Global Warming

Our Collective Future is in Our Collective Hands (What Part Will You Play?)

Here’s a scary thought: what if reincarnation is real and in your next life you will be living on a planet that’s been decimated by global warming? If you don’t believe in reincarnation, just think about what it’s going to be like for your kids/your siblings’ kids/your friends’ kids.

Cities you once knew and loved under water. No snow in Alaska. Even the mighty dollar couldn’t save Wall Street as lower Manhattan sank beneath the waves. Whole swaths of what was once farmland are gone, burned to a crisp by the unrelenting sun or swallowed up by rivers permanently overflowing their banks. Florida is a thing of the past. Category 6 hurricanes have leveled all the Caribbean islands, making them uninhabitable. Wildfires have destroyed the last remnants of California and the Rockies. Whole species have vanished. Drinkable water is scarce.

It’s an apocalyptic horror movie. And we see the early warning signs everywhere we look.

Scientists all say that the Earth’s climate is warming up. Glaciers are melting, causing oceans to rise. Your local climate might be getting colder winters with bigger snowstorms, while other places get torrential rains, or more powerful hurricanes, or unbearable heat.

The Earth’s climate is always going through changes over long periods of time. Some of those changes are natural. A volcano erupts and darkened skies cause cooling. But we humans are also changing the climate, and on a much vaster scale, with our cars and trucks, with our heating and cooling systems, airplanes, cooking, all through the use of fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas. And let’s not forget methane from cattle, another giant problem that comes from our outrageous demands for beef. The greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere cause the air to heat up, and change the climate; we call it “global warming,” both locally and around the planet. Carbon monoxide, the main heat-trapping gas, stays in our atmosphere for centuries.

We still may be able to limit the worst effects of climate change, but only if we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere, and by learning to adapt to the changes that are already in motion. And because it is an exceedingly complex global problem, we all have to agree to cooperate with each other. And to forego the pre-eminence of the profit motive over the welfare of humanity as a whole.

So what can you do? Each one of us needs to take a step a month. I just got solar. Maybe you can go for an electric car or plant a tree. Trees have an almost magical ability to pull carbon dioxide out of the air and capture it, and, in exchange, to release oxygen into the atmosphere. They clean up our mess and provide pure breathable nourishment. It’s the reason everyone was so horrified at the massive burn in the Amazon rainforest, which has been likened to the lungs of planet Earth, providing carbon offset and a source of clean air.

But did you know about The Great Green Wall of Africa? This initiative, along 6,000 miles at the edge of the Sahara desert, will eventually be the largest living structure around the world. The local population was facing the impact of climate change with long-lasting droughts, not enough food, and there was fighting over the remaining natural resources, so they decided to plant trees—a lot of trees. A decade after it was started, those trees are growing fertile land, providing food security for millions of people, refilling wells for improved water security, empowering women with new work opportunities, giving families green jobs with real incomes. Here, where temperatures are soaring upward faster than anywhere else on the planet, the Great Green Wall is a symbol of what can be done to support the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Earlier this year, a million Indians planted 220 million trees in one day. A few years earlier, 50 million saplings were planted in a single day. Last year, China assigned 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in the province that circles Beijing, an area the size of Ireland, in hope of combatting some of the smog that frequently blankets the city. In the U.S., organizations like The Nature Conservancy are tackling climate change through natural solutions—growing trees, protecting grasslands, restoring wetlands, and improving agricultural practices and soil health.

There are so many ways to be part of the solution. Join me on Thursday, 10.24.19 at 2:00pm on Facebook Live to learn of other ways you can have a positive influence on the future of our planet, she’s all we have!

LifeForce Energy Healing Explained

The Powerful LifeForce Energy Healing® Technique Explained

One day many years ago, when I was a young student teacher in an energy healing school in the United States, I was called up by the head teacher to take over a session he was doing on a client at the front of the room. As I replaced him at the head of the table, I sensed the presence of Jesus, the Master Healer, standing behind me. I was used to connecting with Him, having done so all my life, but never to the level I experienced at that moment; His presence was surreal.

The Master Healer gently changed my position, moving my arms from the sides of the client’s head, where I was clearing, charging and balancing her sixth and seventh chakras, and had me bend my arms at the elbow, with, with my hands, at the height of my shoulders, palms facing out. As I held my arms this way, I felt an enormous wave of energy emanating from my chest, the location of the heart chakra. I desperately tried to stay grounded as I was filled with energy from above, from somewhere above the twenty-fourth level of the universal energy field. The Master let me know that all I had to do going forward to effect healing on every level, from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual, was to intend it in my heart and allow that energy wave to pass from me to the intended recipient. I was overcome with emotion as I sensed an immediate positive change in the client on the table, a woman who was dealing with advanced cancer. Later, I realized that the arm position He had given me was the same position that the Catholic priest as well as religious leaders in other traditions adopt during their rituals.

I spent years refining what I learned that day and I call this technique LifeForce Energy Healing®. I have used it with thousands of people I have worked with over the years. It allows you to establish, in a split second, a connection between Source/God, your energy field, and the field of the person you are assisting; it is extraordinarily fast and powerful.

I have successfully taught students to replicate this technique. Once you’ve learned it, you can, in less than a minute, attract divine energy, conduct it through your own energy field, and transmit it to the intended recipient. As this divine energy goes through you, the feeling of unconditional love is indescribable. Whatever was meant to happen to your client has now happened (in this instance, “client” is shorthand for the person you are healing). It isn’t necessary for the client to desire the intended result, as the client’s Higher Self knows what is best. For a brief moment, your energy field has merged with the Divine and with the energy field of your client; for a brief moment, you are in communion with All that Is. You are left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and a burning desire to use the technique again!

LifeForce Energy Healing® is different from pranic healing, telepathic healing, and radiatory healing, all of which I teach in the lower levels of my LifeForce Energy Healing® programs. In pranic healing, you direct your prana, your own personal energy, directly toward your client so your vitality reinforces his. In telepathic healing, you transmit positive concepts and ideas to the other person’s subconscious mind to stimulate healing or change the mental attitudes that are blocking him. With radiatory healing, you develop a sympathetic resonance between your personal energy field and that of the person you are working on.

Contrast those techniques with LifeForce Energy Healing® , where you align yourself with the Christ light. This isn’t a religious concept. The Christ is the most recent human being who fully mastered opening his chakras and his energy field and merging it with Source. When you merge with that Christ light, you are able to replicate His technique. All you need to do is open your heart chakra 360 degrees (that’s the tricky part, for sure!), and merge with Him and then with the client. Every fiber of your being is intending, with unbending intent, to merge with this divine light. (Note: You are not intending a certain result for the client, as that would be coming from your personality, which is of a lower value than your client’s Higher Self, who knows what’s best.)

You may have heard the phrase, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” It’s true: energy follows thought, so your strong and positive-focused intention is what powers up this healing technique. The link between you and the Christ light and the person you are healing is inevitable because you are joining your mind and spirit with the force of unconditional love.

It is the energy of Source, coupled with earth energy, coming through you that effects change in your client’s energy field and body. The client will experience a healing on some level, whether that’s psychological, spiritual, emotional, or physical. The exact nature of the healing is up to him and his Higher Self.

(Excerpt from Heal Yourself Heal the World, pp. 199-200.)

If you are curious to learn this technique, I teach it to Masters-in-Training in the advanced LifeForce Energy Healing® Level IV program. Go to: for more information.

Beyond the 5 Senses

Go Beyond the Five Senses and Learn to Utilize Your Paranormal Gifts

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” that something wasn’t right and, sure enough, it wasn’t? Have you ever known who was calling when the phone rang, without checking Caller ID? Have you ever run into someone you hadn’t seen in a long time, and you were just thinking about that person? You might call all these experiences coincidence, but in actuality, they are examples of you tuning in to your intuitive abilities.

Don’t get scared. You won’t wind up wearing a turban and staring into a crystal ball just because you knew Aunt Sally was on the phone. Intuitive ability simply refers to a natural faculty we all possess that has long been denied or denigrated because it appears to be “supernatural” or “paranormal”—something that is outside the realm of the usual five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

It is easy to see how the five basic senses work according to natural laws; they can be poked and prodded by machines, tested in labs, scored, rated, and all the other scientific verifications that let us know they truly exist. But when it comes to the senses that are beyond the norm, science throws up its hands and says they can’t be proven, so obviously they don’t exist. Well, they do.

There are the “clairs”—clairvoyance, the ability to see with the “inner eye”; clairsentience, that feeling in the gut that “knows”; and clairaudience, like hearing your name called when there’s no one around. Throughout the ages and in every different culture, there have always been those who could access their expanded senses.

Here are 5 ways you can expand your horizons and learn to utilize the paranormal gifts:

5 Ways to Go Beyond the Five Senses

  1. Trust your intuition. You’re already receiving more information than you’re aware of.  When you meet someone who feels “off” to you in some way, don’t start dating that person. When you look at your child at breakfast and you get a really bad feeling in your gut about the school bus, drive your kid to school that day. Maybe nothing will go wrong, but then again, maybe that guy will turn out to be physically abusive, maybe the school bully will punch out the kid sitting where your child usually sits on the bus.
  2. Let your awareness expand in nature. Find a place outside where you feel safe and allow your awareness to widen as you gaze at the sky or mountains or body of water or the green of trees and fields. Sink into a “reverie,” letting your thoughts float away like leaves in a stream. Realize how far beyond the confines of your body your consciousness can travel.
  3. When you first come into someone’s presence, ask yourself what information you are receiving from that person. Do they feel happy or sad? Relaxed or stressed? Healthy or not? When you start bringing more awareness to that person’s energy field, you might start picking up events that happened to him or her, such as a quick flash of a recent divorce, or the way he or she felt when a parent died, or even a past life.
  4. Don’t automatically discount the information you receive in these extra-ordinary ways. Instead of reacting with “That’s impossible . . .,” try for “hmm, I wonder if what I feel is true?” Allow for the expansion of your senses without putting up roadblocks.
  5. Practice with animals. The easiest sense to develop is that of “feeling”—the “gut sense” you’ve so often ignored in the past. When you’re sitting quietly with your pet, with no TV or computer on, simply intend to open to whatever your pet wants to tell you. Touch your pet gently, and you may “hear” or “know” what your dog or cat has to say. Since we usually love our pets, you may experience the communication in your heart.

When you develop your intuitive gifts and open more fully to the information you’re receiving, your life will work better. You’ll “know” how to get healthier, which friends are really friends and which ones you should probably drop, what your child needs if that guy or job or house is right for you. No crystal ball necessary.