There’s Only Smooth Sailing Ahead: Your Keys to Safe Travel Across the Astral Realms

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” I John 4:18

Have you always wanted to know more about astral travel but were afraid to ask? Has this ultimate spiritual adventure called to you, knocked on the doors of your consciousness, but you felt too unsure of yourself to answer? Your spiritual journey toward the light is already underway. Have you ever considered that astral travel is simply a bigger, bolder step in the direction that your soul already longs to go? You can choose whether your journey will be hampered by fear or strengthened by love.

Fear and love are the two most powerful human emotions. What is your driving force—love or fear? The answer to that question is the basis of your life. Is it fear and darkness or love and light? If your fear is bigger than your faith in the light, it will block your dreams and make you forgo your life purpose. When you switch your attention away from fear and put it on filling yourself with the calm centeredness of prayer, meditation, and service to others, you can make fear and other negative emotions disappear.

If you think you have fears about astral travel, you may actually be feeling the respect that is due to this amazing spiritual experience. It does require training and guidance to achieve safe and effective results. You can learn ways to protect yourself before going out of your body. You can keep your fear in check by starting your journey from a space of love and high spiritual energy.

Great positive experiences in the astral planes begin by having a solid meditation and prayer practice so you are grounded in love, compassion, and the higher qualities of spiritual life. Before you get your ticket to ride, you should know how to call on your spiritual guides and angels and how to keep yourself in a high vibratory state to minimize fear or negativity.

Your astral/etheric body can travel out of your physical body, but where it can go is related to how high your vibratory level is. You can nurture your etheric body with light and positive energy. You lower your vibration through negative thoughts and emotions, especially fear. There are ways of traveling safely, with a guide, which will help you connect more deeply to spiritual wisdom. You can learn how to set your intention and call in protection, sort of astral travel insurance, before leaving on your journeys.

When you’re out and about in the Astral Realms, know the best ways to stay safe and protected. Here are some keys to best practices and self-care as you prepare to unlock your astral abilities:

  1. Let go of fear. Fear is a habit you can conquer with intention: I can and I will! Fear pulls you away from the light and can make any situation worse. When you begin to feel this emotion, instead take a deep breath, exhale the fear, and remember love. If you can take whatever comes your way in stride, you’ll be moving toward the light, living from the heart, and creating a life flowing with bountiful love.


  1. Bring your highest self. Before starting an astral journey, center yourself in the highest vibration of loving energy you are capable of reaching. Your higher self is powerful beyond measure, and the light of who you are is worth sharing with the world.


  1. Ask for protection and guidance. For the help you need, call on your spiritual guides and teachers. When you astral travel, remember to ask your guides to allow you to experience only that which is aligned with your highest good. Ask your spiritual guides to accompany you. Spiritual guides are here to help you transcend fear and find life purpose. They will always try to help you down the right path, the one that is best for you.


  1. Connect to Source. Remember that you a child of the Divine. Imagine a golden light surrounding you and loving energy pouring forth from your heart center. Through meditation and prayer, and any spiritual practices that keep you connected to a power greater than yourself, stay focused on living in the light


  1. Be lifted up on the wings of love. Going toward the light means going toward love, and becoming more loving in our moment-to-moment interactions. With love, you are able to heal yourself and reach out to others on their journey.


  1. Nurture the positive in all you do. Follow Mary Baker Eddy’s edict to “be the porter at the door of your thoughts.” This means monitoring what you allow into your consciousness, being a loving gatekeeper for your own awareness. Turn off the evening news, and stop inundating your consciousness with fear-based images. Watch a lighthearted show instead of a violent one. Or turn off the TV altogether and write a blog, paint a picture, listen to your favorite music. Visit a sick friend, volunteer at an animal shelter, go to a workshop, or get off the couch and train for a charity walk. And laugh a lot, every day.


What can astral travel offer you? When you separate your consciousness from your body, you can experience firsthand what life is like beyond your usual physical day-to-day reality. Through astral travel, you can see and feel things that will raise your consciousness, increase your energetic frequency, minimize your negativity, uncertainty, and fear, and help you on the path to your life purpose. Your psychic skills will blossom, and you will understand and appreciate more fully your limitless potential, and your unbreakable connection to your divine Source. Are you ready for the trip?

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Deborah King