Doorway to Your Higher Life: Discover the Transformative Power of Initiation

Spiritual Initiation

When you picture a doorway opening for new energies to unfold in your life, what do you see?

Imagine how this opening, this expansion, would affect how you feel every day… how others feel every day… and how you impact our world for the better.

You likely know how much I love sharing tools to help you heal, thrive, and uplift others to do the same — and today I want to share a powerful process I’m so passionate about…

It’s not spoken about often in many teachings… or by many teachers… yet I believe it’s a fundamental aspect of your spiritual journey. It’s certainly been a fundamental aspect of mine, as you’ll see in the video below.

It’s called initiation and it’s actually a long progression that takes place over many lifetimes — and each lifetime (especially this one!) offers you tremendous opportunities to shift your perceptions and step into higher levels of being.

In this video, I go into depth about initiation, and I lead you through a powerful practice to explore the first seven levels:

As you’ll discover, each level connects you more deeply to divine love, fills you with reverence for life in the natural world, and can even be an ecstatic experience.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • What the ancient teachings of seers say about how you actually began as a soul in a realm beyond this physical universe
  • How life’s choices offer you the opportunity to step closer toward your purpose or away from it
  • How initiation opens you to a greater flow of energy — taking you deeper toward your purpose and making you more effective as a healer
  • Why there are 352(!) levels of initiation
  • A guided meditation on the first 4 levels — including the one that offers complete access to all that the unified field has to offer (which is where you tap into the ability to more easily heal others physically)

Expanding your consciousness into higher levels through initiation not only helps you evolve, it can help you with the problems that trouble you most.

Stay tuned for Part II in this initiation series — I’ll be sharing a guided practice to help you access your advanced gifts.

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Deborah King