One Healing Technique with 3 Powerful Results


You probably know how important it is to keep your energy field clear, balanced, and fully charged, and if you’re like me, you want to learn every effective energy healing technique you can. Hands-on healing is a wonderful modality to use at any level of your studies, but a particularly great place to start healing other people if you’re new to energy medicine. It’s so powerful, it accomplishes three vital healing components in one step.

Energy Medicine to the Rescue


Your chakras are the gatekeepers of energy between you and the universal field, moving old energy out and new fresh energy in. This replenishes your field and, in turn, your body, keeping you healthy. But when trauma occurs and is not processed or when emotions are repressed, they can become stuck in your body and cause blockages in your energy field and chakras as well. A blocked chakra is like a crimp in a hose—your energy will be prevented from flowing properly and that will eventually manifest as pain or illness in your body.

This is where energy healing comes in. A qualified energy healer can remove blockages, increase your energy flow, and recalibrate your field. Attending healing courses and workshops and working with an energy healer is a great way to jumpstart your healing, as well as prepare for a healing practice of your own. As you continue to learn more about energy medicine and practice its techniques, you will be able to perform energy healing on others, beginning with chelation.

Clear, Charge, and Balance

One of the best qualities of energy healing is that it is flexible. There are many ways an energy healer can manipulate energy in order to heal themselves and others, and chelation is one of the most fundamental techniques.

Chelation is a form of hands-on healing, meaning that in this modality the healer touches the client with their hands in order to bring new, vibrant energy into the client’s body while clearing old energy away. This technique is often a good way to start a healing session as it accomplishes three essential aspects of energy healing: clearing, charging, and balancing the personal energy field.


From the Earth to Your Body—Energy Travels Up

Chelation has a very specific sequence of steps that emulate the way in which energy is naturally brought into your field. You start at the client’s feet because that’s where energy first enters the field, up from the earth and through the soles of your feet, and then fanning out through the rest of your field and your body.


Bringing in the universal energy this way allows the body to sense the energy as it rises and send it to where it most needs to go—to any distortions or pain or disease. Energy from the unified field is conscious, it has will, and it knows more than we do about where it is needed.

You are a conduit for the healing, so let the energy flow through you, and then let it do its thing. Through you, the energy will clear out any stagnant energy in the subject, recharge their chakras, and rebalance the field. It’s a lot of bang for their healing buck, so to speak, and a technique I highly recommend you learn.

Before You Begin a Chelation

Before you begin a chelation healing, be sure to attune yourself to the light and check in with your higher self, intuition, and your guides, just as you would for any energy healing session. Then, take a deep breath and use your intuition to sense which of the seven chakras is in the most need of clearing, charging, or rebalancing, and quickly write that feeling down.

Next, spend a few minutes asking your subject questions and gaining a little history from them. Jot down their comments and compare those notes to the observations you made with your intuition. If your intuition is not yet one hundred percent accurate, don’t worry! It takes time and practice to cultivate your intuition. Keep at it, and I promise it will improve. Meditation is one way to increase your intuitive powers, and a daily meditation practice provides dozens of other benefits as well.


Find the Right Height

Chelation takes place while the healing subject is lying on a table or another surface that is a good height for you to be able to stand comfortably next to the client without leaning over them. A kitchen counter with some blankets or pillows as padding can be a perfect option since they are usually just the right height for you to stand with your back straight.

How to Avoid “Push”


If you lean too far over the client’s body, you will be in “push” mode, which is something you want to avoid. In the push position, your own energy field and your own intention, rather than the intention of the healing energy, can interfere with your client’s healing.

Even as long as I’ve been an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I always make sure to ask myself before every session if I’m push, and if I’m present. It just takes a second to affirm that you are in the right space, that you are grounded and working from a foundation of light, and that your ego is subdued. Make this check-in a habit before energy healing sessions and you will have better results and strengthen your skills faster.

 An All-Purpose Tool for Your Healing Tool Belt

Chelation is one of the best tools to have in your energy medicine tool belt because it is able to charge, clear, and balance with one healing modality. It is absolutely worth learning, and in my LifeForce Energy Healing Online Certification Course, I spend a whole week teaching you chelation step-by-step through readings and a video demonstration. This course also teaches you how to heal yourself and others, and certifies you in the field of energy medicine.

Who’s In Charge Here? 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Personal Power

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my own ship. ~Louisa May Alcott

How are you personally feeling right now? Stressed? Overwhelmed? With everything going on right now, reinforce by a 24-hour news cycle, no one could blame you. It’s easy to focus on the external. And you won’t be alone if you are looking around for excuses (and easily finding them).

Look for a new job? Tell my partner I want to make some changes? Devote time, energy, and resources to my own personal well-being and spiritual growth? Who, me?

If this sounds familiar, the time has come to reclaim your vital feeling of personal power.

Over time, there are many reasons why you may have let go of your personal power, your ownership of the real, authentic you. Your parents knew better about how you should live. Your teachers insisted that you think and act according to their views. You didn’t want to challenge or confront someone else’s overpowering will. Whatever caused you to let your personal power diminish, it’s time to regain the precious gift of knowing who you are and what you want.

Your body’s third chakra, the source of will, purpose, and action, is the seat of self-esteem and personal power. Located at the solar plexus midway between the navel and the sternum, the third chakra corresponds to the center of your metabolic fire—that which fuels you and gives you vitality. From this center you harness your energy and convert it into action. If your third energy center is compromised, you may feel doubtful, indecisive, and lacking in self-confidence. You might suffer from low energy, lack the ability to follow through, or always feel like a victim of circumstance, a pushover. Loss of personal power makes you unable to interact positively and powerfully in the world or even to simply show up for life each day.

When your third energy center is fit and healthy, you feel able to take action. Your intentions are clearly focused. You are able to claim your personal power with no need to demand or ruthlessly take power from someone else. Power flows to you because you know who you are and feel ready to accomplish all that you dream of.

Use these 3 steps to take to regain your personal power:

  1. Free your spirit of toxic energy.
    Let go of the old. Examine your life for anything or anyone that diminishes your personal or spiritual power. That includes old messages in your head from your parents or other authority figures, echoes of self-doubt and discouragement, beliefs that you are not worthy or undeserving of love. It includes people who put you down or “love” through control or abuse. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I always tell my students to protect and preserve their personal power. You need your personal power to heal yourself and the world.
  1. Decide your direction.
    After you have released all your old crippling patterns of thought and behavior, energy will flow back to you. Your inner strength and power will be replenished and ready for new direction. It’s time to set intentions for this new phase of your life. What do you truly want? Use your journaling and meditation practices along with walks in nature, proper rest, and good self-care to help you discover your hopes and goals. Give your newly regained personal power a strong focus.
  1. Begin to take action.
    Now that you have let go of all that was holding you back and decided what your soul wants to accomplish, take the necessary actions to reach your goals. You have the power, the will, and the self-awareness you need to move forward. Allow the joy of regaining your personal power, your spiritual energy and inner strength to propel you forward. You are ready to manifest your dreams.

Using your personal power in service of the light is never selfish. Any action you take will help to raise your vibration and therefore raise the vibration of the planet. When you are acting from a place of love, being your true self, and living the life you came here to live, you are putting your personal power to the highest and best use.

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Fifth Chakra

The Key to Get What You Want in Life: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Voice

Fifth Chakra

There is a very specific element of your personality that is vital to getting what you want in life. Not developing it, or even suppressing it, actually holds you back from becoming the person you were put on this Earth to be (and makes you vulnerable to the whims of others!). This element is: your voice!

Finding and using your voice is an essential part of living the life you came here to live. Your true voice is guided by your higher self, who knows your life plan and can whisper advice that will lead you down the path you were meant to take. Your voice is also one of the main ways you express yourself to the world, so what you say is really important. It should come from an authentic place within you.

Fifth Chakra

If you have trouble speaking up for yourself, or find your voice is too small to be heard, you may have distortions in your fifth chakra. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I can’t tell you how many people come to me with issues that stem from dysfunction in their throat chakra and corresponding problems with its ruling principle of communication.

Many students in my energy healing courses, especially women, worry that speaking up for themselves is the same as being aggressive or confrontational, but it’s not! We all know those types of people who make a fuss about everything, constantly complain, and are always getting riled up and in other people’s faces for even the smallest things. No one wants to be that guy or gal. But there is a big difference between picking fights and refusing to let yourself be railroaded. You deserve to be heard, and energy healing can help you not only find your voice, but train it to be strong.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your voice:

  1. Practice.

    One of the best ways to make your voice heard when it counts is to practice speaking up when the stakes aren’t as high. For example, if you want to ask your boss for the raise or promotion you deserve, practice saying a few versions of your main points. This can be to the mirror, or to yourself in the shower or your car. You can even practice with a friend or partner who feels safe to you. The point is to get used to the act of asking and speaking up for yourself in a comfortable environment first, so you are better prepared for the real thing.
Fifth Chakra
Fifth Chakra
  1. Listen.

    This may seem counterintuitive—to strengthen your voice by not speaking—but your throat chakra is the seat of your inner guidance, the wise voice inside you that always gives advice tailored to you and in your best interests. Your job is to listen to this voice so that you may act in alignment with your soul’s purpose. How can you express your true self if you’re unsure who that self is? Listening to your inner voice can help you find the real you so you can speak as the real you. In fact, routinely ignoring your inner guidance can cause it to eventually stop guiding and create problems in your throat chakra.
  1. Tell the truth.  Lying is the greatest obstacle to a heathy, vibrant fifth chakra. Even little white lies can be detrimental, especially if they begin to pile up, which is what tends to happen to lies. Telling your truth is the most important—from coming out to your family to admitting to your partner that you have feelings for someone else—because each lie that comes out of your mouth allows a little bit of darkness to enter your energy field. Lies can only take you farther from the light, but the truth will set you free.
Fifth Chakra
Fifth Chakra
  1. Journal.It’s not always possible to tell the truth directly to someone else. Sometimes the potential fall-out is not worth it, or sometimes you’re just not ready, and that’s okay. But in those cases, it’s essential that you write your true feelings in your journal. You need to have a place for those emotions and thoughts to go in order to release them before they get stuck in your chakras. Your journal is the place for one hundred percent honesty. As you become more and more comfortable expressing yourself in your journal, it will become easier to express yourself out in the world.
  1. Believe in yourself.

    If your voice is timid out of fear, remind yourself that your ideas are valid. Your thoughts have value, your suggestions are worth mentioning, and your truths are yours to express as you see fit. People will believe in you when you believe in yourself, and your confidence will command their attention. Remember that your voice is an extension of you, so if you’re strong, your voice will be, too.
Fifth Chakra

The benefits of strengthening your voice go beyond the ability to ask your boss for a raise or speak your mind to your overbearing sister—though, those are great, too. These tips will help to strengthen your fifth chakra, which helps to heal and charge your energy field and your whole being. That’s the wonderful thing about energy medicine and your chakras: they hold the key to healing your mind, body, and soul, while making practical improvements in all areas of your life.

If you’re interested in learning more about your energy field and your chakras, check out my free Chakra Wisdom video training series.

Soul Star

Exponentially Expand Your Ability to Merge with Your Higher Self (and the Universe)

When I started meditating back in the day, I had two pretty good size physical problems: I had cancer as well as chronic insomnia, and the latter did not help the former.

I was taught to meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each time, with a mantra, just as I now teach you that same format today. Some time later, I learned the sutras, which I now teach you. With the addition of the sutras to my core meditation practice, I began to access the higher chakras. This was incredibly powerful and transformational for me.

The seven main chakras are tied to your development here on Earth — and in becoming one with your earth home. They are also connected to higher guidance, but less so than the chakras above your head.

The higher chakras — starting with chakras 8 through 12 — exponentially expand your ability to merge with your Higher Self and the universe…

From these higher points of energy, you are able to access higher levels of consciousness.

You begin to shift your focus upward and outward, remaining anchored in your physical self and your physical world, yet moving toward the ever-expanding horizons and possibilities available to you…

Keep in mind, you are much, much larger than your physical body. Your energy body extends many feet above, below, and around you. And you actually have even more than 12 chakras above, below, and around you.

Each of your ascending higher chakras opens you to another doorway into the vast realm of Source — with each chakra activating another level of knowledge, growth and expansion for you.

The spiritual energy that is released as you access these higher levels, vibrates through your entire chakra system (above and below) and supports you in accessing and embodying your Soul’s plan for you.

In this 9-minute video, I am going to lead you through the powerful energy centers of your upper chakras.

In this enlightening journey, we’ll begin with the eighth chakra, which is called your Soul Star.

Your eighth chakra sits about two feet above your crown chakra. It functions as the epicenter of the entire chakra system — protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

It also acts as the root of the Divine energy that floods your energy system, which you can open to consciously receive anytime you want to feel rejuvenated, replenished, and return to a deep connection to your Soul.

Accessing the wisdom of your eighth chakra stimulates creative expansion and empowers you to draw on information beyond your “thinking” mind.

Through your eight chakra, you can connect with your higher guidance, and access symbols, colors, sounds — messages from your Soul to give you inspiration toward answers to your most pressing questions.

Now, get comfortable and join me for this magical exploration of your upper chakras… watch above.

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hara line

Hara line: The blueprints of your life’s purpose

You, my friend, have been born countless times. And you will continue to be born countless times. Each time you arrive on Earth, you are here to learn deeply personal lessons that will help you on your path to enlightenment.

Whether you choose to learn some or all or none of those lessons is entirely up to you. That is your freewill.

But where do those lessons come from? Who plans out these lessons? You do! Between reincarnations, your souls plot out your lessons and hopes for your life, imbuing them into your Hara line, for when you make the great trip back to Earth.

But sometimes it’s difficult to see that blueprint, isn’t it? It’s not like you have a physical checklist of your lessons that you need to walk through. Instead, it’s imbued into your energy field, and tapping into that energy field isn’t necessarily easy to do.

That’s what I want to teach about today. Today, I’d like to teach you about the Hara line, and how you can align it to ensure you’re accessing your life’s purpose.

The Hara line is an invisible line that runs through your body, just one level energetically below your human energy field. It starts down near the base of your spine, around 2 inches from your navel, and runs in tandem along with your spine upward to the top of your head, reaching higher and further into Source.

It’s parallel to your chakras, but at a level deeper. This deeper level is all about intentionality and purpose, as opposed to the chakras, which control your physical and spiritual health.

When your Hara line is in alignment, you have a direct connection to Source, allowing you to seamlessly ascertain your higher purpose – those blueprints that your soul worked so hard on in between your reincarnations.

So, if you’re feeling confused, if you don’t know what your purpose is, if you’ve been asking, “what do I need to do with my life?” — you may have a distortion in your Hara line.

If you’re feeling stuck, or unable to comprehend the reason that you’ve been placed on this Earth, then I encourage you to watch this video. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a reason for being here. Realigning your Hara lines allows you to understand that purpose. Understanding is a gift, one that will fill you with renewed happiness and fulfillment.

So, let’s straighten out that Hara line. Follow along with me in this brief video where I show you a simple way to align your Hara line, allowing you to access that amazing source of purpose.

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8th chakra

Unlock the extraordinary power of your higher chakras

What if I told you that you had an amazing, continual connection to the unlimited energy of the universe? What if I told you that this connection could help you download limitless wisdom, guidance, and cosmic understanding?

Would you want to learn how? Who wouldn’t!

We all have this connection. It’s called our soul star, and it is the first of our higher chakras.

Higher chakras?

We’re familiar with the 7 chakras of our body, those swirling pools of energy from our root to our crown. But outside of our body lie a limitless number of higher chakras – chakras that connect us to the greater energy of the universe. Chakra number 8, the soul star, is our tether to this greater energy field. Deepening your relationship with your soul star allows you to tap into your wisdom of your higher self.

It’s an advanced technique that expands upon the work we’ve done to properly open the 7 chakras within ourselves. Each chakra is a conduit for energy, and each chakra functions best when they are in a state of proper alignment. As the 7 bodily chakras reach proper alignment, you can then reach further into your higher chakras to receive universal wisdom.

As a young woman, I began to access these higher chakras through consistent meditation – a practice that I picked up as a way to heal my early cancer diagnosis and resulting insomnia. Through my consistent meditation practice, I was able to download this limitless wisdom from my higher chakras. It’s a beautiful experience that I wish to share with you.

Follow along with me in this brief video, as I show you how to access the wisdom of your soul star. I’ll show you how to open a doorway to the greater spiritual realm of truth and wisdom, where we can renew our earthly chakras with higher energy from the upper realms.

Our soul star sits about two feet above our crown chakra, serving as the locus for divine energy – energy that we can receive at will to replenish, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate our energy field. It’s simply a matter of learning how to access this field – a matter of learning how to activate your soul star.

Expand your mind! Connect with your higher self and receive the unexpected perspective and creativity that the divine source has to offer you.

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3 Ways to Beat Stress Now

Are you stressed out? Perhaps even at this very minute you’re feeling overwhelmed. Stress is part of your body’s natural fight-or-flight response to danger, and it’s necessary. Your ancestors needed that adrenaline rush so they could run away from tigers, avalanches, and enemy tribes and you need that adrenaline to escape real physical danger as well. The stress response can help you pull through a difficult time, as long as it’s only temporary. What you don’t need or want is a constant underlying stress—that type of all-the-time stress is often the result of an imbalanced first chakra, and is hugely detrimental to your health and quality of life.

But there’s hope! In fact, clearing and balancing your first chakra is something you can do relatively easily with energy healing techniques to help ground you and reconnect you to your body.

Chakras: the Governors of Your Health

If you’re familiar with yoga or energy healing, you already know that chakras are focal points of energy in your body that line up along your spine. There are seven body chakras, and each one corresponds to different body parts and emotional and mental arenas. Together, the seven chakras govern all areas of your life, from relationships to affluence, communication to career, and every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

When a chakra is clear and open, it spins gently, moving energy in and out between your personal field and the universal field of energy. You need this fresh energy from the unified field to nourish you and keep you healthy. If your chakras are imbalanced or blocked, your energy flow becomes blocked as well, which can result in all kinds of health problems. A distorted first chakra can lead to issues with your immune system, your legs and feet, your tail bone and colon, and your bones.

Chronic Stress and the First Chakra

If any of your chakras are distorted, it can cause stress, but the most classic cause of chronic stress I see in people is the generalized anxiety created by an ungrounded first chakra. This is the stress that sometimes fades but never disappears, and often occurs even when there are no external stressors.

If you experience constant stress even when life is relatively calm, and you have some of the physical symptoms mentioned above and/or any of these other common symptoms of an imbalanced first chakra: a “spacey” or “floaty” feeling, trouble with organization or focus, fatigue, problems sleeping, or feeling like a victim, your first chakra probably needs some attention and healing.

Causes of an Imbalanced First Chakra

Distortions in the first chakra can be caused by any type of violence or trauma that made you feel unsafe, especially if you experienced the event as a child. Abuse, abandonment, divorce, accidents, and illness are all common triggers for distancing yourself from your body because it’s too painful or scary to stay. This is a defense mechanism I employed myself—shutting down my first chakra and leaving my body to survive the pain of an abusive childhood. What it took me years of energy healing courses, working with spiritual teachers and healers, and meditation to learn was that the only way I could heal the trauma was to be in my body. You can really only protect yourself from harm if you stay present and stay connected through your root chakra.

Your Base, Roots, and Foundation

Your first chakra is your foundation. It is located at the base of your spine and it’s the base of your whole chakra system. What happens if you try to build a structure on a wobbly foundation? The structure will be unstable at best, and at worst, collapse completely. Trying to construct a strong chakra system with a weak base chakra is like trying to build a house on a lot made of Jell-o.

You need this base, this foundational first chakra, to be charged and healthy, or all the rest of your chakras and your greater wellbeing will suffer. This is why a blocked or distorted base chakra leads to chronic stress: how can you relax if your whole energy flow is unstable? Feeling unsafe and uncertain is a likely indication that your first chakra needs a tune-up.

You can also think of it this way: your first chakra is like your roots. It keeps you firmly planted in your body and grounded. In fact, in Sanskrit, the word for the first chakra means root support. The root chakra governs your connection to Mother Earth and its job is to support and sustain your life. In order to grow tall and strong, a tree must spread its roots far enough into the soil to be able to holds its ground while also accepting nourishment from its surroundings. In order for you to heal yourself and grow your spirit, you must plant your roots and get grounded.

Here are three great ways to get grounded and beat stress:

1. Spend time in nature.

Because the first chakra is so closely connected to earth energy, one of the best ways to clear, charge and balance, your root chakra is to interact with nature. Reconnect your body with the earth by walking barefoot directly on land—a grassy field or a sandy beach is a pleasant and soothing way to absorb earth energy. Go for a hike, sit next to a tree (or hug one!), or let the sun warm your skin. Just being outside or touching stone, wood, or water will help to ground you.

2. Meditate.

Twenty minutes of meditation twice a day is ideal, and the more you do it, the more you will notice the grounding and calming effects. Like energy healing, meditation is cumulative, meaning the results build on the previous efforts, so keep it up and the benefits will continue to increase! If you don’t already have a successful meditation practice, please let me teach you.
It only takes several hours to learn how via download and it will totally change your life; it certainly did mine.

3. Focus on your body.

Body-focused activities like yoga, pilates, massage, martial arts, or other forms of exercise are a great way to become more body-centered and grounded. Remember, one cause of first chakra distortion is disassociation from the body, so reaffirming your bond with your body can go a long way in healing your first chakra.

If you’d like to learn more about charging and healing your first chakra, and the rest of your chakras, check out my free video training here

Meditation toward self-discovery

A Powerful Practice for Self-Discovery: 3 Ways Meditation Helps You Connect to the Real You.

Has life in the Information Age ever made you feel out on a limb, disconnected, out of it? The great irony of modern life is that heaps of factual information can sometimes leave you feeling short of human information—understanding, insight, self-knowledge, and purpose. Beyond trying to remember your password or pin number, you struggle to make sense of your life. Traditional ways of connecting to our divine Source, the true treasure trove of information, have dwindled in our technologically-advanced and secularized world. More people are feeling unsettled and anxious, restless and discontented, forever searching for something that will make them feel happy and whole.

Our Source connection holds the key to the highest and best information needed for life. So what’s the best way to make sure that connection is strong and ever-ready? As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, the tool I’ve found to be absolutely the most important, effective, and long-lasting is meditation. Recognized for its power to relieve stress, meditation is the practice of focusing your attention to help you feel calm and give you clear awareness of your life. Meditation involves turning your attention inward and focusing your mind to a place where you are connecting to Source and to your universal self. Meditation is a tool with huge potential for personal development and growth and many successful and happy people swear by its benefits.

Your connection to Source, achieved through meditation, gives you exactly what you need—information about you! To release any inner darkness and bring in more light, you need information about your true self. How hard do you work at really getting to know yourself? Meditation can help you discover the deep cause of what’s off, whether it’s long-buried negative feelings, unexpressed grief or anger, and then find the most effective path for releasing it. The wisdom and insights that come from meditation can assist in healing every area of your life.

Here are 3 ways making meditation a regular part of your spiritual life can help you grow and improve your capacity for health, happiness, and healing:

  1. Meditation keeps you grounded. The state of being grounded comes naturally from connecting to Source energy. When grounded you are fully present and completely focused. Like a sturdy platform on which to stand, this state of groundedness gives you strength, confidence, and stability. You are connected and present and ready to give your best to any endeavor.
  2. Meditation helps you make better decisions. The self-awareness and mindfulness you gain from meditation gives you insight into who you really are and where you want to go. You are able to make healthy, productive, and loving choices. The present awareness you experience clears away fear and worry, past and future concerns. Decisions made with a grounded, focused awareness will help heal you in body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Meditation gives you more confidence in your natural abilities. As you plug in to the light and love that is your divine origin, what is bound to happen? You will experience the knowledge of who you are and where you came from. Connecting to higher-vibration energy is your birthright. It’s always present for you, accessible and waiting. It rejoices in your connection to it and passes on its blissful feeling to you the moment that bond is formed. Feeling your connection to Source through meditation can restore your sense of purpose and give you confidence in all that you are capable of accomplishing with the power of unconditional love.

Meditation is the perfect antidote for Information Age anxiety—if you are suffering from too much information that really isn’t helping you live, love, and prosper. How much better would it be to learn to connect with the divine intelligence that created the universe and everything in it? Meditation can help you tune in to your waking life in a way you never thought you could experience. It paves the way for emotional healing, boosts self-knowledge and is also an excellent method to balance your chakras.

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7 ways to get grounded indoors

Can’t Go Outside? 7 Ways to Get Grounded Indoors

7 ways to get grounded indoors

Have you noticed that being outside lifts your spirits?

Take a deep breath and picture yourself in your favorite landscape. Imagine the warm sun on your skin, the twittering of birds in the trees, the smell of pine, flowers, or maybe the ocean in the air…are you smiling? Do you feel more relaxed?

The great outdoors is called that for a reason: spending time under the sky rather than a ceiling just makes you feel good. Mother Nature is full of healing power, and connecting to that earth energy can have incredible benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

But what if you can’t get outside?

Right now, as we are in the midst of a pandemic that has many frightened to go outside (and others legally prevented from doing so), how can you get the same benefits, the same feeling of peace and wellbeing, without leaving your house?

What is Grounding?

Your ancestors had no trouble connecting with Mother Nature, and getting grounded. They were outside every day, all day, rain or shine. You are lucky to have a roof over your head but the downside is a loss of that daily interaction with the earth, and a corresponding lack of grounding.

Grounding is the practice of energetically connecting to Earth. This releases negative energy from your field into the ground, and draws positive energy from Mother Nature into your field and chakras, which replenishes and recharges your whole being.

Feeling a Little Fuzzy?

Your first chakra, also known as your root or base chakra, is the foundation for the energy flow in your body. This chakra keeps you firmly in your body and grounded, and if it needs cleansing or charging, you may feel a little “spacey” or somewhat out of your body. Additional symptoms of a dysfunctional first chakra can include: lightheadedness or a “floaty” feeling, forgetfulness, clumsiness, a feeling of being lost or actually getting lost, having trouble staying focused or present, fatigue, and a general dazed sensation. With an imbalanced first chakra, your other chakras are likely to be affected and become dysfunctional as well.

Indoor Grounding 101

The best ways to strengthen your bond to Earth is to spend time outside—walking barefoot on sand or grass, swimming in the ocean or a lake, taking moon baths, and hugging trees. But as the weather shifts from the heat of summer to the crispness of fall and then the deep chill of winter, you are less likely to be spending time barefoot or sleeveless outside your heated indoor space.

So how can you stay grounded?

1. Sit in sunlight

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home that gets plenty of sunlight, take advantage of that!

Not only does the sun provide natural vitamin D, which boosts your immune system, it also charges and replenishes your energy field. Sunlight is like natural rays of energy healing from the heavens, so soak it up as much as possible.

Like a cat curling up for a nap in the window, have a seat in a patch of sunlight coming through a window and let it radiate into your skin, into your chakras and energy field. Twenty minutes in the early morning or late afternoon would be perfect!

2. Keep a stone handy

Stones are direct conduits to earth energy. They are literally earth, so they can help ground you just by touching them. Kyanite, hematite, and garnet are good choices for grounding crystals, but any piece of rock will do.

Be sure to bless it for the purpose of keeping you centered and connected to Mother Nature, and then keep it in your pocket for quick access anytime you start to feel disassociated from the earth or your body.

 3. Exercise

Getting out of your head and being present in your body is an important part of grounding. Physical activity can help to shift your energy from your thoughts to your body as you focus your attention on your body and the world around you.

Yoga, pilates or martial arts can be particularly effective because they center your mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.

4. Eat

Like exercise, mindfully eating brings your attention to your body. Gaining sustenance from the earth also helps to connect you to it—to remind you of that fundamental truth of energy medicine: you are connected to everything.

Try to eat as many fresh cooked vegetables as you can, and especially root vegetables which grow under the soil and carry strong earth energy.

 5. Take a salt bath

Salts have natural healing capabilities, as does water, so when you combine them in a warm tub, you take cleansing to a spiritual level. This helps to heal and cleanse your body, mind, and soul, including stripping unwanted negative energy you may have stuck to you from someone else.

Salt baths simulate swimming in the ocean, which is one of the best ways to ground yourself.

6. Visualize

There is an easy visualizations you can do from home that will help to connect you to the earth. Picture yourself as a tree, with roots growing from your feet. Feel your roots sinking into the soil, extracting nourishment and energy that you can bring into your body making you healthier. Imagine your roots sinking deeper and deeper, giving you a stronger foundation, a sense of calm, and a greater bond with nature.

7. Take a healing course

Healing courses are always a good way to get grounded: being in the presence of others and working on grounding exercise help you be in your body and connect to the earth.

We will hopefully come out of this soon (and hopefully stronger than ever before). But in the meantime, look at this is a great opportunity to learn a skill that will ensure you are grounded, happy, and healthy year-round, no matter where you are.

Ground yourself

4 Healing Practices to Ground Your Base Chakra & Thrive in Uncertain Times

Ground yourself

Whether it’s the global pandemic, racial injustice, or personal challenges you’re dealing with, fear can seep into your energetic system and wreak havoc.

With all that we’re experiencing, around the world and especially in the US right now, it’s hard to know what’s coming next — and that uncertainty can feel like walking blindfolded toward the edge of a cliff. Many people are struggling financially too.

If you know about your first chakra — also called the base chakra or the root chakra — you know that it’s the power center that deals with security and survival…

What you might not know is that the Earth has a chakra system too, and her base chakra is deeply off balance in all this upheaval.

People are feeling this profound disruption in themselves and the Earth whether they know it or not. Feelings of anxiety and being on edge are easy to blame on the nearest little thing, but in fact you’re absorbing the energy of everyone and everything on the planet, and everyone in every country is deeply anxious right now.

From jobs and health to finances, family, and groups we care about — these are all base chakra survival issues. So are disruptions in the Earth — tropical storms, wildfires, you name it.

The good news — and we REALLY need good news, right? — is that you can release fear and anxiety from your base chakra and replace it with useful energy… and stop fear from taking hold in your power centers and energy field.

You can also send healing energy right into Mother Earth. And when you do this, the positive effects reverberate, which can help ease the tumult that’s running rampant on our planet.

A quick word about fear: To some degree, fear is necessary to life on this physical plane. Fear can keep you safe from threats — whether it’s heights, snakes, water, or any kind of injury. Your ancestors relied on fright as a warning system to protect them from falling off a cliff, getting bitten by a poisonous reptile, drowning in a river, or being hurt by someone or something. Your brain continues to use thousands of years of programmed fear to shield your body from harm.

But what happens when you live in fear every day? All day? Fear of a world seeming to fall apart, fear of loneliness, fear of failure — these fears can burrow into your psyche and prevent you from helping to advance humanity or live a meaningful life full of positive relationships and experiences. These fears can damage your chances — and humanity’s chances, and the planet’s chances — of living in light and love, so let’s get some relief! It’s long past due.

The power of your base chakra for releasing unproductive fear.

Fear’s primal place to live is in your first chakra. This base chakra is located at the base of your spine and it’s connected to your security and survival. It’s your foundation, and it has the power to ground and connect you to the physical world. But when it’s unbalanced, you might not feel safe in your body or your place in the world. You might not feel grounded or present. You might find yourself stressed, to say the least.

Childhood traumas can stay stuck in your base chakra until you discover strategies to release them. Fear of illness, global calamity, brutality — the things we’re seeing in our world today — combined with personal fears about safety, security, and stability can disrupt or distort the free flow of energy in your base chakra.

Here are 4 Healing Practices to Help You Clear Blocks in Your Base Chakra — and the Earth’s Base Chakra:

  1. Do a Grounding Meditation
    When you’re ungrounded, you’re vulnerable to fear’s draining energy and you can get blocked. Fear walks right through those open doors of stress and strain and settles in your mind and body. Meditation is one of the best ways to ground yourself so you can keep those doors closed to fear and open to love.Meditate every day, and your fears — along with those fear-in-disguise feelings like anxiety and hopelessness — will start to subside.

    Start by sitting with your eyes closed — either in the traditional lotus position on the floor, or with your feet planted on the ground as you recline in a chair. Keep your hands on your knees — this in itself is very grounding.

    Focus on your base chakra, right at the base of your spine, and see a red cord from it planting itself firmly in the ground.

    As your cord drops down, visualize the energy of the Earth’s base chakra radiating in every direction and spinning rhythmically as it glows with ruby-red light. This base chakra of the Earth is usually thought to be located at Mount Shasta in Northern California, which Native American tribes considered to be a geyser of upward energy.

    Watch its radiating energy spread up through your grounding cord and into your physical body. Breathe deeply as you absorb the strength that the Earth always holds for you. Like the most resourced mother, the Earth always has the capacity to hold and nourish you — as she replenishes herself with infinite love and a profound connection to the whole of the universe.

    It’s now time to visualize this energy saturating the entire planet and flooding your own base chakra with life. As you visualize this vibrant red energy,, observe how its healing flow flushes away fear, old systems and ways of life that need to be released, negative thoughts and patterns, and stale energy. Watch stuckness release from your body and the Earth’s body — into a vacuum of light, where it’s being transmuted into golden love.

    Now visualize the Earth’s base chakra as a red flower. Watch that flower bloom. Visualize its radiant energy travelling up your grounding cord until your own red flower blossoms at the base of your spine. Try to spend about 5 minutes visualizing the flowers spinning and radiating stability, comfort, and safety. Watch fear, negativity, and everything you and we don’t need fall away.

    After a few minutes, rest your hands on your heart chakra and feel the corners of your mouth raise as you smile with a sense of security that you and the Earth are well.

  2. Work with affirmations
    Affirmations are powerful chakra-balancing tools. Consciously repeating positive declarations while focusing on your base chakra helps you cement its natural power to ground you and make you safe..Affirmations also have the added benefit of rewiring your brain. Chronic negative thoughts (“This world is insane — we’ll never have equality,” “The virus is still rampant — it’ll never go away,” etc.) are not only symptoms of an unbalanced base chakra, they can also add to stress and blockages. Productive affirmations help you more easily replace fear-focused thoughts with love-focused thoughts.

    To use the following affirmation, meditate on your base chakra, and either out loud or in your mind, repeat the words:

    I am safe, secure, and deeply rooted to the world. I belong here.

    Repeating this affirmation throughout the day will help you feel protected and secure. Write it down and post it on your mirror, refrigerator, or dashboard. Another idea is to set reminders on your phone to repeat the affirmation every couple hours. You can even write it down on a slip of paper you tuck under your pillow at night. Let its power seep into your sleep and dreams. After all, your sleep connects you to Spirit, which, like the Earth, is always there to nourish you.

  3. Play With Color
    A simple way to restore your base chakra’s balance is to use color. Red is the color of your first chakra, so wear more red. Incorporate ruby hues into your home environment — get a red lampshade, pull out that red blanket for a cozy nap, or paint your living room a warm, deep red. Wear a garnet ring, a coral necklace, write with a burgundy pen. Sprinkle rose petals in your bath water, paint your nails the color of red wine, try a bright red lipstick, trade in your yellow tea kettle for a red one. The important thing is to consciously work with the red items you choose, linking them with your base chakra. To do this, just repeat the affirmation to seal the connection.
  4. Eat Healing Base-Chakra Foods
    Since your base chakra is all about grounding you to the Earth, adding root vegetables to your diet can help strengthen your connection to the physical world. For an easy, delicious grounding meal, try roasting any of the following with salt and olive oil: beets, rutabagas, potatoes, garlic, ginger, turnips, onions, parsnips.If you eat meat, earthy stews and bone broths can be very nourishing for your base chakra. Don’t forget about grains like oats, mineral drops from the Great Salt Lake or elsewhere, red fruits like berries, or spices like paprika for extra flavor and rich, red goodness.

    Again, think of sending nourishment to your base chakra as you eat the healing foods. Perhaps include the affirmation in your prayers, thanking Mother Earth for sustenance. This will infuse the foods even more with nurturance for your base, filling you with a greater ability to thrive even in these times of tremendous transformation.

Feeling Rooted, Firm, and Secure in the World Is Your Birthright.

Always remember that it’s natural for your base chakra and ALL your chakras to be in a state of balance. It can take a short time or a while to restore that natural balance — depending on a lot of factors. No matter what, you deserve to experience the safety, security, vitality, and JOY that comes from practicing these exercises. As you spend more time grounding yourself in your base chakra and that of the Earth, you’ll begin to develop a deeper feeling of security on this beautiful planet that’s been troubled for a long time, but is rife with potential.

8th chakra

Access the Wisdom of Your ‘Soul Star’ & Higher Chakras

8th chakra

When I started meditating back in the day, I had two pretty good size physical problems: I had cancer as well as chronic insomnia, and the latter did not help the former.

I was taught to meditate twice a day, 20 minutes each time, with a mantra, just as I now teach you that same format today. Some time later, I learned the sutras, which I now teach you. With the addition of the sutras to my core meditation practice, I began to access the higher chakras. This was incredibly powerful and transformational for me.

The seven main chakras are tied to your development here on Earth — and in becoming one with your earth home. They are also connected to higher guidance, but less so than the chakras above your head.

The higher chakras — starting with chakras 8 through 12 — exponentially expand your ability to merge with your Higher Self and the universe…

From these higher points of energy, you are able to access higher levels of consciousness.

You begin to shift your focus upward and outward, remaining anchored in your physical self and your physical world, yet moving toward the ever-expanding horizons and possibilities available to you…

Keep in mind, you are much, much larger than your physical body. Your energy body extends many feet above, below, and around you. And you actually have even more than 12 chakras above, below, and around you.

Each of your ascending higher chakras opens you to another doorway into the vast realm of Source — with each chakra activating another level of knowledge, growth and expansion for you.

The spiritual energy that is released as you access these higher levels, vibrates through your entire chakra system (above and below) and supports you in accessing and embodying your Soul’s plan for you.

In this 9-minute video, I am going to lead you through the powerful energy centers of your upper chakras.

In this enlightening journey, we’ll begin with the eighth chakra, which is called your Soul Star.

Your eighth chakra sits about two feet above your crown chakra. It functions as the epicenter of the entire chakra system — protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

It also acts as the root of the Divine energy that floods your energy system, which you can open to consciously receive anytime you want to feel rejuvenated, replenished, and return to a deep connection to your Soul.

Accessing the wisdom of your eighth chakra stimulates creative expansion and empowers you to draw on information beyond your “thinking” mind.

Through your eight chakra, you can connect with your higher guidance, and access symbols, colors, sounds — messages from your Soul to give you inspiration toward answers to your most pressing questions.

Now, get comfortable and join me for this magical exploration of your upper chakras… watch above.

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Work one-on-one with Deborah

How to Heal From Heartbreak

Heartbreak is universal. There is not a person on this planet who has not experienced loss in some way. Be it through rejection, betrayal, abandonment, or death, the pain of losing love, or never having love in the first place, can literally break your heart.

A broken heart has deeper effects than overwhelming sadness. Emotionally, your heart shuts down and blocks your ability to give or receive love, which affects your ability to love yourself and all your relationships. Energetically, your heart chakra closes and blocks the flow of nourishing energy from the unified field. If the energetic blocks aren’t cleared, you can develop physical problems like lung cancer or even heart attack.

Mending the Cracks

Heartbreak is very real, but it doesn’t have to be forever. Believe me, I know. When I was very young I sensed that my mother didn’t love me. I tried not to believe it—what mother doesn’t love her own child?—and after years of her icy glares of resentment and cold-hearted lack of affection, I built a wall around my heart and vowed never to let that pain inside. Perhaps you made a similar vow at some point in your life, and now it’s become the way you live. It may seem safer, but I know how lonely it can be.

By the time I was an adult, my heart chakra had been closed off for so many years, it wasn’t just broken, it was shattered. I didn’t trust in love, and didn’t know how to love myself since I’d never been properly loved by anyone else. With energy healing, I was able to mend the cracks and fissures in my heart, heal my heart chakra, and learn to love in a healthy way. I’ve seen energy medicine heal the hearts of thousands of students, too, and I know it can do the same for you if you let it.

The Key to Healing

In energy healing, chakras are the key to your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. Basically, chakras open you to all the wisdom you need to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life, but they can become dysfunctional by unprocessed trauma or repressed emotion. If a chakra becomes distorted or imbalanced, the areas of your live governed by that chakra become distorted or imbalanced, wreaking havoc in your life.

Dysfunction in your heart chakra, which corresponds to your thymus, ribs, back, lungs, and of course, your heart, can lead to circulatory problems, lung disorders, breast cancer and heart attack. Heart chakra imbalance can also cause depression, a lack of empathy, and an inability to give and receive love. One of the most essential questions to ask yourself when determining the health of your heart chakra is, “Do I give and receive love easily and without fear?” If the answer isn’t yes, chances are that your heart hasn’t fully healed from a break somewhere in your past.

The Common Response to Heartbreak

Take a minute to think about what loss or lack of love you may have experienced. So many of my students come to my healing courses and workshops with heart chakra blockages that were initially formed as defense mechanisms against a pain that seemed unbearable. The death of a loved one or the death of a relationship, a hateful rather than loving parent, the rejection of a first love, an unfaithful partner, and many more situations where love is revoked or betrayed all cause heartbreak, and the common response to the crushing ache of heartbreak is to shut down the heart’s ability to feel.

The problem is that when you close your heart from the bad feelings, you also shut out the good feelings. But there is always hope! With energy medicine, there is no statute of limitations on releasing pent up emotions from any form of trauma, and it is never too late to begin working with a spiritual teacher or energy healer to get your heart chakra cleared and functioning properly. With a charged and balanced heart chakra, you can enjoy love in your life and create healthy relationships.

Unhurt, Unstruck, Unbeaten

In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called anahata, which means “unhurt, unstruck, or unbeaten.” No matter what happened to break your heart, it can be healed and “unhurt.”

Here are a few ways to begin the process:

1. Grieve and then let go.

Grief is a heavy burden to carry, and it sits on your heart, weighing you down and keeping your heart chakra closed. You have to open your heart chakra and feel the pain of your grief, even though it hurts, in order to move past it and feel the love that’s waiting for you beyond the grief. Cry, journal, talk to someone you trust, scream if you have to, but let that grief out and let it go.

2. Love a pet.

Basking in the unconditional love of a pet is one of the best ways to begin opening a closed heart chakra. Dogs, cats, horses, even birds have fully expanded hearts that just want to love and be loved in return, and they are not shy about asking for attention and love when they want it. Pets show you what happiness can be found in simple, small gestures of love like a pat on the back or a snuggle. Spending time with these furry beacons of love can help you begin to trust love again.

3. Be nicer to yourself.

Heartbreak can steal your self-esteem, stripping you of the ability to see how lovable and deserving of love you really are. Part of the process of healing your heart is to learn how to love yourself, which not only makes you internally happier, but will improve your relationships with others as well. Try making a list of the qualities you love about yourself. What are you proud of? How are you unique? Do something nice for yourself every day until you really believe you are worthy of that self-love, because you are.

If you would like to learn more about how to clear, balance, and charge your heart chakra, come check out my chakra wisdom online video course where I go deeply into all the chakras.

Why You Need to Awaken Your Soul

What do you know about the higher chakras? Though they are less known than the seven bodily chakras, these powerful energy centers are the links between your Earth-bound personality and your eternal soul, as well as your connection to the vastness of the greater universe. When activated, the higher chakras increase your spiritual awareness, unleash and improve psychic gifts, and give you access to higher beings and your higher self for valuable knowledge and guidance that can keep you on your true soul path.

With clear, charged, and expanded higher chakras, you’ll experience a profound spiritual awakening that will reverberate to your core and change your life forever.

You Are Bigger Than Your Body

When I began teaching energy healing courses years ago, chakras were a hard sell—no one knew what they were! But now, chakras are relatively mainstream due to the popularity of other practices rooted in eastern cultures like yoga and meditation, and I’m getting more and more questions about what are now the lesser-known chakras, 8 through 12. Higher chakras can be difficult to explain, as they are more experiential than intellectual, but I have found through my years as an energy healer and spiritual teacher that the first step in beginning to open your higher chakras is simply to be aware of them.

The first thing to understand is that you are so much bigger than your body! Your energy field surrounds you, both above and around your physical form, and your higher chakras are lined up above your crown chakra at the top of your head, roughly following the path of your spine down which your seven bodily chakras are located. There are many spiritual chakras above the seventh, and as you rise to those levels, it begins to be a little disorienting to be so far beyond your body. A skilled spiritual teacher can safely carry you into these higher realms.

Prepare for Your Soul Awakening

For now, you can begin your journey to the higher chakras by activating your eighth chakra, which sits about two feet above your crown chakra. The eighth chakra, sometimes also called the “soul star,” is the first of these chakras, and the doorway through which your soul must pass in order to move into the rest of the higher chakras.

Clearing and activating the eighth chakra opens up your world, and carries your spirit higher than you’ve ever been before. You need to do the personal work required to clear, charge, and balance the seven bodily chakras through meditation, journaling, and other energy medicine techniques before you are ready to tackle the higher chakras. But once you are ready, here is what you can expect from your soul awakening:

  1. Connect directly to your higher self.

When your eighth and higher chakras are open, you will be able to interact with your higher self. Your higher self is you—the perfect version of you that you came here to become—and it has answers to all your questions. Your higher self has access to your Akashic records, which contain all knowledge in existence, past, present, and future, so the guidance you receive from this chakra is equal to no other.

Meeting with your higher self will also allow you to see your soul’s contract, which is stored in the eighth chakra. Your soul contract is what your spirit came to this earth to accomplish, your life purpose. So once you’ve opened your eighth chakra, you may feel a tugging at your psyche, a nagging resolution that it’s time to follow your true path and complete whatever task your soul set up for your life. Listen to that voice that tells you what your higher calling is; trust that higher plane understanding that you’ve received by activating your eighth chakra and awakening your spirit.

  1. Unlock your spiritual gifts.

With the magnified awareness of an open eighth chakra, you may discover new abilities developing within you. As you internalize and fully accept the truth that you are not only part of the greater universe, but that you are tapped into its power, psychic talents are likely to unlock. For example, with access to more information through the Akashic records, you will probably find your intuitive powers growing. There is also the potential for an activated eighth chakra to sprout the seeds of any dormant spiritual gifts and you might uncover such capabilities as astral travel, clairvoyance, telepathy, and energy healing! After all, these skills are in your collective unconscious; you need this soul awakening through your higher chakras to help bring them to light again.

  1. Rid yourself of karmic residue.

The eighth chakra acts as the bridge to the expanded universe, so it’s the last chakra that carries human information and physical plane baggage that must be discarded before you can move on. This means this chakra is where all your karmic residue gets stuck—the lingering karmic energy leftover from lifetimes of adhering to habitual patterns of behavior. These old and worn out patterns of energy are keeping you attached to the planet, unable to evolve until you learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn. When you open the eighth chakra, it allows you to start shedding the familiar-but-no-longer-needed patterns of behavior that keep you rooted to the physical plane. Activating the eight chakra frees you from those sticky karmic leftovers, so you can advance on your spiritual path into higher realms.

Traveling through the veil that separates your physical self from your immortal soul will open your eyes to the vast space and knowledge beyond our physical plane boundaries. As your higher chakras expand, you can integrate the understanding that you are a soul in a body temporarily here on Earth, which allows you to see the vast and interconnected community of souls on this planet, each doing their best to get back to the divine, just like you. This sense of oneness opens you up to the experience of unconditional love, and in turn, divine love, which is truly a soul awakening experience.

To learn about how to clear, charge and balance your chakras and experience a spiritual awakening, take a look at my Chakra Wisdom video course

Successful Relationship

8 Essential Questions for a Successful Relationship

Successful Relationship

It may be cold outside, but you could be enjoying the warmth of the fire of love this Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship, the more spiritually expanded you are, the better your intimacy will be. If you are seeking a relationship, your expansive, radiant self will attract the right person to you.

In the West, we believe in romantic love—that starry-eyed encounter between two people who come together with passion. You hope for “happily ever after,” although divorce rates are still around 50% for first marriages and even higher for subsequent marriages. FYI almost 70% of divorces are initiated by the woman.

You rejoice when love comes calling, or sigh over the failure of that knight on a white horse to materialize in your life. The highs and lows of romantic love, the gauzy world of bridal magazines and the terror of fatal attraction, are the movie plots we love to watch.

In the East, however, romantic love is just one of many different types of love. Language shows what’s important to us: the Eskimos have over 30 words for snow—a life-and-death matter for them. Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80. English has only one—one little four-letter word has to express everything from the love of ice cream to the love of country, from erotic love to motherly love to the love of the Divine. English plays down the importance of feelings and concentrates on action verbs; in the West, we think that what we do is more important than our ability to be with our feelings.

Because romantic love is only one of many types of love, what’s been more important than initial attraction in the East is compatibility. Over 5,000 years ago, the Vedic sages realized that Jyotish, Vedic astrology, could predict if two people were sufficiently compatible to establish a long-lasting relationship and guarantee, as much as possible, the stability of the family unit. These enlightened sages understood human nature, and they put far more importance on factors like emotional compatibility, basic temperament, mutual interests, and friendship, than on sexual attraction.

Even today, when “love matches” are more and more acceptable in the East, many still rely on astrological marriage charts to see if they’re making the right long-term choice.

When Vedic astrologers look at the charts of two people to see if their union would be a good idea or not, the first crucial aspect they look at is whether or not that couple will respect each other. Then they check on 36 different “wavelength” characteristics. (These all come from an ancient Jyotish text, the Prashna Marga.)

These “wavelengths” are based on eight criteria, in descending order of importance. As you read through these criteria, think of your own intimate relationship and imagine you and your partner’s chart are being compared.

  1. Are you sensitive to each other’s emotional needs?
  2. Are your basic natures compatible (values)? Is there an affinity between your temperaments?
  3. Do you have the ability to have a friendship based on mutual interests, likes and dislikes?
  4. Are you compatible in terms of attractiveness?
  5. Is the man’s presence comforting or threatening to the woman?
  6. Is there mutual affection?
  7. Are you sexually attracted to each other?
  8. Do you tend to help each other improve?

The ancient vedic astrologers skipped a few aspects of relationship that are important in today’s world, but were unknown in their day: do either want children, do they have political affinity, are they similar in socio-economic background, etc. These were factors that were unknown 5000 years ago when your prospective mate was always someone of your economic status and of the same religion.

The astrologer will also note the possibility of a harmful aspect of the planet Mars in the chart, which can make one partner far more assertive than the other. A modern Vedic astrologer looked at the unhappy marriage of the poet Sylvia Plath to Ted Hughes, which eventually led to Plath’s suicide at the age of 30. The most noticeable factor was that Ted measured five times more assertive than Sylvia based on the Mars aspect. He would have been far more powerful, and a Vedic astrologer would have told them to avoid marriage. It wouldn’t even have worked as a friendship.

Of course, marriages arranged through astrology seem archaic to most of us, who believe in “love marriages,” although most devout Hindus and many orthodox Jews still rely on arranged marriages. Some traditional African societies, royal families, and some Muslims have their own practices of arranged marriages. And who’s to say it’s wrong? Over half the marriages worldwide are arranged. And in India, where almost 90 percent of marriages are still arranged (often in a modern way that includes more choice), the divorce rate is only 1 percent.

I’m not advocating for arranged marriages. There are plenty of problems inherent in that practice, as in marriages for love. But it is interesting to examine how compatible you are with someone before you get involved in a serious relationship. Or if you’re having problems in your relationship, it could be helpful to look at the Vedic criteria to see what aspects are causing the trouble.

These days, more people are foregoing marriage than ever before. In 2017, 57.5 percent of Americans over the age of 18 were married, down from 72 percent in 1960. That means over forty percent of Americans are single. You think you’d at least be able to find a date!

Even if you’re dating steadily, you may not have found the one you want. And even then…

Here’s a teaching story from the Sufi tradition:

Mullah Nasrudin was sitting in a tea shop with his friend, who was excited because he was getting married soon. He asked Mullah, “Have you ever thought of marriage yourself?”

Nasrudin replied, “I did think of getting married. In my youth, in fact, I very much wanted to do so. I waited to find for myself the perfect wife. I traveled looking for her, first to Damascus. There I met a beautiful woman who was gracious, kind, and deeply spiritual, but she had no worldly knowledge. I traveled further and went to Isphahan. There I met a woman who was both spiritual and worldly, beautiful in many ways, but we did not communicate well. Finally I went to Cairo and there, after much searching, I found her. She was spiritually deep, graceful, and beautiful in every respect, at home in the world and at home in the realms beyond it. I felt I had found the perfect wife.”

His friend asked, “Then did you not marry her, Mullah?”

“Alas,” said Nasrudin. “She was, unfortunately, waiting for the perfect husband.”

So what can you do if you’re single and looking to find your perfect love? To help in your search for “the one,” you can simply open to love, especially love for yourself. The love you carry within, the love of your Higher Self that is connected to Source, is what attracts others to you. Lit from within, glowing with openness, compassion, and empathy, you can send a beacon of love out into the universe. And the one you are waiting for will hear your call.