Using a Chakra Pendulum: A How To Guide

How to Use a Chakra Pendulum

When it comes to evaluating the health of your energy field, a chakra pendulum is one of the best tools in your kit.

In the 30+ years that I’ve been practicing energy medicine, I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to use a chakra pendulum — from skeptical beginners who are unsure of their own healing capabilities to advanced students in my LifeForce Energy Healing program.

One of the reasons that the simple chakra pendulum remains my favorite tool is because anyone can use it; you don’t need the latest iPhone and chakra balancing app or even a chakra pendulum chart —once you learn to use it, you’ll be able to get information immediately about the location of each chakra and its movement…which makes the process of clearing your chakras much easier!

Anyone can learn how to use chakra pendulum, but it does take a little bit of practice and patience to get results. However, just like learning to ride a bike or play an instrument, once you use it correctly and understand the different chakra pendulum movements, the skill will be with you for life.

I recommend that you start with a conically shaped wood pendulum made from beechwood (not metal, crystal, or stone). 

If you don’t have a chakra pendulum yet, the one I use (and recommend) is available for purchase on this site. Click here to add to cart.

Keep your new pendulum close to your body for a few days before using it so that it can soak up your energy. It is important for your pendulum to resonate with your energy. Next, you should bless your pendulum by letting your higher self and your spirit guides know that you would like their assistance in influencing the pendulum’s movement. It is the movement of the pendulum that will serve as your guidance, so you want to be sure you are open and available to the assistance from both your higher self and your spirit guides, and be sure that they know that too. Make sure you do the blessing before each and every pendulum use.

How to use a chakra pendulum

Begin by laying down on your back (or, if you are performing the chakra pendulum exercise on someone else, have them lie on their back on a surface that is tall enough for you to have a comfortable position and not be leaning into them. You do not want to create a “push,” where you are pushing energy from your field into theirs).

** If you need a quick review of the location of the chakras in the body, click here to jump to that section of this page. **

Holding the cord of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger about 4-6 inches (or 10-15 cm) above each chakra. When the pendulum moves, observe its direction and movement.

chakra moving clockwiseIf the pendulum moves clockwise, that chakra is open, well-balanced, and full.



chakra moving counter clockwiseIf the pendulum moves counter-clockwise, there may be blocked energy or unreleased emotions relating to that specific chakra.



chakra moving ellipitical swingIf the pendulum moves in an elliptical swing, there may be a right- or left-side imbalance of energy flowing in the body. This may be due to overusing the right masculine side or the left nurturing side.



chakra moving erraticallyIf the pendulum moves in an erratic swing, it is possible that you (or the person you are performing the chakra pendulum exercise on) may have recently changed their beliefs or are going through a spiritual upheaval, which can affect the chakra’s movement and cause it to move erratically for a couple of days.



chakra not movingIf the pendulum does not move at all, you may be holding the pendulum in the incorrect location. If that is not the case, then there may be a blockage in that chakra.


Be aware that the size of the pendulum’s circle is a result of your energy field, the pendulum’s energy field and your subject’s energy field all combined together. This means that your own chakra health and the health of your own energy field will have a direct impact on how effective you are at reading others’ chakras.

With practice and experience, you will be able to pick up on all of the different chakra qualities and be able to read whether someone is going through joy, peace, clarity, heaviness, darkness, or depression – all from checking their chakras with your pendulum! Stay patient with yourself as you figure out where the chakras are and how to properly use your pendulum to check them. This skill is indeed a learned and practiced skill that will improve with time and experience. You will see results if you keep at it and practice!

Chakra locations

Before using the pendulum on another, make sure you are very familiar with where the chakras are located.

root chakra pendulum1. Root Chakra: base of the spine.


sexual chakra pendulum2. Sexual Chakra: halfway between the root chakra and the waist.


solar plexus chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakra: halfway between the navel and the breastbone.


heart chakra pendulum4. Heart Chakra: in the center of the chest.


throat chakra pendulum5. Throat Chakra: in the center of the throat.


third eye chakra pendulum6. Third Eye Chakra: between the eyebrows.


crown chakra pendulum7. Crown Chakra: the top of the head.

** Go back up to directions on how to use a chakra pendulum. **

Learning to use a pendulum will help you progress on your journey of inner growth and will connect you to your higher self. You will be amazed at how much easier clearing chakras will be once you know the proper way to check them and where the imbalance lies. So tap into the power of the pendulum and start reading chakras today!

Interested in learning more about your 7 chakras?

Download your printable Chakra Wisdom Chart PDF today (it’s free!).

free chakra chart

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