Spiritual Initiation

This is not well-known in our culture, but these amazing capabilities you have — your advanced gifts — are part of being human. They’re actually built into your cellular memory and our collective unconscious.

You probably already use some of these gifts with or without realizing it…

You intuit who’s calling before you look at the Caller ID.

You sense that your child is in trouble before the school calls you.

Maybe you refrain from renting or buying a particular house or taking a particular job because you just know it feels wrong.

Perhaps you have an innate gift of clairvoyance and being able to see on other planes. You might have the gift of telepathy or the ability to astral travel or speak with animals. Maybe you’re meant to speak, teach, or heal at a high level.

Your gifts can be many, and that’s one of the promises of working with energy — you have the power to open yourself up and allow all your gifts to flourish.

It’s natural to work first with the gifts you already sense you have, as they’ll be your strongest abilities, but as you’ll discover in the video, you have others waiting in the wings.

Together, let’s connect you with a gift that wants to reveal itself to you… this gift that’s going to come with a feeling of expansion that fills you with wonder and purpose. Let’s immerse you in it like a soft, enveloping cloud, and let it fully take up residence in your life — so you can use it to uplift yourself, others, and our ailing world.

And as you develop your gifts, you’ll be part of the spiritual revolution that’s helping to raise the consciousness of this planet.

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You know you have gifts, you know you can help, but where do you start?

In Part 1 of this series, I went into depth about the transformative power of initiation, a beautiful process that allows you to expand your consciousness and step fully into your unique purpose and gifts. I also led you through a powerful practice to explore the first seven levels of initiation.

In Part 2 today, I’m going to tell you about beginning your personal initiatory process, and I’ll lead you through a guided meditation to discover and embody your advanced gifts:

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