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Deborah King is a New York Times best-selling author, meditation teacher, renowned spiritual leader, and a leading authority on energy medicine.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah masked childhood trauma and an abusive family life with drug and alcohol addictions while still managing to succeed in her professional life. However, all of that radically changed when she was confronted with a cancer diagnosis in her early twenties.

Forced to evaluate her lifestyle, priorities, and unresolved issues from her past, Deborah saw her illness as a wake-up call that inspired huge shifts in her life. First steps included addressing her addictions, learning to meditate, and opening herself to alternative possibilities.

After receiving permission to delay the surgery from her physicians, Deborah worked with practitioners in the energy medicine field, and along with use of tools like meditation and journaling, she experienced a spontaneous remission of the cancer. After her recovery, she realized that ignoring unresolved emotions all her life had led her to the point of illness, addiction, and turmoil. The experience left Deborah determined to become a thought leader and speaker so that she could help others lead healthy, happy and harmonious lives.

Through her subsequent journey of knowledge, she worked with healers, sages, and shamans from every corner of the globe. Ultimately, Deborah mastered these ancient techniques and now teaches them widely.

Deborah firmly believes that Western cultures need the energy medicine methods of healing, transforming, and growing more than ever. Through her books, workshops, online events, and speaking engagements, she’s helped thousands to find their truth and heal and transform their lives.

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