The Akashic Records: What are they and how can you access them?

Access All Of Life’s Events: Past, Present, and Future

“Synchronicity happens when we align with the flow of the universe
rather than insisting the universe flow our way.”

― Akemi G

We currently live in what is commonly described as “the information age.” The internet and rapid advances in technology have literally put all of Earth’s history and information into the palm of our hands. Your iPhone is a miraculous piece of technology. Unfathomable magic to people who lived just decades ago.

From salsa recipes, to history, to statistics and news (both real and fake), it’s no wonder people fall into overwhelm with the amount of information we are constantly bombarded with.

And yet, your iPhone – and the information we can access through this technology – pales in comparison to a source of information that goes beyond Earth, beyond this realm.

And the amazing paradox is that this information treasure house, one that is infinitely greater than anything the internet could ever provide, is actually designed to comfort your soul rather than destroy it!

We’re talking about: the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records hold the entire history of every life that has ever been…or will ever be…collected and stored, written upon the very fabric of the universe. These records are sometimes called “The Book of Life” because they contain the stories of all lives and they explain the connections between them. They are designed by Source to bring you inspiration and healing, protect and warn you from harm, and guide you toward your life purpose.

Before approaching the Akashic Realm, you can prepare to be a respectful, grateful, and open-hearted receiver of knowledge from the Book of Life. Here are 5 ways you can make yourself ready:

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

Meditate to improve your ability to focus your consciousness. Building your ability to connect with the Divine will help you absorb and understand the knowledge you will receive.

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

Be open and willing to accept what you learn about yourself. Your willingness to receive information and make peace with all aspects of your being will help you use this new knowledge for improving your life.

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

Develop a compassionate regard for yourself and others who are experiencing life on the physical plane. All spiritual beings having a human experience are facing similar challenges. Love yourself and your fellow beings.

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

Ask for the help of your spirit guides. Express your desire to explore the possibilities of your life and access your highest self and you will receive guidance and assistance from those waiting to answer your call.

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

Form an intention to find help with a specific problem. Seeking answers to specific questions will help you find direction for your search and also help you interpret information and intuitive messages you receive in the Akashic Realm.

Your higher consciousness is aware of this collection of eternal writings encoded in the non-physical plane. The Akashic Records hold the kind of information that you really need to know about life and for life—knowledge for living in happiness, health, and prosperity in accordance with your life purpose.

In fact, you’ll find information about your true soul purpose here. The Akashic Realm is one of my favorite places among the infinite astral planes, and one of the most spiritually significant I have ever encountered.

There’s a message for you in the information revolution that you are experiencing today. The rapid explosion can seem chaotic and frightening, but it can also awaken and empower. Only you have the power to expand your own consciousness, seek spiritual growth, and gain access to your share of the Akashic Records.

What kind of information will you find in the Akashic Records? You’ll find help in revealing and understanding your past lives. You can discover limiting patterns and negative beliefs in this life that you need to address.  You can learn your true nature and discover talents and strengths you may not be using. You can re-align and recharge your energy with Divine love. In viewing your part of the vast expanse of Eternity, you’ll feel the joy of oneness and unity with all of life.

Akashic Records - Book of the Dead

“Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky,” “space,” or “ether.” The ethereal storehouse of information known as the Akashic Records is nothing like the digital network of human-compiled knowledge you use every day to locate the nearest Starbucks. The Book of Life contains knowledge designed for our spiritual growth and well-being and guaranteed to serve you far better than that extra shot of espresso!

Through a journey to the Akashic Records, you can view events from past lives, gain insight into upcoming events, and pave a path to navigate your future more fluidly. If you’d like to take such a journey, there is a certain skillset you must master first. And that is precisely the skillset that is taught in our bestselling Astral Wisdom course. Click here to learn more about the course, Astral Travel, and how you can personally access the Akashic Records.