Which of Your Chakras is Dysfunctional? 3 Ways to Check



In my three decades of experience as a master energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have found that most people have several chakras that are blocked or dysfunctional in some way. Unless you have done a tremendous amount of personal work and emotional processing, it is likely that one or more of your chakras is not functioning properly, which can create a wide array of health problems from headaches to cancer.


Just like you’d want to know your genetic risk factors for illness, you probably want to know where the “trouble areas” in your energy field are too. So how can you find out which of your chakras needs a little (or a lot) of repair work? And even more importantly, how can you heal those parts of yourself that need mending?


An Energy Buffet


First, let’s quickly review what a chakra is. Chakras are energy centers that are powered by your emotions; they funnel energy in and out between your personal field and the unified field beyond. This unified field surrounds and interpenetrates everything in the universe, and when your chakras are clear and balanced they draw energy from that universal field to replenish and nourish your personal field. When your chakras are spinning the wrong way or not at all, you do not receive the revitalizing energy you need.


Think of it this way—your energy field needs to be fed, and the universal field serves a twenty-four hour, unlimited buffet of food. But if your chakras are off-kilter and blocking new energy from being absorbed, your energy field suffers from malnourishment, and consequently, your mind and body suffer as well.




Chakras as Energy Barometers


The seven bodily chakras are aligned along your spinal cord from your root chakra at the base of your spine to the crown chakra at the top of your head. You also have higher chakras above your head that connect you to your higher self and the Divine, but in order to reach that point, you must first clear and balance the seven main chakras. This is one of the most important steps in making spiritual progress, as these chakras directly impact your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Chakras are like a barometer for your energy field—the activity in your chakras reflects the activity in your energy field, which then manifests in your body. Therefore, monitoring the movement in your chakras and catching any disturbances can avoid illness before it has a chance to manifest in the body. Energy healing has the amazing ability to remove a blockage in your field before it causes any physical symptoms!


Beyond the barometer function of measuring your field and forecasting sickness, chakras actually influence all aspects of your health. When dysfunction in your chakras is not treated, it eventually appears as illness or injury. The reverse is also true: repairs to the chakras and personal energy field will lead to corresponding repairs in the body. This is how energy medicine works. You can see why it’s so essential to frequently check on the health of your energy field by testing the flow in your chakras!


3 Ways to Test Your Chakras




1. Self-check with my free chakra chart.

You can do a self-evaluation and make a reasonable guesstimate about which chakra is most likely imbalanced by checking your feelings and physical symptoms against my chakra chart. For example, if you problems with blood pressure or asthma, and feel like love is difficult for you, chances are there is some dysfunction in your fourth or heart chakra. My free chakra chart is a great place to get started.


2. Test your chakras with a pendulum.

This can be an effective method for determining the status of each chakra and it’s done with a partner. Have your partner hold the pendulum over each one of your chakras. Pendulums amplify whatever movement is occurring in the chakra itself, so if the movement is lopsided or spinning in the wrong direction, that chakra may need some work. If there is no movement, that chakra may be really blocked, or your partner may be holding the pendulum in the wrong place! Practice makes perfect with this technique, and my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course devotes an entire week to teaching you how to test chakras with pendulums so you can become adept at this incredibly useful skill. And if you don’t have the right kind of pendulum for checking chakras, you may want to check this one out. https://deborahking.b.smartzsites.com/blog/2012/06/11/using-a-pendulum-to-check-chakras/


3. Attend energy healing courses or workshops.

This is a great way to really jump start your chakras. At my workshops, we do a lot of personal and group work that effectively clears everybody’s chakras in the room – it’s very powerful!


The main thing to remember is no matter how bad off your chakras are, they can be fixed! Energy healing provides a variety of ways to begin correcting the distortions in your chakras. From self study with my free chart to testing your chakras with a pendulum to workshops, energy healing offers many ways to get clear and stay clear, chakra-wise.




If you would like to learn more about the importance of chakras, energy medicine, and how to discover the “trouble spots” in your energy field, check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, a twelve week program designed to teach you how to heal yourself and heal others, plus certifies you to be an official energy healer!



How to Let Go of the Past in Ten Minutes



Relationships Are Energy Exchanges


Take a moment to briefly think about every relationship you’ve ever had, or at least as many as you can remember: your parents, your siblings, your aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends, enemies, competitors, bosses, coworkers, lovers, spouses, children, pets. I’m sure it’s a lot of people!


Now consider the fact that each relationship is an interaction of energy, a push-pull between you and the other person that is often uneven. Usually the imbalance is minor—you give a little more with some people, your kids for example, and take a little more with others, like perhaps your mother. And sometimes you do both within the same relationship at different times, like with your best friend or spouse. That’s natural.


But what happens to that energy you spent in those moments of give-and take interaction, particularly those painful moments when you gave away, by choice or by force, too much of your energy and personal power?


Lost Energy Can Be Reclaimed


That energy—your energy—gets trapped in the time and place it was expended and becomes disconnected from your personal field. Essentially, you lose it. The good news is, it can be reclaimed! There is a shamanic process I use in my energy healing courses that seems simple, but packs a powerful punch, and can be done in about ten minutes per relationship.




In shamanic traditions, there are said to be thin, web-like structures that are impelled outward from the human energy field by emotions and latch on to someone else’s energy field. Through these webs, in every relationship you can leave some of your energy with the other person and some of their energy can get stuck with you. Good or bad, the more emotional the relationship, the more connecting webs of energy between the people, the more potential for personal energy lost.


Sever Those Draining Energetic Bonds


This means that all emotional relationships have the possibility of being draining to your energy field, and therefore your chakras, and the rest of you, will also be drained. This is part of why break-ups and betrayals are so difficult and exhausting—emotionally charged situations literally steal your energy. Due to the energetic and emotional ties, you are also still attached to that person until you sever those energy-sucking bonds.


This is where energy healing can really help. The shamanic technique I teach in my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course release the draining emotions associated with that person, return to you your energy from them, and remove any of their negative energy from your field. You will be amazed by the boost in energy and increase in emotional and mental clarity you will experience after you complete this incredible shamanic technique I learned from Carlos Castaneda.


Castaneda’s Shamanic Technique


Now, I know there is a lot of speculation out there as to whether or not Castaneda really studied with the Yaqui shaman Don Juan Matus out in the desert, or if Don Juan even existed at all. I’m sure Castaneda created these characters for the purpose of teaching ancient techniques he stumbled on doing his research in some dusty library. So, whether the tales are true or not doesn’t really matter for our purposes. What I am certain of through my experience as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, is that the practices he teaches do indeed work, and that’s why I want to share them with you.




Don Juan taught Castaneda and his other students how to directly perceive energy, just as energy healing and healing courses and workshops can help you perceive energy. In fact, Castaneda essentially took a lengthy healing course with Don Juan and came out transformed. His ten books exploring psychological and mystical arenas and questioning perception and reality were international bestsellers and heavily influenced popular and spiritual cultures.


Castaneda encourages freeing yourself from limited perceptions and beliefs, and making “the sorcerer’s crossing,” which is a leap forward in spiritual perceptions to expanded consciousness. I encourage the same, as it is the release of those limiting perceptions and opening the gates to higher states that allows for energy healing and spiritual advancement.


Clear Your Memories and Your Chakras


But of all his teachings, it’s the shamanic technique I teach in my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course that is the most rewarding. This process has you clear out past memories and the emotions linked to those memories. Any emotional attachments you have to past hurts or wrongs can be released, and the energy you spent during that painful period can be reclaimed and returned to your energy field.


Think back to that list of relationships you made earlier and imagine all the energy you’d get back if you applied this technique to all of them! You can perform this process for anyone in your life, or everyone, as Castaneda was told to do, but even if you only apply the technique to a few core people who have significantly impacted you, the resulting positive effects will be noticeable.




In addition to enhanced clarity, greater energy, and feeling more grounded, if you learn this shamanic technique and reclaim all that lost energy, you will feel younger. This technique helps you fight aging since it is the loss of energy that ages you. This is also great news for anyone who has an illness, as it can also help speed the healing process.


Ideally, you should have a spiritual routine of meditation, journaling, clearing your chakras, and connecting with mother Earth, plus this incredible and effective technique should be added to your regime. You will recapture your personal energy, the vital foundation for your being, and dissolve any and all negative energy drains to the person you focus on during the process. You may need to complete the ten to fifteen minute process a few times for intense or long-term relationships, but eventually you will be completely free of all ties that drain to that person, the past events, and the feelings associated with those events. Can you imagine how much lighter you’ll feel? Trust me, this is a technique you need to learn.


If you would like to find out more about this amazing and life-changing shamanic technique, check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, a twelve week program that will teach you all about energy healing and how to heal yourself and others, plus certifies you in the exciting field of energy medicine!



3 Reasons Energy Medicine Is the Best Medicine



What if I told you there is a way to heal yourself of all types of distress without pills or hospital stays or side effects or surgeries? A painless procedure that has virtually zero recovery time? You’d probably say, “Sign me up!”


Whether your issues are mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, energy medicine can address the root causes of the illness and heal you completely without touching a scalpel to your skin or even taking any invasive medical tests! As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve seen energy healing work its magic on tens of thousands of people who walk away from sessions with me healed and restored, with renewed energy and a lightness to their body. From a broken leg to a broken heart, energy healing can help you recover from your condition, and better yet, teach you how to heal yourself.


What Exactly Is Energy Medicine?


Interest in energy medicine is on the rise. Decades ago when I started studying and practicing energy healing, people thought it was pretty “out there” stuff. But over the years, energy medicine has become more and more common, and has gained more respect from the general public. These days, many people know someone who was healed by an energy healer, or have at least heard of this thing called energy medicine. But what is it exactly?


Energy exists all around us, on multiple levels or fields, and interpenetrates every living and non-living thing on this planet and beyond. Humans have their own personal energy fields that mirror what is happening in the body, which means that making changes in your personal energy field can make changes in your physical body. Likewise, changes in your body can affect your energy field. This is how energy medicine works: by tapping into the unified field of all energy, an energy healer manipulates your energy field to heal both your energy and, consequently, your body.




It Just Might Save Your Life


One of the ways you can test the health of your energy field is through the chakras. Your chakras are focal points of energy in your body that reflect the movement of energy in your field. An energy healer can sense where there are blockages or distortions in your chakras, and therefore your energy flow, and then clear the negative energy away so your chakra can function freely as it’s supposed to. This energy exchange that keeps you nourished is vital to all aspects of your health. This is why it’s important to keep your body and energy field free and clear of negative energy. Meditation, journaling, and staying grounded in nature are all good ways to begin the practice of clearing your chakras and allowing energy medicine to begin its healing process.


Whether you are seeking healing for yourself or a loved one, read these three reasons to give energy medicine a try. It just might save your life.


1. Energy medicine heals your whole being.

Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are like threads weaved together into the tapestry of you. If you pull at one string, the whole structure unravels. If you only treat the physical symptoms of a condition or illness, you’ve left the rest of the person out of the equation. Emotional and spiritual pain can cause physical distress. Like the closed heart chakra contributing to high cholesterol, I’ve seen time and time again the very real effects that feelings can have on the body.


Each aspect of your being affects the other aspects, and traditional western medicine has a one-track mind: physical body issues only. It fails to treat the emotional, spiritual, or mental components of illness, which means it fails to treat the totality of the sick person. Western medicine is good at saving lives when the situation is acute, but energy medicine can prevent a condition from getting that far in the first place.


2. Energy medicine can prevent physical symptoms from developing.

One of the main advantages of energy medicine is its amazing ability to detect illnesses or conditions that are brewing in your energy field long before any symptoms appear in the body. Distortions in your chakras can be revealed through taking healing courses or working with an energy healer, and when they are caught early enough, you may not develop any physical ailments related to that distortion at all. Imagine having your sickness healed before you really even felt sick!




Most medical practitioners would agree that prevention is always the best medicine. Meditation, journaling, and healing courses are all tools to keep you on track, but if your health does become threatened, wouldn’t you want to know about it as soon as possible? Energy medicine allows for the soonest possible detection.


3. Zero negative side effects and almost zero recovery time.

Energy medicine is a painless procedure. Sometimes patients feel a warmth surrounding a physical healing and others find that an emotional healing will release a slew of tears. But there are no invasive procedures performed by faceless doctors in brightly lit and sterile hospital rooms, no stitches or crutches, no weeks of recovery time or tons of prescription pain pills.


Energy medicine works with the body to heal from within, so the physical recovery is minimal. Some patients feel immediately better and walk away from an energy healer like they’ve got clouds under their feet. Others feel a shift that grows and develops over the next few hours or days until the effects have fully unfolded. Either way, you should try to take it easy after an energy healing session, and be sure to drink plenty of water. But that is the extent of the “post-op procedure” and there’s no need to deal with insurance.


Some of the side effects of energy medicine that you might encounter include feelings of joy and relief, a lightened spirit, a sense of freedom, an emotional rebirth, a physical improvement, or any number of positive transitions in your mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional well-being.


Energy medicine has some of the most consistent results with the lowest risks. Why not give it a try?


If you would like to learn more about energy medicine and its boundless healing potential, check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, a twelve week program designed to teach you how to heal yourself and others, and certifies you to be an official energy healer!





Improve Your Relationships With This One Secret


Are you looking for a better way to interact with a certain someone in your life, or people in general? Does someone you deal with regularly have a behavior that you just can’t figure out, and you wonder what in the world is motivating their actions?

One of the greatest tools I can arm my students with is the knowledge of character types, or characterology, an amazing way to improve all your relationships. Seriously, this information is going to change your life.

Awareness Is the First Step

Characterology, or the study of character and body types, is a practical way of looking at other people that will illuminate their behaviors and motivations. With this deepened perception of others’ tendencies, you will be able to figure out the most effective way to deal with them in all kinds of situations. As an added benefit, once you have mastered using this tool to observe others, you can use it to examine your own patterns of thinking and behaviors and open up new levels of self-awareness, an essential component of spiritual advancement.

As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I can tell you that all spiritual progress is born out of awareness. That’s why a daily meditation practice, staying in touch with your emotions, and taking healing courses to clear your chakras are all necessary elements in any spiritual journey. I am always guiding my students towards methods to increase their awareness, and understanding character structures is an excellent one.


The Link Between Trauma and Body Shape

In the last century, there have been many discoveries about the ways thought, behavior, physical body structures, energy fields, chakras, and illnesses are all interconnected. Practitioners of energy medicine and psychologists have independently identified some of the links, and, of course the ancients knew this without the need for studies, but it was Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich who first posited that childhood traumas, and the defenses created in response to those traumas, can actually affect the shape of your body.




Reich realized that many of his patients who had grown up with similar situations tended to develop similar body types, and patients who had similar body types tended to also have similar psychological patterns. He noted that people seemed to fit into five categories, which he named using terms that were popular for psychological discourse in his day: Schizoid, Oral, Psychopath, Masochist, and Rigid.

Don’t be worried by these dramatic names, and rest assured that they are not literal! If you (or someone you know) is a Psychopath in this character structure system, it does not mean you are really psychopathic!

Energy Field Distortions Create Physical Distortions

These character types are essentially defense mechanisms created as responses to traumas in your childhood. When a child experiences a trauma, they often block or repress their feelings. When the emotions are suppressed instead of expressed, they create a structure or system that allows for the child to deal with the world more easily. This defense pattern is designed to keep the child “safe,” though that safety is a façade because the defense itself perpetuates the behavior-response model it seeks to avoid. When this method of response to the world becomes habitual, it affects the structure of that person’s energy field and consequently, their physical body.

One of the tenets of energy healing is that your body is made from the energy in your personal field. When the energy field is sick, the body becomes sick, too, and when you heal your energy field, you can heal the body. It would make sense then, that a persistent distortion in your energy field could cause a distortion in your physical shape, and that similar distortions in different people caused by similar traumas would create similar body types.

Each of the five character types is formed at a specific developmental age from a specific type of trauma, and each has its own set of issues and goals, mottos and physical builds. Here is just a glimpse of the wealth of insight characterology provides.




1. The Schizoid

The schizoid feels unsafe and often tries to disconnect from the physical world. This internal struggle can manifest as a seemingly disconnected physical body, including weak joints. Schizoids are often tall and thin and some have twisted spines and/or asymmetrical or lopsided features or limbs.

2. The Oral

The Oral feels deprived. Often they feel an inner emptiness that they are constantly trying to fill. They are terrified of rejection and abandonment and are prone to depression and fatigue. The Oral’s physical form appears sluggish, with weak legs, hunched shoulders, and flaccid muscles. The Oral body tires quickly and may have low metabolism.

3. The Psychopath

The Psychopath feels betrayed, and has difficulty trusting anyone. The psychopath responds with aggression toward the world, often disguised, and this character type can be attractive and charming with compelling eyes. Watch for the slump of an overburdened soul, and back or joint problems to identify a Psychopath. Heart issues can also be a concern.

4. The Masochist

The Masochist feels trapped and defeated, unable to express their true self. They hold everything inside which fuels their anger, and as a result, their energy field becomes inflated. This energy pattern creates a heavy and compact body with big muscles and a short neck.

5. Rigid

Rigids fear vulnerability and are determined to squash their true self as a result of that self being rejected in early childhood. This constant “keeping up appearances” mode creates a stiff posture with a straight and erect backbone and a head held high.




Character types are so much more complex and multi-dimensional than I can cover in a blog post, but I hope this brief overview has given you a taste of how helpful this information can be in deciphering other people’s actions and becoming more aware of your own behavior or feelings. When you grasp character structures, you can begin to predict actions and responses from others, and learn the best approach to take with different types to improve every single one of your relationships, including with yourself.

I discuss each of these character types in much more detail and show you how to apply this knowledge to improve your day-to-day relationships in my current LifeForce Energy Healing® I Online Course, which is a twelve week program designed to teach you how to heal yourself and others, and certifies you in the exciting field of energy medicine!