A Guide to Chakra Balancing

Your chakras are your seven primary energy centers of your body. Each one corresponds to certain body parts, physical processes, emotional condition and spiritual traits.

When your chakras are in balance, you feel, well… balanced. No, that doesn’t mean you can walk a tightrope when your chakras are open.

(Though it doesn’t mean you can’t).

If your chakras are balanced, you may feel positively energetic, eased or comfortable in and with your surroundings. You will find yourself connecting with people harmoniously and living your life unapologetically. However, if your chakras become blocked or damaged and you ignore them, you may suffer from a range of physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

I constantly stress the importance of taking time to practice chakra-balancing exercises because keeping your energy in balance is key to living a healthy, authentic life. It’s key to living your best life.

Essential Techniques for Balancing Your Chakras 

There are plenty of ways to restore balance to your chakras. The following examples are very powerful, but what’s most important is choosing a practice that feels right to you. Experiencing the natural flow of energy is your goal, after all. Thus, feeling truly comfortable is one of the essential aspects of these exercises. It’s okay to realize that not every exercise is the right exercise for you.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful chakra balancing tool. Repeating certain phrases while focusing on your chakras helps you tap into their natural energy. They also have the added bonus of rewiring your brain. Chronic negative thoughts can be a symptom of unbalanced chakras, but they can also add to the problem. It’s a cycle of negativity that drains you of your essential energy.

Repeating affirmations helps you more easily replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

To use them, meditate on the chakra you want to focus on balancing, and either out loud or in your mind, repeat the words.

Root chakra: I am safe, secure, and deeply rooted to the world. I belong here.

Practicing root chakra balancing will allow you to feel protected and secure. You want to use an affirmation that conveys these feelings. After all, your first chakra relies on an instinct for survival.

Sacral chakra: I am comfortable in my body, and physically balanced.

People with poorly-balanced sacral chakras often indulge in food, sex, or drugs to compensate for all that is lacking. Emphasizing your physical comfort helps to rebalance the chakra. Your sacral chakra is about you and your attraction and desire for others; it is governed by movement so let your sacral chakra know it’s okay to let your feelings flow gracefully.

Solar plexus chakra: I am confident, worthy, and powerful.

The solar plexus chakra is where your sense of personal power and independence comes from. Use an affirmation that instills confidence and embodies power. Whatever your favorite attributes and qualities are assert them and then internalize them – this will be vital for this chakra’s healing.

The saying, “Trust your gut,” didn’t appear out of thin air. Trust your solar plexus chakra, it is the source of your will and purpose.

Heart chakra: I both give and receive and give love comfortably.

Although the heart chakra governs many subtle aspects of how you experience love, essentially, your goal should be to improve your own ability to both give and receive love. There are no limits on the type of love you’re able to reciprocate. Friendship, especially your, family and furry friends, are ll ready to accept the love you have to give and love you back.

Remember: “When you love fully, you can have a life of compassion.”

Throat chakra: I communicate easily and comfortably.

Balancing your chakra means being comfortable with communication, but also being comfortable with silence when necessary. Give yourself permission to express your thoughts, while also giving yourself permission to refrain from speaking when there’s nothing that needs to be said as well as speaking out when the need arises.

Don’t forget: “When you silence what’s wrong, you also silence what’s right.”

Third eye chakra: My thoughts are clear, and I trust my intuition.

Your intuition is a natural and positive reflection of your own wisdom. Use an affirmation that reflects this. Once your third eye chakra is open and balance, the possibilities of reaching your Higher Self, are limitless. Embrace affirmations as a form of chakra therapy for your third eye chakra.

Crown chakra: I experience the divine goodness of the Universe.

Understand that you are truly a soul living temporarily in a physical body rather than a body with a soul, your capacity for deep compassion and divine love begins to blossom.

Meditation for Balancing Chakras

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to balance the chakras. Begin by sitting with your eyes closed—either in the traditional lotus position, or in an alert position inon a chair—and focus on grounding yourself to the Earth via your root chakra. Feel the natural energy of the Earth radiating through your body.

One your intuition tells you that you’re sufficiently grounded, you can begin opening each chakra. Starting from the root and working your way up, visualize each chakra as a flower of the appropriate color.

(A red flower for the root chakra, and orange flower for the sacral chakra, etc.)

Visualize the flower blooming. This practice will open your chakras and help you to work through blockages and imbalances. Try to spend about 4 to 6 minute or twos visualizing each chakra. Continue your chakra balancing meditation throughout your week, or as needed. Just remember to always listen to them.

Using Energy Healing 

An energy healing practice, like Reiki, can restore the balance in the chakras. Seek out a Reiki practitioner to schedule a session, or learn Reiki yourself.

If you know how to perform Reiki, you can either perform a daily self-healing, or try the following chakra-balancing exercise: place one hand over the root chakra and another over the crown chakra. Feel the difference in energy between them. Keep your hands in those positions until both chakras appear to be operating at the same energy level. Then move your top hand to the third eye chakra, and your lower hand to the sacral chakra. Once they are in balance, move the top hand to the throat chakra and the lower hand to the solar plexus chakra. Finally, use both hands on the heart chakra.

Use Color 

If you feel you have a good idea about which chakras are out of balance, you can use color to restore that balance.

What if you’re feeling the need to overeat or indulge in another favorite vice like smoking or drinking to excess? Take a moment and get in touch with the feelings that motivate you in that direction; chances are, you’ll soon find out that you are way too stressed at home or at work, and really need a walk or a hot bath or a chat with a friend to decompress. It alsoThis probably means you need to focus on your sacral chakra, which corresponds to the color orange.

Wearing more orange clothing, incorporating orange into your home environment, and even eating foods of this color will promote a healthy, balanced chakra. This same principle can be used for any of the energy centers in your body.

Enjoying the Benefits 

You should always remember that it’s natural for your chakras to be in a state of balance. You deserve to experience the joy, confidence, and vitality that comes from practicing these exercises. As you spend more time attuning yourself to the function of your chakras, you’ll begin to develop a greater appreciation for their power in your life.