Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

Meister Eckhart: Meet this Key Mystic

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

There are times that you might be seeking some additional guidance in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Maybe you are feeling anxious about a decision, big or small, that needs to be made. What if I told you that you had a source to life-changing wisdom readily available to you? By learning to connect with Ascended Masters, you can receive the direct guidance, love, support and healing you are seeking. The roles of the many different Masters may be varied, but they have all acquired vast knowledge, mastered the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of their lives and now, want to serve as your spiritual guide, healer, and teacher.

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

A key mystic and Ascended Master to consider is German theologian and philosopher Meister Eckhart, who was born around 1260 and died about 1328. He was born in what is now central Germany while it was still a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Although he fell into disfavor after he died, in the 19th century there was renewed attention to him and his sermons. He gained a status as a great mystic and has attracted enormous interest from scholars interested in medieval scholastic and philosophical histories.

The central theme of Eckhart’s talks is the presence of God in the individual soul, and the dignity of the soul of the just man. He rarely spoke about anything else. Here is his own summary of his central message: “When I preach, I usually … say that a man should be empty of self and all things; and secondly, that he should be reconstructed in the simple good that God is; and thirdly, that he should consider the great aristocracy which God has set up in the soul, (so that) man may wonderfully attain to God; and fourthly, of the purity of the divine nature.” What he’s saying is that when we initiate to higher levels of consciousness, we reach God consciousness, where we are all one.

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras
Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

Carl Jung

Eckhart was one of the most influential 13th-century thinkers of his day, and he was widely read through the later Middle Ages. Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung summed up his view of Eckhart this way: “The world-embracing spirit of Meister Eckhart knew … the primordial mystical experience of India as well as of the Gnostics and was itself the finest flower on the tree of the ‘Free Spirit’ that flourished at the beginning of the eleventh century. Well might the writings of this Master be buried for six hundred years, for ‘his time was not yet come.’ Only in the nineteenth century did he find a public at all capable of appreciating the grandeur of his mind. 

Would you like to connect to this mystic (and others) for direct guidance and wisdom? It’s possible. These Ascended Masters are standing by, ready and willing to help you. You just have to learn how to open the communication channel. And that is one of the things I will be teaching you how to do during a free video event on Thursday, July 14th at 5:30 PM PT/ 8:30 PM ET. Space is limited, so be sure to register now by clicking here >>

Power of red coral

The Unique Balancing Power of Red Coral

Gemstones are resonant objects, objects that pulsate and vibrate with the resonance of specific planets and cadences, providing us connectivity and understanding.

A gemstone, at its very basic definition, is a mineral which has been cut or polished. These minerals are created through the rhythmic creation processes of Earth — from volcanic eruptions to intense pressure under the layers of Earth. It’s a beautiful process whose product – gems – reflect and capture the energies and motions of the Earth, and it is these captured rhythms which we strive to sync.

But not all stones come from those processes. In fact, one stone – red coral – comes from a unique and altogether wonderful process on Earth. I want to share this process with you.

Red coral comes from a life cycle. We’ve all seen images of the beautiful coral reefs in the oceans, or perhaps taken a snorkeling trip through the underwater forests. The coral that forms these reefs are the exoskeletons of living organisms.

Coral was alive. These small, precious living things live, thrive, and die in colonies. As they continuously grow and die, they deposit small amounts of calcium carbonate – the same mineral that makes up pearls and eggshells. These small deposits grow over time, building these magnificent underwater forests that we call reefs.

Within these mineral skeletons, new corals continuously grow, giving rise to coral’s nickname: living rock. This lifecycle is what makes coral so vibrant, so unique among the gemstones that we study and align with. It’s a powerful, deeply connective stone that is in tune with the oceanic circle of life.

Red coral, due both to its red color and its very deep and root resonance to life, aligns with the planet Mars. Mars, which we affectionately call the Red Planet, exists as a symbol of masculine virility, passion, and war throughout cultures in the East and the West — in both Vedic and Western astrology. When properly aligned, Mars’s energy brings vitality, strength, resolve, and passion. When overly charged, Mars’s energy can bring anger, irrationality, pain, and destruction.

The ancients knew this. The Greek thinkers specifically understood that Mars energy, whom they called Ares, ran the risk of becoming too aggressive, too warlike. They understood that Mars energy needed to be moderated. They understood that Mars energy could consume an unwary soul. In those days, they would call upon the wisdom of Athena — the goddess of wisdom and strategy — to moderate that passion. Today, while you still may call upon your higher divine wisdoms, I encourage you to also look to precious red coral. Remember, within this precious gemstone is an entire ecosystem of life, death, creation, and destruction.

This tether to life and death, unique to coral among all gemstones, imbues this stone with a profoundly moderating energy, which helps you filter out the aggressive powers that Mars can bring. This is the beauty of red coral. It strengthens you with the powerful gifts of Mars, while preventing you from falling into the throes of irrational passion.

When you connect with Mars, and I encourage you to do so, do remember that you are dealing with a powerful, primordial energy. Respect the vast, passionate, masculine power that flows through Mars, and understand that this energy should be moderated and mediated. You may also wish to call upon the strength and wisdom of the Pallas Athena. Her energy is best thought of as strong, even-tempered, intellectual, and righteous.

The beautiful and oceanic power native to red coral provides an excellent and protective conduit for this energy. I would love to teach you more about how to connect with the vibrational frequencies of gemstones and planets such as red coral and Mars. If you’re interested, please come and join me at the Shift Network, where I’ll soon be teaching a seven-week course on Vibrational Medicine.

Come on over and resonate with us!

Vibrational Medicine

The Science Behind Vibrational Medicine

You are a living, breathing field of energy. Your body is made up of molecules and atoms that produce energy, which is always in motion. So like everyone and everything else in the universe, you are creating energy through your vibrations.

My field of energy medicine is also called vibrational medicine because we use the energy within and around you to benefit your health.

Research has shown how the body’s electrical and magnetic energies kickstart the chemical processes of the body, and there is evidence that these energies definitely impact your health.

Vibrations work in a rhythm. There are big rhythmic patterns, like the ocean tides or the changing seasons. Inside your body, your beating heart, the rate of your breathing, and circadian rhythms can all be felt and measured.

But there are also much smaller vibrations happening inside your cells. Researchers have even been able to detect the nanovibrations of a single strand of hair!

All these big and small vibrations together generate waves of electromagnetic energy. The vibrations and the energy they create can change your cells, which in turn affect the way your body is working.

The molecules of your body vibrate at different rates, which can move faster or slower when things change. For example, a change in temperature can affect a molecule’s vibration.

What those of us in energy medicine have long known, and researchers are now studying, is the way your body’s rhythmic vibrations, and therefore your health, are affected by your thoughts and emotions. Anxious thoughts, for example, trigger stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which speed up or slow down your heart rate. A continued change in vibration over time can affect your health.

Your personal energy field and its chakras are powered by your emotions. That’s such a key point – let me repeat it: your thoughts and emotions affect your field and your rate of vibration. If you are inundated with negative thoughts, you will vibrate at a lower frequency. If you are exposed to an ongoing low frequency energy, you will feel negative and may eventually become ill.

Think of the way the vibrations of music can affect how you think and feel, and thus affect your body. You know how the music in the movie amps up the intensity of what you’re seeing on the screen. The soundtrack for action movies, for example, pumps up the tension and your sense of excitement at key points with a rapid tempo, while chick-flics inevitably have a string orchestra playing love songs to lift you into a heart space.

If you change your thoughts and emotions, and even your environment, you can slow down or speed up the vibrations that are happening at the cellular level. A change in even the smallest nanovibrations can influence how you feel and the health of your body. It’s the mind-body connection.

Science doesn’t yet understand how vibrational energy does what it does in your body, but in vibrational medicine we see how a change in your body’s vibrations can shift your mood, improve your health, and help you realize your goals and dreams.

You are very susceptible to changes in frequency – the rate of vibration. There is plenty of evidence that links positive patterns of thoughts and feelings to better health and overall well-being. A high enough frequency, created by vibrations of joy, peace, and forgiveness, and you feel good, happy to be alive, and grateful for your spiritual awakening and your community. If your vibration dips too low, you may feel fearful, confused, angry, or in despair.

My goal, as a teacher of vibrational medicine, is to help you elevate your frequency, so you vibrate at a higher rate and be filled with positivity, wellness, and light.

The higher your frequency, the more likely you are to experience an initiation, those illusive step-ups in spirituality that I’m famous for helping occasion: spiritual breakthroughs in which you are admitted to the higher planes. Just as initiations are forms of higher consciousness, so too their existence is predicated on higher frequency wavelengths.

When our atoms vibrate together – or resonate – they form a connected consciousness. That is why when you resonate with another being, you feel less like a solitary figure and more part of the whole. Raising your individual consciousness requires raising your vibratory resonance, so you can connect with others and with the universe at large. Your field must oscillate faster and more intensely to resonate with the manifest beauty the universe has to offer you.

Want to experience a higher frequency? Come join me this coming Saturday, June 5, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, on Shift Network, as I go in-depth on this topic and lead a guided meditation to do that very thing!

2020 Winter Solstice

Standing Still in the Solstice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about standing still. About pausing, breathing.

We’re approaching the Winter Solstice, the time of year where the day is shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. At the arctic circle, it’s completely dark for 24 hours.

I know that many of us have felt that we’re facing our own, personal winter solstices. Our communities feel fractured. Uncertainty, loss, and grief are now part of the atmosphere.

We all want to know, “when will this darkness end?”

But the word solstice doesn’t refer to this darkness. It refers to something different.

Imagine, for a moment, an invisible line in the sky. Day or night. It bisects the sky into the North and South, just like the equator around our planet. We call this the celestial equator. Twice a year (at the equinoxes), our Sun crosses this equator. Right now, it is heading South. On the Solstice, the Sun reaches its southernmost point in our sky. It takes a pause.

It stands still.

That’s what the word “solstice” refers to. The Sun “standing still.”

With the Sun’s pause comes a host of other occurrences. The shortest day, the longest night. It’s easy to look at these extremes and feel a sense of foreboding – that somehow night has enveloped the day, and the Sun itself has become frozen. But this sense of foreboding ignores the beauty and hope that the Winter Solstice represents. And embracing this beauty might be the key to us breaking through our own Winter Solstices.

Like a wayward traveler who has voyaged to a distant land, the Sun finally stands still on December 21st. It pauses, holding its place in our sky, before finally returning North.

Think about it. The Winter Solstice is only the shortest day because the sun stands still and then returns North. It’s only the darkest day because the next day is slightly brighter. It’s only the lowest point because the light turns back.

The Winter Solstice is the Northern Hemisphere’s rock bottom. It’s the “darkest before the dawn moment.” And this “darkest before the dawn” can inform how we journey our own, Spiritual Solstices.

Our journeys this year have been unexpected and perilous. Oftentimes, it feels like we’re a passenger in our journeys, as opposed to a pilot. But we have a choice that we can make – an action that can give us insight, strength, and (hopefully) some community in these fragmented times.

We can pause.

On December 21st, I encourage all of us to pause – collectively, though separated. I want us all to feel the faint rays of the Sun and imbue ourselves with the energy of a star and a planet who have paused in extremity.

Absorb this energy. Coax out the intuition of this celestial stillness.

Let’s pause each of our journeys – for just that brief day – to take stock of how far we’ve gone, where we’ve come from, and where we wish to go. Let’s stand in our stillness, and look back at the joys we wish to recapture.

We can examine our choices, our habits, our relationships; and decide how we will carry forward.

The Winter Solstice is a blessed time! It’s a rare time for introspection, reflection, and change. This energy is mirrored in our cultural celebrations around winter. New Year’s Resolutions? What is that but a pause and a change of direction?

I know that the Winter Holidays can be a circus. We all work double-time to purchase that perfect Hannukah gift, make that perfect Christmas roast, and plan that perfect New Year’s celebration. It’s hard to pause when there’s so much to do!

But your spirit deserves a Solstice.

Embody that energy of the Winter Solstice in order to become an active participant in your own journey. It feels counter-intuitive, but by simply taking a day to be still, you will gain unprecedented agency and insight into your own voyage through life.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.


Meditation benefits

Benefits of Daily Meditation: Turning Back the Hands of Time

Have you ever daydreamed of turning back the clock to a more youthful, more energetic, more carefree time in life? Or perhaps having at your disposal a magical cosmic “Undo” button that could erase certain effects that have accumulated over the course of time—from stress, abuse, and destructive habits that have left you with less than perfect health or a waning enthusiasm for life.

I experienced the need for a second chance at a clean slate earlier in life than most. I was just out of law school and not even 25 when I received a diagnosis of cancer. That cancer was just the last in a whole host of serious problems I’d had. Those of you who are familiar with my story know that I had a horrendous childhood filled with sexual and emotional abuse. I’m certain I had post-traumatic stress disorder by the time I was four. By my teenage years, I was a complete wreck. At that point, I began doing everything possible to numb my feelings and run from them—I smoked, drank, took drugs, and acted out all over town. I was anxious. I was depressed. When my cancer announcement came, it was really time for a change. By then, I needed some truly powerful help to undo all that I had been through so that I could continue to live.


Amazingly, I found it—the way to turn back time and release the many effects of all of the stress that my mind and body had endured. That way was meditation. A daily practice of 20 minutes, twice a day, gave me much more clarity to address my disease and ultimately helped me to heal my cancer, release my addictions, end my destructive streak, and get on my true life path. I can honestly say that meditation is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I am not alone in this discovery. Science and religion alike have studied and documented the vast numbers of benefits of meditation, revealing that meditation has a positive effect on people suffering from or at risk for many physical and mental health conditions, including high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, stroke, diabetes, menopause, ADHD, memory loss, anxiety, obesity, and much more. It was even found to be twice as effective in helping people to quit smoking than the other popular remedies. Given that smoking is the number one cause of preventive death in the U.S., this is no small benefit! The studies also show advantages in other areas of our lives, such as making us more effective on the job and in school. Later this week, I talk about these studies and more in this free webinar.

So what is meditation and how does it create so much good for our bodies and minds?

meditation buddha

A big part of meditation’s success on improving conditions like those listed above is its powerful ability to reduce and release stress, as stress is often a precursor to so many of our physical and emotional problems. But the manner in which it does this happens at a lot deeper level than many people might think. Meditation works at the level of our consciousness.

There are four states of consciousness: waking, sleeping, dreaming, and meditating. So, meditation is actually a different state of consciousness from our waking life. It is a far more expanded state. Many people think that the purpose of meditation is to tune out, to get away from it all. While that’s partially true, the real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in—to take the journey into expanded consciousness that meditation provides.

Meditation expands our consciousness by helping us to get into the space, the gap, between our thoughts and taps into the incredible energy that exists there. So you have a thought, and then another thought, but between the two, there’s a little space. According to the ancients, this space between the thoughts is the portal to the infinite intelligence of the universe, our Source. Some people call this energy “Spirit”; some call it “God”; some call it the “Universal Energy Field” or the “Unified Field.”

Once you get into that gap, you’ll find that, through this all-pervasive web of energy, everyone and everything is connected to everything else. You also discover that this universal field of energy is unlimited; it’s pure potential, and anything can be accomplished when you’re connected to it.

When we connect to the Unified Field through meditation, our bodies and psyches are cleared, leaving us refreshed, restored, and balanced. Just 20 minutes of meditation offers as much rest as 1-2 hours of sleep! The effect is truly a turning back of the clock, where we look and feel healthier and younger.

We can experience other profound changes by tapping into the Unified Field through meditation. To heal ourselves and fix our lives, we need information. We need to root out the true cause of what is ailing us, and find the most expeditious and effective route to a cure. I certainly learned this with my experience of cancer. When you tap into the Unified Field, you are accessing life’s great encyclopedia—where every fact of the universe, past, present and future, exists and is accessible.  You are also connecting to your own highest wisdom., and the insights that come from meditation help us to heal every area of our lives.

In this way, meditation paves the way for emotional healing. On an energetic level, it helps to remove any blockages that come from holding on to anger and resentment. Meditation thereby ushers in what is perhaps the most crucial part of the healing process, forgiveness. It opens us up to our connection to other people, and to All That Is. In this way, meditation also paves the way for global peace and well-being.

That brings me to the most important reason I can think of to meditate. Even after all of the benefits I’ve touched upon here—the better health, becoming wiser, doing better at school or work, experiencing forgiveness, and having less anxiety, more creativity, greater joy, looking and feeling younger—I still haven’t told you the real purpose of meditation.

The most important outcome of your meditating every day is that by expanding your awareness, by bringing yourself into balance and experiencing greater peace, by raising your consciousness—you are actually assisting every other person and creature on the planet to do the same. Remember, we’re all connected by one vast field of energy. The ripple of energy you send out into the world is a reflection of your inner state of being. Your ripple touches and affects others. If you’re uplifted, you uplift them too. If we’re all in a higher state, we just might feel more inclined to help one another and come up with some harmonious and creative solutions to our global problems. What a different world that would be!

I can’t recommend enough that you learn to meditate—for your own well-being, for those you love, and for making a positive difference on the planet and fulfilling your life’s potential.

If you’d like to know more about meditation, register for this free event:

Clear Energetic Chaos and Create a Better Base for a Meditative Practice.

This event is perfect for beginners looking to establish a proper base for their practice. But is also great for the advanced, experienced meditator that wants to revitalize their current practice.

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It’s Possible to Be Insanely Happy (Even When Everything Sucks)

Does this idea blow your mind — that you can be insanely happy even when everything sucks?

I know it sounds crazy, especially in 2020. Can you really be happy when we’re facing COVID, social and political turmoil, not to mention any personal issues with work, finances, relationships?

There was a long period in my life when I was anything but happy. I would never have believed in such a lunatic idea as actually being happy despite what I was living through. At the time, I had serious issues with alcohol, drugs, extreme sports, and a little thing called cervical cancer.

But there is a key to happiness that wise cultures have all shared — from ancient India and Greece to the Mayans to the Nootka nation and many more. My father is the one who not only told me about this key, he modeled it for me.

Next week, I’ll be presenting on this key, AND I’ll be sharing five steps to happiness — happiness even in times of intense turbulence.

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I hope you’ll join me because throughout our lives in our modern culture, we’ve actually been living the very opposite of the key to happiness that I can’t wait to share with you. I believe the steps I’ll be laying out are absolutely essential to your forward progress in life. And they have ripple effects: everyone you come into contact with will feel the vibration you’ll be radiating.

Are you more than ready to uplift yourself and help bring happiness to others?
The whole summit I’m a part of is all about setting a course for a new world of happiness for every single one of us.

You can join me right here to experience my talk on How to Be Insanely Happy, and invite your family, friends, coworkers, and community to join you!

Your Inner Witness

Journey to Your Inner Witness: Holding Your Center in the Face of a Storm

The ancient rishis, the seers and sages of India, taught that the “Inner Witness”  is the key to holding your center in the face of a storm…

The Inner Witness approaches each situation with curiosity and observation. As if watching a movie, the Inner Witness engages in nonattachment — allowing thoughts, feelings, and worries to pass through.

This does not mean we don’t take situations seriously, we do. Especially right now. 

During this unprecedented time, and all the ways COVID-19 is impacting our daily lives, our communities, and our global family, is a signal that we are being called to a deep level of grounding, self-healing, and self-care at this time

The path forward is to find your center in the face of the storm… 

So, the question you might be asking yourself is, “Just how do I do that?” 

When the impulse is to “do something,” to take action, to move forward, to “think” of answers… the solution may actually seem counterintuitive. 

The invitation right now is for BEING not DOING.

Your Inner Witness is here to guide you. It’s part of your energy body and it vibrates with the higher frequencies of your being.

From your center, you can also bear witness to all the positive shifts that are unfolding in lockstep with the spread of the virus. Humankindness at its finest. Strangers helping strangers, communities coming together, and growing solidarity replacing growing division. 

I had an opportunity to be interviewed by Lisa Bonnice at the Shift Network and shared a special teaching and guided practice on just this — how to connect with your Inner Witness and how critical it is for us to do at this time

When you watch the video, you’ll also receive a short journeying practice, which will connect you with your Inner Witness. Watch here: 

Watch video meditation

I invite you to stop everything you’re doing and to just listen in as we do this practice, together. At the end of the guided journey, we also opened up for some of your most pressing questions. 

Topics like: 

How can this help me right now? Especially with everything happening in the world?  

How can I show up for others, and not contribute to the fear? And also not take on their energy or panic? 

How can this help address what we’re dealing with now in a global pandemic?    

I also discuss the important link between the vedas and the chakras, and why integrating science and ancient wisdom is so important for us right now too.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and enjoy this guided meditation. And, if you would like to join me to discover deep journeying practices for healing and transformation, I invite you to check out my upcoming course at The Shift Network (which you’ll hear about in the video too). You can get all the details here.

Divine Manifesting

Divine Manifesting through the 10th Chakra

Divine Manifesting

Do you have a ‘Higher Vision?’

Maybe your vision is to discover your “right work” in the world, and live a fulfilling, prosperous life…

Maybe you’re ready to meet your soulmate…

Or, you have a creative dream — a project, a business, a nonprofit, or a way you feel called to serve your community — but you’re afraid to say it out loud because it’s way too big…

There’s wisdom available to you through your own, subtle energy body…

You can draw on the creative power of your seven chakras — from your root chakra to your crown chakra to guide you.

There are actually even more energy centers that you can tap into to manifest your vision — some teachings reveal as many as 13 chakras, and others offer a path to many more.

Each energy center, a “wheel,” or cakra as they’re called in the ancient Vedic texts of India, hold sacred healing power…

The 10th Chakra is the doorway to Divine creativity, where your dreams can be seeded…

In this video teaching, leading energy teacher and bestselling author Deborah King, shares about this important energy center, a portal where you can co-create with Spirit, Source, God, the Divine — to give wings to your big dreams and daily intentions for your life.

Deborah also shares a quick way you can connect with this energy center, four to five feet above your head.

You can access this inner resource anytime, anywhere throughout your day — when you need to reconnect with your center and realign with your higher vision.

To discover how to access the wisdom of your entire energy body including your chakras, join Deborah for a FREE event — Discover the Healing Vibrations of Vedic Energy Medicine: Essential Practices to Release Emotional Blocks in Your Energy Body & Access Higher Levels of Consciousness.

When you join Deborah, you’ll experience the healing power of your subtle energy body as you release emotional blocks and access higher levels of consciousness.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

How to Activate Your Chakras With Ancient Vedic Wisdom

“The Seven Gods have seven spears and seven lights. They hold seven glories.” — Rg Veda 8.28.5 (Translated by David Frawley)

You’ve likely experienced the profound healing that’s possible in working with your body’s innate wisdom.

Guidance for activating this inner resource is rooted in one of civilization’s most ancient texts — the Vedas (Sanskrit for “knowledge” or wisdom).

The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, a body of religious texts, spiritual writings, poems, and hymns that were passed down through oral tradition.

These time-honored texts encompass Divine knowledge and bring to life the deep, healing vibrations of consciousness. 

Woven throughout these ancient scriptures, are references to the chakras… 

The Rg Veda (one of the holiest of the four sacred texts of the Vedas) directly references the cakra — the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” “disc” or “circle” — more than 29 times.   

Described as moving in circular motion with a cyclical nature, the cakra are also depicted through vivid imagery and symbols, such as “seven wheels” and “rays of light.”  

Yet, you don’t have to become a Vedic scholar to transform your energy field… and access higher states of consciousness…

You can tap into the healing frequencies of these energy centers within you through Vedic Energy Medicine — integrating the ancient wisdom of the Vedas with the sacred vibrations of your subtle energy body. 

Higher Heart Chakra: The Healing Power of Unconditional  Love 

If your mind is full of negative thoughts,  or you’re feeling drained due to a chronic health condition, such as depression, the Thymus Chakra unlocks the healing power of your “Higher Heart.”  

Stuck energy can create stuck emotions and negative thoughts… just as an infection that makes the thymus gland, which supports the body’s immune function, lose its ability to fight off colds and other attacks to your immune system.

The powerful, energetic vibrations of this chakra can help you clear blocked emotions in the thymus gland, which also creates illness.  

Simply tapping in the center of your chest will start the process of activating your higher heart, and help you to forgive others and forgive yourself. As you move into the higher heart, you vibrate at a higher frequency and can feel love and joy.

When the Thymus Chakra is in balance, you have access to the higher love of the Divine… connecting your heart energy to your thoughts and words….and guiding you to share your truth.  

If you would like to experience the healing power of your entire energy body, release emotional blocks, and access higher levels of consciousness — join me for Discover the Healing Vibrations of Vedic Energy Medicine here.

Perfect Christmas

Christmas is a time when you get homesick

Are you looking forward to a holiday right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, with the whole family singing around the piano or enjoying a spirited snowball fight before gathering, rosy-cheeked and glowing, around the holiday table? Or are you dreading long days of forced togetherness, the rehashing of old grievances and the airing of new ones as your family falls into its old, dysfunctional patterns? For most, holiday gatherings with family fall somewhere between the two scenarios. These three tips will help you to navigate though the family minefields, large and small, with your spirit and sanity intact.


Put the power of forgiveness and unconditional love to work for you:


As a spiritual teacher, I encourage my students to give themselves and those around them the gift of forgiveness and unconditional love. This holds especially true during the holidays.

If you know in advance that you’ll be seeing a family member who has wronged you, take the time to forgive them before the event. Close your eyes and imagine the person standing in front of you. As you breathe in, silently say, May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease. This powerful Buddhist exercise, called “Metta,” dissolves anger, resentment, and guilt, and will help you to feel more loving and in control as you journey “over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house.” When you arrive, don’t undo the good you’ve done by telling the person that you have forgiven them—that will only bring the old issues back to the forefront and put them on the defensive. This processing is for your benefit. Simply send them love, and move on!


Stay outside of the emotional fray, and celebrate your own spiritual progress:


The holidays are not the time to resolve old issues, or confront other people. Enjoy the time with family, and set the limits that you need to keep yourself healthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Take care of yourself. Take walks outdoors, meditate and consume alcohol, sugar, and caffeine in moderation. If you’re tired, give yourself permission to leave a family event early. You’re not obligated to stay till the bitter end. Fighting and drama tends to escalate as it gets late, especially if the alcohol is flowing. If there is family drama, step out of the fray and observe; pretend you’re watching a play, rather than allowing yourself to be pulled in.



Finally, capture the holiday spirit by looking outside of yourself and your family circle:


Are you trying to recapture the breathless excitement and holiday magic that you remember from your childhood? Or do you have old, traumatic memories of the season that you’re desperate to replace with happier ones? As an adult, you can experience the very best of the holidays, the spirit of joy and love, but you might not find it wrapped in a box, or around the table with your extended family. For many people, the formula for a light-filled season includes not just family time, but time spent alone and time spent helping others.


Gandhi said that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Don’t depend on the “big event” to fill you with the holiday spirit. If, despite your best efforts to forgive and forget, an overdose of family time is causing you to dwell too much on past hurts and disappointments, shift your focus outside of yourself. Figure out a way to help others, and by doing so, you’ll nourish your own spirit. Serve holiday dinners at a homeless shelter, deliver gifts to the lonely or sick, visit a nursing home to sing carols, send cards and packages to the troops, and remember what the holidays are really about—bringing more light into the world.  Doing that is a sure way to fill your own soul with the spirit of the season!


Learn from This Great Modern Philosopher of Ojai

We have finally moved into the new location of the Deborah King Center in beautiful Ojai. I love it! Ojai has such an extraordinarily high spiritual vibration, and a history rich in spiritual endeavors.

It wasn’t only the Chumash tribe that called Ojai home. So did Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the great philosophers and spiritual teachers of our modern era. He talked about everyday concerns, life in a society filled with violence and corruption, an abiding respect for nature, and everyone’s search for security and happiness. He precisely explained how the human mind works, and what the practice of meditation can bring to daily life.

Krishnamurti’s story is unusual. He was born in 1895 into a Telugu family in colonial India, one of 11 children (six of whom survived childhood). He lived next to the headquarters for the Theosophical Society in Chennai (Madras). When he was eight years old, he was discovered on the grounds of the headquarters by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, the leaders of the Society, who raised and groomed him as the next great World Teacher to guide the evolution of humankind. He and his brother Nitya were privately tutored in school subjects as well as in rigorous exercise and sports, theosophical and religious lessons, yoga and meditation, and British culture. Later the boys were brought to Europe to continue their education, and Krishnamurti gave his first public speech in England.

The Theosophical Society established the Order of the Star in the East (OSE) to prepare the world for Krishnamurti, the Coming of the World Teacher. But by the time he was 29, Krishnamurti rejected the title, dissolved the OSE, and withdrew from the Theosophy organization. Sadly, he had been sexually assaulted by a higher-up in the organization as a young boy and, rightfully, he no longer wanted to be affiliated with the Society or anything remotely religious. He dedicated himself to working toward a psychological revolution in the minds of humankind in order to bring about radical change in society. He wrote many books, gave talks and held discussion through his non-profit foundations in India, Great Britain, and the U.S.

In 1922, Krishnamurti and his brother and companion, Nitya, stayed in the Ojai Valley, thinking the climate would be good for Nitya, who had tuberculosis. They, too, loved Ojai and a cottage and property were found for them and Ojai became Krishnamurti’s official residence.

It was in Ojai that Krishnamurti had a life-changing experience, one that wasn’t directed by his mentors. First he went through a three-day spiritual experience of mystical union and immense peace, and a few weeks later went through a longer condition that he called “the process,” which recurred almost nightly until his death. These experiences were described as “the sacredness” or “the otherness.” (Clearly, he had experienced one of the higher initiations that I conduct as well as describe in my writings, e.g., see chapter 8 of my most recent book, Heal Yourself – Heal the World).

As he wrote: … [I] woke up early with that strong feeling of otherness, of another world that is beyond all thought…there is a heightening of sensitivity. Sensitivity, not only to beauty but also to all other things. The blade of grass was astonishingly green; that one blade of grass contained the whole spectrum of colour; it was intense, dazzling and such a small thing…”

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America founded in 1969 is in Ojai. They have a publishing division as well as the Oak Grove School (pre-K-12 college prep), which empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop life-long practices of inquiry into how they live their daily lives. Krishnamurti’s former home, Pine Cottage, has become a Study Center and Library for reflection and contemplation.

As you can see, his impact on Ojai has been considerable.

I understand completely why he was so attracted to Ojai and why he stayed here until his death at 90 years of age.

If you’d like to experience the exalted spiritual air of Ojai, be sure to join me for our Hallowed Retreat at the magnificent Ojai Valley Inn at the end of October . There, I’ll be talking in depth about some of Krishnamurti’s key teachings and how we can apply them to our lives today. Hope to see you there!

Worldwide Healing Day

Worldwide Healing Day

Mother Earth is ill, and she is approaching a breaking point. She has been extremely kind, nurturing, and merciful to her inhabitants: she has given us nutrition through her fertile grounds, quenched our thirst with cool water from her rivers and springs, and provided shelter in her forests and caves. Somewhere along the way, we lost the vision of her benevolence and began to treat her as our prey rather than as our respected and honored parent.

First came the dig economy: the reckless extraction of resources from the earth, which enabled a small number of countries, corporations, and c-suite executives to amass great wealth while leaving the majority of earth’s inhabitants in poverty and causing permanent damage to the environment.1 After years of abuse, Mother Earth is simply doing what she must to survive, which is to remove our ever-expanding population from the equation.

Just as we greedily take raw materials from the earth without considering the impact on future generations, we also apply the same philosophy to the gig economy: paying workers as little as possible with little or no benefits, and when the inevitable happens, cutting them loose and moving on to the next warm body. Is it really any surprise that violence, hate, and fear permeate every aspect of our society? And fear begets terrorism—from the mass shootings in the United States to the brutal killings by ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

For too long we have been treating the earth and all living beings as resources that can be thrown away once their purpose is served. Right now, we have the opportunity to join together and make a vital decision about our collective future: change our greed-based ways or be changed by the consequences: floods, caused by rising sea levels and extreme weather, sweep away entire cities; storms of epic size and strength decimate entire regions; uncontrollable fires leave behind ashes and death; and droughts make water, the basis of life, hard to come by.

Religions around the world have shown how integral water is to us: Native American oral traditions reference a flood that cleansed the Earth and re-purified it, just like the account of Noah and the Ark in the Christian Bible. Ritual washing for purification is used in all three Abrahamic religions, as well as in the dharmic traditions of the East and in the Pagan and Earth religions.

When I began to think about Worldwide Healing Day, over three years ago, the world was on a very different trajectory. Yes, we were leaning towards the edge, but we still had hope: major emission offenders were beginning to be held accountable; science provided facts about climate change that were not ignored or disbelieved; immigrants worked openly and embraced the American Dream; when catastrophe struck, communities banded together and governments provided aid. Fast forward three years and we are living in frightening times; it has become impossible to detangle one crisis from the next. Climate and cultural crises have overwhelmed our empathic ability to give and receive compassion and love.

There is a silver lining—a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build anew a society based on caring for the health and well-being of the planet and one another. When we integrate our knowledge of what must be done with what we are experiencing in these ongoing natural disasters, wisdom emerges. When you share your wisdom in conversation with others, it acts as a catalyst for them to go out into the world and become part of the solution.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” So many movements have been built around the concept that global change must start locally, with each one of us. If you are feeling lost and alone, Worldwide Healing Day will help you resolve your personal turmoil and find your way again. If you’re already involved in the process of healing and have started to absorb the spiritual teaching of “heal yourself/heal the world,” join us for Worldwide Healing Day. Connect your bright light to that of others to create a superstorm of healing and love.

Sign up for Worldwide Healing Day >>

About Worldwide Healing Day

Worldwide Healing Day is an annual event led by NY Times best-seller and Spiritual Teacher Deborah King. Every year on October 21st, people from around the globe will unite as one to collectively focus their intentions and create a unified field of healing energy. Each individual healing thought is magnified by the thousands of other simultaneous intentions, creating a vortex of love and compassion that helps us heal ourselves and the world.

Heal Yourself – Heal the World

Deborah conceptualized Worldwide Healing Day while writing her fourth book, Heal Yourself—Heal the World and she dedicates an entire chapter to this special day. Go on an energy journey of a lifetime withHeal Yourself—Heal the World and embracing your inner healing powers. Deborah explains how your energy shifts and expresses itself through your chakras and shows you that you really do have the power to heal. Filled with meditations and profound techniques, it’s a do-it-yourself guide to healing yourself and to sharing your newfound skills with others, including your pets. Along the way, you’ll meet your spiritual guides, learn about meditation and mind/body types (a handy tool indeed), and understand how to stay healthy and in love with your life. Get your copy >>


  1. The concept of “Gig and Dig Economies” is from a speech by Naomi Klein, a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker. Her 2014 book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, was a NY Times best-seller.

Starting Over, Again


How was 2012 for you? Was it your best year ever, or are you glad you’re now in a new year and you have the chance, once again, to start over.


We live in turbulent times, and many of us have experienced big changes in our lives. There are those who were caught in the downslide of the housing market and wound up losing their homes. There are those who lost their jobs or whose finances bottomed out and they had to go through bankruptcy. There are those who lost absolutely everything in Hurricane Sandy, or in forest fires, or floods. And those who lost the most precious thing of all—a loved one—whether through a breakup, divorce or death.


It’s not only loss that brings about the necessity of starting over. There are also the times—especially around New Year’s—when we make resolutions that THIS YEAR I’m going to start exercising, eat right, lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, learn how to tango, visit Machu Picchu, take a pottery class,—whatever. There’s always something about ourselves we want to change, something we want to learn, some reason for starting out fresh.


Starting over is not the same as picking yourself up off the floor after some sort of failure—whether it was losing your job or losing your house or losing your partner. Starting over is a new frame of mind, a clean start, a new beginning. It’s a clean slate, which keeps you from wasting time being too hard on yourself or wallowing in guilt.


Endings aren’t necessarily bad. That job you lost? Maybe you really didn’t like it much anyway. It’s time to look at your talents and skills and passions. Maybe it’s time to “follow your bliss” and finally find or create a job that makes you feel good about yourself. Remember, your future is not governed by your past. No matter what’s happened in your life, you can make things a little better for yourself and for those around you, too.


If you are still living in the chaos of either man-made or natural disasters, starting over is not a choice. A great quality to have in those circumstances is the ability to accept support from others—financial, emotional, physical. Starting over can seem scary, but try to play down your fears and get excited about new possibilities.


Here are a few tips:


  1. After a divorce or a breakup—try not to dwell on what happened. There is more to life than one person. Distract yourself; maybe now’s the time to go on that safari in Africa, or take that rafting trip down the Colorado River. Shake yourself out of your usual comfort zone. And try to understand what went wrong. Work with a therapist or relationship expert so next time you won’t make the same mistakes. Don’t rush to sign up on a matchmaking site. Learn to be with yourself first.
  2. After the death of a loved one—allow yourself to mourn. Cry as much as you need to. It helps to have a shoulder to cry on. Doing some sort of ritual, whether it’s a public funeral or a private ceremony, puts you on the path to healing. Journaling may help you to gain acceptance of your loss. Write about what the person meant to you, how you feel, and what you think your life will be like a year or so from now. Most of all, don’t isolate yourself. While the emotional pain over the death will diminish with time, don’t expect it to go away. Rely on friends and family for support.
  3. After losing or quitting a job—figure out what you want from your next job. What are you goals, and how will you achieve them? Is it time to switch careers? Experts say that the average person makes up to seven career changes during their work life. If money weren’t an issue, what would your heart want to do? Now network like crazy. Many jobs don’t show up on Monster.com or Craigslist. Develop your elevator pitch—that 2-minute spiel that gets someone excited about you and your abilities. You never know when you’ll run into the person can who hook you up with the job of your dreams.
  4. Any time at all—do something that will help others. No matter how hard you’ve been hit by life circumstances, finding a way to be of service to others always helps you!

My Gift to You


At this time of year, when we are celebrating the holidays with family and friends, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such an important member of my spiritual circle.

You keep me in an open heart space. You give me the gift of being able to share what I’ve learned over the years. You entrust me with your personal story—of health crises, heartbreak, or despair, along with joyous tales of your awakening to a deeper connection to Source. You discover the inner abilities you have to heal.

Please CLICK HERE to see my holiday video, a small token of  my appreciation for all you bring to my life.

With much love,



What does 12.12.12 mean for you?


This year ends with several mystical dates: 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. Each one of these dates is related to specific cosmic forces that influence us.

2012 was a marker set in time by time travelers, many of whom are incarnate today on Earth. The date is a window of possibility—a time in which we can make an evolutionary leap, as well as the time of the ending of the last World Age. The forces have been aligned to create an opening that relates to the power of consciousness. It is about realizing your power to create a new world, for you and for others. On 12.12.12 you may feel a rush of insight as the gateway opens in preparation for 12.21.12, the Winter Solstice.
In numerology—a universal language for frequency and resonance of energy on multiple levels—12 is a number of universal import. There are 12 hours in a day, 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, 12 Olympian gods of the Pantheon, Jacob’s 12 sons who became the 12 Tribes of Israel, King Arthur’s 12 Knights of the Roundtable, 12 days of Christmas, and today there are 12 F-keys on PC keyboards. Within the 12, you have the number 3 (1+2=3). In 12.12.12, you have three 3s, which equal 9—the number for the completion of a cycle. This day of power is thus also related to your third chakra, where your powerful and creative fire is lit, and a new fire/light comes forth from the belly of the Earth to spark rebirth in the heart chakra.

Many of you may find yourselves pulled to certain people or places on these two mystical dates. What you will be focused on will likely be determined by all the inner preparation you have done during 2012. You may be drawn to places of power where you can be of service energetically. Or you may find yourself in a place related to a past life where you can reclaim missing pieces of your soul’s power. Light workers will be moving into key positions both physically and psychically. Acknowledge the gateway you have to travel across on 12.12.12, whether it’s travel into your emotions, across the planet, across dimensions, or some threshold that impacts your soul.

According to Vedic astrology, there will be five planets in Scorpio on 12.12.12. Saturn is exalted, which means it cannot allow this world to end at that time. In the 9 days between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12, Mars goes into its exalted sign of Capricorn. There may be earthquakes or other changes in countries whose horoscopes are controlled by Mars and the Sun. Most of them are surrounded by water on all sides, like the Pacific islands, Australia, or Sri Lanka. The supremacy of the superpowers may be threatened, and many changes in lifestyle, politics, and thought processes will see old ideas starting to be replaced by new ones.

There is an interesting astrological occurrence that happens on 12.21.12, which is that the winter solstice sun will align with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in 26,000 years. It is possible that your intuition will receive more input than usual. Neptune in Pisces, which will be there through 2026, is a herald for more people to experience heightened psychic abilities. Power hungry Pluto will be making adjustments in December, which will be easier to comply with because Saturn is present to offer assistance. The holidays may not be overly exciting, but should go smoothly enough. The best gifts will be useful as well as life enhancing. You may need a lot of stamina to deal with the end of 2012, so rest up!

12.12.12 is a time of quickening on the planet. In your higher aspect, you should be dancing for joy because, in a very real sense, what occurs on 12.12.12 is the Ascension, and 12.21.12 is the initial birthing solstice of the New Earth. The New Earth is the expansion of Earth’s resonance into 12 dimensional fields and will expand humanity beyond the third dimension.

It is said that on 12.12.12, the last two remaining dormant Master Atlantean Crystals will awaken—the Crystal of Thoth (near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia) and the Ruby Fire Crystal (below Bimini). There will also be a new emergence of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, where the quartz crystals are infused with the energy of the Atlantean Law of One. Perhaps you personally have carried some guilt about the misuse and loss of control of the crystals of Atlantis, which led to the deluge and the destruction of Atlantis. It is time to release that guilt. The Master Crystals will never again be misused. You have waited a long time for this completion of 12.12.12. Rejoice!