The Enigma of Michael Jackson

It’s been a year since the world was shocked and saddened by the tragic death of a true superstar: Michael Jackson. A brilliant performer, he was also a man in deep pain.


Personal Daily Writing #1 Truth Tool – Journaling

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the truth will set you free,” but did you ever wonder why? Or how? If you’ve read my first book, Truth Heals, you already have a pretty good idea.

Whenever life gets too tough, too threatening – when we experience an emotional or physical trauma of some kind – we may feel we “can’t handle the truth” and so we try to deny it. We send the truth – the facts about what is happening, as well as what we think and feel about it – underground, burying it deep inside us, where we think we don’t have to deal with it. Then we might distract ourselves with something less scary, or even overwrite the facts with lies that are easier to cope with.

Well, if you’ve read Truth Heals, you also know that this “out of sight, out of mind,” deny-and-dissociate strategy doesn’t work, at least not for long. That’s because the truth is a mighty force, a powerful energy that is and always will be. Like everything else in our universe, it exists in physical reality even if we can’t see it with our eyes. Therefore, it can’t just be wished away, any more than gravity can. Dealing with the truth in a healthy way requires processing it. The energy needs to be moved out of the body and released.

If this doesn’t happen – if the truth about what happened to us and what we think and feel about it is not acknowledged and spoken by the conscious mind – it will eventually pop back up, like a beach ball under water, grabbing our attention in some unpredictable ways. Emotional pain, abusive relationships, financial problems, accidents, health scares and conditions, stress symptoms of all kinds – under almost any disturbance is a truth waiting to be set free.

I discovered this reality when, at age 25, I wound up with cancer. I’d already had plenty of other warning signs and wake-up calls – drug and alcohol addictions, promiscuity, an eating disorder – but I didn’t pay heed. Cancer finally got my attention. When it did, I sincerely wanted to heal.

To my surprise, one of the simplest tools I found in my search for healing – writing in a personal journal – turned out to be one of the most powerful. Journal writing gave voice (expression and movement) to my truth of an extremely traumatic childhood wrought with sexual and emotional abuse. Journaling gave the benefit of processing out that old toxic energy that was stored inside me and had been wreaking such havoc on my life. Giving voice to it ultimately led me to becoming cancer free, addiction free, and to letting go of all the other lies I had been living.

We all have truths buried inside. Too often in childhood we are taught by our parents or society that feelings are bad and shouldn’t be felt, let alone expressed. Stuffing our emotions is the cultural norm. Yet in order to have a fulfilling life, complete with healthy relationships, we have to have our feelings. We have to experience them and then let them go. In essence, to be truly healthy and happy, we have to live in truth. Journal writing can help us do that.

There aren’t many rules to follow to gain the benefits of writing in a personal daily journal. Here are a few guidelines for getting the most out of it:

  • Do it daily. Like brushing your teeth, create a habit that helps to ensure good emotional hygiene.
  • Use pencil and paper OR keyboard and computer. They are both equally effective. The desired stream of consciousness can come about merely by using your hands to communicate.
  • Be honest. Practice rigorous honesty about your feelings, no matter how petty, jealous, hateful, or anything else they may sound. It’s time to honor your feelings and this is the place to do it. Don’t hold anything back.
  • Don’t edit, spell-check, or judge your writing. That’s not the exercise here. This isn’t school and you’re not being graded. We’re doing something far more important for your well-being and that requires letting the thoughts and feelings flow – uninterrupted.
  • Keep your journal safe. This means keeping it in a safe place where no one else will see it. To be uninhibited in your journal writing, you need to know that it won’t be subject to scrutiny by others.
  • Share only if you want to. If there is a trusted loved one with whom you want to share your writing, by all means do it. Having another person hear your truth and then give you unconditional acceptance will further your processing the energy out.
  • Be committed to the truth. Use your journal as a self-healing tool for your personal growth, self-improvement, emotional health, and physical well-being. Remember, the truth will set you free!

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Energy Medicine with Deborah King in the UK

I wanted to take a minute and share a few photos of the first Truth Heals event in London. Over 150 people came to St. James on June 24, 2010 in London to meet with me in an evening event where the group worked together to raise the energy and consciousness of everyone in attendance.


Experiencing Great Energy at the Hay House I Can Do It! Event in Toronto

Over the Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure to spend time with nearly 900 people who came to embrace the power of their energy in my workshop.  I want to thank you all for your participation at the event and your many comments on Facebook. The energy in the room from the very beginning was amazing!

Deborah King Speaks to nearly 1000 people in Toronto at the Hay House I Can Do it Conference 2010!
Deborah King – I Can Do It! – Toronto 2010

In addition, thanks also to the more than 700 of you who waited so patiently for hours to see me after the workshop.  I am so sorry that the time (and books) ran out and I was unable to meet some of you personally.  If you were unable to connect with me and you had a question, please write to me at with your personal question.  I will take the time to answer it.

Line to see master heal Deborah King at the Hay House I Can Do It Truth Heals Workshop in Toronto
Deborah King – Truth Heals workshop line for book signing and healing – I Can Do It! – Toronto 2010

If you’re hoping to see me, I’ll be spending all of June in Europe. I will be doing workshops in the UK; both in London and N. England, in Dublin, and half a dozen different cities in Germany and Austria. I’d love to work with you there – all the details and registration info is on the event pages of both our website, and’s event page.

I’ll be back in the US in July, putting on a retreat at Kripalu in Massachusetts.  Kripalu is a great place to work with me as it has a beautiful, pastoral setting. You’ll find info about the Kripalu retreat on our website.  We still have some space so come be with us there!