing.

Learn more about connecting with your angels of energy healing during this special time of year.


Your Soul is Calling, Are You Listening?

You can almost hear it in the wind. The winter solstice and year-end are coming, and the world is calling out to us for plans, more plans. Some of this planning has to do with the holidays and all the preparations for celebrating. And, there’s also the call to make plans for the New Year. Will this be the one where you finally get it right? Something is definitely calling you to plan, but it may not be a new plan you need. It may be that you simply need to listen to an old plan created long ago for your soul’s highest good.

Yes, there is a plan, and your soul knows what it is. Long before you became a physical being here on Earth, your soul made a plan for this life, your life purpose. One of the biggest reasons students come to my energy healing courses is to delve into their feelings of dissatisfaction with the way their lives are unfolding. They feel unfulfilled. Something is amiss because their days leave them feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted. This was true for me until I stepped away from my career as an attorney and embraced my true life purpose as an energy healer and spiritual teacher.  There is no mistaking the feeling of joy and fulfillment that comes with this alignment with your soul’s calling. Living this calling not only brings joy but can be vital to your continued good health.

So how do you tune in to your soul’s plan and discover your life purpose?  Simply, keep moving along the path of Spirit. Move into closer alignment with Spirit and your perspective will shift from what’s outside to what’s inside.  You’ll discover that your purpose has more to with who you are than what you do. Your purpose may be to love yourself more, to accept your frailties with grace, or to surrender the quest to be perfect. You’ll find that your personal development is really the evolution of your consciousness. Your efforts to live in pursuit of your own higher truth will result in service to others as you become a role model for living in accordance with your soul’s plan, your true life purpose.

One of the many ways energy healing can help you advance on your spiritual path and uncover your soul’s plan is through clearing negative emotions and blocked chakras that obscure your perception.  Expanding your sixth chakra, your third eye chakra which governs what you “see” including actual physical sight, memory and intuition, will help you see what is most important for you and your life and help you make choices that lead to the path you were meant to take. With greater access to the plan your soul created for you, you will feel confident and joyful as you make choices for the days ahead.

What are some questions you can ask yourself as you begin the process of uncovering your life purpose?

Am I listening to my inner voice?

Your inner voice, coming from your spirit guides or your higher self, has a message for you! That gentle urging you hear directing you to follow your passion or escape an unhappy career is most likely an attempt to get you back on track, to guide you toward the path you are supposed to be traveling in this life.

What do I see when I ask for a visual?

The sixth chakra, your third eye, wants a picture. Try closing your eyes and visualizing yourself reaching your goals. Picture yourself in your dream career, your dream life. Visualizations help you clarify your goals and give you the confidence to reach them.

How open am I to all possibilities?

By being open to and aware of multiple possibilities you are more likely to see opportunity when it appears. You might not expect such opportunities, but your soul knew about them from the beginning. If it feels right, don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Yes, your soul has a plan, but it may not be one you could ever have dreamed of without reaching for expanded consciousness. Keep your eyes on the unlimited skies of Spirit so you won’t miss something amazing.

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