Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

In energy medicine, we teach that nightmares come from an imbalanced sixth chakra – the “third eye” which connects us to higher wisdom. Sixth chakra imbalance can come from denying the truth or running away from our obligations.

Could it be that sleep paralysis attacks also come from an imbalanced sixth chakra?

It was in the corner of her room sometime between midnight and daybreak.

It lunged at her, fangs bared, a dark void of anger where a face should have been.

She tried to fight back, but couldn’t move. She was paralyzed, lying in her bed as a vicious and deeply terrifying creature stalked her from the edges of her room – lunging, then receding, biting at her arms.

…And then she woke up.

This was the memory that a student came to me with: a terrifying night attack that had haunted her for a great deal of time. What was it? Where did it come from? And why had it selected her for torture? Together, we worked to discover that it was an episode of “sleep paralysis,” where you find yourself almost awake but unable to move as your dreams turn against you. It’s an awful middle-ground: you feel trapped in your body as you’re being attacked.

It’s terrifying. But the good news was my student wasn’t alone. Throughout history, many cultures have discussed, analyzed, and interpreted sleep paralysis. In China, the attacking spirit is known as a “sitting ghost.” In Egypt, these visitors are seen as evil djinn who are exacting a curse upon you.

Sitting ghost, djinn, demon. What they all have in common is a profound sense of despair as an intruder invades your sanctity and attacks you.

What’s more troubling is that these intruders are all in our own heads.

This was of little comfort to my student, who felt betrayed by her own mind: “How could my body and brain conspire against me like this,” she asked.

What could she do? What should anyone do when you’re having an episode (or recurring episodes) of sleep paralysis? Is it really as simple as writing it off as a bad dream? Or are there steps you can take to protect yourselves from these night-bound terrors?

Sleep paralysis attacks occur in up to 40% of people at some point. They’re normal. They’re like super nightmares. The idea that these attacks are manifestations of darkness may be rooted in cultural traditions, but those beliefs might also be doing more harm than good. In countries where sleep paralysis is understood to be a natural phenomenon, the rates of recurring attacks are lower than in countries where it is thought to represent real evil.

These dreams only have as much power as you give them.

In energy medicine, we teach that nightmares come from an imbalanced sixth chakra – the “third eye” which connects us to higher wisdom. Sixth chakra imbalance can come from denying the truth or running away from our obligations.

Could it be that sleep paralysis attacks also come from an imbalanced sixth chakra?

Was this “intruder” perhaps a representation of denied truths or an unwillingness to listen to her own intuition? Was my student, perhaps, feeding this intruder by running away from her truth or not listening to her inner guidance?

When we run from our dreams, we cut off the good and the bad – the nightmare and the vision. We replace a healthy relationship with sleep with one of fear and dread, feeding the darkness. I helped my student recalibrate her sixth chakra. I guided her to her inner voice. She found her higher wisdom and silenced her inner critic. From there, she took the brave step of embracing her dreams – both beautiful and scary.

This intruder only had as much power as she was willing to give it. And her inner wisdom helped her cede none. She gave power to herself instead.

To this day, she’s never had another attack.

We give fuel to our inner demons. Or we can snuff them out. We can do so by following our inner voice, living our truth, and following the wisdom of our higher selves.

It’s time to learn how to listen to ourselves – our intuition. Our medical intuition course specializes in how to tap into our own intuitive healing powers – our own higher wisdom – in order to bring peace and wellbeing. Our class has already started, but there’s still time to join us on the journey.

Follow along, and learn how to tap into the healing wisdom you already possess.

Christmas star conjunction

The Great Conjunction

Hi Friends,

Today is January 5th – a day that many people around the world celebrate as Epiphany or Three Kings Day. For Christians, it celebrates the day that the 3 wise men followed an unusually bright star in the sky to lead them to Bethlehem.

Today, I want to talk to you about this star. More importantly, I want to talk about how stars can be our guiding lights.

It’s not entirely clear what exactly the Star of Bethlehem was. Some suggest it was a supernova – the explosion of a very large star. Others say it could have been a comet. But one really neat idea is that it was the alignment of two planets in the night sky – so closely aligned that they appear to be one very bright star.

This is called a conjunction. And we just had a very great one last month.

On December 17th, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the Southern sky so closely that it appeared to be a single star. True, in reality, they are two planets that are millions of miles apart, but to us on Earth, it appears as if two bright objects slowly combined together before drifting apart.

Isn’t it sort of funny how these planets aren’t even touching, but for us: they put on a dazzling show that won’t be replicated for hundreds of years? I love to think about that. I love to think about how we have navigated by the stars, planted our crops by the stars, dreamt by the stars, and kept record of our stories by the stars. All the while, these stars exist so far away from where we stand, that it baffles the mind to comprehend.

We, here on Earth, are the recipients of the particular position and light that these stars cast. Nowhere else in the Universe do the stars look quite like they do on Earth at night.

Some might look at this reality and suggest that putting emphasis on these astronomical events is misguided – that it is only an illusion from our viewpoint on Earth. I don’t believe that. Just because the Stars exist independent of us does not mean they don’t serve as guides for us.

Think of the Sun. It rises in the East. If you wake and follow the Sun, you will walk East. It has guided you. Does the Sun exist solely to guide you? Doubtful at best!

It’s the same as how the trees are dependent upon the Spring warmth to bloom. Without Spring, the trees will not flourish, but that does not mean the Spring exists solely to make the trees bloom.

This is how I felt watching the Great Conjunction last month. Yes, I know that these planets are fixed in their orbits, and that they are millions of miles apart, but they have created an alignment for us to view on Earth that is worth pausing and taking in.

And the one thing I kept coming back to is: what could it mean?

What could that Great Conjunction be leading us to?

All I know is that I felt an urging, a sense of profundity, and of connection when I saw that Great Conjunction. I am hopeful, therefore, that this union of the planets might foreshadow a union of two great forces coming together to make something brilliant.

What that brilliance might be? Well, perhaps you need to look to the stars to find guidance of your own.

The stars are out there, friends. They may be lifetimes upon lifetimes away, but their light shines on the Earth constantly. And I encourage you to look to them for guidance and support. Their light has granted many travelers safe passage over the millennia – and I know they’ll do the same for you.

Trust in their light. It’s the same light that the sun brings down on all of us – the light that provides warmth, energy, and life for all of us. Their light is affirming, and powerful. And if you’re ready to take the next step to learn how to harness this majestic healing power of light and energy – the same energy that guides us from the stars – then I encourage you to join me on my transformative and empowering journey of Medical Intuition, where we’ll learn how to read and heal with the powers of light, intuition, and energy.

Find your guiding light.



Embracing the Liminality of 2020

I want to talk with you about liminality. About thin places. Thin times.

Liminality refers to a state of transition or of a rite of passage. It is an innate quality present within a space, a time, or a person.

Perhaps the most popular date of liminality would be Hallowtide – the three days making up Hallowe’en, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day, which I wrote and spoke about at length last Fall.

We see the liminality of Hallowtide reflected in our celebrations. We embrace our fears of death as we cuddle on the couch watching the latest horror film. We embody our fears as we dress in the clothes of our monsters and ghosts. We commune with death as we make offerings to our departed loved ones.

Hallowtide is a thin time. I want to talk about another thin time.

Friends, this year has been (for all of us) a very trying time. Many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us have had close calls with death ourselves. Destruction, anxiety, and illness have been more present this year than in many generations.

It appears that this year itself has been a thin time. The veil between our worlds feels gossamer where it once felt heavy.

It’s an uneasy time. This feeling of thinness between our worlds has made everyone feel uneasy.

As we depart from Hallowtide and move toward the Winter Holidays, it can be tempting to try and ignore the thinning of the veil. The Winter Solstice has always been a spiritual and natural “reset” for our world, bringing new vitality as the sun begins to increase in strength again.

So many have thought “2020 is going to be a year not to repeat. 2021 is my 2020 do-over.”

What you’re hoping for is to simply “patch up” the veil between our worlds. It’s a natural reaction to such a complicated time. It’s not fun being uneasy. You want that unstable feeling to end.

But these thin times are rare, and it is important to understand the opportunity, wisdom, and enlightenment that thin moments and thin places can offer.

Just as on Dia de Los Muertos, you commune with your ancestors, during the waning weeks of 2020, you must commune with the energy flowing between our worlds.

I know that is a difficult choice. After all, it sometimes feels that far more energy has flown from our world to the spirit world this year. It can be vulnerable to open yourself up to the other world. But embracing the power of liminality allows you to cultivate understanding and enlightenment, helping you start the new year on the right foot.

So how do you embrace liminality?

Find thin places. Thin places are physical, real places where the distance between our world and the spirit world is at its closest. These places may not be the same for everyone.

For some of you, these thin places might be as simple as a hill in an empty forest. For others, a grand ruin in a far-off country might be the thinnest of places. It’s a place where there is an immediate sense that a greater power is present. You feel connected to a force, an energy, a divinity that you can’t discern elsewhere.

Stand still in the thin places. Don’t interrogate. Be present, and allow yourself to become a vessel, a conduit for wisdom and light. Imbue yourself with the energy that crosses over.

As you approach the Winter Holidays of Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Kwanzaa, and many others, fully enmesh yourself in the ritual of these holidays.

Ritual without meaning is ceremony. Fully realized ritual allows you to tap into the energy of this thin time.

Your rituals, whether it be lighting advent candles, burning the yule log, or baking Christmas cookies, further thins the veil between our worlds. Use your rituals to glean insight from the thinness of 2020. Use this insight to position yourself for 2021.

Let the thin times roll!

2020 Winter Solstice

The Abduction of Persephone, the Goddess Queen of the Underworld in the Dark Days of Winter

The trees are bare and stark. The sky blackens with storm clouds. It gets dark outside early in the day. In the gloomiest part of the year, all you may want is to sit in front of a blazing fire, snuggled up in a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate in hand. But know that we’re coming up to the Winter Solstice, when, slowly but surely, the light starts coming back. In the dead of winter, when spring’s flowers and budding trees are still months away, the days start getting longer, and more light starts to infiltrate our awareness.

The descent into darkness is laid out in the Greek myth of Persephone. Zeus gives his brother Hades (the King of the Underworld) permission to abduct his daughter Persephone. Hades rises up from a dark hole in the earth, seizes Persephone, and takes her off to the underworld to be his wife. The permission given to Hades by Zeus shows that the journey into darkness is not at odds with the will of heaven. Her abduction is a step forward in her growth as a spiritual being, a rite of passage into a fuller life.

Persephone resists this process, as we all do. She seeks help from gods and men, none of whom will come to her rescue. Finally her mother, Demeter, appeals to Zeus and he agrees to set Persephone free—if she has not eaten any food in the underworld. By the time Hermes arrives in the underworld with Zeus’s message, Persephone has already eaten some pomegranate seeds. As a compromise, she is allowed to spend six months a year with her mother in the upper world, and then must join her husband in the underworld for the rest of the year. Thus, Persephone encounters her shadow side most profoundly through her intimate relationship.

The spiritual journey is more than just an ascent into the light; it is also a descent into the shadow world, where we earn the wisdom we need to be lightbearers. Of course, the best way to stay in the light, no matter how dark the winter (or your life) may be, is to connect with the light within you in whatever way you find most conducive. You may do it through a practice of meditation and/or prayer, through any of the creative arts, or through some form of service to those who are in need.

You can find comfort and warmth by joining with others, whether in traditional religious holiday observances or by creating your own ceremonies and traditions. Shared experiences of consciousness are a powerful way to increase your light.

It’s possible to find light even in our darkest moments in life. Like Persephone’s underworld, the darkness holds the source of our greatest illumination. My diagnosis of cancer as a young woman held within it the seed of my becoming a healer. Your higher self, your inner Zeus, knows what you need in order to grow stronger in the light.

Are you in the grips of the underworld? Instead of denying or running away from or fighting against a plunge into an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual dark night of the soul, use whatever challenges come your way to grow inside. Here are some tips on how to surrender to the process and come out lighter and brighter:

  • Don’t label something as bad or wrong. Let go of the need to judge what is happening to you. Accept the experience for what it is.
  • Don’t blame others. Take responsibility for your own life.
  • Stop projecting stories from your past onto this moment in time. The same goes for living in fear of the future.
  • Embrace whatever challenges come your way, and don’t worry if things don’t turn out as you had planned. Trust that higher forces are guiding you.
  • Even though you might not be able to see the big picture yet, know that there is a reason for whatever you are experiencing. You are part of the grand plan.
  • Be at peace, and be willing to do the inner work that is needed to heal the outer struggle.


We are all being called to be lightbearers, to help shine light in the dark corners of the world. We are spiritual beings who are here with a purpose and a mission. Our soul qualities need to develop. So whatever dark days you are living through, know that there is, in fact, light at the end of the tunnel. Persephone arises into the upper world every spring, signaling the time of rebirth into the light.


3 Ways to Beat Stress Now

Are you stressed out? Perhaps even at this very minute you’re feeling overwhelmed. Stress is part of your body’s natural fight-or-flight response to danger, and it’s necessary. Your ancestors needed that adrenaline rush so they could run away from tigers, avalanches, and enemy tribes and you need that adrenaline to escape real physical danger as well. The stress response can help you pull through a difficult time, as long as it’s only temporary. What you don’t need or want is a constant underlying stress—that type of all-the-time stress is often the result of an imbalanced first chakra, and is hugely detrimental to your health and quality of life.

But there’s hope! In fact, clearing and balancing your first chakra is something you can do relatively easily with energy healing techniques to help ground you and reconnect you to your body.

Chakras: the Governors of Your Health

If you’re familiar with yoga or energy healing, you already know that chakras are focal points of energy in your body that line up along your spine. There are seven body chakras, and each one corresponds to different body parts and emotional and mental arenas. Together, the seven chakras govern all areas of your life, from relationships to affluence, communication to career, and every aspect of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

When a chakra is clear and open, it spins gently, moving energy in and out between your personal field and the universal field of energy. You need this fresh energy from the unified field to nourish you and keep you healthy. If your chakras are imbalanced or blocked, your energy flow becomes blocked as well, which can result in all kinds of health problems. A distorted first chakra can lead to issues with your immune system, your legs and feet, your tail bone and colon, and your bones.

Chronic Stress and the First Chakra

If any of your chakras are distorted, it can cause stress, but the most classic cause of chronic stress I see in people is the generalized anxiety created by an ungrounded first chakra. This is the stress that sometimes fades but never disappears, and often occurs even when there are no external stressors.

If you experience constant stress even when life is relatively calm, and you have some of the physical symptoms mentioned above and/or any of these other common symptoms of an imbalanced first chakra: a “spacey” or “floaty” feeling, trouble with organization or focus, fatigue, problems sleeping, or feeling like a victim, your first chakra probably needs some attention and healing.

Causes of an Imbalanced First Chakra

Distortions in the first chakra can be caused by any type of violence or trauma that made you feel unsafe, especially if you experienced the event as a child. Abuse, abandonment, divorce, accidents, and illness are all common triggers for distancing yourself from your body because it’s too painful or scary to stay. This is a defense mechanism I employed myself—shutting down my first chakra and leaving my body to survive the pain of an abusive childhood. What it took me years of energy healing courses, working with spiritual teachers and healers, and meditation to learn was that the only way I could heal the trauma was to be in my body. You can really only protect yourself from harm if you stay present and stay connected through your root chakra.

Your Base, Roots, and Foundation

Your first chakra is your foundation. It is located at the base of your spine and it’s the base of your whole chakra system. What happens if you try to build a structure on a wobbly foundation? The structure will be unstable at best, and at worst, collapse completely. Trying to construct a strong chakra system with a weak base chakra is like trying to build a house on a lot made of Jell-o.

You need this base, this foundational first chakra, to be charged and healthy, or all the rest of your chakras and your greater wellbeing will suffer. This is why a blocked or distorted base chakra leads to chronic stress: how can you relax if your whole energy flow is unstable? Feeling unsafe and uncertain is a likely indication that your first chakra needs a tune-up.

You can also think of it this way: your first chakra is like your roots. It keeps you firmly planted in your body and grounded. In fact, in Sanskrit, the word for the first chakra means root support. The root chakra governs your connection to Mother Earth and its job is to support and sustain your life. In order to grow tall and strong, a tree must spread its roots far enough into the soil to be able to holds its ground while also accepting nourishment from its surroundings. In order for you to heal yourself and grow your spirit, you must plant your roots and get grounded.

Here are three great ways to get grounded and beat stress:

1. Spend time in nature.

Because the first chakra is so closely connected to earth energy, one of the best ways to clear, charge and balance, your root chakra is to interact with nature. Reconnect your body with the earth by walking barefoot directly on land—a grassy field or a sandy beach is a pleasant and soothing way to absorb earth energy. Go for a hike, sit next to a tree (or hug one!), or let the sun warm your skin. Just being outside or touching stone, wood, or water will help to ground you.

2. Meditate.

Twenty minutes of meditation twice a day is ideal, and the more you do it, the more you will notice the grounding and calming effects. Like energy healing, meditation is cumulative, meaning the results build on the previous efforts, so keep it up and the benefits will continue to increase! If you don’t already have a successful meditation practice, please let me teach you.
It only takes several hours to learn how via download and it will totally change your life; it certainly did mine.

3. Focus on your body.

Body-focused activities like yoga, pilates, massage, martial arts, or other forms of exercise are a great way to become more body-centered and grounded. Remember, one cause of first chakra distortion is disassociation from the body, so reaffirming your bond with your body can go a long way in healing your first chakra.

If you’d like to learn more about charging and healing your first chakra, and the rest of your chakras, check out my free video training here

Light from the dark

Bring light to the dark this Hallowed Eve

The spookiest of nights can be dated back over 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a night where it was thought that the barrier between worlds was at its thinnest and most easily breachable. On this frightening night, it was expected that monsters and fairies would roam. Some of these monsters were shape-shifting night wanderers. One, in particular, was called Pukah or Púca, a mischievous spirit who is said to bring good and bad energies in equal measures. It could appear in various insignificant forms like a horse, goat or cat, but could also take on a human form with animal features such as a swishy tail or pointy ears.

Samhain was a night of fear. This day marked the end of summer and the precious harvest, and was the beginning of endlessly dark and cold nights, a time associated with death. There was a strong haunting belief that ghosts of loved ones would return to earth on the night of 31 October. We know universally that light attracts light and dark attracts dark.

Across the world, we possess a macabre fascination of fear-provoking haunted houses. On Halloween night, we intentionally wander through the dark, allowing our imagination to run riot and create troubling shadows that taunt us. There is something deep within all of us that acknowledges our own mortality and death. In early Christian times in Britain, people would huddle together behind locked doors so that the wandering dead couldn’t drag them to the underworld. In the world of spirituality, our bodies are beautiful homes for our souls; when our bodies die, our soul transitions back into the spirit realm and thus the cycle is repeated.

Thankfully, Halloween has changed over the last two millennia. We no longer huddle in our houses waiting for the dead to return to their graves. We are so far removed from our fears of death hence our fascination to wander alongside them and be at one with unsettling darkness on the night of Halloween. We dress in the scariest outfits from the myths and legends of long ago; we become the witches and ghouls that would have chased away vengeful and mischievous spirits. We shroud ourselves in death and darkness. The trees lose their leaves and animals make a hasty retreat to their safe places of hibernation. Mother Nature makes it clear that she is transitioning through the freedom of summer to the nuture of winter.

From darkness, there becomes light. Spiritually, we are leaving the past behind and allowing ourselves to look at the potential of life not yet seen. By taking time to nurture and care for ourselves, we allow our dreams the freedom to manifest a new life of positivity and create things that we have not yet imagined. These nights of darkness encourage us to slow down and turn inwards and contemplate the passing of one phase and discover another. We can take the time to applaud our accomplishments, reflect on our past, and prepare for what we want to happen next.

Halloween is the time for mindfulness, we can all connect to the earth and relate to the cycle of the seasons. Be conscious of mother nature, and how she releases old life, hibernates for the winter and returns with a burst of new life each spring. You too are going through seasons in your life where parts of your past must be released so new growth and life can emerge.

However you choose to spend Halloween, remember it is a spiritual holiday. Take time to remember your loved ones that have crossed over and thank them for enriching your life. Honour your own cycle and season of living. We only have a limited time on the physical plane to accomplish our goals, so let go of the old and head into this next season with new ambition and perspective. Be fully open to new experiences and opportunities for material and spiritual growth. Watch out for spiritual tell-tale signs and trust your intuition.

Surround yourself with protective light before embarking on your magical inner journey.

Orionids Meteor Shower 2020

Orionid Meteor Shower: How to tap into its powerful energy

The Orionids Meteor Shower Peak will return to our skies in just a couple of days, allowing minerals to be redistributed throughout the universe and help harmonize everyone and everything on the earth, as well as the earth itself. This glittering, display of magnificent shooting stars will be at its most powerful, and harness incredible energy during the night of Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.

The Orionids Meteor Shower Peak is the most abundant meteor flurry that is connected directly to Comet Halley. These mystical shooting stars are essentially minute meteors, or pieces of debris that is left by comets burning up in the earth’s atmosphere, giving us another earthly light show, and when combined with meditating, brings deeper insights to our lives.

When the comet moves through the solar system at intense speed, the sun displaces ice which, in turn, allows rock fragments to come away from the comet. These particles continue on the comet’s trajectory and appear as firey meteors when they pass through the earth’s upper- atmosphere. If a meteorite lands on earth, it can epitomize your life purpose by providing a line of clear communication to your spiritual journey.

People across the world wish upon shooting stars. It is thought that the rarity of such stars gives them magical powers which might lead to a wish being granted. Some historians believe that Greek astronomist, Ptolemy, started this “conscious-tradition”. He wrote extensively about the Gods that looked down upon the earth from their heavenly homes. He believed that the shooting stars would open a portal between heaven and earth, which allows human souls to travel. Perhaps our ancestors are right, they are extraterrestrial messages that bring us optimism, wisdom, and courage beyond our current existence.

The Orionids are so named because the point they appear to come from, called the, “radiant”, lies in the constellation of Orion. The meteors, however, can be seen over a vast area of the sky.

The moon during the Orionids phase in 2020 is in its waxing crescent phase and provides the perfect dark backdrop for this year’s display. You’ll usually see the highest number of meteors a couple of hours just before dawn. These ultra-fast meteors will plunge into the earth’s atmosphere at almost 70 km per second. Orionid meteors leave persistent trains, or ionized gas trails, that last only for a few seconds. After the meteor and its tail have gone, you’ll be able to trace the trail back to Orion. It’s like your own ethereal paint by numbers.

This is a great opportunity to really connect with Orion during this energetically powerful cosmic event. Find a peaceful location, as far away as possible from any light pollution, sit or lie comfortably. It’s worth allowing your eyes to adjust to the dark for about 15 minutes, so that you don’t miss even the faintest of light trails. Spend a few minutes out there, lying in comfort gazing into the night, and watch in awe, as the light crisscrosses the inky-black canvas. Take this time, being surrounded peacefully by our night skies, and collectively, we can resonate with the universe, and expand our consciousness.


How To Make The Most Of This Autumn Equinox

On overwhelm, with a few complications in your personal life, not to mention the impact of the nightly news? When life feels confusing, exhausting, even downright scary, you know you need to rebalance, that your wellbeing depends on it. Fortunately, a powerful occasion of celestial balance is coming your way; you will want to take advantage of it.

Tuesday morning, September 22, 2020 (9:31 a.m. EDT) the Autumn Equinox arrives, officially marking the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a spiritual teacher, I’ve long been moved by this annual event, as it is a representation of the balance of the natural world and recognition of its link to the spiritual. Each year, between September 21st and 24th, the Sun crosses the celestial equator as it moves southward. It marks the end of summer, and the beginning of autumn.

In contrast, for the residents of the Southern Hemisphere, it is for them their Vernal Equinox, and time to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.

You can view this as not only a celestial event, but a spiritual one, because it signals transitions, and for this reason it is observed and universally embraced worldwide. Whatever and however the event may be observed, this is inarguably nature’s way of defining the seasons and is our way of staying in harmony with them.

It is a time of balance, with, for the briefest of moments, night and day of precise equal length, before introducing the shorter and cooler days that lay ahead. It is fitting that astrologers mark the Sun entering Libra, showcasing it rising and setting in balance. Perhaps you can mark the event by receiving (or giving) a little energy healing to bring you back into your best balance. If that’s not available, think of your favorite acupuncturist, as that’s another way to get rebalanced. And then there’s your meditation practice – that too inspires your best balance.

The Autumn Equinox is properly blind to cultural differences, and is viewed differently, and celebrated in unique ways around the globe.

In Asia, the Equinox has a special place in Iran, but also at the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

It is said that in the Pacific, the mysterious giant statues on Easter Island are aligned to recognize the equinox.

Among countless examples in Europe is the celebration of a harvest festival in the UK, while the French called the Autumn Equinox “New Year’s Day” on their calendar.

In the Americas, it has been marked by a wealth of rituals observed by indigenous peoples since ancient times: in America at Cahokia, and throughout Mexico at the El Castillo pyramid at Chechen Itza and the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, and the nine terraces of the Mayan underworld.

Nowhere, however, is its observance more profound and in many ways more dramatically fitting than in South America, at Machu Picchu in Peru. For those ancient peoples, the sky was their calendar. They built observatories, such as the Intihuatana high in the Andes, that provide an elevated and experiential viewing platform like no other on earth.

The observatory precisely indicates the four equinoxes and solstices, a timeless monument created to observe ancient rituals aligned to life’s highest and truest purpose. That site remains ever faithful to the principles along the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Most remarkable, however, is in its significance for us today: we are living in a time where too many have riveted their focus upon our differences, intent upon deepening what divides us, instead of bringing us together.

We know better, and we honor the truth of this annual Celestial event, that unites us worldwide. Bringing the people of the earth and different cultures together is no small and unimportant thing.

It is, miraculously, truly another cause for hope and celebration.

Spiritual Initiation

Discover & Embody Your Advanced Gifts (Initiation Part 2)

Spiritual Initiation

This is not well-known in our culture, but these amazing capabilities you have — your advanced gifts — are part of being human. They’re actually built into your cellular memory and our collective unconscious.

You probably already use some of these gifts with or without realizing it…

You intuit who’s calling before you look at the Caller ID.

You sense that your child is in trouble before the school calls you.

Maybe you refrain from renting or buying a particular house or taking a particular job because you just know it feels wrong.

Perhaps you have an innate gift of clairvoyance and being able to see on other planes. You might have the gift of telepathy or the ability to astral travel or speak with animals. Maybe you’re meant to speak, teach, or heal at a high level.

Your gifts can be many, and that’s one of the promises of working with energy — you have the power to open yourself up and allow all your gifts to flourish.

It’s natural to work first with the gifts you already sense you have, as they’ll be your strongest abilities, but as you’ll discover in the video, you have others waiting in the wings.

Together, let’s connect you with a gift that wants to reveal itself to you… this gift that’s going to come with a feeling of expansion that fills you with wonder and purpose. Let’s immerse you in it like a soft, enveloping cloud, and let it fully take up residence in your life — so you can use it to uplift yourself, others, and our ailing world.

And as you develop your gifts, you’ll be part of the spiritual revolution that’s helping to raise the consciousness of this planet.

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You know you have gifts, you know you can help, but where do you start?

In Part 1 of this series, I went into depth about the transformative power of initiation, a beautiful process that allows you to expand your consciousness and step fully into your unique purpose and gifts. I also led you through a powerful practice to explore the first seven levels of initiation.

In Part 2 today, I’m going to tell you about beginning your personal initiatory process, and I’ll lead you through a guided meditation to discover and embody your advanced gifts:

August Full Moon

Will You Take Advantage of the August Portal to the Astral Plane?

Here you are at the peak of summer and likely staying close to home. No large family reunions or adventures in far-away places, but lots of “staycations.” Chaos may be swirling around in the outer world with pandemics and politics and protests, but there’s nothing blocking the energies that come from the higher astral realms . . . and you can access those energies throughout the night sky of August.

The August Full Moon

Monday, August 3rd, is the Aquarian full moon. As you may recall, the moon doesn’t have its own light; it reflects the light of the sun. When those two heavenly bodies are directly opposite each other, the whole surface of the moon is totally illuminated by the sun. The full moon’s energy lasts for around three days both before and after the official “full moon” moment.

For many centuries, humankind has lived by the lunar cycles (just ask any woman), knowing there is a synergy between the great cosmos above and our lives here on earth. Since the waxing moon gathers the light of the sun for the two weeks following the new moon and is completely filled with light during the full moon, you too can fill with light at this time and use it as your springboard to the higher realms.

Your intuitive pull to the light peaks when the moon is full; your mind opens, you can find it easier to adapt to the conditions you find yourself in at the moment, and you can find new opportunities for spiritual awakening.

Sit outside at night to absorb the beauty and the light of the August full moon. Even sleep outside if that’s possible where you live. Native Americans have called this “the Moon When All Things Ripen,” referring not only to your baseball-sized zucchinis, but also to the ripening of your inner strength and your ability to tap into astral wisdom. Think about using your time under the full moon to connect with the Ascended Masters of the higher realms, your spiritual guides, your angels. Open yourself to receive their gifts and blessings and feel how your Higher Self is ripening into fullness.

The Perseids Meteor Showers

Another spectacular display in the August night sky is the Perseids meteor shower, which will peak on the warm summer nights of August 11, 12, and 13, but know that the shower began its annual appearance in mid-August and will last for 10 days or so after the peak. Every year around this time our planet crosses the orbit of the Comet Swift-Tuttle; it’s the debris from this comet that becomes the “shooting stars” of the meteor shower. Much more poetically, the ancient Greeks said the Perseids shower began with the visit of Perseus’ father Zeus to his mortal mother Danae in a shower of gold.

But consider that it is meteoric “debris” that gives stargazers such a spectacular display. Comets are composed of ice, dust, and gasses. You can think of them as representing your frozen emotions and anything you have ignored or suppressed, the “dust” of your fears. To the ancient wisdom keepers, seeing a comet spoke of great change to come. So a meteor shower, which comes from the breakup of the comet, represents great beauty arising from the ashes, like a lotus emerging from the mud.

Connecting to the energy of the Perseids meteor shower is a way to experience the sparkling bursts of moments of awakening. Think of all the spiritual insights and astral wisdom you can gain by breaking up that which may be frozen inside you, by burning up the dust of your difficult thoughts and emotions in a shower of gold.

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can start seeing the Perseids at mid-to-late evening, with the “radiant point” coming around midnight, sparkling the sky as these meteors are only 60 miles or so above the surface of the Earth as they burn up. Give yourself at least an hour to observe the dark open sky as it may take 20 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the darkness. The meteors come in bursts and fly in all different directions across the sky.

As you enjoy the exquisite night sky dancing above you, reflect on how you will use this burst of cosmic energy. How will you tap into your potential within? What ways will you be inspired to use your creative energy as you release your fears? What astral wisdom will light up within you?

Catch a falling star and let it carry you far beyond your earth-bound self as you go through the portal of the August night sky into the highest realms of beauty, truth, love, and compassion.

Cosmic events like these enhance energy that you can tap into and use in your life. But Astral Realms are always available for wisdom, guidance, and healing. You just need to know how to get to those realms.

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Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Tap Into the Wisdom of a Teacher From Beyond This Realm (Lucid Dreaming Part 2)

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you tune in to your spirit guides every day, to ask what insight and information they have for you?

In Part 1 of this series, I led you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream to change your waking life. There I called on all the beautiful beings who are available to give you answers and keep you safe anytime.

In Part 2 today, we’ll build off the foundation we created together, as I take you through a quick meditation to connect with your main guide.

Take a few moments and relax as I orient you to your primary guide who can provide you with valuable insights into your health, relationships, emotions, career, purpose — anything you need guidance with. Join me and I’ll connect the guidance you receive to the activity of lucid dreaming:

Who is your main guide from beyond this realm?

Your main guide might be an ancestor from way back in your lineage, or maybe from just one generation back. It could even be someone who’s not part of your direct family line, but who you feel is part of your family. Maybe you have a specific angel you like to work with — you could call in that angelic guidance.

Whoever your main guide is for you, they’re very available to you personally. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re always at your side waiting to offer support and guidance whenever you ask for their assistance.

They can help you reach higher levels of initiation, assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness… their aid is deep, vast, endless, and always focused on your highest good.

What’s the best way to connect with your main guide?

The key to identifying and connecting with this guide is to ask. Guides won’t reach out to help unless you request their help. They don’t volunteer or “butt in” because they will not interfere with your free will.

So you’ll want to actively, consciously ASK every morning and every night — it only takes a moment. Be patient as you practice connecting with your guide, and I guarantee that soon you’ll sense that teacher at your side.

Once you connect with your main guide and get a sense of them, ask what messages they have for you. Their messages may come in words, their messages might appear in pictures… they could come to you just as a knowing. It all depends on how YOU tend to receive channels of communication.

Your guide and lucid dreaming

After the meditation I guide you through in the video above, you might have a lucid dream tonight in which your main guide appears to you.

Remember that when you…

  1. Set the intention now to lucid dream tonight (that is, when you set the intention to be aware when you’re dreaming and to intentionally shape what happens in the dream), AND
  2. When you set the intention again just before you go to sleep tonight
    … you can meet your main guide — your teacher from another realm — again, and get even more guidance and connection.

And I want you to know… now that you know how to do this, you can access this kind of guidance whenever you need it.

To discover more about connecting with higher realms for guidance and healing, sign up for my free event on the power of Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Discover How to Lucid Dream to Change Your Waking Life

Lucid Dreaming Astral Travel

Do you ever feel like your life is happening TO you?

What if you could shape your life so it works WITH you, and FOR you?

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for influencing not only what happens in your dreams, but also what happens in your waking life.

What exactly is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is clear dreaming — it’s the act of being consciously aware when you’re dreaming. It’s when you’re asleep, and yet you know that you’re dreaming — and you control what happens in the dream with awareness and intentionality.

Cultures all over the world throughout history have worked with lucid dreaming. The oldest reference is from around 800 BCE, in the Hindu Upanishads. Eighth-century Tibetan Buddhists also described lucid dream practices in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. And Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all explored the nature of reality during their nightly journeys. The term itself was coined in the 1900s by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden.

How to lucid dream

In this 12-minute video, I will lead you through a powerful practice to prepare you to lucid dream TONIGHT.

I share details about lucid dreaming, with a focus on technique and practice — to give you tools so you can easily work with the unlimited field of possibility that is your dreams.

Benefits of lucid dreaming

When you’re aware that you’re dreaming, you can consciously:

  • Change jobs
  • Find a partner
  • Communicate with loved ones — alive or passed on
  • Resolve conflict with someone you’re having trouble with
  • Learn what’s hidden in your subconscious mind
  • Fly, shape shift, or HEAL!
  • Meet your goals (don’t miss the video’s 5-minute mark, where I describe how I used lucid dreaming to influence my ski-racing results)
  • Or just have fun and explore new possibilities

Want to soar through the air, speak another language, swim in a coral reef, or try out some other new skill or adventure tonight?

How to set your intention

In the video I walk you through a calming meditation to set your intention for lucid dreaming this evening. Once you’ve had this intention-setting experience, you’ll know how to do it on your own, anytime.

Here are a few prompts to jot down so you can set your intention any night:

  1. Sit or lie down comfortably and take a deep breath. Send that breath down your legs, releasing any tension in your body through the soles of your feet. Send your next breath down your arms, releasing any pain through your fingertips. Breathe into your heart, releasing any fears or negative emotions as you exhale. Breathe into the top of your head, releasing any discomfort or unwanted thoughts with your exhale.
  2. Imagine a white or golden light above you. It’s brilliant, warm, and soothing. Let it completely surround you. Extend this light throughout the room you’re in, feeling enveloped in comfort and safety.
  3. Call in the presence of the Higher Beings to guide you. Your Higher Self, your Spiritual Guides, or an angel such as Archangel Michael — all the beautiful beings who are available to keep you safe anytime. You just need to call them and they’ll come.
  4. Now, set the intention that you will lucid dream tonight. Say aloud or simply think, “Tonight, I will know when I’m dreaming.” Later on, before you fall asleep, repeat again: “I intend that I will know when I’m dreaming.” It’s that easy.
  5. Set an intention for what you’re going to dream about. This can be whatever you want, whether you want to solve a problem, meet a goal, do something fun like take a trip somewhere…

Another key to lucid dreaming that I encourage for you is keeping a dream journal.

Sweet dreams! May you have fun working with the deep reservoir of possibility that resides in your soul tonight.

Dream journaling

Dream Journaling: Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom for Guidance & Healing

Dream journaling

Your dreams are filled with wisdom to guide you through every aspect of your life.

They give you access to knowledge beyond your ordinary, everyday awareness. They can show you the future, preparing you for challenges and opportunities. They can speak to your past, providing you with clues for healing old wounds. And they can guide you in the present, offering you wisdom for making the best decisions and honoring your soul’s desires.

A powerful way to start tapping into the wisdom of your dreams is to keep a dream journal.

Why you should keep a dream journal

The benefits of dream journaling are as vast as the realms your dreams take you to. Here are just a few of my favorite reasons to keep a dream journal.

Healing, transformation, and growth:
When you look back on your dream journals, you hold up a magic mirror that can reveal patterns in long-standing challenges. Your dream journal can even serve you as a data log that gives you insight into themes regarding your attitudes, beliefs, experiences, and actions.

You can also get precognitive glimpses of things that appear in your waking world later on. Dream journaling helps you develop a sixth sense, opening you to correct a course you’re on, restore your inner compass, expand your consciousness, or develop telepathic or clairsentient skills.

Brain balance:
Dream journaling can benefit your corpus callosum — the part of the brain that joins the right and left hemispheres, physically connecting your intuitive abilities with your analytic abilities.

In “Dreams Make Me Smarter,” one of our students wrote: “I let the dream images come to me, then write the dream in my journal, which engages my left brain. I pay close attention to any right-brain feelings about the dream. Then I brainstorm about any associations with those images or feelings. Working with dreams is a whole-brain exercise!”

Dreams offer you a treasury of images and symbols that can light your creative fire if you’re an artist. And even if you’re not, recording your dreams can inspire you to tap into the creativity inside you that yearns to be expressed.

Sketch that mountain or underwater temple when you wake up, then turn it into a deeply expressive painting or sculpture! Write down a dream-encounter as a short story, or see how it’s a clue into how to finish a scene you’ve been working on for your novel. Record that guitar line that came to you in your dreams. Whatever ways you express yourself — or would like to express yourself — journal your dreams to ignite your imagination.

How to keep a dream journal

Choose a notebook or a specially-crafted dream journal with thick, high-quality paper that you can joyfully write and sketch in.

Keep your journal near your bed and write your dreams in it as soon as you wake up. If you find that your bedside notes are barely legible, try transcribing them into a Google Doc later in the day.

While I suggest charging your phone away from your bedroom at night (so you can get a nightly retreat from constant digital clutter and melatonin-disturbing blue light), another option is to record a voice note as soon as you wake up. Then use a voice-to-text program to transcribe your dreams.

Ready to start recording the wisdom of your dreams?

Here are 5 journaling prompts to get you started:

  1. When was the dream? Note the date (including the year) so you can look back on the entry in the context of what was going on in your life and the world at the time.
  2. What happened in the dream? The key is to record your dream in as much detail as you can. Where were you? What was it like? What were the events? What did you do? Was anyone else there? What did they do or say? When did the dream take place? What did the events remind you of? If a detail seems too trivial or obvious to note, write it down anyway. When you look back on your dream entries, you’ll find that what might have seemed like useless details are highly significant in retrospect.
  3. What did you think or feel during the dream? Your internal experience is one of the most (if not THE most) telling aspects of your dreams. Did you feel elated, joyful, rejected, connected, relieved, anxious, relaxed, fascinated, blessed? Did you think “This reminds me of the time I…” Or maybe you thought “This is a place I’d love to….” Whatever your interior response was, make a note of it.
  4. How does the dream connect to your highest desires? This year, Spirit is really calling us to focus on what we want to create in our lives on this beautiful planet. We all long for something. Look back on the things you’ve desired in your past that you’ve manifested. That’s evidence that goals come to fruition, that “dreams come true”! So think about what you want at this point in your life. A new house? Healing from an illness? A fulfilling relationship? A rewarding career that suits your soul? Clean waterways? The end of injustice? Jot down anything about your dream that seems connected to your longing.
  5. What do you think the dream means? Don’t worry right away about dream interpretations like “owls represent wisdom” — you can look those up later if you’d like. For now, focus on writing down what significance the feelings, events, people, and images of the dream have for you. Because it’s your dream, you have the most insight into what it’s telling you.


Tap into the creative, healing wisdom of your dreams now!

If you want to start journaling right now, write down your response to one of these prompts:

  • Last night I dreamed…
  • When I was a child, I dreamed…
  • The best dream I ever had was…
  • A recurring dream I’ve had is…
  • The other day I had the strangest dream…

Start writing now or when you wake up tomorrow, and watch the wisdom flow from your soul, through your pen, and into your life.

Dream on!

To learn more about tapping into the power of your dreams, you can checkout my course on Astral Wisdom here.

astral wisdom course

5 Healing Rituals & Practices to Honor the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is coming up fast, and now is the time to decide how you want to celebrate…

On June 20, we honor this major celestial event in the Northern Hemisphere — a magical time when you can connect with the sun’s vital power and usher in spiritual initiation and CHANGE.

What exactly IS the Summer Solstice?

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words for “sun” and “standing still.” On the 20th, the sun will reach its highest position as seen from the northern half of the Earth, and it will appear to stand still as it marks the height of long days and the abundant aliveness of Nature. Summer Solstice also marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year. And of course for folks in the southern part of the planet, the reverse is true: Winter Solstice comes at this time, bringing the regenerative darkness that nurtures the rebirth of life. (We are thinking of all of our students and friends Down Under)

In ancient cultures around the world, Summer Solstice was considered the turning point of the year. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna describes the solstice as the way out of the physical world and into the spiritual realms. It’s a time (as is the Winter Solstice) when the veil that separates you from nonphysical reality is so thin that it can be easily pierced. Especially if you’re highly attuned to the cycles of the Earth, you might be able to feel this shifting of energy. It offers a powerful opportunity for renewal that stays open for several days before and after the actual occasion.

Summer Solstice rituals & ceremonies

Just as the ancients held special ceremonies on the solstice, you too can connect to the sun’s heightened energy at this time, and take advantage of its radiance to shine light on whatever you want to transform in your life or the world. Plus, if you’re starting to shift out of shelter-in-place, this is an optimal time to explore more deeply what you’re thinking of stepping into.

So let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to celebrate your connection to the sun, and take stock of where you are and what you want to accomplish.

5 healing rituals & practices to honor the Summer Solstice

  1. Call in your highest intentions for your life or the world. As we birth a new consciousness across the Earth, harness the energy of this day to help usher in change for the better. Light your favorite yellow or orange candle. Call in your angels and guides. Journal about or pray for what you’d like to see come to fruition. Summer is the time of flowering, so let the warmth of the sun help you grow the seeds of your intentions into an abundance of health, happiness, wisdom, peace, and justice.
  2. Take a gratitude sun bath. Try watching the sunrise on solstice, or do Sun Salutations, and give our life-giver your gratitude for gracing the Earth, for bringing warmth and helping seeds grow. And while it can be hard to keep in mind that good things are happening on Earth, acknowledge a change that’s come that you’re happy about. For example, this week we saw a historic national ruling in the US that protects LGBTQ workers. Another example is that more and more companies are honoring Juneteenth as a paid holiday. While we’re bombarded by bad news left and right, it’s crucial to honor everything you view as positive. That’s one of the keys to uplifting consciousness — and higher consciousness uplifts our physical reality.
  3. Meditate on this: What role will you play in evolving your community and our global family? This is the time to ask yourself: “What can I do now to welcome the change I want?” This year more than ever, people have felt like everything is out of our control, but the truth is that you always have the power to start working with the universe toward meeting a goal. What steps — even if they seem small — can you take now to uplift your workplace, to change a law in your community, to ensure justice, to shift a broken system, to help someone who’s struggling
  4. Visualize yourself crossing a threshold. See the place you’re crossing from as what you’re ready to leave behind. See the place you’re approaching as what you’ve been longing for. With the sun shining brightly ahead of you, will you enjoy more nurturing relationships? Make a job change? Be more creative? Use this time when the sky is at its brightest to welcome more nurturance into your life!
  5. Recharge your life-force energy in nature. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I make sure my ties to the sun, the Earth, the sky, the wind, the stars, the plants, and our fellow animals are always intact. I have my favorite places in nature that support my spirit and strengthen my knowledge of the unconditional love and universal connection we all share. Are you making good use of the power of nature to soothe and guide you? Choose a favorite tree to hug. Lie on your back under the sun with your palms up in a receiving position and watch the sky. Marvel at the absolute majesty.

Most of all, enjoy this magical time of year! The more open you are to new energy, the more you’ll increase its presence within you. Remember that like the sun, you can shine brightly, and you have the power to help bring forth the great new growth that’s so needed on this beautiful planet.

To learn more about tapping into powerful life-force energy, check out my master-in-training certification course here.

Work one-on-one with Deborah
Ground yourself

4 Healing Practices to Ground Your Base Chakra & Thrive in Uncertain Times

Whether it’s the global pandemic, racial injustice, or personal challenges you’re dealing with, fear can seep into your energetic system and wreak havoc.

With all that we’re experiencing, around the world and especially in the US right now, it’s hard to know what’s coming next — and that uncertainty can feel like walking blindfolded toward the edge of a cliff. Many people are struggling financially too.

If you know about your first chakra — also called the base chakra or the root chakra — you know that it’s the power center that deals with security and survival…

What you might not know is that the Earth has a chakra system too, and her base chakra is deeply off balance in all this upheaval.

People are feeling this profound disruption in themselves and the Earth whether they know it or not. Feelings of anxiety and being on edge are easy to blame on the nearest little thing, but in fact you’re absorbing the energy of everyone and everything on the planet, and everyone in every country is deeply anxious right now.

From jobs and health to finances, family, and groups we care about — these are all base chakra survival issues. So are disruptions in the Earth — tropical storms, wildfires, you name it.

The good news — and we REALLY need good news, right? — is that you can release fear and anxiety from your base chakra and replace it with useful energy… and stop fear from taking hold in your power centers and energy field.

You can also send healing energy right into Mother Earth. And when you do this, the positive effects reverberate, which can help ease the tumult that’s running rampant on our planet.

A quick word about fear: To some degree, fear is necessary to life on this physical plane. Fear can keep you safe from threats — whether it’s heights, snakes, water, or any kind of injury. Your ancestors relied on fright as a warning system to protect them from falling off a cliff, getting bitten by a poisonous reptile, drowning in a river, or being hurt by someone or something. Your brain continues to use thousands of years of programmed fear to shield your body from harm.

But what happens when you live in fear every day? All day? Fear of a world seeming to fall apart, fear of loneliness, fear of failure — these fears can burrow into your psyche and prevent you from helping to advance humanity or live a meaningful life full of positive relationships and experiences. These fears can damage your chances — and humanity’s chances, and the planet’s chances — of living in light and love, so let’s get some relief! It’s long past due.

The power of your base chakra for releasing unproductive fear.

Fear’s primal place to live is in your first chakra. This base chakra is located at the base of your spine and it’s connected to your security and survival. It’s your foundation, and it has the power to ground and connect you to the physical world. But when it’s unbalanced, you might not feel safe in your body or your place in the world. You might not feel grounded or present. You might find yourself stressed, to say the least.

Childhood traumas can stay stuck in your base chakra until you discover strategies to release them. Fear of illness, global calamity, brutality — the things we’re seeing in our world today — combined with personal fears about safety, security, and stability can disrupt or distort the free flow of energy in your base chakra.

Here are 4 Healing Practices to Help You Clear Blocks in Your Base Chakra — and the Earth’s Base Chakra:

  1. Do a Grounding Meditation
    When you’re ungrounded, you’re vulnerable to fear’s draining energy and you can get blocked. Fear walks right through those open doors of stress and strain and settles in your mind and body. Meditation is one of the best ways to ground yourself so you can keep those doors closed to fear and open to love.Meditate every day, and your fears — along with those fear-in-disguise feelings like anxiety and hopelessness — will start to subside.

    Start by sitting with your eyes closed — either in the traditional lotus position on the floor, or with your feet planted on the ground as you recline in a chair. Keep your hands on your knees — this in itself is very grounding.

    Focus on your base chakra, right at the base of your spine, and see a red cord from it planting itself firmly in the ground.

    As your cord drops down, visualize the energy of the Earth’s base chakra radiating in every direction and spinning rhythmically as it glows with ruby-red light. This base chakra of the Earth is usually thought to be located at Mount Shasta in Northern California, which Native American tribes considered to be a geyser of upward energy.

    Watch its radiating energy spread up through your grounding cord and into your physical body. Breathe deeply as you absorb the strength that the Earth always holds for you. Like the most resourced mother, the Earth always has the capacity to hold and nourish you — as she replenishes herself with infinite love and a profound connection to the whole of the universe.

    It’s now time to visualize this energy saturating the entire planet and flooding your own base chakra with life. As you visualize this vibrant red energy,, observe how its healing flow flushes away fear, old systems and ways of life that need to be released, negative thoughts and patterns, and stale energy. Watch stuckness release from your body and the Earth’s body — into a vacuum of light, where it’s being transmuted into golden love.

    Now visualize the Earth’s base chakra as a red flower. Watch that flower bloom. Visualize its radiant energy travelling up your grounding cord until your own red flower blossoms at the base of your spine. Try to spend about 5 minutes visualizing the flowers spinning and radiating stability, comfort, and safety. Watch fear, negativity, and everything you and we don’t need fall away.

    After a few minutes, rest your hands on your heart chakra and feel the corners of your mouth raise as you smile with a sense of security that you and the Earth are well.

  2. Work with affirmations
    Affirmations are powerful chakra-balancing tools. Consciously repeating positive declarations while focusing on your base chakra helps you cement its natural power to ground you and make you safe..Affirmations also have the added benefit of rewiring your brain. Chronic negative thoughts (“This world is insane — we’ll never have equality,” “The virus is still rampant — it’ll never go away,” etc.) are not only symptoms of an unbalanced base chakra, they can also add to stress and blockages. Productive affirmations help you more easily replace fear-focused thoughts with love-focused thoughts.

    To use the following affirmation, meditate on your base chakra, and either out loud or in your mind, repeat the words:

    I am safe, secure, and deeply rooted to the world. I belong here.

    Repeating this affirmation throughout the day will help you feel protected and secure. Write it down and post it on your mirror, refrigerator, or dashboard. Another idea is to set reminders on your phone to repeat the affirmation every couple hours. You can even write it down on a slip of paper you tuck under your pillow at night. Let its power seep into your sleep and dreams. After all, your sleep connects you to Spirit, which, like the Earth, is always there to nourish you.

  3. Play With Color
    A simple way to restore your base chakra’s balance is to use color. Red is the color of your first chakra, so wear more red. Incorporate ruby hues into your home environment — get a red lampshade, pull out that red blanket for a cozy nap, or paint your living room a warm, deep red. Wear a garnet ring, a coral necklace, write with a burgundy pen. Sprinkle rose petals in your bath water, paint your nails the color of red wine, try a bright red lipstick, trade in your yellow tea kettle for a red one. The important thing is to consciously work with the red items you choose, linking them with your base chakra. To do this, just repeat the affirmation to seal the connection.
  4. Eat Healing Base-Chakra Foods
    Since your base chakra is all about grounding you to the Earth, adding root vegetables to your diet can help strengthen your connection to the physical world. For an easy, delicious grounding meal, try roasting any of the following with salt and olive oil: beets, rutabagas, potatoes, garlic, ginger, turnips, onions, parsnips.If you eat meat, earthy stews and bone broths can be very nourishing for your base chakra. Don’t forget about grains like oats, mineral drops from the Great Salt Lake or elsewhere, red fruits like berries, or spices like paprika for extra flavor and rich, red goodness.

    Again, think of sending nourishment to your base chakra as you eat the healing foods. Perhaps include the affirmation in your prayers, thanking Mother Earth for sustenance. This will infuse the foods even more with nurturance for your base, filling you with a greater ability to thrive even in these times of tremendous transformation.

Feeling Rooted, Firm, and Secure in the World Is Your Birthright.

Always remember that it’s natural for your base chakra and ALL your chakras to be in a state of balance. It can take a short time or a while to restore that natural balance — depending on a lot of factors. No matter what, you deserve to experience the safety, security, vitality, and JOY that comes from practicing these exercises. As you spend more time grounding yourself in your base chakra and that of the Earth, you’ll begin to develop a deeper feeling of security on this beautiful planet that’s been troubled for a long time, but is rife with potential.