5 Essential Steps to Becoming an Energy Healer

As you look around our world today, what are the greatest needs you see?

People are fleeing from conflict, seeking safety, shelter, food, and medical care. Others are searching for employment, care, and education for their children, and most of all, hope.

At the same time, the natural world shows signs of incredible stress. Changes in terrain, weather, and plant and animal populations remind us that human stewardship of the earth is a sacred bond that must be honored.

There is no denying the work that needs to be done. Do you feel in your heart that you have a role to play in meeting these needs, in helping, nurturing, and healing the world?

You know you have gifts, you know you can help, but how exactly do you begin?

In fact, you are the starting point.

As Louise Hay reminds us, “the power is within you!” When you ask what you can do to create a life filled with love and a world filled with joy and peace, consider this: you have the right stuff, you have the connection, you have the gifts and talents to turn everything around. You have the power just because of who you are—a child of the Divine, a being of light here to heal, thrive, grow, and to make your own unique and amazing contribution.

If fear tries to tell you the world doesn’t need you, that you can’t make a difference, that no one can see your light, remember who you are. You have the power to clear the fear, heal the hurt, open the doors and windows of your soul to a bright new day. And what a blessing that will be for a troubled world depending on you to step forth into the light and join a healing community powered by love.

Never doubt the power of Source to help you along the path you were meant to follow.

Years ago as a twenty-something lawyer, I never would have guessed that I would end up as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, but here I am. My relationship with energy healing developed from my soul’s cry for wellness, knowledge, and purpose. First, I struggled to be healed. As I climbed the spiritual ladder, I discovered more and more wonders of the Source of All Being that were available to any heart filled with forgiveness, gratitude, and love. As I benefited from energy healing, I began using the same modality to help others. Today, as a teacher of energy medicine, I pass on the gift and work to grow the network of healing ever wider.

Could this be your path as well?

When you look at the needs of the world and yearn to be a force filled with healing love, you may have your answer. The first step on the path towards your calling as a healer begins with consciously deciding that you wish to devote your life to the healing of yourself and others. This basic generosity and nurturing nature are what brought you here. You are drawn to expand your spirit and tap into the healing power of unconditional love.

Here are five ways you can shift into a higher spiritual gear and accelerate your movement toward greater spiritual growth and the gift of healing that you are destined to share:

  1. Explore and Bring Forth Your Higher Self

    The great philosophers of the ancient world advised students to “know thyself.” To know yourself, you must dwell in a mindset of self-reflection and self-understanding. Use your spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, and journaling to discover how you feel about everything that has occurred to you in the past and is happening to you right now.

There is nothing to criticize or judge; you simply want to know and understand your inner world. As you explore your beliefs and values, admit your mistakes and accept yourself with love, you free yourself from fear and negativity. You open the door to expressing your higher self and become the powerful being you were meant to be.

  1. Forgive Yourself and Grow in Compassion

    Self-forgiveness plays a key role in your spiritual evolution and the ability to help others. The number one issue blocking your free access to the light of spirit is blaming yourself. It’s the biggest problem I find in working with others—human beings are just too hard on themselves! Therefore, in addition to recognizing and expressing your feelings honestly, the most powerful action you can take to grow in spirit is to accept and forgive your frailties. Accepting your humanness sets you free to give yourself the healing gift of compassion and unconditional love. As you grow in self-compassion, you free yourself to feel compassion for others and open your heart to the gifts of healing within.
  1. Build Your Connection to Source

    Source is the wellspring of all the unconditional love, compassion, and healing light you are seeking. With a regular practice of connecting to Source, whatever that may mean for you—and without fear and negativity—you’ll find a sudden expansion of space for more light to come into your life. There’s enough room in you energetically for your higher-self qualities to be downloaded from the chakras above your head and come right into your energy field. The powerful gifts you always knew you had but couldn’t quite access will begin to manifest. Your strong connection to Source can help you become a vehicle for the higher qualities you need to follow your calling and become the powerful healer you are meant to be.
  1. Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

    Enhancing your intuitive skills is crucial for energy healing. Practice listening to your inner voice through meditation and mindfulness exercises. Trust your instincts and allow them to guide your healing practices. As you become more attuned to your intuition, you’ll find it easier to sense the energies of others and know how to assist in their healing processes.
  1. Engage in Continuous Learning and Practice

    Healing is a journey that requires ongoing learning and practice. Attend workshops, read books, and join healing communities to expand your knowledge and skills. Regularly practice energy healing techniques on yourself and others to refine your abilities. The more you learn and practice, the more effective you will become as an energy healer.

Getting in touch with your inner light will open the door to your higher self. Dedicated inner work is one of the primary ways you obtain your divine gifts. Your strong connection to Source helps you grow your intuition, knowledge, and understanding, and you start to experience the loving qualities of your true essence. Spiritual growth leads to inner peace, and from inner peace comes the power to create peace in the world along with the healing gifts you are here to share.

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Rekindling Your Fire: 5 Ingenious Tips to Bounce Back from Burnout

Does your morning begin with a sigh? Do you rise with reluctance, a sense of uneasiness permeating your waking moments? Is it fear? Or dread?

If every day feels like a battle for survival, it’s time to step back and assess. This state of affairs isn’t your normal. It’s a sign of burnout.

Burnout is a slow, creeping darkness that gradually shrouds your spirit. It’s like a dying fire losing its warmth and light. When the fuel is gone, the fire dies. Those in the helping professions are particularly prone to this. Your calling to aid others can make you susceptible.

How well are you tending to your own needs? Is your inner light diminishing?

Your wellbeing lies in your hands. It’s your duty to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. When feelings of despair replace joy, love, compassion, and laughter, it’s time for a reset. Listen to your soul’s cry for healing and sanctuary. When burnout looms, your inner alarm will ring.

Here are 5 burnout signs to watch for, and some remedies:

  1. Are you feeling angry and bitter?
    Lashing out at life and the people around you? Negative emotions can block your resilience. It’s time to uncover their source and heal. Journaling can help you process these feelings and restore balance.
  1. Feeling hopeless? Like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Consider this: is there someone facing more significant hurdles than you? How are they coping? Reach out to a 12-step program. Sharing with fellow travelers can kickstart your recovery.
  1. Are you constantly exhausted? Feeling numb and empty? Perhaps you’re not resting enough. Imagine a place where you can truly relax. Change your schedule to get more sleep. You’re worth it.
  1. Feeling out of sync? Has your life rhythm been disrupted? Meditation can restore your equilibrium.
  1. Do you feel trapped in a box? Has it been ages since you’ve felt the sun on your face? Fresh air and nature can work wonders. Step outside.

Remember, susceptibility to burnout isn’t a flaw. It shows that you’re living with awareness and an open heart. Burnout is common among those who love, give and serve.

The key is recognizing when your fire is dwindling and taking steps to refuel. Keep your light burning. Practice self-love and compassion. Seek balance and rest. Surround yourself with like-minded friends on a similar journey to wellbeing.

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Meditation: Your Gateway to the Comfort of Home, Anywhere, Anytime!

You’ve heard it before – “Home is where the heart is.” That warm, comforting embrace when you walk through the door after a grueling day. Maybe it’s the ecstatic wag of your dog’s tail or your children’s eager hugs. Perhaps it’s the solitary serenity of your own space, where you can kick off your shoes, flick on the TV and unwind. That’s home, right?

Well, let’s flip the script a bit. Picture home not as a physical place, but a spiritual state you arrive at through meditation. It’s that familiar, comforting mental space you return to each dawn, surrendering to the gentle ebb and flow of energies cultivated through years of committed practice.

Ever landed in an unfamiliar locale, yet it feels like you’ve known it forever? The streets, the scent of the air, even the faces seem eerily familiar. A friend of mine had such an experience in the Himalayan foothills of India. A New Yorker by birth, she was worlds away from the urban jungle, yet she instantly felt a deep connection to a remote Indian village, as if she’d found her true ‘home’ on earth.

That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered the realm of meditation. An immediate sense of belonging, comfort, and security washed over me. A feeling akin to coming ‘home.’

As a spiritual guide, I often find my students pondering if they are in the ‘right’ place. Some remain in their ancestral homes, while others create their ‘home’ among friends, far from their families. They speculate if a change of location might improve their lives. And while a new job, social opportunities or a healthier climate might indeed be beneficial, I encourage them to first journey inward.

Meditation, you see, can be transformative – it can improve your health, alleviate stress and anxiety, even enhance your love life. With meditation, you carry ‘home’ within you, like a turtle with its shell. No matter where you are or who you’re with, you can retreat into this portable sanctuary to recharge, reconnecting with the profound sense of ‘home’ that exists within your Higher Self.

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman and Jerry Seinfeld credit meditation for various aspects of their success and well-being. Jane Fonda attributes it to her graceful aging, while George Lucas even based Yoda, the wise sage of Star Wars, on a meditation practice founder.

So, if you yearn for that comforting embrace of ‘home,’ I invite you to embrace meditation. I offer a unique mantra meditation course to alleviate stress and boost your intuition. Embrace the power of inward journey and discover ‘home’ can be anytime, anywhere.


5 Steps to Following Your Bliss and Building a Better World

We’ve all heard Joseph Campbell’s wise words: “Follow your bliss!” But do you know what comes next? “Don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

This advice resonates deeply in my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher.

When you tap into your bliss, you unlock the gifts you came into this world to give. And as you embrace these gifts, doors will open, guiding you toward a life of joy and purpose.

“Bliss” isn’t just a word—it’s a spiritual principle. It acknowledges your nature as an energy-based being, and embracing life’s challenges with joy is a key goal of your spiritual journey.

By pursuing happiness in every aspect of your life, you’ll enhance your well-being and connect with your life’s purpose. This bliss can act as a compass, guiding you on your path. But first, you must identify what makes you truly happy. Your spiritual practices—prayer, meditation, and journaling—can help reveal this inner joy.

Recognizing and embracing your happiness not only elevates your spirit but also clarifies the gifts you’re here to develop and share with the world.

Your bliss, in whatever form it takes, is likely intertwined with the well-being of others. When you engage fully—mind, body, and soul—you fulfill your life’s purpose, contributing to a better world.

Here’s how you can cultivate this path:

  1. Identify Your Gifts:

    Your unique talents align with what brings you joy. These gifts are often skills you’re naturally good at, whether singing, playing an instrument, writing, or helping others. Recognizing these talents and embracing them wholeheartedly can guide you to a life of joy and contribution.
  1. Stay Connected to Source:

    Strengthening your connection to a higher power helps you recognize and utilize your gifts. Through practices like prayer, meditation, yoga, or walks in nature, you draw closer to your bliss. These practices open you to divine connections, allowing you to recognize opportunities when they arise.
  1. Focus on Service:

    Use your gifts to serve others, aligning with your spiritual path. Acts of service, no matter how small, help fulfill your purpose and reverberate through the web of life. Your joy adds to the spiritual energy of all things, creating a ripple effect that brings happiness to others.
  1. Embrace Inner Balance:

    Recognizing your gifts and serving others can lead to balance in all areas of life. This equilibrium fosters a holistic sense of joy, improving not just your personal well-being but also the well-being of those around you.
  1. Share Your Symphony:

    Your gifts are the music you’ve come into this world to play. Don’t keep your symphony under wraps; share it with the world. By doing so, you not only fulfill your purpose but also contribute to a more harmonious world for all.

In following these steps, you not only unlock your own bliss but also create a life of joy, balance, and service to others. Your unique contributions, driven by happiness, spread positive energy, uplifting yourself and the world around you.

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A Celestial Metaphor for Nature’s Rebirth

Imagine the charm of April showers, a sweet prelude to the radiant beauty of May flowers. It’s the herald of spring, when the earth awakens, shedding off the icy blanket of winter. This is the enchanting tale behind the Native Americans’ naming of April’s full moon – the Pink Moon. Named for the blooming ground phlox, a mesmerizing pink floral carpet, the Pink Moon is an epitome of spring’s arrival. This year, it graces our skies tonight, April 23, a celestial spectacle promising a spiritual bouquet awaiting your discovery.

Spring’s first blooms, be it the shy crocus peeking through the snow or the vibrant daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths breaking free from the soil, are a sight to behold. The ground phlox, the Pink Moon’s namesake, symbolizes harmony and sweet dreams in the language of flowers. Spring’s blooms bring a surge of hope, sweetness, and a sense of endless possibilities. Do you have a favorite blossom?

Embrace the spirit of the Pink Moon. Embark on a nature walk to a place that captures your heart. As you stride, immerse yourself in the unique beauty of your surroundings. Explore the plants, trees, flowers, and rocks that you’ve noticed but never truly appreciated. Focus on their light, color, shape, or the unique feeling they evoke. If there’s a flower, unravel its beauty from within, much like the renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Be mindful of the buzzing bees, the unsung heroes of plant pollination. Observe the birds and animals around you. Could their presence signify something?

Savor the natural beauty, thanking your senses that allow you to experience nature in its full glory. You’re an intricate part of this creative universe. As the Pink Moon approaches, contemplate on how to infuse joy and purpose into your life. Each moon cycle signifies the passage of time, and the Pink Moon marks a new beginning. It’s a fresh start for any dream, endeavor, or personal growth you’ve been pondering upon.

To prepare for the next chapter, here are three introspective questions:

What do you know?
Dive deep within yourself. What are your strengths and abilities? What are your heart’s desires, life’s purpose, and core values?

What do you want to know?
Are your actions aligning with your life’s purpose? What are the challenges you wish to overcome, and what are the skills or knowledge you desire?

Who can you ask?
Where do you seek wisdom and spiritual guidance? Where do you find solace? Do you call upon divine help, friends, family, spiritual teachers, or nature’s energy?

Answering these questions will connect you to your higher self, leading to self-discovery, peace, joy, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

May the Pink Moon illuminate your journey to self-awareness, celebrating the miracle of being you. May its healing radiance bless you on this evening of April 23, 2024.


5 Tips to Rev Up Your Sex Life This Spring

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”~ Alfred Tennyson

As spring blooms, it naturally invites a renewal of energy, including in our intimate relationships. The season, vibrant with life, often stirs a desire to deepen connections and revitalize our love lives. Inspired by nature’s reawakening, here are five practical tips to enhance your intimate experiences, blending holistic wellness with heartfelt connection.

  1. Focus on Emotional Intimacy

    Start with building a strong emotional foundation. Open and honest communication with your partner creates trust and deepens emotional connections, which are crucial for a fulfilling sex life. Discuss your desires, fears, and boundaries openly. This transparency fosters intimacy, making physical connections more profound and satisfying.
  1. Energize Your Second Chakra

    The second chakra, centered around the pelvic area, governs our sexual energy and creative potential. Engage in activities that stimulate this chakra such as yoga, dancing, or energy healing focused on this energy center. A balanced second chakra enhances physical pleasure and emotional receptivity, enriching your intimate encounters.
  1. Cultivate Heart Chakra Openness

    A vibrant fourth chakra enhances the ability to give and receive love freely. Practices like caring for pets and wildlife, volunteering, or simply engaging in acts of kindness can open your heart. An open heart chakra invites deeper connections, paving the way for a more affectionate and spiritually connected sex life.
  1. Prioritize Self-Care

    Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your relationship with others. Invest time in self-care practices that make you feel good about yourself, whether it’s a fitness routine, skincare regimen, or hobbies that spark joy. Feeling good about yourself boosts confidence, which is inherently attractive and invigorating to your sex life.
  1. Explore New Experiences Together Breaking out of routine can reignite passion. Plan a getaway, try a new hobby, or explore new experiences together in the bedroom. New activities stimulate the brain’s reward centers, increasing dopamine levels, which heighten attraction and excitement between partners.

By embracing these practices, you not only revitalize your sex life but also enrich your overall emotional and spiritual connection with your partner. Spring is the perfect time to explore these dimensions, inviting a season of growth and deeper fulfillment.


Discover Your Higher Self: 5 Key Practices to Awaken the Divine Feminine

As we pass the powerful celestial event that was the Total Eclipse that covered much of the country – an event that embodied the darkening and reawakening of new energy within a short time span – we invite you to embark on a reawakening of your own.

Unlocking your full potential involves exploring parts of yourself that remain underused. Within you lie the capabilities for love, compassion, creativity, healing, and more.

To fully harness these qualities, consider diving into the deeper aspects of your persona.

There’s a version of you waiting to be discovered, one that connects deeply with the divine and thrives on unconditional love.

How can you awaken this higher self?

Imagine the impact of such a transformation on your life.

By adopting specific practices, you can embark on a journey toward a more fulfilled and enlightened existence.

Your journey toward awakening isn’t just personal; it affects everyone around you.

By elevating your consciousness and striving to become your best self, you contribute positively to the collective well-being of humanity.

Every thought and emotion sends out energy that influences the collective human consciousness.

And right now, given the astrological timing, is the ideal time to find balance with Divine Feminine energy – which will impact your life and the lives of those around you.

Here are five practical steps to activate your inner Divine Feminine energy and awaken your enlightened self:

  1. Meditate to Connect with The Great Mother

    Meditation is key to opening up communication with your Higher Self. It calms your mind and body, helping to remove any blockages caused by negative emotions. A regular meditation practice can enhance your spiritual connection and foster a sense of inner peace.
  1. Embrace Unconditional Love to Know Yourself Better


    Begin your spiritual journey by looking inward with unconditional love. Understanding who you are at your core—your beliefs, desires, and fears—is essential. This self-discovery process can be eye-opening and transformative, leading to personal growth and enlightenment.
  1. Use Prayer to Connect with Divine Feminine Guides

    Prayer is a powerful tool for connecting with the Divine Feminine. It can take many forms, including affirmations, music, art, and nature appreciation. Through prayer, you can access guidance and support from the divine, aiding your journey toward enlightenment.
  1. Journal Your Thoughts and Experiences

    Journaling is an effective way to explore and express your feelings. It supports your spiritual awakening by allowing you to track your progress, understand your emotions, and set goals. Keeping a journal can also help you communicate with the Divine Feminine, guiding you toward your aspirations.
  1. Strengthen Your Divine Feminine Connection

    Remember, you are intrinsically linked to the Divine Feminine, capable of creating a life filled with love, happiness, and inspiration. Daily practices can help you maintain and clarify this connection, ensuring you remain aligned with your spiritual path.

By following these steps, you can awaken the Divine Feminine within and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming your best self.

This process not only enriches your life but also contributes to the collective evolution of humanity toward a more compassionate and understanding world.

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The Total Solar Eclipse: A Powerful Tool To Reset Your Life

The skies are gearing up for a celestial spectacle on Monday, April 8, 2024, as we anticipate the arrival of another total solar eclipse.

This awe-inspiring event will cast its shadow across a path from Mexico through the U.S. and into Canada, offering a unique opportunity for reflection and renewal not just for those directly in its path, but for observers worldwide.

A total solar eclipse is more than a rare astronomical occurrence; it is a moment steeped in spiritual and esoteric significance.

As the moon veils the sun, we’re invited to consider what aspects of our lives might be ready to undergo a transformation.

This cosmic alignment beckons us to embrace change, urging us to leap forward into new possibilities as we let go of the past.

The anticipation of the eclipse has the potential to stir the soul, propelling us towards our true destinies.

This upcoming eclipse is not just a phenomenon to be observed with special glasses; it is a moment to be felt deeply, connecting us to the greater cosmos.

The alignment of the sun and moon can act as a powerful catalyst for awakening, offering a time to realign our inner selves with the universe’s vast energies. As these celestial bodies converge, their influence can illuminate the paths we are meant to tread, revealing what must be released to make way for growth and fulfillment.

On April 8, 2024, as the day momentarily turns to night, let this eclipse serve as a reminder of the cyclical nature of existence and our part within it.

The temporary obscuration of the sun invites us to delve into our own shadows, to explore the parts of ourselves that need nurturing or change. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our journey, reassess our direction, and renew our commitment to personal and spiritual development.

Consider the eclipse as a cosmic pause, a time to meditate on your life’s narrative. What chapters are concluding, and what new stories are ready to begin?

How can this moment of darkness rekindle your inner light, guiding you back to your purpose?

Use this time to journal, to set intentions, and to connect more deeply with your inner self and the universe.

As we stand under the eclipse’s shadow, let us also remember our collective responsibility to our planet. Inspired by the perspective gained from space, let this event remind us of Earth’s fragile beauty and our role in its preservation.

Let the eclipse of 2024 be a turning point, not only personally but also for our global community, as we seek healing and harmony with the natural world.

While this is a powerful event during which we can’t help but to look to the skies, the astral realms can offer us wisdom beyond belief at any given moment. You just have to know how to ask. Learn to seek beyond space and time to get the guidance you require at any given moment.

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Exploring Easter: 10 Facts Beyond the Chocolate Eggs

Easter brings a whirl of color and joy, doesn’t it?

Ever pondered why an egg-bearing bunny becomes the season’s star, delivering treats to children under the cover of night? Or where the tradition of egg decoration, letting both young and old unleash their inner artist, originally came from?

And perhaps most intriguingly, how did the profound celebration of Christ’s resurrection intertwine with the whimsical tale of the Easter Bunny

Easter, rooted deeply in Christian tradition, blossoms today as a vibrant fusion of narratives, rituals, and customs drawn from a multitude of cultures and belief systems, some even tracing back to times before Christianity’s rise.

Yes, many Easter customs we cherish today carry the legacy of ancient celebrations.

Despite the modern-day commercial whirlwind of Easter — think oceans of plastic grass and a deluge of sugary Peeps — the core symbols and practices retain their profound meanings, celebrating life’s renewal and the awe-inspiring power of rebirth.

As someone deeply immersed in the realms of spirituality and energy healing, I find the rich tapestry of Easter’s cultural and historical layers utterly captivating. I invite you to join me as we delve into ten surprising truths about Easter, hoping to illuminate the deeper connections and meanings behind our beloved springtime rituals.

  1. Easter’s Ancient Fertility Roots

    “Easter” springs from Eastre, a spring and fertility goddess worshiped by ancient Anglo-Saxons. With the vernal equinox celebrating day and night in equal measure, these early festivities honored the renewal and promise of fruitfulness that spring embodies.

    This intertwining of rebirth and regeneration pre-dates Christian traditions, laying the groundwork for Easter’s association with new beginnings.
  1. The Easter Bunny’s German Heritage

    Surprisingly, the Easter bunny hops all the way from German folklore into our Easter traditions. Initially a symbol of prolific fertility due to their rapid reproduction, rabbits, or hares, became entwined with Easter celebrations.

    Merging pagan symbols with Christian traditions, the Easter bunny evolved from a deliverer of eggs to a bearer of sweets, a transformation credited to German immigrants’ tales of “Oschter Haws.”
  1. The Emblematic Easter Egg

    Eggs, universally symbolizing new life and rebirth, resonate deeply with Easter’s theme of resurrection.

    This tradition of decorating eggs, which spans cultures and centuries, embodies the spirit of renewal. From the red eggs of Orthodox Christianity symbolizing Christ’s blood to the intricately adorned eggs of Poland and Ukraine, these practices highlight the egg’s role as a vessel of life and hope.
  1. The Tradition of Hard Boiling Eggs

    The custom of hard boiling eggs during Easter has medieval roots, born from the necessity to preserve eggs laid during the Lenten season when their consumption was forbidden.

    With Lent’s conclusion at Easter, these preserved eggs became integral to Easter meals and celebrations, laying the foundation for modern-day Easter egg hunts and rolls.

  1. The Cross: A Symbol of Sacrifice and Victory

    The cross, central to Easter’s narrative, symbolizes not just the crucifixion of Jesus but also his victory over death.

    This powerful emblem reminds us of the transformative power of sacrifice and the triumph of life over death, encouraging us to find strength in our struggles and hope in our hardships.
  1. Easter Lilies: Purity and Resurrection

    The Easter lily, with its radiant white blooms, represents purity, hope, and the resurrection.

    Traditionally used to adorn churches during Easter services, these flowers embody the renewal of life and the purity of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, offering a fragrant reminder of the season’s deeper spiritual significance.
  1. The Paschal Candle: Light of Christ

    Lit during Easter Vigil services, the Paschal candle symbolizes Jesus Christ as the light of the world.

    This candle, marked with the symbols of Christ’s wounds, is used throughout the Easter season and during baptisms and funerals, serving as a beacon of hope and a reminder of Christ’s enduring presence.
  1. Easter Breads: Sharing in the Bread of Life

    Across cultures, Easter is celebrated with special breads, such as Hot Cross Buns in England or Paska in Eastern Europe.

    These breads, often adorned with symbols of Easter and the resurrection, embody the sharing of the “Bread of Life” with the community, fostering unity and reminding us of life’s cyclical nature and the nourishment of the soul.
  1. The Washing of Feet: Humility and Service

    Commemorated on Maundy Thursday, the washing of the feet is a re-enactment of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.

    This act, symbolizing humility and the call to serve others, challenges us to embody these virtues in our lives, encouraging acts of kindness and service as expressions of love and respect for humanity.
  1. Easter as a Spiritual Awakening

    Easter, with its rich tapestry of traditions, invites us to delve into its historical depths and spiritual essence. As we navigate these customs, we uncover layers of meaning that not only enrich our celebrations but also inspire us to reflect, renew, and reconnect with the profound messages of rebirth and redemption at Easter’s heart.

    Easter’s message of renewal and rebirth extends beyond physical realms into the spiritual. And it extends beyond any single religion. It’s a prime time for self-reflection, meditation, and chakra cleansing.

Embrace this season as an opportunity for spiritual reawakening, leveraging the inherent energy of rebirth to realign and rejuvenate your inner self.

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From Captivity to Liberation: St. Patrick’s Influence and My Own Transformation

In the vibrant tapestry of global celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day stands out with its distinctive emerald hue, echoing the rich history and folklore of Ireland. It’s a day when the world, regardless of ancestry, embraces the Irish spirit.

This time, as I adorn myself in green, paying homage to both the saint and my Irish lineage, I’m compelled to delve deeper into the roots of this day, intertwined with my personal journey of transformation and healing.

“May God, Mary, and Patrick bless you.”

This traditional Irish blessing captures the essence of St. Patrick’s Day, a tribute to the saint who wasn’t born Irish but became an emblem of the nation’s identity.

My connection to this celebration is twofold: honoring St. Patrick, guided by his inner visions, and acknowledging my own battles, including overcoming alcohol addiction—a shadow that contrasts sharply with the day’s festivities.

St. Patrick’s tale begins in the late fourth century in Britain, where he was born into affluence. His life took a dramatic turn at sixteen when he was captured by Irish raiders.

This period of captivity in a land then unfamiliar to him sparked a profound spiritual awakening. His writings recount visions that led to his escape and eventual return to Ireland as a missionary, a story of resilience and faith that resonates with my own path towards healing.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick’s mission in Ireland wasn’t about expelling snakes—a metaphor for indigenous practices of the time—but about spreading Christianity.

His legacy is a testament to the power of transformation, a theme that deeply influences my work in energy medicine and personal growth.

St. Patrick’s Day, marked on March 17th, commemorates his passing but is celebrated with much more than a nod to Irish history. It’s a day when prohibitions are lifted during Lent, allowing for feasting, dancing, and, historically, a lot of drinking.

This last aspect hits close to home, as alcohol once played a significant role in my life, a facet of my Irish heritage that I’ve since learned to view through a lens of awareness and self-care.

Reflecting on my own journey, I recognize the fine line between celebration and excess. My battle with cancer in my twenties was a wake-up call, highlighting the destructive path I was on due to alcohol.

Addiction is a struggle many face, and in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day—a day of transformation—I share signs of alcoholism, hoping to offer guidance to those who might see themselves in my story.

  • Worry from loved ones about your drinking habits.
  • Drinking alone is a common practice.
  • Drinking despite promises to stop.
  • Being late to work because of drinking.
  • Feelings of guilt related to drinking.
  • Experiencing headaches or hangovers after drinking.
  • Morning drinking to ease hangover symptoms.
  • Irritation at comments about your drinking.
  • Thoughts of needing to reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Experiencing blackouts.

For those recognizing these patterns, I urge you to seek support, as I did with Alcoholics Anonymous—a decision that transformed my life, allowing me to embrace each day, including St. Patrick’s Day, with clarity and joy.

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let’s remember the deeper meanings behind the revelry—the stories of change, the strength found in faith, and the personal battles fought and won. It’s a day that reflects not only the spirit of Ireland but also the universal capacity for renewal and healing.

In this light, St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a cultural celebration; it’s a reminder of our ability to overcome adversity, much like St. Patrick himself, and to find strength in our convictions and the journey towards healing and transformation.

Perhaps this St. Patrick’s day will be the day you decide to take the first step on your own personal healing journey.

One step we might recommend is an introduction to energy healing via our bestselling LifeForce Energy Healing Level I course, which you can access by clicking here. Through this course, you can learn a number of techniques to begin to overcome the traumas that may be holding you back and start stepping into your true self.

But whether or not this is the right step for you at this time, we wish you a St. Patrick’s day full of love, positivity, and movement towards your destiny.


A Holistic Approach To Women’s Wellness

International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, is when society reminds us to celebrate and honor women and their achievements. I say we do that every day. We honor the special women in our lives who have gone before us and paved the road, fighting for women’s rights, and modeling what empowered womanhood stands for.

On a spiritual level, this means celebrating the Divine Feminine in every woman and learning about how we can access and embody this vital source of energy every day.

In our busy and chaotic world where demands and responsibilities often feel overwhelming, it is critically important to empower women to take great care of their health and well-being.

Women are the nurturers, the caretakers and they can only give to others when their cup is full and running over. For centuries, our health choices as women have been under attack. This war on women continues to rage on today putting your health at risk. It is time for us to make our health a top priority not only on a day when society reminds us to celebrate but every single day!

A holistic approach to women’s wellness includes physical, emotional, and spiritual support. We tend to put our well-being last while we struggle to balance career and family needs. This often goes on for years and even decades.

When a woman’s health is being neglected like that, inevitably there comes a breaking point. Society has coined it “Burnout.” That’s when her system shuts down completely and she becomes unavailable to everyone because, on her list of priorities, she has not put herself anywhere.

If this is you, here are some potent tips about how to fill your cup and take better care of yourself and the other women in your life who are close to reaching their breaking point.

Physical Well-Being: Look After Your Body

  • Make regular health checkups and preventive screenings non-negotiable and encourage the women in your life to do the same.
  • Embrace an active lifestyle. Take up mind-body exercises like yoga, and Pilates, or commit to going on regular walks. This way you are more grounded and feel better physically while improving your emotional well-being.
  • Eat healthy, non-processed foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Our body is 80% water, so keep it that way by staying properly hydrated.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits – say no to smoking, alcohol, drugs, and other self-destructive behaviors.

Emotional Well-Being: Look After Your Emotion

  • Incorporate meditation into your daily routine to cultivate inner peace and self-awareness. Once a day even if it’s just for twenty minutes. You will notice an enormous difference. And if you don’t know how to meditate, or would like to learn a simple yet amazing meditation technique, please check out my Vedic Meditation available here.
  • Prioritize getting plenty of quality sleep to manage your stress level effectively. By the way, if you are falling asleep during meditation, you are not getting enough sleep. Your mind and body need rest to recuperate before you start conquering your day and tackling your busy to-do list. So, take care of yourself and make sure you are getting enough restful sleep.
  • Avoid stress by setting effective boundaries. Learn to say ‘No’ to prevent overwhelm. Hint: NO is a complete sentence. It does not require an explanation.
  • Bring joy back into your life. Start engaging in activities that fill your heart with joy and happiness. That could be a hobby or people you love to spend time with because they make you feel happy. Make this commitment to yourself and be sure to follow through on it. Having joy in your life is vitally important to your emotional health.

Spiritual Well-Being: Look After Your Higher Self and Connect to Your Source

  • Reconnect with your Higher Self by grounding in Mother Nature. Take walks on the beach, or in the park, embrace forest-bathing, hiking, or swimming in the ocean; those are all wonderful places to be in tune with the Divine and Mother Nature.
  • Sleep under the stars, under a canopy of trees, or underneath the billowy clouds to fill yourself up with a big dose of nature. Let Mother Gaia hold you gently in her soothing arms while feeling deeply connected to Source.
  • Journal about your thoughts and emotions. The act of writing is one of the most powerful and uplifting tools to discover your inner truth. It’s your opportunity to be 100% honest with yourself and get to know yourself better. When you are more honest with yourself, you can be more honest with others. This creates deeper, more meaningful relationships and draws you closer to Source.

Make your wellness a habit today and every day. A wonderful way to take care of yourself is to retreat from the world and go within to experience deep transformation and healing. This Spring, I am hosting a powerful spiritual retreat in the desert where we do just that: connect, heal, and transform. You can learn more about it here.


3 Simple Ways to Activate Your Healing Powers

One of the greatest miracles of the human experience is our innate ability to heal. Whether it’s healing a physical injury or healing from heartbreak, throughout your life’s journey at some point, you’ve experienced a healing – the incredible power that restores, renews, and makes whole again. Think about how your body, mind, and spirit have healed in your life. Have you ever wondered if you could heal others in the same way? Are you called to awaken the healer within?

Trust that everything in your life is part of your Divine plan and serves your higher purpose. Revisiting your story, all the obstacles, traumas, failures, and successes of your life are a necessary foundation for your personal growth and development as a healer.

Take a moment now and ask yourself what are the events in your life that may have prepared you to heal yourself and possibly others.

So what is a healer, you might ask. A healer taps into their expanded consciousness and channels healing energy to help others resolve their physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional ailments.

Since ancient times, healers and shamans worked closely with the spirit world to benefit their communities. They healed physical and mental diseases, facilitated greater interpersonal harmony, and connected humans closer to nature.

They also were the messengers between the human and the spirit worlds. Today’s energy healers provide the same value. They are innately gifted individuals and it’s usually a profound life event that awakens their desire to study energy medicine. Many seek in-depth training through coursework so they can help friends and loved ones and those who are in need of healing from emotional and physical pain.

Does healing align with your life purpose? You know that you’re on the right track, living your life on purpose when you are passionately following whatever you feel you were born to do in this lifetime.

Are you a thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate soul who loves spending time in nature, meditation, or prayer? Have you been working through traumatic past experiences? You might already have what it takes to be a healer. The power is within you. All it needs is an awakening, loving care, and practice.

Ready to discover if you already are a healer? Here are 3 simple ways to activate and awaken your inner healer.

  1. Expand Your Consciousness
    Have you ever felt that you are more than just your mind and body, that you are connected to the vastness of the universe, connected to your Divine Source? You might have felt like that while in nature, watching the sunrise in the morning while taking a beach walk or hiking in the mountains. Nature can ease us into an expanded state of consciousness.

    Maybe you felt it practicing yoga, praying, listening to music, or being deeply connected with another person. The fastest path to a heightened state of consciousness is meditation.

It is the state from which you receive guidance and direction for your life, where your energy field is recharged, and where you get the information and instructions for healing.

When you access higher consciousness, you connect to your Higher Self and the infinite field of all possibilities. All the knowledge and healing power that ever was or ever will be is present in this quantum energy field.

The moment when you can access this unified field intentionally, you gain the ability to discover the secrets and mysteries of the universe – past, present, and future. And this information can be the basis of you healing others and helping them transform their lives. This is the very foundation of energy healing.

  1. Take A Look At Your Beliefs
    Begin a daily journaling practice and examine your beliefs and values. You’ll get to know yourself and expand your awareness. Why is it so important to gain clarity on your belief? They might unconsciously be holding you back from reaching your full potential – especially any beliefs that stem from fear-based thinking. Fear stops us in our tracks as opposed to expanding and moving forward. Over 90 % of our beliefs are rooted in our childhood. We accepted them at face value from our parents, caretakers, teachers, and society. Beliefs shape how we see the world and act in it. Therefore they run our lives pretty much on autopilot.

Your subconscious beliefs may hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. It is almost impossible to expand, grow, and make new choices when your internal operating system is confined to limiting preexisting ideas.

Part of the work that you do in life is to break free from this conditioning, open yourself up to new possibilities, and express yourself as who you truly are. When you are living as the most authentic expression of yourself, you can be a clear channel for others.

  1. Spread the Love, Extend Your Light
    It’s important to balance your inner work (meditation, prayer, and journaling) with your actions showing kindness and being of service to others.

    For healing to take place your inner and outer world must be in harmony.

    Real connection is one of the most powerful forces of healing. And every day you have countless opportunities to demonstrate kindness, compassion, and love with the people you meet.

Smile at the overworked cashier at the checkout lane, be patient when you stand in line waiting your turn at the bank, be kind, and allow that car on the freeway to merge.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way. When you are being of service you put energetic credit into the universal bank and in return, you receive more of the expanded energy from the higher realms.

When you become more loving in your everyday interactions, you heal yourself and others. Spread your light wherever you are called to service.

“There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

We have an innate power to heal that is very real. This has been common knowledge in many cultures over millennia.

Energy Healing is an exciting field of study allowing you to expand your consciousness, tap into the powerful life force, and be of the highest service to others.

An energy healer shows us that we are powerful beyond what the eyes observe, fully able to create the life we desire to live.

If you are interested in learning more about the exciting world of energy healing and how to activate your healing powers, begin your journey toward becoming a master of Energy Healing by joining our Level I program. Joining also grants you access to our Soul Family, where you can meet and convene online regularly with like-minded others. You can learn more about the program here>>>


5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Energy Medicine

Do you want to enhance your vitality and bring more balance into your life?
Could energy medicine hold the key to your well-being?

But, first, what exactly is energy medicine? It’s a dynamic approach to healthcare where energy is the primary healing force. Energy, boundless and universal, permeates everything, including you, me, and the vibrant roses in your garden. Within this expansive energy field, everybody possesses their own unique energy systems—a personal energy field within the larger unified field. Blocked or distorted chi in your energetic pathways and energy centers (your chakras, focal points of energy within the field) is the reason why you may not enjoy radiant health, mental clarity, emotional balance, or inner peace.

Here are five compelling reasons why embracing energy medicine could be important for you:

  1. Energy Medicine Addresses the Root Cause
    While conventional medicine tackles symptoms and illnesses through surgery and pharmaceuticals, energy medicine gets to the bottom of why you got sick in the first place and works to clear the root cause of your ailment.  Your physical well-being reflects the state of your energy field. For instance, unprocessed emotions like anger and grief over a divorce or a betrayal from your ex,  affects your heart chakra and might manifest as heart disease or breast cancer later on. Energy medicine aids in identifying and releasing buried emotions safely. It also complements conventional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy  for more effective outcomes and minimizes difficult side effects.
  1. Energy Medicine is an Emotional Clearing House
    Energy medicine serves as an emotional clearing house, allowing you to identify and safely release emotional traumas that disrupt your energy flow. A trained energy healer can spot issues in your energy field before they manifest physically and can help you break up or dissolve any blockages.

    Practices like journaling can further assist you discover painful emotions that are buried deep inside of you and help process them. Think of journaling as a modern-day shamanic technique to transform yourself and your emotions.

  1. Energy Medicine is Great Preventative Medicine
    If you are finding yourself in good health, energy medicine can help you stay healthy and prevent future illnesses. Along with its power to release any energetic blockages in your energy system, it also ensures that your energy functions optimally, safeguarding your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
  1. Energy Medicine Facilitates Self-Healing
    Built on the body’s ability to heal itself, energy medicine releases toxic energy from past wounds in your system, clearing the way for your energy to flow smoothly and gives your body the ability to self-correct.
  1. Energy Medicine Connects You to Source
    Energy medicine intertwines with your spiritual and physical health and happiness and your emotional balance. It harmonizes all parts of you, including your spiritual well-being, which is critically important. When you are so deeply connected to your Source (God, Spirit, The Divine, whatever word resonates the most with you), you will hear your intuition guiding you and you’ll know your inner truth. Also, your body will tell you what you need to be in optimal health, and you will be able to live in a state of clarity, compassion, and authentic happiness.

If you enjoyed this material and want to learn more about energy medicine, you can begin your journey by joining my Level I program. Joining also grants you access to my Soul Family, where you can meet up regularly with other like-minded individuals. You can learn more about the program here…




According to vastu shastra, the traditional Hindu science of architecture,
the answer is YES!

You have probably heard of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve harmony and balance within a specific environment. Feng shui means “the way of wind and water.”). But you may not be familiar with vastu shastra, feng shui’s architectural counterpart.

If you’ve experienced sleepless nights for days, weeks, or months on end, you don’t have to be reminded how crucial sound, restful sleep is when it comes to your daily functioning, mindset, and energy levels. Restful sleep helps heal your body, refresh your spirit, and give you the get-up-and-go you need to tackle your duties and your delights.

Ayurveda is the form of alternative medicine (and the traditional system of medicine of India) that seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a wide-ranging holistic approach that emphasizes eating with the seasons, exercise, herbal remedies, and meditation to establish and preserve robust health. It emphasizes three pillars of health: diet, sleep, and energy management. All three are crucial, irreducible aspects of wellness. Unless all three are addressed simultaneously at all times, disharmony ensues inside our bodies, paving a path toward malaise and ultimately disease.

If you find yourself unable to achieve a full rejuvenating night’s sleep despite doing all the usual things to decompress and deescalate prior to retiring for the night (turning off your electronics before 8 p.m., journaling, etc.), I suggest you try the sleep positions discussed below to see if any of them can help.

Vastu shastra’s goal is to balance the five natural planetary elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) by preserving and placing each element within its proper position and proportion. Whenever this is achieved, your dwelling spaces become harmonious, peaceful, and wellness-centered. And like creates like: your enhanced energy helps your surroundings and other beings in your orbit receive and radiate healing energy.

According to vastu shastra, the direction in which the top of your head points when you’re asleep truly matters!


“Only dead people sleep with their heads pointing north.” — Vasant Lad

The Vedas teach that North is the route your soul will take when it exits your body at the end of your corporeal lifetime. So, only those interested in occasional lucid dreaming or astral travel should sleep with their head pointing in that direction.

In all other cases, it’s not a good idea because of the planet’s magnetic field. Because we, too, respond physically to magnetic poles — with our internal positive charge facing north and our negative charge facing south — those who try to sleep against this natural polarity are similar to two positive magnets being forced into face-to-face contact. Good luck with that! Those who sleep with their heads facing north regularly can expect to wake up feeling exhausted night after night, with no end in sight.

And because it is magnetic polarities that affect the circulation of your blood, sleeping with the top of your head facing north can cause stress, illness, and thought disturbances, none of which help you attain a restful night’s sleep. The result: potentially unhelpful emotional instability, frustration, lack or diminution of willpower, misery, and physical problems.

In a single sound bite, sleeping with the top of your head facing north withdraws energy from your body.


Academic students, listen up! Sleeping with the top of your head facing east is an excellent strategy. Doing so will boost your ability to retain what you’re learning, increase your ability to concentrate, and promote meditation-like sleep.

East is also the perfect direction for educators, scholars, and job and promotion-seekers. Sleeping in this position can help you feel more powerful, masterful, and energetic.

East is also ideal for anyone who is striving to overcome health challenges.


Sleeping with the top of your head facing west can be problematic for anyone who is experiencing sleep deficits. Although west is okay (not ideal, but okay), if you’re success-driven and striving for some form of world renown or domination in your field, the head-facing-west position won’t necessarily serve you as a reliable sleep-inducer. Although some sleep experts suggest that west is a neutral sleeping position, others claim it’s hard to get excellent rejuvenating rest because of the occurrence of frequent, unsettling action/adventure type dreams. (Type A’s are especially prone to sleeping fitfully, so East and South are ideal for them.)

Bottom line: Sleeping with the top of your head facing west or north opposes your goal to maximize the amount of rest and recuperation you want to achieve.


Ding ding ding ding ding! When it comes to achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep, south is the hands down, gold-plated winner.

If you want to sleep like the proverbial dead and wake up ready to embrace and enhance your life, turn your bed so its head faces south.

Recall the above magnetic pole information. Sleeping with your head facing south and your feet facing north draws energy into your body. Not only will your sleep be happy and contented, your health, happiness, and prosperity are likely to increase. Sleeping with head south means you’ll absorb the energy required to tackle what needs doing to advance you to the next level in your journey toward your life goals.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you might also like learning about lucid dreaming, an excellent precursor to astral projection and traveling the astral realms. Take a look at my Astral Wisdom course where I teach you how to design the Life of Your Dreams By Mastering the Out-of-Body Experience.

astral wisdom course

Revitalize your day: crazy busy and on overwhelm?

In these insane times, it’s easy to feel like you’re on the verge of tripping and falling flat on your face. That report for work is long overdue, but you had to take time off to plan for your dad’s care. Your teenage daughter is falling behind in school while your youngest has yet another appointment for new braces. And to top it all off, your ex is late again with the child support.

Your clothes no longer fit since you’ve been binging on ice cream and cookies (not to mention the wine) to calm yourself down. So why oh why do you have to volunteer to head the church picnic this year…?

Crazy busy and there it is again, that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see your mile-long to-do-list. There is no way that you can get it all done and please everybody.

And where on that list does it say to make time for yourself? Who are you kidding? What does that even mean? Then you remember that old Simon and Garfunkel song: “Slow down, you move too fast.” But that didn’t really come with instructions of HOW can you do that…

Learn to meditate, that’s how!

And for that you don’t need to escape to a cave like a yogi. In fact, all it takes is a few minutes in your bedroom at the start of each day to make a significant impact. Despite my crazy schedule, I haven’t missed a single day of meditation in over 40 years!

Here are five tips to seamlessly incorporate meditation into your daily routine:

Start Your Day Right:

Make meditation the very first thing you do in the morning. Before checking emails, scrolling through your phone, or attending to the needs of others, dedicate just 20 minutes to meditation. You’ll find yourself in a calmer and more spacious mindset, setting the tone for a smooth day ahead.

Afternoon Recharge:

If you’re feeling frazzled in the late afternoon, gift yourself another 10-20 minute meditation break. Get creative—whether closing the office door or appearing to be peacefully napping on public transportation, create a space for tranquility. Remember, protect your meditative state from disturbances to ensure a seamless experience.

Create a Disturbance-Free Zone:

Safeguard your meditation space from disruptions. Equip yourself with noise-canceling earpods to drown out nearby talk, and consider putting up a “do not disturb” sign to ward off unexpected interruptions.

Embrace the Nod-Off Moments:

If you happen to nod off during meditation, celebrate it! Consider it a pat on the back, acknowledging that your body needed a brief moment of rest. It counts as meditation in those circumstances. However, if drowsiness becomes a regular occurrence, perhaps it’s a sign to adjust your bedtime routine.

Guidance Matters:

I firmly believe that the most effective form of meditation, one that reduces stress and elevates consciousness, is best learned from an instructor rather than a book, and involves a mantra selected just for you. I do just that in my teaching video which is a free bonus to the course I’m currently teaching, Master the Secrets of the SutrasCome join me and all the others who, like you, are looking for serenity now!